I Challenge YOU!

I Challenge YOU!

Hey POPsters!!!

Wanna do something fun with me?

Course you do!

Since you’ve all been sooooooo good on the #OMGOctober Calendar, I wanted to treat you guys to free clothes and prizes next week in celebration! We’re gonna end the month with a bang and lots of burpees. But not just any burpee…a Pilates burpee! Remember this? Start the video at 5:16.

I teamed up with weighttraining.com to host the ultimate burpee-off! So here’s the deets, this should be super fun!

1. Sign up for the challenge here. You have 5 days from today to accept (we officially start Ot 29th). You don’t need to do any burpees yet. Just accept your call to battle. Easy.

2. Beginning Oct 29th (next Mon), start logging your Pilates Burpees here. Who will come out on top!?

3. Every day for the 7 days of Burpee Battle, there will be a winner. That’s 7 winners, just for logging your burpees!

Here’s what you get:

– Your choice of any inspirational Blogilates tank!

– American Apparel WeightTraining shirt

– WeightTraining wristband

– 1 year of WeightTraining.com PRO account

And then…1 super duper grand prize winner!!!

The Grand Prize winner will be the person with the most facebook likes on their Weighttraining.com profile. You can get your friends to just click the like button, so easy it’s like breathing. The like button is under the “tweet” in the top right hand corner of your personal profile.

Grand prize winner gets their choice of any oGorgeous gym bag or yoga bag!

This will be a great way to bring our community together and see who’s the fittest?!! And ya know, get some swag while you’re at it 🙂 You guys work so hard – you deserve it!

I want you to sign up for the Pilates Burpee challenge and do it with me and your fellow POPsters next week. What do you say!? You in? In it to win it!!??!!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Stephanie L says:

    How many calories do Pilates burpees burn? You need the pro account on weighttraining.com to access this information.

  2. Andrew says:

    everything about stretching http://developflexibility.org.ua

  3. Katrina says:

    Ahh, this looks so fun!! If only I wasn’t 39 weeks pregnant, I would join!!! I used POP Pilates to get in shape before my first baby, and after – and now I am looking forward to using it after the second little sweetbea comes…any day now!
    Your inspiration and enthusiasm are wonderful and I love keeping up to date, even if I can’t participate for awhile yet. It motivates me to go for some awesome ‘before’ and ‘afters’ 🙂

    much love from Canada!

  4. shyda says:

    I accept!! thanks for throwing in the o gorgeous dusty rose gym bag that I want so badly to motivate me! 😀

  5. C. says:

    hm, if we can’t do pilates burpees (i kinda haven’t figured out how to get my feet right next to my bum so that i can get up w/o using my hands, major failure here), could we do regular burpees instead and log those?

    1. You could log regular burpees. However, they would not count towards this fitness battle (since it’s a battle for “Pilates burpees”). Just try your best to complete some “Pilates burpees”, because winners are randomly selected by participation (not how many are done) – so anyone and everyone can win! 🙂

      1. C. says:

        wow, thanks for the quick reply! will try and practise that move over the weekend then.. i’ve been meaning to practise them anyway bc i can’t stand it if i can’t do a move 😉
        may my willpower to conquer that move prevail then 😉

  6. d says:

    this sounds fun. but: i wish the major prize wasn’t for the person with the most likes. because then it’s just a matter of who is the most popular, who has the most facebook friends etc. also there are some of us who don’t use facebook…. just a thought for next time.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! That’s why we really wanted to give other opportunities for people to win (with our randomly selected prizes). Still share it on Facebook though…who knows…you might just win! 🙂

  7. merry says:

    I love this challenge! I just wish you used fitocracy instead of weightraining.com. you could even form a group and host challenges there while allowing POPstars to interact with and add each other. it just has such a large userbase and joining another workout-related site is a bit of a drag. but great idea nonetheless!

    1. Hi Merry,

      I don’t want to start comparing sites, but Fitocracy charges a fee for “duals”. They also do not have team fitness battles – where hundreds of people can compete together. We love what they are doing, but there are some things here that make us a lot different.

      Also, (it’s a secret) we are in the process of creating the ultimate Blogilates/WeightTraining.com Group page which will allows users to interact with each other, see workout videos and workout plans, compete in the group Leaderboard, and so much more!

      Thanks so much for joining the fitness battle and being part of WeightTraining.com. This is going to be a great event!

  8. Monika C says:

    Challenge accepted!

  9. Georgia-Mae says:

    The bikini diet plan looks intense!! I think I’ll try to incorporate some of the rules into my own diet 🙂 since I can’t workout right now my eating is the only way I have to control my health and fitness! Thanks for the well-rounded information on all fronts.

  10. Linda says:

    I am IN!!! Love to win prizes and stay fit!!! Can’t wait for next Monday to begin!!

  11. Georgia says:

    Cool! Love these burpees 🙂

  12. Natalie says:

    I accept it too, but… Something wrong there and i can’t sign up(

    1. Hi Natalie,

      First off, super stoked that you are accepting the challenge! It’s going to be a blast. Second, could you email me at jeff@weighttraining.com and explain the issues you are having with signing up?

      Thanks – Jeff

  13. sam says:

    i accept! 🙂 I just signed up for weighttraining.com Just wondering, is it ONLY your bikini blaster workouts you have up in there? or is there an easy way to find the workouts to log them? because i never know how many reps we are doing or anything!! I want to log my workouts but it would take forever to go through for example 6 abs videos today and figure out each move and the reps we did.

  14. Victoria says:

    Excited to participate!

  15. Voula says:

    I ‘m definitely in, but how do we know that some people don’t log burpees they haven’t done? Also, the link doesn’t woerk for me….

    1. Voula says:

      ok, it worked….

    2. Roxanne says:

      Oh my goodness this sounds like so much FUN. This will be a great way to motivate myself to go superextracrazy hard in my workouts 😀 I ACCEPT

  16. judy newman says:

    I accept, I accept, I accept!!!!!