I wore a romper and people got mad.

I wore a romper and people got mad.


Yesterday I had the honor of sharing a sofa with the founder of Virgin and superhuman extraordinaire, Richard Branson, the CEO of Tinder, Sean Rad and the CEO of WeWork, Miguel McKelvey. I felt very proud to be representing female entrepreneurs on such a powerful stage! We did a panel in Los Angeles called “Business is an Adventure” and spoke on mind-opening topics like the future of global business, to silly, candid topics like embarrassing real life Tinder stories. Haha – it was a blast!

FullSizeRender (2)

Sir Richard Branson is INCREDIBLY down to earth and he knows how to make someone feel comfortable. I really admire that. I was initially intimidated and kind of speechless when I met him, but then he started talking to me about Blogilates! I was so stunned that he knew more about me than just the surface level info. A great reminder to ALWAYS do research on the people you’ll be meeting with – be it an interview, a panel, a meeting – whatever. DO YOUR BACKGROUND CHECKS.

Right before we got on stage, I asked him what he was up to later today and he casually said something along the lines of, “Oh we’re launching my new rocket ship into space and figuring out how to create a floating hotel that will orbit around earth.”



Sir Richard Branson is a super human who is PIONEERING galactically. He’s totally living on another level! So for him to be able to keep it real with me when I met him – wow – major respect. You can’t imagine how many people I meet that have the most egotistical attitudes when they’ve barely accomplished anything.

The thing to remember about entrepreneurs is that we’re not just selling things. We do we what we do because we know that we are creating solutions that will change the world.

THAT is what gets my heart pounding and my eyes glittering. Entrepreneurs are risk takers, creatives, believers, and most importantly, doers.

I’ve had the entrepreneurial spirit in me ever since I was a child – before I even knew what the word “business” meant. I’ve sold chocolate candy to cookies sandwiches to extravagant corsages. In other words, I created convenient solutions for hungry students and fashionable prom goers 🙂

Anyway, here is where the story gets a little interesting.

After the event, I took a mirror selfie (as I always do) and posted it to Instagram and Facebook, sharing my outfit details and how I felt about being on the panel.

One would think the comments would be flooded with either “Cute romper!” or “Loved what you had to say on the panel!”

Except there was a whole conversation about the bad taste in my outfit choice.

People were telling me that I should “cover up” and that I can’t dress like that until I become an icon, that I am not a real businesswoman if I look like I’m going to a club, and that they “bet” even Richard Branson wore a suit.

WHOA. Hold on.

Are we really changing the ENTIRE POINT of the post so that I can get criticized for what I am wearing on a panel? Why does it even matter? Why are we even talking about this?

Perhaps it is because I am a woman. Perhaps it is because I have to fit into some type of a mold to be respected for what I say.

Well. Here’s what I have to say to the criticizers:

I think y’all need to check yo-selves.

I will dress as I please and I will dress in a manner that makes me feel confident. No, I will not wear a suit because I simply don’t want to. Don’t tell me to cover up and act a certain way because that means you’re telling me who to be.

My actions, my service, my products, my designs, and my IMPACT as a entrepreneur speak way louder than this red romper. Which by the way, was a hit because I chose to wear it to match Virgin’s company colors. Richard Branson was a fan.

What silly talk.

End rant.

Do you want to learn something interesting? Do you know why a lot of female CEOs and women in positions of power wear suits and cut their hair short? It’s because when they look more like men, they get more respect in the board room. Check out Indra Nooyi – CEO of Pepsi, Hillary Clinton – former US Senator, and Meg Whitman – CEO of HP:

female power women

According to a study published in The Journal of Social Psychology, when you look more “attractive” that is a negative point against you in corporate managerial positions. P&G funded a study that was directed by Yale University psychology professor Marianne LaFrance, Ph.D., who concluded that, “…women with shorter hair are perceived as more intelligent and confident than those with longer styles.”

It is sad but it’s true. This sexist prejudice exists. But I don’t blame these women for having to look a certain way to in order to gain and maintain respect in those male dominated industries. Do what you need to do to get your work done with as little distraction as possible. I got it. I would do the same.

No matter their haircut or the color of their suit, I have major admiration for their intellect and accomplishments.

At the Blogilates HQ, you will step into a world that may be different than what corporate America is used to. I wanted to create an environment that was non-competitive, open-minded, creative, inspiring and supportive. Here you will be surrounded by intelligent and driven women (and some guys) who respect one another whole-heartedly. We work as one big family. Each one of us ladies also happen to be fashionistas who love to have fun with our clothes. So, none of us feel like we need to protect ourselves against judgement and criticism when it comes to the way we dress. We all produce high quality work no matter if we are wearing suits or shorts.

So will I ever be cutting my hair and wearing more blazers?

I’ll never say no, but I will say that as of now, I love my hair long, my rompers colorful, my heels high, and my jewelry sparkly. If anyone wants to judge me for the way I dress instead of how my brain works, then that’s shallow and shortsighted. The way I dress is an expression of how I feel inside and I am not afraid to let the world know. So if someone can’t handle it, well, they need to figure it out, or else they will be missing out.

Now, can we get back to talking about something that ACTUALLY MATTERS?



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  1. Joanna says:

    Great romper! I love the color! But first and foremost – CONGRATULATIONS!! The event, co-guests and you with your great outfit just make a perfect blend! 🙂 Keep rocking!

  2. Melissa says:

    I know I’m so late to this blog post, I just had to reread it because it reminds me so much of “The Man” song by Taylor Swift in her new album “lover”. You should do a challenge with that song!!!

  3. Pamela M says:

    Wear what you want, I think you look great! In the words of Taylor Swift, “just shake it off” If people have nothing better to do with their time than criticize others, that says something about them not you. Keep going, you are great!

  4. Jill says:

    I love the romper, where did you get it from?

  5. soniarosa says:

    As a teacher, I have gotten looked up and down by some admin when I wear something professional, but attractive. The interesting thing is, only female admin have ever seemed bothered by my clothing…

  6. spanwar01 says:

    Loved this article, so on point 🙂

  7. Fungie says:

    awesome!! I NEVER thought of it that way……For sure, we shouldn’t have to be certain people or dress us a certain way just to “fit into a specific mold”. Be you, be happy and wear the romper, go get ’em Cassey. I love your confidence and free spirit <3

  8. Kyli says:

    This really spoke to me. I work in a male dominated company, and it has been very important to me to not appear feminine in my appearance at all so that I am taken seriously. I want to feel equal to the men in the company, so I try to dress as gender neutral as possible and remove any femininity. This means ironed button-up shirts (buttoned all the way to the neck), sports bras, khakis, blazers. Any of the women in power positions in the company have short hair like you described above (I really did not even realize or think about it until reading this post).
    I love that you share yourself so completely and express yourself. Previous to reading this blog post, I had never considered your perspective. It just didn’t exist to me. I love that you WANT to wear heels, you LIKE doing your hair and looking cute and wearing the jewelry. I love it because it is so strong of you to have enough confidence that you don’t care what people think about what you wear. Your post comes across to me like you don’t feel the need to look or dress a certain way in order to be “taken seriously.” I just really have never thought about it like that, and OMG is it a freeing perspective!!!
    Anyways, I am not even sure what I am trying to say. You just shook up my thinking I guess – in a good way! This post has given me a lot of food for thought.

  9. Cara says:

    Just flip your long hair Cassey so them judgy, feely Trolls will fly away. We love yah ♥

  10. Frugal Fingers says:

    Erm I think you look bloody amazing…

  11. Holly J says:

    Don’t you DARE cut your hair! It’s *beautiful*. I know exactly how it feels to be ostracized because of your looks (or age in my case). The key is to let your intelligence and personality shine beyond your fashion statements. Your clothing, is just that, a fashion statement. It really is a reflection of your personality (i.e. Personal Being). Red. Powerful. I get why you would wear it. Perhaps it makes you feel confident? I think it looks cute, but it is also making the statement that you can be intelligent, body positive, and confident in your femininity. Why *should* women have to hide our intelligence, or downplay our own ability to discern weighty matters in the corporate world? Forget it! Wear a romper, and make them question, whether fashion is a true reflection of capability. 😛

  12. Danelle says:


    I though your look fits your personality.
    happy, positive and colourful.

    I will actually be sharing your story on my Lifestyle Blog for all girls in South Africa to see that you can be yourself and dress as you wish to express yourself.
    In the business world we are forced to look bland if I can say it that way and you are an inspiration to others and show that you can look professional and young and sexy at the same time so thank you for doing that for all us young girls who work in the Corporate world.

    Lots of Love

  13. Martine says:

    Cassey. I am proud of you no matter what you wear. The red romper was a great choice. You are allowed to be different and successful! Bravo! Being in the Space domain, I would have loved to meet Mr Branson!
    All the best to you! Martine

  14. Jane says:

    nice workout

  15. Aileen says:

    Everyone needs to deconstruct the whole event in general. There are 3 factors people need to understand and focus on. The factors are the type of panel (casual or serious), gender based clothing (what we as society has taught us to think), and the brand the businessmen and businesswoman are representing. You need to look at all of these factors to understand why Casey, Richard, Sean, and Miguel wore what they wore.

    People are mad because Casey does not represent a “businesswoman” when she is a businesswoman. Why should there be a set standard in clothing? There shouldn’t be. It is only because that is what we are made to believe in.

    We are made to believe the perception of gender differences and their importance on a social scale. I live in the Bay Area (East Bay) and in Silicon Valley no one wears a full suit going to work. The tech industry dress code is okay with wearing jeans and a collared shirt to work. I’ll throw in some CEO names here in the Bay but look at Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Meyers, Laura Alber, and Nicholas Woodman. They each represent a brand which is why their clothes range from relaxed to a certain degree of seriousness. Look at other CEOs for other industries and do not tell me their clothing does not represent their brand.

    Bottom line: do not criticize another person’s choice and clothing shouldn’t affect the quality of your work. Casey is there for her hard work and dedication, and we need to change the perception of standards on what is believed to be the “norm”.

  16. Jesse says:

    Can we not assume that just because a woman’s hair is short she is most likely more ugly and that she is just trying to further her career. Not cool.
    My hair is a pixie cut because I love the style and am far more confident when not hiding behind long locks of hair.
    Let’s stop making assumptions. You don’t want people to make assumptions about you so please don’t do the same to other women.

  17. alia says:

    I really don’t think it has to do with “sexism” and whatever, its really getting annoying the way every time someone has an opinion people say , oh its cuz I’m a woman, or this religion , or this race. I think it has more to do with just respecting the occasion like when Hilary wears a suit for an occasion. BUT I also think you looked great and I think it fit the occasion , but I don’t think the crazy rants had anything to do with your sex.

    1. Mira says:

      It’s just that if you looked at the posts from any of the other people on the board- all men- it’s EXTREMELY unlikely that their comments were filled with criticism about their outfits. It’s shaming her out of wearing things that she feels comfortable in and telling her to cover up. why should she cover up? is there something inappropriate about her body? Wouldn’t it make more sense for her to show her body because her whole business is based off of making women feel good about their bodies? All of this criticism of her outfit undermines the accomplishment of making it onto the panel and it is sexist because in our society we value women more on their appearances than their brains. And I’m sorry its so annoying that people are willing to speak up for their rights, perhaps with a more open-minded attitude you could look into racism, sexism, general bias and learn about how it impacts you to possibly better your life or the lives of others.

  18. Bethany says:

    So agree!! I’ve been reading a few book/articles that say that there is still sexism in many workplaces; I really love how you’re stepping up, being yourself, and not conforming to how the world tells us to be. You are such a strong business woman and I am so happy for you and everything you’ve accomplished! <33

  19. Nishika says:

    Girl, you could have worn a garbage bag and still owned that panel! But for the record, you looked stunning in that romper!

  20. Ivana says:

    What do you mean it was a business panel, so it shoudn’t matter what she wore? That’s exactly why it IS important, because if you want to be taken seriously, you dress proper for the ocasion. This is a total stereotype, the girl dresses in tiny hot outfit, and the men around her are checking her out. With them, she looks like escort, sorry to say.

    1. women business says:

      This. It does a huge disservice to the feminist movement for women to claim sexism when it comes to dressing appropriately for business. If a fit man showed up to a professional setting wearing short shorts and a shirt showing off his 6 pack, he would not be taken seriously either because people be checking him out. I am fit and I wear a pant suit to work because I want to be valued for my mind, not my boobs, ass and legs. I have not struggled to get jobs or rise up because I am taken seriously. I have mentored several young women who were shocked to find out their manner of dress was one of the reasons they were not getting the jobs the wanted. When they finally dressed appropriately for a professional setting both men and women treated them with more respect especially at interviews. There is a reason prostitutes show off their body parts. They are selling sex. Nothing wrong with being a sexy as you want in your free time, but in the workplace it’s your mind you should be advertising.

      1. Mira says:

        The point that Casey makes is that while it obviously does impact women everywhere, IT SHOULDN’T. The man on the left of this picture is wearing a T-SHIRT but nobody seems to notice? Is wearing a t-shirt suddenly buisness attire? Also, her whole business is about her physical condition and the physical condition she can help other people be in. I think this was more than appropriate for the occasion and she represented female entrepreneurs.

  21. Laly says:

    one word to describe these judgemental people : biggots.
    it’s especially sad to read women’s comments saying that Cassey should have hidden her body to make sure to not give men a bad image.
    these kind of women are probably spending their times bowing down to men and living their lives according to their standards, it’s truly sad 🙁
    wake-up girls ! we are not in the middle age anymore !
    i’m astonished by the low self-esteem that these women must have in reality.
    reading their comments you would think that Cassey went there naked.
    i’m 100% with you Cassey ! you did nothing wrong, it’s not your fault if some women chose to be brainless to please men.

  22. Bonnie B. says:

    Not to mention, she looks amazing in that color and that romper cut! Dust those negative comments off, Cassey – we back you 110%.

  23. Bonnie B. says:

    Her outfit choice was perfect, and here’s why – she is a fitness guru! Fitness is what she does, so there is no better testament to her dedication to her craft than showing how toned she is.

  24. Kayla says:

    Well said!! Such a great post. And you look so BEAUTIFUL and confident in that romper, you’re absolutely stunning! 🙂

  25. Lauren Hall says:

    I think that the colour you picked was prefect for Sir Richard. He would have loved it. You looked beautiful and I think that you outfit worked better with everyone else in the panel. If you wore a suit it would have looked funny. Plus it’s not you.

  26. chloe says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! hopefully the more publicity on sexism comments/actions and judgment will bring it to an end. Also for those saying her romper is “inappropriate” and that she looks “Unprofessional” like cassey said “check yo selves”. shes wearing her hair in a nice bun, shes put together nicely with great shoes, and her makeup is perfect – she looks professional, and ready to own it. Just because she’s showing her legs, and not “covered up” doesn’t and SHOULDNT represent that she is unprofessional. if anything, she looks the MOST professional out of them all !

  27. Isabel says:

    You great in it and if you feel great in it, that’s all that matters!!!

  28. JeAnn says:

    Cassey, you looked beautiful in that romper. I’ve always had a thing for wearing red. It shows off your confidence!

  29. ANISA says:


    Thank you for replying to the haters about your outfit. Women are supposed to be supportive, but we just can’t seem to get there. Your outfit was lovely and completely appropriate. I don’t know why anyone would think the founder of this HUGE brand- Blogilates- would be beholden to dressing like a banker, but not everyone understands that business comes in all styles. And why has no one mentioned the camp pants and t shirt guy?! The tone was relaxed and being yourself, and everyone dressed as such, as they should. Any panel I’ve been to, people wear their personal style- not a politician or bankers style.

    To those who say Cassey needed to wear a business suit- you should take a stroll in LA and Santa Monica. All the rich and powerful sit at Peets in their workout gear with the men unshaven, looking for all the world homeless, and they make their deals. The women wear LuLu Lemon. You speak from a place of ignorance about a field in which you don’t seem to be working in, and should be grateful Blogilates exists. I know I am!

  30. nicole says:

    Good grief. I didn’t realize the men were inappropriately dressed also! Maybe it was a casual event. Back to my vent on females because you need to hear this. Stop chasing married men, sleeping with men on first dates and wearing vulgar stuff. Men will think your easy. I know females think they have a good body and should just show off their chest and other areas but all you are doing is giving men the power. I am tired of seeing females fight over their babies daddy and they got four or five kids and they are not even married. I am tired of men not bothering with chasing a female because there is already to many females who he could bed in a minute. This vent is not at you Cassie but at females in general. I have talked with male friends and they have all agreed that woman can hold the power bit they carry themselves so lowly. There is no need to pit forth the effort. Men do not even know how to be romantic anymore. Okay my vent is over.

    1. Eni says:

      Oh wow…..Tell me you are not serious about this! This is so wrong in so many levels, tell me, are you someone who also thinks it’s a woman’s fault for being raped? I am not, in any level, the person you described, but you and your male friends need to stop judging and have a look at yourselves. Women rarely wear clothes/make up/ heels to impress men, they do it for themselves! If men are tired of this, then good riddance, cause they don’t deserve to be with anyone if they are so judgemental! Or they can teleport themselves to the middle ages or the 1700, where men held power and women could not even show their ankles and were practically slaves to their husbands! Idk what’s wrong with the world, it’s like it’s going backwards! Seriously, is there a religious reason for you and/or your friends to think this way? Or is it just people being douches and dissing someone just to feel better about themselves?

    2. Nicole says:

      You can dress in nice dresses and wear makeup without being provocative. Your missing my whole point. A female should wear nice things to make her look good. I am talking about the females who are wearing see through clothes and are openly showing their chest. I spoke with a female who deliberately said she was going to get a married man to fall in love with her. She did not cAre about the man himself, she just wanted to show the other girl she was more beautiful. I have witnessed females fighting over the same man they have been sleeping with. Instead of blaming the guy they are sleeping with the guy and fighting with each other. Why would a man bother to truly chase a female when so many of us are giving outlet our cookies for free? My sister was raped when she was 12. No I am not of those females who think females deserve to be raped. I just feel men will respect females more if they would stop putting themselves out there.

      1. Nicole says:

        It’s actually upsetting me. You can show off your legs. Everyone is missing my point.I feel romance is just dead between females and males. I am really upset about the comment about the rape. My sister is still dealing with the psychological damage. I don’t feel a woman should walk around completely naked. And no one deserves to be raped no matter what they are wearing.

        1. elena says:

          I don’t think the same. When you talked about women trying to sleep with married men and girls fighting over a guy sleeping with both of them, I don’t think you have taken into acount that A MARRIED man is sleeping with someone else and A GUY is sleepng with two girls at the same time: it takes two to tango. Women should be able to wear whatever they want. I think Cassey’s outfit was perfectly fine and gorgeous. She is stating her individuality, and at the same time saying that she doesn’t need to be a man or act as one to be succesful. Because what you describe as “appropiate” is women trying to fit in in a man dominated world. Since she can, she should wear whatever she likes and makes her feel confident

          1. Nicole says:

            Guys are jerks. I am pointing out the fact that it was in her heart to win a married man based on it to be a prize rather than she loved him. Why do women feel a need to use their beauty for bad. If you read my previous comments I think Cassie is a beautiful girl with a great clothing line. I also stated the men were not dressed appropriately. So obviously this was a casual event. She is able to carry herself well while not exposing herself. I just want females to understand we will all get old one day. I see many celebrities getting plastic surgery because they desire to be beautiful and adored. I want females to look what is in the heart instead of using what they have on the outside. Maybe my comments were a bit brash- sorry I get heated up sometimes. The other girls did not have the self esteem to walk away from the guy who was using them both. The female felt she was adored by winning this man over another woman. I want men to fight for our affection. We deserve that much. They do not put up much of a fight from the things I see around me and especially on television.

  31. Maggie says:

    I can honestly say that when I saw this picture of your outfit, you walking to that interview, I felt PROUD of you. I don’t even know you that well, but what I’ve got to learn you through your blog and your videos, I couldn’t be any happier that YOU were presenting female entrepeneurs. And even if someone thinks that you were dressed like you were going to a night club (for a reason unknown for me), that’s their problem. I’m glad you took none of that on your heart. It’s just sad that instead of encouraging each other some people are stuck being negative. All in all, keep up the attitude you have, I just love it 🙂 xoxo

  32. Jen says:

    Cassey put her hair up in a bun. Its like short hair woman- woman in power. I think its the same concept. Why didn’t she put her hair down? Either way, I think what Cassey wore to the event is fine. Look what the other gents are wearing.

  33. Ika Novitasari says:

    yeah girl, you must be ready hearing negative or positive things. Welcome to social media 🙂

    1. Kellyn says:

      She is ready to hear it. She has been doing this for a very long time and her life revolves around social media. It is her business and this blog is where it started. This is where she posts what is going on and how she feels. This is her outlet and where she posts her views, ideas, and concerns. Obviously she is ready to hear all sorts of feedback and if you are here then you should be ready to hear her talk about it. Welcome to social media.

      1. Kellyn says:

        Oh and Kassey, I love what you had to say. Thank you and way to stay strong.

    2. Abigail says:

      She is ready to hear it- clearly. It is her prerogative to respond to what she “hears” however. Especially in this instance where the primary origin of such ignorance arises from a sexist schema.

  34. nicole says:

    It kind of depends on the situation. At work I am not allowed to wear what Cassie is wearing. We have a dress code. I believe a person has to dress accordingly. For example, a person should not wear jeans to prom. The men were dressed appropriately for the event. Just like you would not show up to a wedding wearing shorts. I also believe females do get positions based on how attractive they are whether they have short hair or not. Females have the power to use their beauty to get to the top. We have a lot of power over men but we put ourselves out there to the point where men no longer will pursue a female. We pursue men and make it too easy for them. We easily take our clothes off on first dates, wear provocative clothing and fight over men. Where did all the good guys go? As females we have just made it too easy. A person can be fashionable without bearing it all. Cassie had on a cute outfit but she looks like she is headed to the beach. I just wish more females especially more celebrities would be more aware that it is not attractive showing your goods. Men just see it as a booty call. Cassie carries herself well and I do not put her in this category. There is just a time and place for everything.

    1. chloe says:

      hey Nicole, sorry to say but showing off legs isn’t “provocative”. not going to have an argument, so that’s all.

      1. Nicole says:

        I never said you could not show off your legs. There is nothing wrong with looking attractive.

  35. Lucia says:

    Honestly, it just looks like it was a semi-nice casual event; look at what the other people are wearing.

  36. Mindy says:

    What issue??? Sexism?? People please wake up!! I respect and admire Cassey for what she has accomplished and how she put together all the pieces and created this amazing business. However, her outfit was completely inappropriate for that meeting/panel. It’s a beautiful romper and I’d love to know where it is from (if you know what I mean) but look how Richard Branson and other men are dressed! Now imagine him wearing a pair of long beach shorts and a wife-beater… Not a pretty picture…for any kind of business event or meeting. If Cassey wanted to wear that romper, she should’ve added like an over-sized blazer (and not necessarily black) or even wear a LBD or LWD with heels (if she wanted to go short). I’m sure nobody would’ve criticized it. It’s beautiful, appropriate and elegant.

    1. Mindy says:

      And I’m sorry, it DOES matter what you wear. Otherwise, I’m gonna come to work tomorrow wearing my distressed bf jeans and a cropped top (the way I dress when going out). I wanna see my boss’s face. I’ll report on that 😉

      1. T says:

        Let me get something straight Mindy…..its not ok for Cassey to wear a romper but its ok for the men to show up in camo pants and jeans? That wouldn’t be acceptable either for a buiness meeting in a board room so… ummm double standards anyone? But the fact is it was a casual panel not a buisness meeting so the only thing that is inappropriate here is your criticism.

        Cassey just keep doing you girl! You are such an amazingly possitive influence for so many women (and men) around the world so don’t let any nay sayers bring you down! The only thing I think of when I see you in this romper is that you look confident and powerful. I love that you don’t try to tone down who you are to make other people happy and that you have grown to be completely true to yourself! The way that you empower other people to make positive changes in their own lives is honestly so inspirational and you are right that people shouldn’t be changing that conversation to focus on your clothing where the real message is about female entrepreneurs in powerful places on powerful stages. If people missed that message its their fault not yours.

      2. Robyn says:

        It makes me sad that you feel entitled to judge her.

      3. Kellyn says:

        Yes as a face of a business and a icon, it does matter…. she isn’t saying it doesn’t she is saying she does not need to fit some female standard. Dressing for the part is exactly what she did. Her cute romper and bright colors are her statement and she is representing herself and her brand, just like anyone in other businesses.

    2. Kat says:

      The guy on the far left is wearing camouflage pants and a t-shirt, Richard Branson was wearing blue jeans, the guy on the far right doesn’t even have his shirt tucked in so please explain how Cassie was dressed inappropriately. Out of the four of them I believe that Cassie was dressed better for the panel than either of the rest. Not to mention the fact that it wasn’t a fashion panel, it was a business panel, so it shouldn’t matter what she wore.

      1. Kat says:

        *Cassey. ( Sorry, got a little excited there and forgot to check spelling)

  37. Megan says:

    You say it girlfriend! <3

  38. Lucy says:

    I think people assumed the event was more formal because it’s described in the original post as a ‘business panel’, so a more formal outfit would be more appropriate if that were the case. I expect that if the guy wearing camo pants and a t-shirt posted a picture saying he’s doing a business panel, people would comment expecting him to be wearing a suit. Therefore, I don’t think it’s right to call those comments sexist. Nowhere do they mention that Cassey should cover up simply because she’s a woman. It seems like it’s more a case of clarifying context. If you’re going to post a picture on public social media, people will say what they think, based on the information they’re given. That said, with full context given, this outfit makes Cassey look SO strong and powerful, and I think she’s doing such a good job making young women all over the world feel much more confident in themselves. Just my two cents…

  39. Laura says:

    I thought the outfit was gorgeous and it’s a shame that people feel the need to shame other people over outfit choices instead of being positive!! You are an inspiration to me and many other women like myself who want to get fit and have fun with it ??

  40. I’m proud and excited for you! So when are you flying to space with Branson… Seriously amazing keep it up!

  41. Camilla says:

    I think your outfit was fabolous and really classy when pared with the necklace =) Either way what you ware is not important.

  42. Desarae says:

    You looked beautiful (as always)!!!

  43. Kara says:

    I loved the romper!

  44. Treasures says:

    You look wonderful in that romper! Misery sure does love company. You keep being you and don’t worry about what the negative people say.

  45. ashley says:

    Rock it, Cassey. As a woman living in a world ruled by women trying to beat men at being men, I’m so proud and inspired by you being intelligent, beautiful, FEMININE, creative, unapologetic, hardworking, and SUCCESSFUL! Keep it going, Sista.

  46. Trinh Diep says:

    I read your post, and I loved it! As for short hair on females, I just thought that it’s just easier to maintain than longer hair when in the professional area. Just my opinion. I have short hair, I’m intelligent… just I have kids! Haha.

  47. Stephanie says:

    I loved the outfit but more than that, I love that you have challenged the patriarchy. That is all <3

    1. Mike says:

      The patriarchy? more than like it was a bunch of feminist telling her to cover up just like how they bullied Matt Taylor #shirtgate
      There is no magical Patriarchy.
      Cassey and millions of women like her prove that.
      People should be able to wear what they want, men and women.

  48. Robyn Schwebe says:

    Good response Cassey! People who responded negatively to that picture are obviously missing the point of blogilates and what you stand for. I think you looked great and represented your brand well- it is a fitness based company after, you wore something that shows off your fit self and the bright approach to life that is blogilates. Hililary Clinton has also written about her time as First Lady, and how again and again people criticized her hair, while paying no attention to the content of what she was saying. It’s a problem, but those ‘haters’ can take their negativity somewhere else. Good on you girl!

  49. Yoselin says:

    Cassie! Heyy! I’ve been a fan since two years now since ive discovered populates and wow it has changed my life. Honestly I’m so much happier and healthier ever since I started your workouts videos and monthly calendars! I remeber my first video being the abc abs and I remeber I could barely finish one set. Now I can do them probably for 4 sets! It’s amazing how my body has adapted and gotten used to the workouts and my diet. My diet before was always fast food probably every weeken and every day of the week always junk food. Now I eat so much healthier like smoothies are honestly the way to go! I start off small with fruit smoothies and then working my way up to the crazy green ones but of course they fast CRAZY GOOD! But yeah I wanted to let you know this becuase you are such an Inspiring person like your always so bubbly and happy and enegertic. Like me! Honestly your attitude and your “go getter” personality is exactly what I love about your videos and is exactly what has helped me basically lose 20lbs! Cassie I hope you read this and have the chance to write back to me! Love you 🙂 😉

    1. Yoselin says:

      Sorry for the typos btw??

      1. Yoselin says:

        And it might seem like I’m writing to you at 2 am ish but I’m from New York so it’s 6 am now?? LOL

  50. Daria says:

    I totally agree with you Cassey!
    Im sure a man would have had less “problems” with his outfit choice, although Im not saying men would be able to wear anything without beeing criticized. What Im saying is that, sadly, there are lots of expectations for women in higher positions to be or look a certain way. And the moment you don’t fit in this “stereotypical” idea then you simply are not. This is the perfect example of how people end up not noticing the important things because they are all looking to every single unimportant thing around them.
    Best respond you could give. Just don’t let any of the bad comments get to you, because we are all human and although we dont want to, we tend to notice only the bad thing around us, instead of all good things. Do not let the bad things get to you, because when you clear the way you will be able to see all the good things that are in front of you! And that goes to everysingle one of you (including myself, because I tend to forget it quite often too).

  51. erika says:

    and that’s what makes you, you 🙂

  52. Melanie says:

    I agree with you 200% on that matter! You can wear whatever you want as long as you do your job in the best possible way, these are just clothes, it doesn’t mean anything about your work’s quality or your entrepreneurship capacity! Stay yourself 🙂

  53. Albandri says:

    I don’t know if this is related or not but I have the same values to the way I dress as Muslim girl.
    I don’t care if people judge me how my covered head, or how I dressed in modest way.
    what really matters is to look at me as whole personality,to look how my brain works as you said, how I generate ideas, or how engage in activities that give social benefits elements.

    Thanks Cassey to remind me to these important values.

  54. Natalia says:

    Personally, I love the outfit and I find it OK for the event. I wouldn’t even think about it being inappropriate or not. On the other hand, don’t be surprised if people discuss what you’re wearing, because you posted a selfie for this very purpose, for people to see and give their opinion about what you’re wearing. You can’t expect all compliments, you just have to accept that some people will find it inappropriate. I would always defend you, but this time I think you are not absolutely right about this. That said, I love your attitude and style! 🙂

    1. Laurie says:

      Yes, exactly! I mean, she clearly posted the pic because she wanted feedback…I guess she was just expecting everyone gushing over her romper. Which I don’t even think is cute but that’s just my opinion lol

  55. Melissa says:

    Let’s take a moment to appreciate what the men are sporting…army pants, leather and jeans. Not a tie or suite jacket in sight. I think Cassie is rocking this romper, it shows off her hard work and dedication which is essentially what her carrier is based on!

    I previously worked at a Five Star/Five Diamond Hotel. Considering our hotel welcomed VIP guests from presidents to celebrities, formal attire was expected. I loved wearing a nice kitten heel here and there, but would receive comments all the time. I know that these comments were mostly based on comfort level, but I think I can survive sitting for eight hours in a 1 1/2 inch heel.

    That being said, people are always going to share their opinions, negative or positive, on what women should be wearing. Instead of hating on Cassie, we should be celebrating her success in being such an influential, positive role model. She not only landed a spot on this incredible panel but also the cover of Health Magazine in addition to countless accomplishments. WAKE UP everyone!!! Let’s stop obsessing over these insignificant details and start loving on one another.

    Time to workout 😉

    1. Cara says:

      With all that in mind I don’t think it’s fair to say because some people expressed an opinion opposite to what one hoped, they are “haters”. Disagreeing and hating are different things. I agree with what you said about it “showing off her hard work and dedication which is essentially her career…”. I’m not saying some of the comments aren’t based off of sexism, but some might just be speaking in regards to professionalism. There is certain attire expected for certain events so maybe some of the people didn’t feel like the outfit really fitted the “professional” feel of the place. (Granted, they have no idea what was going on because they weren’t there.) I’m just saying you can’t show up to a wedding or orchestra concert in sweat pants and a tank top, even if you were more comfortable in it. (And I’m in no way comparing Cassey’s outfit to sweat pants and a tank top) You show respect by dressing up with the expected standards in mind. Maybe what some people were saying was they just didn’t feel it matched the level of professionalism expected. I’m not agreeing with them or disagreeing with what Cassey has said, I’m just trying to maybe give some perspective to to other peoples’ views.

      Thanks Cassey for your thought provoking posts and congratulations on your achievements! You continue to help and inspire!

      1. Aiyana says:

        Cara, yess!! I was just thinking that but couldn’t find the right wording. You are on point and the only voice of reason I’ve seen lol

  56. Jackie Ghiazza says:

    Cassey you are a beautiful women inside and out. You are a true inspiration to all women that no matter how you look, how you dress, or even what education you have that anything is possible! People who want to make rude comments about how someone acts or dresses is just ignorant! Never let anyone take away your sparkle Cassey because you are the light that women need to lead us to the path of success!

  57. Eira says:

    I am shocked to find that there’s a study showing women who dress more masculine, are perceived as more intelligent and therefore are taken more seriously. Thats ridiculous!
    Also I really want to say that, from what I’ve read, image is something to think of when making something of your own, it being either a brand/ firm or product. AND you’ve become known for your happy spirit, which motivates and inspires us to meet the world with a big smile! and your colorful workout gear and products represents that. So I would say wearing a romper(which many of us who’ve known you long enough knows you love) in a strong vibrant red with high heels and jewelry just presents your brand and personality. IT’S YOU! And we LOVE IT!
    So congrats on an outfit on point! You looked awesome!

  58. Christina says:

    Wow, I knew you were a very smart business woman but WOW. How did you end up on a panel with those guys? I would love to hear more about that and what all was said, discussed. Wow uber impressed! Way to go!
    Romper. shmomper……. wha?? I mean really? Don’t let the little minds of little people take up too much space in your heart.

  59. Tasneem says:

    Cassey? Thank you for letting and encouraging people embrace themselves.<3

  60. Niina says:

    I saw that picture of you, Cassey, and thought (and still think) that you look amazing in it. You look like yourself. I can’t understand why some people choose to judge what women wear and then don’t listen to what they say. It’s just… absurd. And usually the complainers are also women! And I’ve lately seen (too many) men and women in SoMe who think that they can silence a woman by saying “Yo fat and ugly and that means you’re wrong”. Like, what that has to do with, um, I don’t know, anything?

    A little bit of off topic, but I have a short hair and like to wear a blazer, especially in more “official” situations and I sill find my looks very feminine. That’s my style, and I feel that I, more easily, can wear cute headbands and shoes and still look adult when having short hair and pairing stuff with some “official” clothes. But that doesn’t mean everybody should dress like me.

    You’re wearing an amazing red romper and feeling amazing in it, that’s your style. Rock on.


  61. Mijntje says:

    YOU ARE AMAZING. You are exactly the kind of rolemodel we need more of in this world.
    You are amazing as fitness intstructor and you motivate me because you look like a healthy woman. You are beautyful and smart and intelligent and a hell of a business woman. YOU ARE amazing. Keep that in mind please.
    Lots of love!!!!

  62. Nicki says:

    Can’t believe this attitude still exists today! So proud of you Cassey for not giving in to these ridiculous stereotypes and speaking out against them. Women shouldn’t have to dress masculine to be taken seriously!

  63. Sasha C says:

    Hi Cassey! I read through the comments and didn’t see people mad, well they are getting upset with each other not you lol But I did love your romper -it’s super cute and flattering. I myself wouldn’t wear it to a panel like that though (reminds me of what I wore in HS lol) but like you said you do you girl. xoxoxo

  64. Sia says:

    Cassey, I agree that you shouldn’t change who you are. I work in the corporate world, and wish I could just wear jeans all the time but there are rules and standards. Sadly there’s this old notion that not looking “professional” aka business attire means you don’t care or won’t be taken seriously.
    On the other hand, you’re being a bit of a hypocrite in addressing the so called sexism you see in the comments when YOU YOURSELF have posted sexist things on Instagram and NEVER addressed people calling you out on it. Funny how you work sometimes. And frankly it seems petty to address the people who disagreed with you this way, everyone is entitled to their own opinion just like you are entitled to dress however you want, and not just when they agree with you or eat up everyone you say. I know it’s uncomfortable but you have thousands of followers who will, once in a while, disagree with you. Shocker right? I love you Cassey and what you stand for but sometimes I feel like you get stuck in a victim mentality. The comments to me seemed to stem from what is appropriate attire mentality not from sexism because I personally found the other guy in the pic unprofessional in that it looked like he rolled out of bed and didn’t wash lol

  65. Sini Beca says:

    Dear Cassey,
    you do what you do and you do it right.
    It is astonishing how women often put that “too sexy” label on themselves and in doing so actually helping to undermine wowen’s position in leadership (mainly occupied by men). I don’t say you should wear a red jumper on a funeral (expect the deceased wanted it that way) BUT on a panel? Also: What would be wrong for a women in leadership position to wear skirts in another color than black? Are we only allowed to do so when we have only representative function like the women in the British monarchy (so we are only good for yellow press)?

  66. Charlotte says:

    Congrats on the panel, what an inspiring experience that must have been! BTW, not that it is even relevant, but as someone who works in fashion, I think your outfit was perfect and very on-brand for you. Very proud of you Cassey, keep it up!

  67. M.C. says:

    Unfortunately people are lazy and don’t think before they post a harmful comment.
    I love rompers and yours is gorgeous!!
    You go girl!!

  68. Kamila Caban says:

    First off, Cassey I think you looked great, your playful romper showed off your fun personality and I love that! Secondly, people need to stop judging others based on what they’re wearing, I just had this discussion with my business partner who is a male. I said to him, “If we both went into a meeting and you wore a suit and I wore a tight dress, you would be taken a lot more seriously than I would because of what I am wearing.” I am saying this because I have already experienced this and since becoming an entrepreneur myself, I have never experienced so much sexism than I have in the past year and a half. Thank you Cassey for always calling out the haters and speaking your mind! xoxo

  69. Sarah says:

    Just stopping by to say, you rock! I love that you’re fighting to be taken seriously in the business world regardless of your gender and what you choose to wear. Thanks for doing what you do.

  70. Sarah says:

    To be fair, you did post a selfie of yourself posing from head to toe in order to show off your outfit, right? So, wouldn’t only make sense that people comment on your outfit? I’m not justifying their negative words towards you. There’s a classy way to do it, and it seems as though they were not. My point is that you asked why your outfit is even an issue and who cares. Buuuut, and I hate to say it, you did show it off in a picture for all the word to see. You even said yourself, you thought everyone would say they thought it was cute, so you did post the picture with the outfit in mind. For what it’s worth, I do think it was a great outfit.

    1. Analucia Padilla says:

      Right, like she posted an entire body selfie explicitly expecting positive comments. Uhm, and then she says she was shocked people were commenting on her outfit? lol She contradicted herself! And someone disagreeing with her doesn’t make them a “hater” like a lot of these girls are calling them. Grow up girls! In life not everyone will be on your side, grow a thick skin and move on. On the other hand, I also did like her outfit xoxoxo

  71. I’m absolutely MIND BLOWN why people would do this. It’s so cruel and misses the entire point of your instagram post! Never in a million years would that comment come to my mind and yet somehow idiots muster up something negative to say, no matter how good you are.

    They do need to check themselves. Block them out of your social media cassie, they’re not even worth the dirt under your shoes.

    1. Analucia Padilla says:

      You’re acting worse then those people by calling them idiots and dirt! Are you not aware that people can have different opinions?? Have you seen the comments? They weren’t cruel, in fact most I saw were nicely disagreeing with her outfit choice. Unlike you, they weren’t throwing around mean words. She has tons of follwers, there’re bound to be some who have opposite opinions!

  72. Sarah Biggs says:

    What a silly thing for people to get angry about! There’s just no pleasing some people on the internet! Personally, I think you looked amazing Cassey! And what an unforgettable experience that must have been! Awesome! xx


  73. Agnes Andreasson says:

    THANKYOU for speaking out about this! I so agree, and we should strive for ending this madness ASAP. I really don’t understand why people put so much time into judging, when they could listen.
    Lots of love to you, Cassey, you’re a huge inspiration<3

  74. Megan says:

    you just keep on doing what your doing you are amazing just the way you are and an inspiration to all of us extraordinary people!!!!!!!

  75. Ashlie says:

    Wow! Truly motivational and informational. I think that what you wore is staying true to yourself. You have a different tactic and people need to stop criticizing & START lifting others up! I love that you wore the romper and it is CUTE! Be Creative and be who you are because no one should put you in a “box.” Keep the LOVE! 🙂 XoXo -Ash

  76. LiveLaughLove says:

    Ever since I’ve discovered you, I’ve felt this fiery rush to love and simply be myself. I can’t thank you enough for that! I started caring more about my wellbeing and shrugged off the negativity in my life. And after reading this article, I felt goose bumps rising from my skin. You are so confident and beautiful that it shines like the sun and inspires millions of people. Keep doing what you’re passionate about Cassey, because you have no idea what a wonderful impact you’re making on others.

    Kisses from Virginia 😉 <3

  77. Polly says:

    I love that you’re standing up for yourself, Cassey! I don’t understand why people are making such a big deal about your romper. There’s nothing inappropriate about it whatsoever. You are such a strong, intelligent women and you are a great influence on your community. You were also very sweet when I met you during your visit to Seattle. 🙂 Keep doing your thing and don’t let others bring you down!

  78. Masa says:

    I loved reading this so much, Cassey! Truly inspiring! <3 <3 <3

  79. Georgia says:

    You tell them! Women should be able to dress however they want where ever they want! You could have been standing there in your underwear and they would still have no right to tell you to dress in any other way! I personally think your romper is gorgeous and you look stunning! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself on the panel and that Richard Branson wasn’t as scary as I’m sure many of us all think he would be! x


  80. Viviana says:

    You know what I love about you? The fact that you never cared about anyone’s opinion but yours. I mean, yes, you probably care about your closest friends and family’s opinions, but you never ever got down over a negative comment on the internet. So why giving these people this much attention? Honestly, I only read carefully the first part of the article, where you talked about inspiration and being a successful female entrepreneur. That’s what defines you to me. You’re a no-nonsense, strong, determinate woman who struggled to arrive where she is now, wheter if it’s a magazine cover or a spot on a sofa with some of the most innovative and influential people on Earth. You will keep rocking no matter what your clothes are or how many negative comments people will write. I mean… you’re up there, but where are they??

    Keep shining, you beautiful flower! And thank you for being a daily inspiration for me and so many others.

  81. Nicole says:

    I am sooo glad you brought this up Cassey. I do modeling and I post pictures of my photoshoots all the time, and people are always commenting and saying that I look slutty, how I shouldn’t be wearing a swimsuit on social media and showing off my body. They say that it makes me look like a prostitute, how I am NEVER going to be a REAL model, and that I’m not even pretty. I went to an event later that day, and all the people who are friends with me on Facebook asked me why I was looking for attention and being immature. You won’t believe how this made me feel. These were my own relatives that said this to me. I cried all night thinking that maybe they were right, and maybe I am not worth as much as I think I am, and how my friends think I am.

    1. Julie says:

      Well there are two options: Either you have wrong friends OR your friends are right and then you should think about it yourself again and what you could do better. Either they are just jealous or they are concerned about you.

  82. Lottie says:

    Personally Cassey, I think you look absolutely stunning and ready to take on the world! You look powerful, strong and an incredible role model for all women. You were so right to write a post about this matter, it is wrong to discriminate against someone just by what they’re wearing. So, you go girl!

    Lots of Love, Lottie | Lifestyle blog to make you smile 🙂

  83. Sandy says:

    I know it’s sad but it happens. At my university, it’s a pure business school, we don’t have a dress code, but at the same time we sort of do. I was coming back from my winterbreak and got this cute dark red romper. It is very elegant and really cute. It doesn’t show much, but it is a romper so it is relatively short. When I entered a class, one guy turned around and told me that I was nacked and asked me if my father knew about what I am wearing. Fun fact, my father bought the romper for me. I was sad and didn’t want to wear the romper, but at the same time I love that romper and I am way more than the clothes I am wearing but unfortunately, some just cannot understand that… Your words help me since it makes me feel like I can still wear the romper because I love it and because as you said, I am more than the romper I wear.

    Thanks for being so honest Cassey and sharing this, it really helps <3 Although, I find the study sad since I have long hair and am in the business world, would I cut my hair? Nope, I love my long hair.

    Much love!

  84. Selman says:

    Last semester I had a subject in uni called “Communications and communication policies”. One of the things they thought us was how to dress for business meetings, interviews etc., what is acceptable and what is not, the length of clothes, their colors, the accessories. Some of the things were ridiculous to be honest.

  85. Tara Slater says:


    I am so glad you brought up such an important issue! I like this feisty sassy side of you that stands up for your right to, um exist?! I agree. Like, the panel was NOT titled “Fashion Show; Instill Your Personal Beliefs on how You Think Women Should Present Themselves”. Nuh uh. It was about you and others accomplishments as entrepreneurs (congrats! :D) Plus I think it’s total ridiculousness that people would choose to criticize the only woman on this panel for what she is wearing rather than lift her up and congratulate her for her accomplishments and representing a gender that faces all sorts of oppression in the business world. Go Cassey!

  86. Tiffany says:

    Preach it Cassey!!!! And you are 110% right – clothing is something that allows us to show who we feel we truly are! No reason to bash anyone for the clothes they’re wearing. I, for one, think that dress looks adorable and someday I hope I can have the confidence to rock such a cute and pretty dress like that!

  87. Carla says:

    I love the color and thatit’s very feminine. 🙂 But me too I think it’s a little bit short for such an occasion. I would have rather worn a nice red dress that is a bit longer. But that said, everyone should wear what they like. But then also shouldn’t be upset if not everyone likes it. Because if you post something for everyone viewable the people can and will write their opinion. Easy as that.

  88. Janey says:

    Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most successful business people in the world… And he wears a hoodie and jeans! So what’s wrong with a romper? Ithink a lot of people forget that there are businesses and organizations that don’t follow the traditional corporate culture. if you go to Google or Facebook, you might be surprise and find that there are execs who like to wear sandals or yoga attire. Cassie, you don’t need to prove anything because you are already on top of the world ! be true to yourself ! I hope there are more “power rompers!”

  89. Sarah says:

    Preach it, Cassey! Not only were you the only woman in that panel, you were also representing yourself as a person of color so woot woot! And power to you for being relentlessly feminine. You identify not only as a woman but a woman who loves pink and long and painting your nails, etc. And women shouldn’t have to look more like men to be respected by their peers. The oppressiveness of the patriarchy will fall in time. Long live women. (Without women there’d be no men anyway, so ha!) Love you!

  90. Margarita says:

    Hi Casey, thank you for touching on this topic! And congratulations in the first place!!
    I think feminism has kinda lost its point – we proved that we can do all the things men can do, and do it well, but no one pays respect to “womanly” qualities (motherhood, for instance.). I am waiting for the day when it would be okay for Hillary Clinton to wear a full length skirt during presidential debates. And it wasn’t the color of your romper that outraged people, it was the length, let’s be honest 🙂 But then, not everyone has such great legs (that you worked for, and that represents your business and and who you are).

    I just wanna add that adult men do not wear short pants (only little boys do) in formal situations, but women are expected to show some skin at least up to the knee, then are not being taken seriously – have you EVER seen Hilary in a skirt during her campaign? There is a reason, her stylist understands it.

    Maybe I would not wear something that short for a meeting, but I barely work out, don’t live in LA and have nothing to do with fashion business. I still appreciate your unconventional choice and the message behind it. The fact that you’re getting negative criticism proves that you ARE breaking new ground, and kudos for that!

  91. Margarita says:

    Hi Casey, thank you for touching on this topic! I think feminism has kinda lost its point – we proved that we can do all the things men can do, and do it well, but no one pays respect to “womanly” qualities (motherhood, for instance.). I am waiting for the day when it would be okay for Hillary Clinton to wear a full length skirt during presidential debates. And it wasn’t the color of your romper that outraged people, it was the length, let’s be honest 🙂 But then, not everyone has such great legs (that you worked for, and that represents your business and and who you are).

    I just wanna add that adult men do not wear short pants (only little boys do) in formal situations, but women are expected to show some skin at least up to the knee, then are not being taken seriously – have you EVER seen Hilary in a skirt during her campaign? There is a reason, her stylist understands it.

    Maybe I would not wear something that short for a meeting, but I barely work out, don’t live in LA and have nothing to do with fashion business. I still appreciate your unconventional choice and the message behind it. The fact that you’re getting negative criticism proves that you ARE breaking new ground, and kudos for that!

  92. Well said! Feminism is having the choice to be who you want, do what you want, wear what you want. As women, we should be celebrating the fact that you’re on this groundbreaking panel instead of creating a snarky discourse on what you chose to wear.

    I will say though, I work in a professional setting where I have to wear suits to client meetings and I wear my hair short because it suits my face, not because I want to look like a man. So a missed mark there, but I otherwise agree with your points!

  93. Shawnee says:

    Cassey, you are BOSS, and your ensemble was gorgeous! You are such an inspiration to myself and to so many other women out there. Like so many others have said, I’m proud to be a part of the Blogilates community. Thanks for all you do!

  94. Jasmin says:

    Oh dear, well doesn’t people always have something to say about absolutely everything. I have come down to the fact that if you have become successful in what you do, people will start hating you or try put you down in any kind of way. And as you mention, many of these people have not accomplished a lot themselves and will most likely not if they continue being so narrow minded. I may not be a internationally known trainer or icon, but i am a business owner myself and had many things (lies and gossips) said behind my back, even spread on the internet in an attempt to put me down.
    And it’s so sad that a great event, in this case you Cassie, meeting such great people, all people have to comment on is your outfit. What!!?? I find it utterly tasteless and unintelligent. My first reaction to Cassie and this event was “Wow, she really deserved this, good on her”. And i like how you, Cassie, dress in what is you, it reflects your personality and of course RED for the sake of Virgin shows you had some thoughts behind it too, this is how i dress up for events aswell. I don’t forget about myself and i think of whom i will be meeting at the event.

  95. Samantha says:

    I think you look great, do you!

    I think the comments talking about how “unflattering” this is on you should stop being so judgey. It fits you and it’s not showing loads of skin. Had this been a tank top and a skirt (which would show the same amount of skin) people would think you look like “a lovely professional woman”. Which you would.. but you get my point. Everyone needs to stop being so opinionated about how others look. Worry about yourself, and keep your not so nice comments to yourself.

    Also to the person below me talking about how if this was what you wore to an interview that she wouldn’t hire you — thing is, you’re not applying for a job.. you’re promoting your success. You’ve already made all of the right moves. I sure hope that person below me would hire you if you were the best fit for the job – regardless of how you dress. If not.. I think they’re the one that needs to go on the job hunt. I personally wouldn’t want to work for a company that judges people that harshly.

  96. Michelle says:

    I just want to say that they did a study a MIT on men hooked up to an MRI machine. They showed them two pictures: a woman in a bikini and a woman who was dressed classy. When shown the picture of the woman in bikini, the area of the brain that lit up is the same area that lights up when shown a tool, something to be used. When shown the classy dressed woman (such as no cleavage or thigh showing) the area lit up that lights up when they see someone they respect. In conclusion, men associate scantily clad women with things they can use while they associate a classy woman with respect. Food for thought

  97. AJ says:

    I was one of the ones who said that I think it’s too short to be considered professional. I have also said that about other outfits you have shared since that is my opinion and you are sharing these pictures online, sometimes asking for feedback. Too short means not flattering, to clarify. Not that you don’t have a great body you work hard to keep, you do. It’s my opinion this length isn’t flattering.

    There is also the perspective that many women/girls look up to you as a role model. As part of the hiring team for the company Im employed at, if a potential employee came in for an interview in a romper, they would not be called back. Everyone needs to learn that casual attire has its place and what professional attire means. Our whole culture is way too casual with leggings as pants being the norm now when I can clearly see a person’s underwear through them.

    I agree with you that anyone should be allowed to wear whatever they are comfortable in and be taken seriously. I wear dresses/skirts everyday to work because I like them. I also make sure they are long enough and not low cut as to be revealing. Everyone will judge other people based on their looks, however. It’s not something that will be going away because you wore a romper and feel good about it. We could avoid the whole conversation in the future if you don’t post a pic of just your outfit for everyone to judge. You could have posted the pic of you with the others on the panel as easily and avoided this entirely.

    1. Kaybee says:

      A panel is more laid back. Its not a job interiew. Some high name celebrities go to panels wearing worse. This is not an interview look and she never said it was

    2. Cristy says:

      In my opinion based on everyone’s’ attire on the panel. I think Cassey is fine. The men are wearing jeans, camo, and t-shirts. I say the style that night was supposed to be casual. You can’t say jeans are professional, can you? Cassey is a role model to all girls, but she is a grown woman in her twenties as well. The length of her romper that night was not at all short compared to some other things teenagers (and even preteens) wear now. If she wore something professional like business wear or something formal, she might have over dressed for this event making herself the odd ball. This is her style, and how she shows she is different from any other fitness trainer is through her mottos and through her fashion.

    3. Sarah says:

      She’s not applying for your company so I don’t see why you would even bring that up. Your argument is bad. You aren’t convincing anyone so stop stalking her social media trying to prove you are right.

    4. Marie says:

      And this is exactely where the problems stands, our “idea” of what’s professional and what’s not. Society branded our brains that if a woman look “sexy” it means the outfit is not professional. Because it’s definitely what’s “showing too much” means.

      There’s should not be something as showing too much, there’s should not be thoughts about woman being “too sexy, too attractive”, I love wearing short dresses or short skirt at work, and another thing about me that would make me “unprofessional” is that I have a big tattoo on my forearm, another big one on my thigh, one on my back, … and if I put a short dress or skirt we can see all of them.
      And you would think that in the Nestlé HQ that would be completely wrong. But it’s not, it’s a strict business outfit with every men with suits AND ties, and women in dresses and heels, but there’s a few woman like me, who show more because we like it, because we love dressing like that, and showing skin does not mean we’re not professional, and that’s okay.
      My job involves seeing a lot of people from the company everyday and I mostly gets compliment on the outfit and the tattoos, and when I say mostly it doesn’t mean the rest if rants, it means people do not really care. And the bosses are fine with it too.
      Society is evolving, thinking that “showing” skins is for clubbing is a way to say “you only show skins when you want to party and flirt”, showing skins is not about seduction, and that’s a really wrong mindset to have.

  98. Katie Shin says:

    You are an amazing woman, Cassey Ho. Makes me wish I had any skills at all that I’d be able to use to work for you. As it is, I don’t and can’t relocate even if I did so I’ll continue to follow you and do your workouts. You are such a breath of fresh air!

  99. Katrina says:

    I only, and ONLY thought you looked great, and always do, because you own your beauty and let it shine!

    Thank you for sharing, and for keeping It real.

  100. Aurelia says:

    i love you, because you are always yourself!!!
    i love how you dressed, because it shows your personality, your passion, YOU!
    and that´s a strength, do what you like and stay true to yourself!!!
    you are an incredible strong women while still looking AWESOME!!!

    you are my role model!!!

    Love you Cassey!!!

  101. Vanessa says:

    Well, even tho I understand you and how frustrating it must’ve been to read those comments you gotta keep in mind that EVERYTHING is being discussed on the Internet. Tbh – even tho I think you should totally wear what you want and it’s great that you feel comfy! – I think there’s an outfit for everything, and maybe sometimes you just “have” to look a bit more professional. It’s not necessarily a bad thing imo. Dress for the occasion!

  102. Rachel says:

    I totally admire your amazing character and amazing drive that you have in life! You are an inspiration to many women around the world – and I appreciate that.

    I recently did a speech about how feminism is about equality with men and women. For me, looking at that picture was amazing – but I think perhaps it was a bit out of place in the realm you were in – and Im not saying that as anything against you – I can just see what the people were saying. I feel that if the guys had been in shorts that were as short as your romper – then it might have been appropriate – but I don’t think the commentors were being rude about you as a woman – just perhaps the situation wasnt the best – and yes… women can do what they want – men can do what they want – I feel like if the other guys had been in shorts – they would have gotten criticised too

  103. Jen says:

    Cassey, you looked gorgeous! The red is such a good color on you, I say you rocked that romper!

    Honestly some people are just never happy. You could have worn the most stereotypically “business” outfit and someone still would have been offended. I’m glad took this as an opportunity to stand up for yourself (AND women everywhere who are judged by clothing choices instead of things that actually matter!!) but please don’t let it get you down. Yes you looked beautiful, but even more importantly, you are confident and intelligent, and that is obviously what being “business appropriate” comes down to, not what you choose to wear.
    Loveeee you <3

  104. Elise says:

    Wow!!!! I really like how you expressed yourself. No sugar-coating, no beating around the bush, and yet you weren’t hurtful or mean. I really admire you, and the work you do. I thought you looked good and confident. Everything you said is 100% true!!! Thanks for inspiring and being so positive and true to yourself.

    Elise, a librarian

  105. Lauren says:

    I understand what you are saying manda but I think by sharing on her website/blog she’s not necessarily “letting them win”. By sharing her experience she’s helping so many others who may have similar experiences look past this negativity as well, which to me is worth it even if she is giving “them” attention as you mentioned. I think it’s very responsible of her as a role model to share this and turn it into a learning experience.

    Although people say dress for success because it’s respectful, I think respect should be mutual and you should not be overlooked due to your appearance. To me there was nothing wrong with Cassey’s outfit for this conference because it’s the same Cassey we see in her regular post. As a member of a panel it’s important to portray what a real entrepreneur looks like, and that’s exactly what she did. Real entrepreneurs don’t get where they are by being or having cookie cutter ideas.

  106. Lina Pena says:

    You look STUNNING!!! That`s why you were criticized in first place! Women’s with very low self-love and Envy always do that! But Be yourself and true to yourself as always!! Your a good inspiration for any women and girl out there because your follow your Dream and passion no matter what time took you to do so !! Haters and Envy people always gonna said something! But be you no matter what!!!! Peace and Love!!

  107. Pilly Marie says:

    I totally understand the whole “if you don’t care then why respond” argument but what she is addressing is a critical issue! there is definitely an expectation for her to look EVEN MORE presentable and business-y because she is a woman on a panel among men. For crying out loud one of the other panel members was wearing a T-shirt and camouflage pants!! To stay quiet about how she feels on this topic would allow this problem to continue, if there is to be a change then you need to speak out and act against it! If we all just followed the old mantras and ‘expected behavior’ of us based on our gender or socio-economic place in the world then none of us would be sitting where we are right now plus Blogilates is not a cubicle wear a suit and tie type of company, and if that is not what Blogilates is about then why would she put on this persona that she is that type of business person to the public? Cassey has always been true to what she feels is right and that’s what got her here, with bigger fame comes more attention negative or not and honestly giving her any attention at all gives her the win, the negative commentators ‘lost’ the moment they decided to care about her cute romper. Finally this is her blog… I’m sure many others including myself definitely write how they feel on their own blog.

    1. Manda says:

      Exactly!!! Totally agree with you! She has her own business which she should be focused on, not what others are saying about her or what they’re wearing. So the other CEO came in casual clothes…honesty who cares??? That’s his business,he’s representing it however he chooses. Making a blog post about asking for respect through wardrobe choices, isn’t a way to gain said respect. Sure, she likes to be stylish & all that but there is a way to dress so while maintaining a level of professionalism. A self respecting & well respected entrepreneur know how to dress in manner that is appropriate for the occasion, regardless of what the others are wearing. So what if you’re overdressed. At least, you’ve done your part. you look like the professional. And you’ll stand out from the rest as a successful entrepreneur. Don’t let the choices of others influence yours. Honestly, the group photo above looks like a mess and not like a group of professional entrepreneurs at all. It’s simple, dress for success.There’s a time and place for every outfit and a smart person would know when it is appropriate to wear what.

      1. Nadia R says:

        Girls, I totally agree!!! It’s so refreshing and empowering to hear your comments on this and to read about Cassey’s response to negative comments! May I add that we all truly know why the negative comments were said and perhaps we are all to afraid to say it out loud; quite simply if you will judge someone and make it so personal it is usually because you are insanely jealous of what they are doing and how they are doing it; it is because you are jealous of their freedom in being themselves and still achieving and being as successful as all those how will change themselves to fit into the mould. So, rather than spewing negativity at each other, why not embrace our feminine power of colour, charm, energy, beauty, etc and be OK with it and be OK flooding the male dominated areas of life with this, as any other way will kill off our feminine essence and turn us into dull, boring, masculine women, which is OK if this makes you happy, but the majority of us are happy when we feel free to be feminine in all areas of our lives.
        And trust me, no man will ever complain! What can they complain about? For women being women, adding more colour and joy into their dull boring lifeless lives? Ha! I’m from the UK and I say: Bring it on girls! <3

      2. Samantha Munoz says:

        @Manda LOL I agree, they all kinda look like a mess except for the guy on the far right, the other two look like they didn’t shower or something. I thought her outfit was super cute but taken aback by her defensiveness to people with other opinions. I really don’t think they were sexist, I went back and looked thru the comments in the photo and they seemed to be that it wasn’t professional. Period. Not because she’s a woman simply not the best outfit choice. As a successful businesswoman she should know that not everyone will agree with her and that shouldn’t let her bother her. I mean come on, MOST of the comments were positive anyways!! Also the high bun rocked!

  108. lily lee says:

    I appreciate your comments and agree completely. I did not like your outfit at all because i found it …unflattering on you.

  109. Tricia says:

    If I may speculate. I wonder if people are criticizing you because your selfies often come off as a little conceited with a “look how cute I look” vibe. I think women compare themselves to others (despite what you say) and if we think you are trying to show how great you are, it makes us feel bad about ourselves. It’s like waving money around in front a a homeless person’s face.

    1. Autumn says:

      Hi Tricia,

      I have to respectfully disagree with that. Her intention is to uplift girls and encourage them to be Girl Bosses. Not tear them down or make them feel bad about themselves with her outfit. If outfit selfies is ‘conceited’, then I’m one conceited mother f***er myself. There’s nothing wrong with taking selfies. There’s a difference between confident and conceited. Sounds like some internal issues that these negative nancies need to work on. Why would you even take the time to type garbage under someone’s picture if you don’t like it??? Are you trying to drag them down to your depressing level?
      If you find yourself jealous of somebody, instead of feeling hatred in your heart, you should try to figure out what it is about that person that you wish you had, then try to obtain that quality. Let’s uplift each other. Not tear each other down. At the end of the day, you’re still going to be miserable so there’s no point in it. 🙂 Much Love! xx

      1. Christine says:

        I think it’s silly and childish to assume that anyone who disagrees with her or found her outfit unflattering is jealous or insecure. That’s just ridiculous! I didn’t care for her outfit, that doesn’t say anything about who I am. I’m very confident in myself 🙂 I think Tricia brings a good point, even if she’s supposedly trying to inspire women/girls to some of them it might come off like she’s putting them down idk. Not me but I’m not close minded and can see the other side to things. Hope you learn that skill! 🙂

        ps. Am I the only one who can’t stand the “girl bosses” shit? ugh! You’re a woman not a girl, and not a “girl boss” simply a boss!

  110. Victoria says:

    Thank you for speaking your truth and shedding light on the psychologic aspect. I’ve never cared for business attire. Whether you’re wearing jeans or a pant suit, you have the same business acumen. This crap about “taking people seriously based on their outfit” should be left in the past. It’s outdated and it’d be nice to move on.

  111. Andy says:

    You go girl! You looked beautiful in that romper.

  112. Ciara says:

    This article is so amazing, we shouldn’t have to post articles like this, but we do. Thank you Cassey for being so amazing, you are definitely my role model!! You looked SO FLY in that outfit, I was all over it!! You looked beautiful and you felt confident and thats all that should matter, but I guess not 🙁 I love you Cassey!! please peach this more, you are an inspiration.

  113. Ida says:

    You are amazing. You are a true inspiration and this is really well written.

    I hate that we live in a world where women have to change themselves to be taken more seriously and where femeninity is seen as a bad thing. I guess that’s why I love the blogging (and youtube) world so much. Strong girls and women supporting each other instead of tearing each other down.

    Thanks for sharing this./love Ida

  114. I thought you looked great and extremely happy!! You’re living your dream and being you!! I did a presentation yesterday and included you and your great success as an inspiration to the people attending. I use your story as a great example in so many of my talks and workshops. You will always soar!!

  115. Cassie says:

    I absolutely LOVE this article! It’s ridiculous that women are constantly categorized and force to conform to these physical ideals. It should be about damn time that people start looking at women beyond the surface and actually listen to what they have to say BEFORE they look at their clothes, makeup, body shape, yadda yadda yadda.

  116. Katherine says:

    I think you participating on the panel is wonderful and you should be very proud of yourself which you seem to be, which is awesome. But, on the other hand, as a woman who works in a professional business environment I would never wear what you did. To be frank, I’d be fired for not following dress code. Now you don’t have a dress code because you work for yourself but let me tell you something. I do not have short hair. I don’t wear pant suits or skirt suits. I dress like a young woman in the work force. I wear bright colors, fun accessories, and cute shoes. I do not look like the women you showed above. I believe that EVERYONE, not just women, should dress appropriately for respect. Respect to themselves and respect to the people they are around. I think your outfit was cute and awesome… for a day of shopping, a girls night, etc… but not for a business meeting. It’s great you got compliments from those on the panel but I think you should check yourself before you assume that women who work in the business world all look like Hilary Clinton. Just as I didn’t judge you, until you decided to post this article telling everyone to check themselves, you should judge those of us who think rompers don’t belong in the business world.

    1. Daniela says:

      You do know that the men were wearing jeans and t-shirts right? How about they wear some slacks and a button up short so they can be at caddies level. She could have easily gone in her work out outfits to represent her channel since it is about working out.

    2. Drei says:

      I think people are too fixated on how SHE looks, rather than everyone else. I understand that if she was wearing a short bright red romper to like a uber-professional-caliber-type of event (like a presidential campaign or something), then sure, I agree with you – no romper. But if you look at the theme of the panel, the men are not exactly dressed professional at all, not even business casual – just casual actually (camo-pants, T-shirts). She is dressing appropriately for the situation which was a laid-back theme, but still somewhat put together. Also, keep in mind being professional is also being able to dress for the situation. As much as I really do like a good suit, I would look ridiculous as a highly regarded business professional if I was going to a field-day with my co-workers and subordinates dressed in a ruffly fluffly suit. Being professional does not always equate to wearing suits and “professional attire,” it’s also about dressing right for the occasion, and you have to keep this in mind. Also, rompers can be very professional. But yea, it’s all about the context of the setting, which in this case, while also keeping what the men are wearing in mind, was pretty casual.

      Also, I think people need to stop fixating on what is “appropriate” for women to wear. Why do we not hold men to the same standard? THERE’S A MAN WEARING GODDAMN UGLY CAMO PANTS FOR CHRIST’S SAKE. CAMO PANTS. Also, I cannot tell you how many men I’ve seen wearing ill-fitted suits, or wrong tie-suit combos. C’mon people.

    3. Micaela says:

      Katherine, I also work in an office with a business casual dress code and on for some events formal business attire. I DO NOT look like Clinton or any of those women either. jeez Cassey way to put down the women who work in those sectors! So much for empowerment! Let me tell you, you can look super cute and stylish with business appropriate clothes. I think *that* was the point your so called “haters/criticizers” were trying to make, not putting you down or mad because you’re in a woman in a romper for goodness sake! And to be fair I’ve seen those same posters says that the guys looked like slobs too, so where’s the so called sexism? Don’t get me wrong women deff get the most of it, but I don’t think that was the point those people were making. And no, I won’t check myself for RESPECTFULLY disagreeing with you about this. The funny thing is that I thought you looked super cute and fine for the event but this post just threw me off. I’ll keep going to work looking super cute, professional, and stylish.

  117. Denise says:

    u do u Cassey!! (You are rocking’ that romper btw YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!!)

  118. mandy says:

    You go girl !
    You’re an inspiration ! You’re strong & beautiful !
    PS : For me, when I saw your pic, all I thought was “She’s so lucky to be in California, I’m freezing here !” 😉 #lol

  119. Cassey! You are an inspiration, and the fact that you hold your own on a panel with people like that is a testament to you as a person and a businesswoman. I saw the picture of your romper, liked it, and thought it was adorable. You’ve got to do you! THANK YOU for being such a motivating and powerful person — not just a woman — but a PERSON!

  120. Kelsey says:

    Hi Cassey,

    You looked beautiful, tasteful, and appropriate for the event! I want to wear a red romper now. Maybe my daughter and I could wear matching ones! 🙂

    You’re in the fitness and fashion business – not a business where wearing a suit would be appropriate. Proud of you for being a part of this panel!

    <3 Kelsey

  121. Jill says:

    So a man can wear camo pants and a graphic tee, or blue jeans and a leather jacket to a business panel and he can be treated with respect and with dignity, while a woman who wears a red romper and heels can’t be taken seriously at the exact same event? Does anyone remember the Susan Sarandon v Piers Morgan incident of a few weeks ago? I can’t believe we are still having these conversations in 2016. Cheers to you Cassey. Amazing work, I’m so glad you are being recognized as the amazing business woman you are 🙂 congrats!

    1. Drei says:


  122. Manda says:

    No offense, but if you really were confident in your attire than you wouldn’t have given those comments a second glance, let alone write a whole blog post about it. yeah, congrats on your success but by writing about them is just giving them more attention which is what they wanted in the first place. So technically, they won. It’s simple, dress for success. Dress for the job you are aiming. May sound harsh, but dressing appropriately and according to the occasion is a sign of respect and confidence. Just something to think about. Feel free to ignore.

    1. Elena says:

      Are you able to not pay attention when you’re being criticized by many at the same time? You don’t think it’s important to talk about how women are diminished by their femininity? Oh wait, should I have ignored you so you “don’t win”?

      1. Manda says:

        Why pay attention to your critics when you have so many people supporting you & your own success to focus on? It totally is important the importance of feminism, never claimed it wasn’t. However, there is a fine line between professionalism & personal preference. And sweetie, I’m already a winner and I don’t need anyone to validate that. 🙂

        1. Lauren says:

          I understand what you are saying manda but I think by sharing on her website/blog she’s not necessarily “letting them win”. By sharing her experience she’s helping so many others who may have similar experiences look past this negativity as well, which to me is worth it even if she is giving “them” attention as you mentioned. I think it’s very responsible of her as a role model to share this and turn it into a learning experience.

          Although people say dress for success because it’s respectful, I think respect should be mutual and you should not be overlooked due to your appearance. To me there was nothing wrong with Cassey’s outfit for this conference because it’s the same Cassey we see in her regular post. As a member of a panel it’s important to portray what a real entrepreneur looks like, and that’s exactly what she did. Real entrepreneurs don’t get where they are by being or having cookie cutter ideas.

    2. Michaela says:

      She wrote this blog post because she felt that this was an issue that needed talking about. And it was. Women are constantly discriminated against for the way they look (which, you should probably know by now, as a citizen of our society). This post wasn’t a petty argument against a handful of haters, it’s a piece of empowerment for women and it points out the injustices many of us have to face every day, bringing these problems to the surface of media. Ignoring what sexist commenters say probably won’t do much in the long run, but directly addressing what they say will. What you suggest is reminiscent of a time I was harassed at a concert by a man. He wanted to test how far he could go, and if I never had reacted to what he was doing, I would never have stopped him. Sexist people are not in this to get a reaction, they are here to spread their ideas in order to further disable women.

    3. Jayne says:

      I think she did the right thing by talking about this issue and not sweeping it under the rug – ignoring it is not the same as letting them win. You must be really progressive, way to go.

    4. Jessica Aliberti says:

      It’s called standing up for yourself. It’s also a very good thing for us to speak our minds when we feel that we are being misinterpreted or judged. Do you think it is better for people to undermine us and let us think that we are not worth it? She is basically explaining how we should not let that happen. Everyone gets offended sometimes, it’s normal, but when we ignore it and pretend that it’s not there, you are basically letting the haters think that they’re right. But, if you fight it, you make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    5. Haley says:

      Just ignoring negative people lets them continue to be negative. By addressing it, she’s offering people a chance to learn and grow. The information she provided is solid, it’s note letting the negative comments/commentators win, it’s a think piece. People see it, the learn from it. And as far as dress for success goes, she was more polished then any of the other panelists, she clearly took more time and effort into her attire and appearance. So what it boils down to is that she girly and showing some skin, which she has every right to do.

    6. Drei says:

      As much, as we all know that Cassey is right, and the haters are wrong. And sure, I agree, comments like “ew you’re face is ugly,” or “she’s so fat” are all meaningless and subjectively negative comments. I would not respond to those either. But when hundreds of people comment on the “appropriateness” of what a woman should wear (and not even take a second-glance at the men nor hold them to the same standard), should we take that lightly? It’s extremely misogynistic.

      So, how can we educate people who misunderstand situations like this? Should we just ignore them. How will people ever learn if we don’t speak up against this. Women go through similar situations like this all the time – situations where we are criticized for our outside than our inside and it’s misogynistic. This is a problem, and we can’t just let people go on thinking the same way they do, without at least trying to put our foot down and make people aware of our opinion. Additionally, women wouldn’t have gotten their rights, people of color wouldn’t have gotten their rights, gays wouldn’t have gotten their rights, if they had simply “ignored their haters”. I know I’m going on a slight tangent here, but the fact of the matter is, those “hater” comments weren’t simply just a reflection of people hating on Cassey’s success, they are a reflection of a deeply rooted problem of our own society, one that still fixates and equates a woman’s outside beauty to her total entirety. It’s not simply about hating on “hater” comments.” People don’t have to accept why these comments are wrong (at first), but sometimes being heard and expressing yourself is a lot more impactful than you think.

      1. Aiyana says:

        100’s of people? What? Where? I commented on the same post saying I liked her outfit, I went back and definitely did not see hundreds of people bashing on her outfit. A few? Definitely but she blew this wayyy out of proportion. But you’re right it’s important to address how women are discriminated against and judged more harshly on their looks but I think she took this to heart and even if she says she didn’t care, it obviously did hurt her or at least shocked her that not everyone liked her romper. So silly!! I love Cassey but sometimes she’s just as bad as her critics lol

  123. Danielle says:

    It is absolutely because you’re a woman and that’s so infuriating! I think your outfit is super cute, fashionable, and you look amazing in it! I’m so glad that you’re strong and confident enough to realize that what small-minded haters have to say is irrelevant!

  124. Hello Cassey! Being a female in the financial industry, I completely understand where you are. I’ve been told by several “old guys” that I need to dress a certain way or cut off my hair, etc. I’ve been dealing with this for over 25 years. Talk about disappointing. I did not cave, but I do look at how I dress for appointments like I’m going into battle. It’s now very strategic. In an ideal world, what we wear, what color we are, or our backgrounds wouldn’t matter. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I think that you can be true to your business while being true to yourself. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that the most important anyway? Best of luck! ?

  125. Nikki says:

    Well said Cassey!Support you all the way:)Your workouts are really helping me get in shape and helping me feel more confident in who I am.I’m even thinking of getting a bikini come summer!So thank you blogilates is such a lifesaver!:)

  126. Nicole says:

    COUNTLESS psychological studies have been done addressing this. In my “gender and psychology class,” I looked over a few and continued to read how the studies yielded the same results; when a woman scores high in “perceived attractiveness,” she tends to be scored lower on “perceived intelligence.” This happens without her even opening her mouth!

    Shame on the haters. You look both classy and professional. Way to represent for us women!

  127. Caitlin D says:

    Very well said! I’m so glad you tackle issues like this (voluntarily or not) because it goes against coping tactics, such as appearing more manly, or keeping a variety of emotions suppressed in the work environment. It’s never easy to be a trailblazer, but it helps generations of women to come. It’s extremely powerful to see a woman in a creative, unconventional field thrive by going about things her own way, and that being recognized with things like panel invitations. You are so important to so many people. Don’t let the Instagram cattiness get you down, rest assured there are many women who see your brilliance, and we are cheering you on.

  128. Joyce says:

    People are just plain hating and judging. YES I AGREE! Do what makes you feel good and confident, the truth is not a lot of women and can just rock whatever the hell they want cause of judgment by others. As long as you are not doing anything that hurts other people WHY SHOULD IT MATTER WHAT YOU ARE WEARING. You are just representing yourself in the best possible way and it is through your STYLE.

  129. Toma says:

    Hello Cassey and fellow subsrcibers,
    I would like to thank you for standing up for what is right. Among all the injustice towards genders these days I feel it’s particularly important to band together for us to stay true to ourselves. We are the age of change!! I’ve got my fair share of thoughts on the topic, and I think if I ever got to meet you we’d have one powerful discussion.
    To say the least, stay brilliant and stay true <3

    – A passionate equalist.

  130. Lisa says:

    Good for you girl! Wear what you like because otherwise you wont feel comfortable or confident. You are a strong, independant woman and i greatly admire you

  131. Sandra says:

    Wow people are so ridiculous! As long as you felt comfortable and gorgeous then I really don’t see what the problem is. You were there to talk about yourself etc not prove your worth by the clothes you wear.
    Kinda feel sorry for those who acted like that towards you

  132. Sigrid says:

    You are soooo right! Well done!

  133. Amanda says:

    I don’t see the men wearing suits.

    1. Toma says:

      TRUE DAT

  134. Gillian Booth says:

    Hi Cassey! It’s Squirrelgirl100 again – though you have not had a wee tweet from me in a while ?. Wanted to say a few things. First your red play suit looked great and so did you! It was not inappropriate at all for your business given your all about having a healthy body and helping others achieve that too. Believe me R Branson has sat next to far more flesh bearing ladies at events than what you were wearing! You looked great and healthy and an amazing look.

    The other thing I wanted to say was that I really appreciated your blogs recently on what you were going through at the time of your body building competition. It’s funny how you can remember something so clearly from a long time ago but I remember that time. I remember thinking when I read your posts on the extreme workouts and eating plans that this was not really what I thought you stood for or what was a realistic thing for most young women to be doing. I also thought that whilst you did look really toned at the time that was not an achievable look long term and that other girls and women out there might not get that and try to keep it up. I think it was round about the time your app came out and I loved that! But then I saw all the young girls who looked all of 12/13 years old posting pictures of themselves looking terribly thin and I though no I don’t what to be part of supporting this. I know you can’t control who follows you or how they interprete healthy living, but I thought that they way you were promoting your fitness and eating at that time was encouraging this. So I came away rather than post negative comments.
    Then a few months ago I saw some of your recent workouts and thought you looked far more healthier than back at the time of your competition. I also loved what you were saying about caring for your body and being more content with its shape and weight now! Fantastic !!!!!

    That’s exactly the message we need to get out there to everyone – keeping fit and eating healthy is so important not if you have a thigh gap or not!

    I am now back following you and really admire how your business has taken off and your energy and inclusiveness to all. You do an amazing civic duty by putting all this work and free videos out there for all to have.

    I am 37 years old and from Scotland and about yo do my Pilates teacher training in the summer! I am really keen after qualifying to gain my POP Pilates teacher training online from you. I think women in Glasgow would love it alongside the more classical style exercise.

    Keep going Cassey and ignore the remarks about what your wearing and just keep listening to your true supports!

  135. Coralie says:

    Well said Cassey ! Thanks for being such a strong and inspiring woman ! We need to stop with the stereotypes and the sexism !! Women can do whatever they want ! We’re in 2016 for god’s sake …. Thank you so much for spreading such a positive message 🙂 you rock girl ! You’re definitely my role model and you inspire me to be MYSELF and to believe in what I can do and be ! Let the haters talk… YOU make a positive change in our society, they don’t ! Love you Cassey <3

  136. Dawn says:

    I am so happy that you keep to be true to yourself. When I saw the picture I couldn’t care less what Richard Branson was wearing, or what the dress code was, because you look stunning and I think that’s all that matters.
    Keep up the good work and prove that long hair and heels can do a huge impact in the world too. 🙂

  137. Floriane says:

    Cassey, I totally agree with you! Where is the world going if you can’t wear what you want to fit into a mold?
    I mean, people who criticized you are unimportant, they don’t define who you are, how talented you are or how a wonderful business woman you are.
    I am very proud to be part of the Blogilates community because I know you will stand against this type of prejudice directed toward women: wearing a romper (very cute by the way) doesn’t question your quality as a business woman and NO ONE should have reproached you this outfit.
    Actually, when I clicked to read the article and I saw the picture, I thought you were going to say it was a hit. Sometimes I just don’t get people, but thankfully, you always stand up for your convictions. Love you for that !
    Keep going girl, and never stop reacting to these unappropriate comments.

    Much love,