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Healthy Bubble Milk Tea Boba – yes it’s possible!

November 1, 2013



Hey guys!!

One of my most favorite YOLO drinks in the world is bubble milk tea. If you’re Asian or live in an area with a lot of Asian people, you’ve probably heard of bubble milk tea. It’s traditionally a Taiwanese dessert drink. With chewy tapioca pearls swimming in a blend of sweet milky goodness and an oversized straw to top of off – ah – it is incredibly addictive!!

bubble tea rainbow

Unfortunately though, a drink like this has 400 calories and over 54g of sugar! About $4 a drink. This was definitely a case that I needed to investigate for Cheap Clean Eats. Heathy Bubble Milk Tea. Was it possible?


Turns out it was! Here’s what you’ll need to make a serving of Matcha Bubble Milk Tea (my favorite flavor) for 150 calories and it only costs $1.67! That’s 60% off the regular price at the boba store!


1 TBS of matcha powder (0 cals, 29 cents) – get it at

1 cup of almond milk (40 cals, 72 cents)

1/2 cup ice cubes (0 cals, free)

10 drops of liquid stevia for sweetening (0 cals, 3 cents)

1/4 cup boba balls (110 cals, 60 cents) + 10 drops of stevia (0 cals, 3 cents)

TOTAL: $1.67 and 150 cals VERSUS $4.00 and 400 cals at the store!

All you need to do is blend the first 4 ingredients in a blender until smooth. Then for the perfect al dente boba balls, just boil for 3 min. Make sure the water  (about 1/2 cup) is sweetened with 10 drops of liquid stevia. Then drain the balls, add to a cup, then pour the milk tea on top!


It was absolutely delicious!!! You know what though? The reason why I have been delaying this video was because I literally have been FAILING at making the perfect tapioca pearl substitute. (I’ve been trying since like February!!) I tried rolling prunes into balls and boiling them. FAIL. I tried making coconut flour/tapioca flour balls. FAIL. I tried cutting up shirataki noodles into ball form. FAIL. Then I finally realized…okay…if I can at least cut down the sugar and the cals in the liquid part of the drink, I will be ok with the original tapioca balls. And that’s what I did here! Honestly, I can’t think of a way to replicate that chewy texture with any other ingredients! And that chewiness is something that MAKES BOBA, well BOBA!!

The boba balls are made from the starch of the cassava root and contain a lot of carbs. A serving, 1/4 cup has about 110-130 cals and 34g of carbs. Each ball has anywhere between 7-14 calories and a typical drink has 25-75 balls (depending on how generous your boba drink maker is :))

But you know what, once in a while – it is ok! (Like once a week.) But if you just like the milk tea or are training hard for an event, have the drink without the balls.

Now tell me guys, if there were a Boba Tea Shop in your city and they sold healthy boba for 60% off the regular price, would you go?


And now we both can!!! You can go to your own boba tea shop at home, save money, and save your health!

I got the matcha powder at which was A LOT cheaper than at Whole Foods or specialty tea shops. It’s $7.19 for 25 servings. I’ve seen this sold for over $20. Ridic! As for the balls, these were a lot harder to find. I had to go out of the LA city area and into the suburbs to a 99 Ranch to get the balls. I went to like 5-6 different Korean and Japanese supermarkets in the city with no luck. I think you need to find one that is Chinese-run since this is a Taiwanese drink. The package of balls is anywhere between $1.99 to $2.99.

I spent some time on Amazon to look for alternative options for you since you may not live in an area with Asian supermarkets. I found a pack of these boba balls for $5.13 and free shipping.

boba balls


The ones in the video are white but boba balls come in a variety of colors! Pink, green, purple. Traditionally they are black like the ones above.

And while you’re at it, add some large boba straws too! You have to have big straws to suck up the balls or it doesn’t count. Don’t even think about using a spoon. These are $3.04 for 40.

boba straws 2

Or…if you wanna be clever…the next time you go to a boba tea shop and get a drink, grab an extra couple straws.

Well I hope you enjoyed my Healthy Boba Drink video!! I also have a question for you – can you answer this in the comments for me?

1. Do you prefer shorter music video style food videos for Cheap Clean Eats or the original talking ones? (Or some hybrid?)

2. Does it confuse you when I tell you how much the recipe costs per serving vs. how much it costs for all ingredients? How can I make it easier to understand?

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about how the recipes actually “aren’t cheap” because you need to, for example, buy a whole pack of whole wheat flour for $6.99 but can only use 1 cup of it to make muffins. Therefore, some people are saying that it’s cheaper to buy a muffin outside for $2. I didn’t think I’d need to say this but I’m gonna say it…you need to invest in ingredients to save $ in the long run!!! Of course I can’t buy 1 TBS of chia seed at the store for 8 cents, but I’m not going to tell you that this bowl of chia pudding will cost you $20 bucks just because I have leftover ingredients! That’s silly. I calculate the recipes by serving because you need to think like that. If all the ingredients in the chia seed pudding can make 20 servings, then it’s $1 a serving! You must buy in bulk to save $. Think Costco.

Ok that is it with my rant! I was getting a bit irked at all of the accusations of Cheap Clean Eats not being affordable because really, it is. In fact, any time you’re making your own food at home, I guarantee that it is cheaper (and sometimes healthier) than going to a restaurant.

Alrighty guys, hope you are having a FANTASTIC START to #Novemburn! Did you figure out what all of the moves were for the 100 Challenge today? Here were the moves in case you didn’t do it yet:

1. 100 jumping jacks

2. 100 sit ups (NOT CRUNCHES)

3. 100 squats (go all the way down and all the way up…these are NOT pulses)

4. 100 criss crosses (make sure to pronate your opposite shoulder to opposite knee)

5. 100 bridge pulses (to make it harder, add a barbell, books, or weights on your pelvic area. Cushion with towels and hold with your hands)

6. 100 chest press pulses (keep those elbows together and make sure you’re going from shoulder height to nose height will pulsing)

How long did this take you? Make sure you execute each move with precision.

Love you!

<3 Cassey

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  1. notamusedbysugarsandboba says:

    Hmmm, I don’t understand why my boyfriend likes these diabetes causing drinks. I never tried any of these until I dated my boyfriend. I realize I hate ALL boba tea and it is even more disturbing that are 3 servings in one cup with those disgusting rubbery balls at the bottom. I’ll cut even more calories for anyone reading this and needs to cut back on sugar and dairy. Try almond unsweetened milk, 30 calories per cup, order a huge bag of xylitol to make your syrup. Xylitol sugar is 0 calories per tablespoon which doesn’t spike your blood sugar and doesn’t have the taste of stevia. You can have a 60 calories drinks with a total of 16 oz natural sugary sweet tea.

    1. LeanneHeron says:

      muhmuhmuh aww awoh

  2. kgmelich87 says:

    Wow, that’s incredibly rude- there’s no need to call names. Didn’t anyone teach you if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

  3. kgmelich87 says:

    Can’t wait to try this this weekend! I love me some bubble tea but nowhere in my city offers it, and this is much healthier and less expensive anyway! Thanks for all the amazing content you’re constantly putting out!

  4. Ella Lauren says:

    It looks delicious. but I have tried it with Soya Milk and It was delicious too.

  5. Jessica MacDonald says:

    I live in taiwan. you can choose not to have sugar…. also by us you can choose what type of milk to have and also what type of bubbles… they have strawberry or mango ones!!

  6. Danielle says:

    Thanks for all the detail, the insight was really appreciated!
    Can you make a healthy alternative recipe for the milk tea flavor (shaken over ice)? That rich, kind of sweet chocolatey flavor of the milk tea has me so addicted- its the only flavor I get and we go a good 4 times a week or so! (My boyfriend loves the blended taro flavor, but he could care less about a healthy alternative…)

  7. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the healthy version of bubble tea. 🙂

  8. Nadia says:

    I was able to find the tapioca bubble balls in the picture for only $3.99 at for anyone who wants it cheap. The website ships pretty quickly

  9. Emily says:

    I just made this! Without the boba balls though, and its is really great! I actually prefer it over the ones from the shops 🙂 Even my dad had to have a try!
    Thank you so much!!!!!

  10. suggestor says:

    You can try replacing the tapioca pearls with a kind of white pearl jelly that’s actually made from kanten but in ball form. It’s made from seaweed and has no calories. I found out about them when one of the bigger milk tea chains introduced them as a topping option. I was curious and searched up on them. They are chewy just like normal black pearls, just not that sticky.

  11. I love this post. Your videos and pictures are just amazing. I will 100% make this milk boba tea today and post the results on my bubble tea website 😀

    I also have a website totally dedicated to bubble tea. If you love bubble tea or boba drinks then visit : for tonnes of info and to enter competitions 🙂

  12. Amy says:

    I made it and it was really good, healthy and delicious. Thanks Cassey~ <3

  13. I Love Boba Drinks says:

    I use to live in an Area that i could easily go & buy a Boba tea , i tried quite i few flavors Which were really good (Of Course One was My favorite) I haven’t had a boba drink since i moved i Didn’t realize how easy it is to make at home, I’m very happy i came across your site i Like how you Explain How more convenient it is to make it yourself , which also saves Money 🙂 This was the first i see from you But i Will Continue to See your Videos <3

  14. Thank you for this great recipe & video. I was actually researching what was in those milk powders they use in bubble teas, when your link surfaced. This is so smart! This is sort of a Matcha Latte with bubbles, which is all around a much better option than what I was thinking initially. I guess we can limit the carbs / calories by keeping those yummy chewy bubbles down. And, thanks for the calorie counts. No matter how healthy something is we still need to be aware of how many calories we are taking in. As for the music, this worked fine for me.

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  16. Claire says:

    Thanks so much! I just got addicted to TPumps and I was devastated when I realize how much sugar goes into boba! I even get it unsweetened. But now I can make healthy boba, thank goodness!

  17. Tamara says:

    Oh my gosh this is the BEST bubble tea place in Vancouver (Any Vancouverite POPsters HAVE to try it out!). Although it’s delicious, you are right, it can be very sugary. Thank you Cassey for posting this! I’ll definitely try it out very soon 🙂

  18. john says:

    I think TvM easy slim tea is a better option as it does not have any side effect and you can loose weight upto 10KG within 2 months. I, myself have lost 7KG weight in just 40 days. You can checkout its ingredients or place order at

  19. Cammie says:

    Hey Cassey! Love your videos, you are such an inspiration! I just wanted to say that I read an article recently about stevia and the nasty effects in can have on your body, stunting development, etc. pretty gross stuff to say the least! When I discovered stevia first I loved it, but after about a week it started to have some adverse effects on me,dizziness, headaches and stomach pains! I stopped using it straight away and everything was fine again 🙂

  20. yaidanche says:

    Found this on a friend’s fb post. People who are saying that it’s not really cheapeats are too wrapped up in the upfront cost. Obviously if this is something you eat or drink all the time, it’s worth it to buy all the ingredients. But if you don’t consume it on the regular and the ingredients could go bad, then by all means go buy the finished product! I didn’t think making the tapioca was so simple! I prefer the small pearl tampioca (sai mai) to the large boba drinks.

  21. When I saw this web site having amazing quality YouTube video clips, I decided to watch out these all video clips.

  22. Em says:

    I’m in for the 12 week challenge!!! I love your blog!!! You inspire me to choose healthier lifestyle.

    Healthier Black Boba alternative: Cook large size white Tapioca Pearls or Sago in black tea (use another flavor to make colorful pearls). Check ingredient lists, should just be tapioca and water. Enjoy!

  23. Alex says:

    This was awesome! I was a little skeptical at first just because I LOVE bubble tea, but I was completely satisfied. I cannot wait to try making different flavors and to try the nata de coco some people were talking about. I like this version because it was kind of like watching a movie, but a hybrid would be awesome too!

  24. Sam says:

    Chia seeds are a great (and healthy) way to add texture to boba tea! Your calorie intake will be about the same though.

  25. jay says:

    Whenever I try to boil the boba balls they just mush up immediately – what’s the trick?

  26. Dena says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I agree with you about the cheap clean eats. I don’t understand when people say they’re not cost effective just because you have leftover ingredients. I’ve literally never seen a recipe book or article in a magazine about eating cheaply that calculates total cost based on buying all the ingredients brand new. Like you say, you have to invest in the ingredients to eat healthy long term. I mean, I can understand how some people might not be able to buy more specialty ingredients that you don’t use all the time, but really almond flour and stuff like that can be used for tons of healthy stuff. And this way you have to use the ingredients rather than go out and buy prepackaged food.

    1. jay says:

      i guess it depends on how much stuff is in your country tho, the bubble tea was the first one i’ve found that was actually cheap

  27. Judy says:

    Cassey, I think the old version is better because u can explain more and talk about the recipe more…the new one feels like a preview and I really like seeing in ur awesome outfits and having mini dance parties along the way……..and umm is the 12week challenge jornal for sale or what? And how much does it cost?

  28. Karol says:

    I am totally in!

  29. Cindy says:

    I am in!

  30. Katie says:

    I’m in! I’m in! I am ready for the challenge and start a whole new lifestyle!

  31. Macel Alba says:

    heya Cassey! A have a perfect substitute for those tapioca pearls! Have you ever heard of nata de coco? It’s a clear, chewey dessert made from coconut water, it’s low-calorie (coz it’s mostly water) and high in fiber, plus it’s delicious too. I think you can find it in asian or filipino food stores. You should definitely give it a try. Cheers!

    1. Nicole says:

      I was going to suggest this! Or even grass jelly. Ever since those articles came out about how boba could be made from plastic, I stopped ordering it and found these better alternatives

  32. Chelsea says:

    I will defiantly be taking the challenge! This is exactly ehat ive been needing! Thank you Cassey 🙂 You always know what yo do!

  33. Emmy says:

    Hi Cassey! I think i liked the old version of cheap clean eats better, this one was more like a trailer.
    Hugs! <3

  34. kayla cupit says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I really love ur Boba idea and how much effort you put into it for us.
    I am on day six of the begginers calendar and for the first time I can see a clear path
    To a healthier fitter more positive me. I was wondering how to do the chest pulses because I haven’t seen a video with the demonstration yet and I can’t find it. If you can send me a link to my email it would be much appreciated. I love your vids and personality cassey.. luvv kayla

  35. Stephanie says:

    On the “Cheap Clean Eats” front – I see both sides of the argument – (1) Yes, if you only want the apple muffins once, and wouldn’t use the ingredients for anything else you are cooking, it’s not cost effective. You are better off just buying a darn muffin or (2) You have to look at the BIG picture in cost savings when you are making things at home – the ingredients go to more than one batch or more than one recipe.

    So, Cassey, suggestion/thought on how to improve “Cheap Clean Eats” and solve some of this dilemma… what if you did a month-long (or more) series of “Cheap Clean Eats” that used some of the same BASE ingredients for multiple different recipes? That is how I try to shop – I buy in bulk and then plan a menu around the ingredients that I will have leftover from the last meal to make the next. That is how you truly save money eating healthy at home and also refrain from wasting ingredients. I would love to see a series of “Cheap Clean Eats” that worked off this principle!

    (PS, every complaint is a challenge to find a better way! It is a compliment to your skills and ability that your fan base comes to you with these challenges! Keep up the great work!)

  36. Hil says:

    Thank you for this! This is one of my favorite drinks, had no idea how sugary it was before. Also I’m glad for the matcha powder link– it’s really expensive in the asian stores around here. Excited to try it 🙂

  37. Aurelia says:

    i like the original video style more (because i love to listen to your voice!!!), but a hybrid one whould be great, too!!!
    i like the boba in the bubble tea but the “tea” itself is always too sweet for me!!!

    i never tried it, but i saw a boba recipe on tv last year, they use tabioca powder/ flour and mix it with orange juice. with a injection they put the organe-juice-tabioca-powder-mix in boiled water (so you get boba) and after a few minutes they were ready!!! (that´s molecular cooking)

  38. Adriel says:

    Hey Cassey!

    I absolutely love your recipes and workout videos. I was
    excited about the tea because I LOVE it! There is only one
    Asian restaurant in the town I live in that serves this…it’s yummy!
    Anyway, I like your original videos better. Also, I am a personal
    trainer and would like to know about how to become a certified
    Pilates instructor? Where did you get your certification? Thank you
    so much and keep up the great work! God bless!

  39. jolene says:

    Honestly Cassey, I too don’t understand why some people are saying that Cheap Clean Eats aren’t cheap. The ingredients can always be used for other stuff! not just for one recipe! but anyway, some answers to your questions:
    1. i like your original videos Cassey. especially those with the sound effects. your enthusiasm adds to it as well!
    2. I think it’ll be great to have both costs. That way, comparisons can be made.

  40. Wei Chin says:

    Hey Cassey,
    You have no idea how I <3 your blog!!! Just wanted you to know, I understood why you had everything in single servings. XD I actually thought it was really cool that you actually calculated even though it's irrelevant for me (since I'm from a different country). But yeah… when you compare it to the market price products outside in your country, I understand the difference. =)

    Anyway, I do have to say I prefer the previous cheapcleaneats as it felt more personal (since I do your workout vids). LOL but I'm not against the change. =D

    Thanks for this recipe btw. LOL… cause I really really <3 Green TEA!

  41. Pam says:

    I love the way you filmed and edited this video, with the background music. The recipe is really simple, and you don’t need to explain it so much, so it works great with this format. The older “cooking show” style format was perfect for recipes that have more steps.

  42. Camille says:

    OMG. I spent hours during this weekend to find ingredients to make my own bubble tea (and make it healthy, um) and I come home to find this post!
    You are truly amazing <3

    Camille xx

  43. Alexandra says:

    I cannot wait to try this! I absolutely love bubble tea so this is perfect! Super delish!

    🙂 xo

  44. KT says:

    i still havent recieved the november calender 🙁

  45. Dori says:

    Hey Cassey!

    I liked this video style, although I would prefer to see the original Cheap Clean Eats as you used to do it 🙂 Also, I am not confused by the prices, so keep on going with how it was!
    Im sure Im gonna try this recipe :0 Love your vids 🙂

  46. Kelly says:

    It’s a bit funny when you said that people were making accusations about things not actually being cheap on your Cheap Clean Eats videos. I got what you meant (meaning you have to buy a whole packet, bag, etc of the ingredient and use a small part in order for it to be cheap, so then again, you can make the recipe again) before you even wrote this. 🙂

  47. abbigail says:

    I love your videos. I would like to hear you talk during food stuff. You are silly and happy and I love it!! I think you are doing a fantastic job with the pricing. For those that dont understand the per serving stuff maybe keep adding the whole package thing like you did in this blog. More work for you but then you get a variety of people who understand you. I love boba tea or bubble tea they call it around here. so glad you did this recipe!!

  48. Erika says:

    Hi Cassey!!

    while I did enjoy this video and the recipe looks scrumptious (I am already looking for the ingredients around where I live), I must say I prefer your original videos. I enjoy the happiness and enthusiasm you displayed in them. It was contagious and encouraging when I felt like I was about to give up. Hope that helps. 🙂

    ♥ Erika.

  49. Emily says:

    I thought the new video was really cute and creative but I do prefer the original style- but sometimes experimentation is good! I’m excited to try the new Boba and yes, Cheap Clean Eats are truly cheap, clean, eats.

    It’s way cheaper to buy all the ingredients and make your own- because 9/10 the ingredients can be reused for multiple delicious recipes. To my brain, the way Cassey is doing the pricing is perfect and helps keep things in perspective. Keep it up! Love Casset’s ingenuity.

    1. Emily says:

      I really need to proofread my comments before **Cassey =P

  50. Alexis says:

    I like just watching you better cause your personality is what keeps me going and keeps me soo interested in blogilates. I like this one but you should only do these every once in a while…like with beverages, but with actual food I like watching and listening to you. Including the sensual food scenes at the end lol…trust me girl, that’s exactly my experience when I eat: nothing else exist except for me and that plate. Any way I think you should give both costs and I tried this recipe with regular tapioca balls and it worked, you just have to boil them for NO MORE than a minute depending upon how many you have…that’ll cut down on the calories and carbs 🙂 Thanks again Cassey <3

  51. Mary says:


    THANK YOU for ranting! For the love of God. I’m tired of seeing people complain. It’s silly to think that its cheaper to just buy the ready-made product at the store for $5, way less healthy, than to just buy all of the good ingredients at once and have tons left over to make more in the future! I’m happy to see you sticking up for your videos, because they’re great, and I appreciate them!

    Mary M

  52. Lyssetta says:

    1. Do you prefer shorter music video style food videos for Cheap Clean Eats or the original talking ones? (Or some hybrid?)

    I like the original talking ones!

    2. Does it confuse you when I tell you how much the recipe costs per serving vs. how much it costs for all ingredients? How can I make it easier to understand?

    I think you should give both, the cost per serving as well as maybe during the video while you’re listing the ingredients, if its something that’s hard to find or uncommon you could mention the price of the entire product, say “i got this whole can of matcha powder for $7.19” in passing!
    I find what you’re doing easy to understand, and I don’t get why people are saying they don’t, or that cheap clean eats is not cheap. I mean, obviously you cannot buy one tablespoon of matcha powder anywhere…..

  53. Annary says:

    This isn’t related to the drink, but is anybody else get these weird java update things when you come on to this blog? Like, I always get redirected to this new page and it will say that I need to update my java, but it’s already at the latest version! Plus, when I get redirected, the URL always seems to be different, but the message is the same! Just wondering if this is just me, or is anyone else experiencing this?

    1. Amber says:

      Me too on my computer at home, but not the one at work. I think the site has some kind of virus/malware because it doesn’t seem like a genuine Java update. It can be frustrating as hell trying to navigate the website when that comes up at every page! Could someone from Cassey’s team look into this? 🙂

      1. Amber says:

        Correction: It just did it on my work computer too.

    2. Samara says:

      Hi Annary, I get a pop up message every time I come to blogilates saying “Congratulations you’re …” and it redirects me to another webpage. At first I thought it was a virus on my computer but it only happens on this blog so maybe it is something to do with the webpage.

      1. Jessica A says:

        Similar thing happens to me with random pop ups ads that direct me to a new window. I thought I did something wrong. Oh well

  54. Jasmine says:

    So this is my first time talking here but I definitely like the original way more ! I was able to understand way more.. 🙂

  55. Daniella Renee says:

    I LOVE boba but could never handle the high sugar content. Thanks for coming up with a healthy recipe!

    Also, stainless steel or glass straws are an awesome (reusable) alternative to plastic. I like buying stuff that I can use over and over again!

  56. V. says:

    I love your original videos better because you’re so positive and energetic and happy 🙂

  57. Chrystal says:

    I’m subscribed to the newsletter, but I didn’t get the password for the calendar this month. I’ve gotten it every other month though. What should I do??

  58. Diana DeGzz says:

    Thanks for changing lives one day at a time!
    1. Some Hybrid would be cool, in case we watch while preparing it we could listen to the instructions instead of reading it!!
    2. it would be better if you put the total for each ingredient, in case it’s the first time we’re buying it and need to budget the product.

  59. Sandy says:

    Hello Cassey! How are you?
    To answer your questions, I love both types of videos for cheap clean eats! I think it all depends on your mood, inspiration and the type of recipe you make no? The short musical one was perfect for the Boba Tea I think!

    I am glad to have read your rant because too many times have I thought that you were way too nice and people were way too demanding with you! How dare they complain about your recipes? They want things for free? They complain the same when they buy groceries? Nobody forces them to make your recipe anyway, so continue Cassey, you’re the best and I am so grateful for everything you do!

  60. amy says:

    OMG, Thank you! I’ve been on the lookout how to make my favorite passion fruit bubble tea healthy and cheap, and I’m so excited to give your version of bubble tea a try!

  61. Joyce says:

    I never left a message before on your blog but I felt it was necessary to write one today (might help that I’m asian). But I think this is the MOST BRILLIANT clean eat you have come up with so far! LONG LIVE BUBBLE TEA! Nom nom nommmmmm 🙂

  62. Amy M. says:

    I have never had this before (well, not more than a sip, I think), but I have heard of it. It sounds cool, but I don’t know where I would find the ingredients here. I don’t know if I would buy all of this stuff just to try it though.

  63. I sort of like Bubble Tea – I had some in Quebec at a cheap mall stand, but it didn’t have a great flavor. Before I buy everything to make this, I’ll save my dessert for a week and then try some authentic bubble tea to make sure I like this. 🙂

  64. C says:

    I just popped in to say that I love your videos so much that even though I hate bananas, I still watched all the videos with bananas in them…. because of your personality and your sense of humor. You make clean eating so much fun which is extremely motivating.

    On the other hand, I’m not a fan of this new brand of video. There is no real personality in it and I could have watched it anywhere. So I definitely vote for the classic chatty videos.

  65. Patricia says:

    Hi cassey! I just finished the 100 challenge, it took me around 25 minutes i think. I feel energized, especially since it’s exams season for me. Thanks for your workouts that I can easily fit into my schedule! 🙂

  66. Joy says:

    That was a dramatic and fun video! HAHA.

    Thank you for this, I was absolutely craving bubble tea today!

  67. Jamie says:

    Love the original talking ones but honestly I just love that you do this for us!

    I personally don’t mind how you have the cost set up because, as someone who cooks A LOT, I understand this. It might not be SUPER cheap for you the first time you make it but you can make it for months to come depending on the ingredients. My husband and I got married last year and we learned the hard way that you have to stock your kitchen first in your healthy eating journey (and it sucks at first) but it really IS cheaper in the long run.

    If people are concerned about the ingredients and paying that much for them, research what ELSE you can make using those ingredients. That’s what my husband and I do. We give ourselves a few recipes to know that we will use the ingredients even if we don’t end up loving the original recipe we bought them for. It’s WAY cheaper to invest in your ingredients, as you said, in the long run than eating out or convenience food.

    Love everything you do for us, Cassey! It’s very generous and you make me stick to my working out journey. Nothing else has ever stuck for me! As a blogger, I know there are ways you do make money from all this (ughh rightfully sooo!!) so I know you aren’t doing it for FREE but your time is worth a lot and I know how all the behind the scenes stuff goes and how time consuming it can be. I can’t stand seeing people complain about ittty bitty things when you are providing us a FREE and fun way to get fit. So keep your head up, lady! You do so much and bring so much positivity into the world!

  68. Colette says:

    Cassey –
    1- The original talking videos are perfect!! When you talk us through Cheap Clean Eats, we all learn a little something about nutrition, the different products you use, and your reasoning behind each item used. I think when you talk us through the videos, you add your style, your flair to cooking and it makes such a difference! Your positivity and radiance in each video are infectious, and really make Cheap Clean Eats different from other cooking videos! When I finish watching Cheap Clean Eats, I not only want to go out and make whatever you made but I also feel happier! So please continue with the original!!

    2- No, it is not confusing. People are just being grouchy and negative. Again, continue forward with what you are doing.

  69. Tess says:

    Honestly I prefer the original ones because you’re there talking to us 🙂 plus it’s never a bad thing to learn something new about food, especially since I’m a Culinary Arts major 😀
    People will honestly complain about every single little thing…just to get attention or get their way. Don’t change the way you do the prices…you’re talking about serving sizes and not the entire package. If you found a good deal somewhere, then definitely tell us but the way you make Cheap Clean Eats right nowis PERFECT 🙂 love the show, love the workouts and of course love you Cassey!

    1. KJ says:

      My thoughts exactly!

  70. pippa says:

    1- I prefer the original talking ones!!! There are more funny and easy to keep up and they motivate me more to do the recipes :))
    2- I don´t have a preference about the prices because here in Portugal the brands that we use are different but I like when you say the price for serving (since most of the ingredients we have at home)

  71. Shawna says:

    Price per serving makes sense to most people who have basic math skills. I think the people who are complaining are just upset because maybe they don’t know what to do with the leftover ingredients after making your recipes. Maybe you can start out by telling us how much you bought each ingredient for, but then as you’re making it, emphasize that you’re only using a fraction of the purchased ingredient, so that serving comes to whatever price. Then people know that they’ll have to buy ingredients upfront (duh) but each SERVING is cheaper in the long run.

    We love you for what you do! Please keep it up!

    1. SB says:

      Yeah, this is what I think would be best. Just briefly mention how much buying the entire ingredient cost, but emphasise the price per serving. The people being negative are just trying to get attention. Thanks Cassey for all you do! x

  72. s6milerun says:

    Hi Cassey!

    Keep doing the “Cheap Clean Eat Vids” the way you always have. People always complain about something, and you can see that people have been clamoring for your videos to come back – because they like them as they are!!!!

    1. When you talk, you explain everything; I clearly understand what is happening as you’re cooking. Plus, I want to hear about the nutritional values of the food you are using: how the food is great for my health.

    2. Clearly, not everyone has your math skills. You see that right?! I understand how portioning out from the bulk-buy leads to the cost of the individual ingredients you are using, however I could care less just b/c I will eat the brands I am loyal to.

    Hope this helps. Remember that people love you because of your original self and because you do what is most comfortable for you.

  73. jasmin says:

    1. I prefer the originals but sometimes change is cool :))
    2. I dont think it´s confusing, it only makes sense when u tell the price per serving 🙂

    1. Yasmine says:

      I quite agree!

  74. Ivona says:

    cheap clean eats original!! <3 😀

  75. Pamela says:

    is taro powder healthy?

  76. Leanne says:

    Hey Cassey! As an Asian I am UHBSESSED with bubble milk tea!! Anyway I prefer the normal version of Cheap Clean Eats as it feels a lot more personal and I love hearing what you have to say and seeing your beautiful smile and of course watch you do dance cardio!!

  77. Bethany says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I personally prefer it when you talk as well, I find it makes it easier to follow?? Haha I’m a kiwi (New Zealander) so prices will be different but I can still figure out that investing in food for the long run is definitely better than… yeah.

  78. Tishana says:

    I have never had bubble tea so might have to try this just for fun, I thought you were using Tapioca noodles (acini do pepe) are they similar? This video was really neat but I like you talking better 🙂 and I like how you price it per serving because that just makes sense! Thanks for all you do!

  79. Lam Lam says:

    Best recipe ever! I use to work at a bubble tea shop and I swear that summer I gained twenty pounds just from all the free bubble tea I could drink 😀 Love this recipe <3

  80. Noga says:

    That is a beautifully made video.

    1. KJ says:

      It really is. Looks ridiculously professional. Like a commercial/music video/cooking show hybrid.

  81. Natalie says:

    Hey Cassey
    In regards to the Cheap Clean Eats, I love hearing you explain everything , i’m not quite sure why but i feel like its a friend talking when you explain everything 🙂 So personally I like the Cheap Clean Eats videos like the original ones 🙂 xx
    Love ya Cassey

  82. Sabrina says:

    I’m so happy you made this, you have no idea! I’ve been a bubble tea addict since I first tried it…and sadly never even knew how much sugar they added to it :S can’t wait to give this a shot….just wondering if I can get my favourite flavour in a healthy version (banana), anyone’s thoughts on that?

    To answer your questions…
    1. I love the original version! I love hearing you tips and the information you give. As much as this video was amazingly edited and I was super impressed…I really just wished I could hear your lovely self chatting away through the video 🙂 maybe hybrid?!
    2. I thought it was common sense from the beginning, but I suppose not everyone thinks the same. I agree with others who say that showing both prices is your best way to go. This way there is no confusion and people can also feel good about knowing how cheap each individual serving is!

  83. Michie says:

    I am fortunate to have an Asian market nearby my house! Matcha Green Tea packets (20 ish servings) around 85 cals (that’s pretty good) at around $7 : )! Green Tea foods are delish!

  84. Ellie says:

    YOU ARE AMAZING CASSEY! I didn’t add the 10 drops of stevia to the milk and only to the boba, so it tasted just like the 0% sugar green tea boba that I usually order!!! I would just drink the milk tea on its own without the boba – so delish! Love this, love you!

    For your questions,
    1. I love love love the cinematography of the shorter music style one! Super artistic – great job to the camera(wo)man. But I miss your personality and comments, so I def agree with Callie. You should do hybrid ones.

    2. Honestly, the way you present the information is pretty straight-forward to me since everything is per serving. But giving the total cost of each item would give people an idea of how much they’d need to spend along with which brand(s) you use. Plus, it’d probably be easier for you since you don’t have to do the maths for each serving, although both would be nice since the number of servings per item is dependent on the product.

  85. Naomi says:

    When I first saw this post photo I thought you were using chickpeas as bobba! Ha, not be such a bad idea.

    I do get bubble tea cravings. Coincidentally I scoured my neighborhood (in Taipei) for green milk tea with bubbles, yesterday. It was sold out in two places because I guess Friday is the day everyone else wants a bubble tea too! Love this post! Thanks.

    p.s. I like your videos with and without talking. Maybe we all like hearing you talk though. Its def part of why you are so likable.
    p.p.s. Why don’t you do both prices. Price for serving and for all ingredients: E.g. Ingredients total= $5.00 for 5 servings @ $1.00 per serving.
    p.p.p.s. Basil seeds and grass jelly are actually pretty healthy “gummyish” things add to tea too. Maybe those things are just a little to different. Black and red beans too, mmm!

  86. P says:

    I try to stay away from tapioca pearls as far as possible..because as soon as I saw these at an Asian grocery store and peeked at the ingredients – I put it back down straight away! Tapioca pearls are full of these..chemicals that I don’t even know what they are! x(
    ..but they’re still very delicious and I have pearl tea once in a while. 😉

    The matcha you used looks really..bright green?
    Good quality matcha powder is usually a bit darker.

    1. I like the ones you usually make! I wouldn’t mind a short one once in a while. It’s like how Sorted Foods have their Eye Candy Sorted (short videos) but still have their original sorted series. 🙂
    2. I think you should give the cost for the ingredients in the packet originally. So we can compare the price to the price we see where we live..I don’t mind though.

    1. Alexis says:

      Go to a health food store to purchase true tapioca because true tapioca is all natural and you won’t have to worry 🙂 Usually made from fruits or plants of some sort 🙂 Depends on the brand really, but alwways get them from Health food stores 🙂

  87. Julia says:

    That looks delicious! I think I would try it with green tea (my favorite) and maybe some honey 🙂
    Btw, does anyone have suggestions on what to pair the 100 excercises with? It took me around 20 minutes I think, and I found it wasn’t enough for me!

  88. Sydney says:

    Hey! I’ve never had bubble tea that was blended before. I just moved away from NYC, but this looks good! My favorite place had a honey dew Bubble Tea that I LOVED! Do you have any way to recreate that one for me?? Hope all is well.

  89. Jennifer says:

    OMG CASSEY!! For a minute I thought you came to my hometown, VANCOUVER CANADA because that picture of the BBT is from a local bubble tea shop here!! Dragon Ball Tea House. But I realize you might have found it somewhere for a stock photo… got me so excited for a second!!!!!

  90. Callie says:

    I went to New York for a Kpop Concert back in 2011 and made the mistake of going into a shop in China Town to get some breakfast and try a bubble tea.. I have been obsessed ever since. Which is not good since I live in Southern Missouri and the closest thing we have to an Asian market is the 3 rows of shelves Walmart so generously offers *rolls eyes*. Anyway, I will definitely be putting this on my to do list.

    and to answer your questions:
    1. I like Hybrid videos. Short videos I have to pause and find something else to entertain me for a while.. and honestly I’d rather just watch you. lol.
    2. I think you should give both costs so that people have an idea of about how much it will cost for the ingredients. Personally I prefer it the way you have been doing it because I can easily compare the price to a similar product I could have just bought, but both costs accommodates everybody.

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