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Hot Body Year Round Kick Off Party!

April 6, 2015

Hot Body Year Round Kick Off Party!

Hey guys!

Just landed in NYC and am writing up a quickie blog post from my hotel room before I head out for my first meal. We took the red eye so I am super messed up. Haha. If you’re not on Periscope yet, DOWNLOAD IT. Later tonight I’ll be doing my nails ombre style and I will have my phone all the whole time to talk to you. It’ll be fun 🙂

I wanted to share pics with you from my Hot Body Pampering Party last week. It was a get together of my friends to celebrate the book launch. I held it at YouTube Space LA. We completely transformed the whole thing to a yoga studio with flower crowns, kombucha, fresh juices, massages, and a sea of pretty spring colored yoga mats from! It was so awesome to be surrounded by my friends and colleagues for such an important accomplishment in my life. Here is the photo story because I want you to feel like you were there too.


Me and my little Blogilates team headed to the YouTube Space early to lay out all of the yoga mats for our guests. How pretty are the colors!?


At the same time we were running around like crazy people trying to fill tons of these cute little crates with goodies for the VIP gifts! At Blogilates private events, I always strive to make my gifts bags memorable. In each crate came a copy of Hot Body Year Round, a recipe card for Coconut Power Balls, all the ingredients for the power balls (shredded coconut, medjool dates, raw walnuts) sponsored by my friends at Thrive Market, a free membership to Thrive Market (they are the Costco of Whole Foods), Quest Nutrition bars and protein powder, Stylehaul sunglasses, Em by Michelle Phan makeup, and of course…Jamberry Nail Stickers!!! YES!


When guests started arriving, it was time to walk the pink carpet! Here I am with my friend and the lovely actress Gracie Dzienny.


Don’t forget selfies with Guy Tang and Arika Sato! Guy is our hair god. I’m thinking of going a little blonder after the tour. What do you guys think?


After the pink carpet, guests were surprised with a flower crown station by The Crown Collective!


Here’s Beautybaby44, Lindsey Hughes, getting her custom flower crown fitted to her head! OMG the flowers are so pretty.


This is my amazing cousin Carolyn who is the woman behind the success of The Crown Collective. We grew up together as babies, so we know each other almost like sisters! It’s such a blessing to be able to work together on events like this. If you ever need a flower crown for your wedding, engagements photos, or any special occasion, check TCC out. She’s super artistic with her wreaths.


Next, it was time to bring down the house with a super intense, super fun POP Pilates class! Can anyone guess what move we’re doing here?


I just had to post this photo. Jason Chen (awesome YouTube singer) has the FUNNIEST face! He’s so into it, I love it! Jason always has the best attitude when it comes to trying new things.


Afterwards, everyone was treated to massages…


Super delicious creations by Quest Nutrition! These are their red velvet cake pops. Super high in protein and tastes like a YOLO. ‘cept it’s not. Quest has always been a such a huge supporter of Blogilates and I love them to death. They love you guys a lot too that’s why they always come out to feed you 🙂


Kombucha by Health-Ade. If you haven’t tried this yet – OMG. You must! It tastes SOOOO GOOD (like soda) but it’s healthy for you. My fave is the Pink lady Apple flavor.


Hint water! Hint has always been so kind to always sponsor Blogilates events. They are literally such nice people and I love their water to keep me hydrated. If you’ve never tried it, it is lightly flavored water. No calories or anything extra. Strawberry kiwi is my fave.


Oh man, and Blueprint came to help refresh us before and after our workout! Their juices are so delicious and JAM PACKED with vitamins and minerals. If you’re not a fan of eating veggies, then this is a great way to get your servings in. Smoothies are great too.


Oh and photobooths. They are a MUST at parties! DUH! Whenever I go to an event, I’m that weird person that stands in line multiple times to take pics. It’s just so fun. Haha. Anyone else like that?


Closeup of our printouts!


The night evolved into a kind of Friday night picnic and Acro Yoga playground. I learned how to do this pose, which I have no idea what it is called, with my new friend Lewis Howes. It was super cool just letting go, TRUSTING my partner, and believing that I could do this!


We then tried to multiply the effect and well, that didn’t exactly work out. Haha but we had many a laugh. I am here with my friends Brett Hoebel, Natalie Jill, Lewis Howes, and Jen Esquer.

4Y5A3156Ok, I don’t know how so many people spotted Teala Dunn and Amanda Steele by the back of their heads in that class photo but you got it right! The girls were so cute!4Y5A2594Here I am with some the POPsters I specially invited to my Hot Body Year Round launch party! You guys are all so precious. I love you so much!

BIG thanks to all of the sponsors who helped make this event possible! My network Stylehaul, YouTube Space LA for helping me plan the event and do the decor according to my Pinterest board, Thrive Market, Quest Nutrition, Hint Water, Health-Ade Kombucha, Blueprint juices, Jamberry, Em by Michelle Phan, and The Crown Collective.

Hope you guys liked this photo story! I had a fantastic time and I can’t wait to see you guys on tour. Tomorrow I’m in NYC for the first stop at the Soho 24 Hr Fitness Ultra Sport. Can’t wait to hug you!


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  1. I so love looking at your pictures, they’re totally inspiring. I wish I was there, too. But first, I wish to have that body shape too. 😀 You go, girl!

  2. Janet says:

    Oooh! Maybe a romantic comedy movie? Or like about Cassey’s life story or something with Cassey in the starring role.

    1. Sal says:

      Hi Cassey,
      you are a great example to young adults to get active and moving that really inspired me and i just want to wish you good luck.

  3. Megan McNicoll says:

    Hey Cassey am all the way from SCOTLAND I am 14 years old, recently I was living u an unhealthy lifestyle I would snack ALL the time and really bad skin and generally just felt rubbish and down about myself all the time even though i did regular exercise (tennis and hockey at school) just didn’t feel happy within myself, i started to put people down in order to make myself feel better although i was lucky enough to have good metabolism therefor i wasn’t gaining weight thinking there was nothing wrong the way i was living i was still had such a negative attitude towards almost everything…

    Then i started doing blogpilates once a day everyday! 😀
    Oh My Goodness have never really understood when people say exercise makes you gain more energy and feel happier about yourself until now!!
    Suddenly my school work has improved, i have started liking healthier foods i used to never touch 🙂
    My room has become tidier and i have started to smile more and become so much more positive about everything
    Now my mum who has suffered really bad back pain has started doing a 30 day yoga challenge with another youtube as i inspired her and she has started feeling stronger everyday!

    I know i am only 14 in my teen years and i hope i keep up to once a day until i am old haha!

    I can’t thank you enough for helping to change my life around just by simply uploading videos i can already see and feel huge improvements feel so much stronger physically and mentally!

    Love you lots keep posting and please reply would mean a lot!
    Megan xx


  4. Samantha says:

    Cassey… you’ve done so many awesome things. You have a DVD, book, teacher training program, music video, phone app… you’ve appeared on TV, magazines and infomercials, and you’ve even competed in a bikini competition. What do you think about the next project being a Hollywood movie? The plot should involve Pop Pilates, and the movie should star Cassey Ho. I think you would be great as a Hollywood actress.

  5. Joanne Wang says:

    Cassey congratulations! I have ordered your book from Singapore. However the tote bag was no longer giving out! I am very upset and disappointed. Will you be printing more tote bags? Hope to see you tour to Asia to meet your Popsters!

  6. Livia Hirsch says:

    That looks like such a fun party! Seriously, more parites should be like yours! You also had some amazing sponsors and I now really want to try HINT water. Also, that pose you did, wow that looks hard! That takes a lot of balance like that is impressive!!

  7. I love this event!! Every time you post it’s apparent how much you love your fans. You are so sweet Cassey!

  8. Hélène says:

    Congratulations! Will your book be translated in other languages (french for example…;-) ) and sold in other countries? I would love to buy it!!

    1. Livia Hirsch says:

      You can buy it internationally on amazon or there was another site she listed on her facebook page 🙂

  9. Abigail says:

    Hi Cassey! I am Abby, age 13. I really enjoy doing your workouts. Ever since I started I could not stop and have been taking part in your monthly calendar everyday since. I really would like it if you could do one here in Ontario, Canada. That would be amazing and I would mist deffinetly bring my friends and family! Anyways you are amazing!!!!!!!

  10. Wowowow, you’re acrogym picture! That’s awesome!

  11. Lysandra says:

    Hi Cassey! I was so excited when I heard you were coming to Dallas for the tour!! But after I registered for the Meet and Greet, I found out I was awarded a high honor at my college and the ceremony was at the same time as the meet up! What’s even crazier is that I got selected for the VIP Meet up….but I can’t goooo … I’m devastated. What should I do???

  12. Jamie says:

    If anyone is going to to phx for the event on sat from Tucson, I’d love to go with another popster! [email protected]

  13. Congratulation!Best of Luck.Go ahead.

  14. Ania says:

    Oh WOW! I wish I could be there with you, but Poland i so, so far away… But I support You all of my prayers and good thoughts. I Love You Cassey, and wish You all best. Also special greetings for book, which for I’m waiting too 😀

  15. Niina says:

    I’m so sad I can’t attend to any of these events, because I’m currently studying and living and working in Finland. 🙁

    Maybe one day Cassey could come to Europe and I’ll meet her. :3

  16. Kathy says:

    I’ve preordered your book because this is one way I can support you 😀 and I’ve wished to do so for ever since I’ve fell in love with your workouts.
    I wish you the best for your tour, meetings with lots of amazing POPsters and so on.

  17. sezen says:

    I whi i would be there :'(

  18. Lily says:

    Looks like you guys been having a ball!
    I am glad you find so many suppotive people (other than the whole humungous blogilates community).
    You well deserve it!!

    Lily (Recipes and Random)

  19. Elina says:

    Omg.. It looks SO GOOD. Im crying right now, Im so far away from you.!

  20. klee says:

    Wish I was still in NYC! Now I’m in Korea and would love to see you here!!!

  21. Michelle says:

    Wohoo..that must have been a hell of a party! and massages too!!!…>_<
    Congratulations for your book Cassey! 🙂 I hope i get the hard cover print in India soon. ~(^_^)~

  22. Michelle L. says:

    Looked like everyone had a blast! I wish I was there! Cassey, do a big one here in Malaysia, please!

  23. Kirstie says:

    WOW everything looks so refreshing and everyone looks so HAPPY in these photos.

    I am SUPER excited for your book to arrive at my doorstep!
    I hope we get to meet someday…come to Minneapolis 😀

    Can’t wait to hug you!

  24. Cassie says:

    Want to attend LA so badly!

  25. stephany says:

    wait…i want to go but it says on the register that i need to bring my book but what if my book still hasn’t arrived yet? can i still go in and meet you?

  26. Zyin Wong says:

    This is so much fun!

  27. Jasmine says:

    Awh. That looks like so much fun. I wish i got to see u and workout with

  28. 1. Acro YOGA! I do Vinyasa yoga but I’ve always wanted to get into acro and ariel silks.
    2. I’m turning 18 this month Cassey, will you wish me a happy birthday? It’d be the world to me!
    3. I’m so blown away by all the fun you had this weekend and the opening for your new book. You got some great people sponsoring you and also getting Jason Chen to do pilates?! Something I never thought would happen(since your audience are mostly girls).

    Happy Easter.

    1. blogilates says:

      Yes Jason Chen is awesome! He has worked out with me before!

  29. cyrllik says:

    Cassey You are the BEST :)))) you win another ranking abaut womens instructor

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