The Best Ab Workout for Brides!

Okay or anyone else who loves flowers, pastels, and pretty things while working out 🙂 We just launched the Blogilates Bridal Bootcamp and I could not have been happier with how everything turned out!

For a long time, you guys had been asking me about making some type of a Bridal series but I never felt comfortable doing that because well, it didn’t feel right – I wasn’t a bride yet! But FINALLY! This year Sam and I are getting married in the Fall! We have a date, a magical venue and are HARD CORE vendor interviewing right now! I thought wedding planning might get overwhelming but to be completely honest, I am enjoying it very much. I love visualizing, getting creative, making things look beautiful, and planning unique experiences so that people can have a good time! I am so on top of it that I have to send followup emails to vendors and planners to make sure they’re on top of their game. HAHAHA.

And to be clear, there is no sense of “Bridezilla-ness” here. I’m a freakin’ B.E.O. Bride Executive Officer! I know what I want and I will get it done. Add that to your vocab ladies!

Anyway! Here’s a GIF by GIF breakdown of the 10 moves in the first Bridal Bootcamp video, “Happily Ever After Abs”! It’s a 10 minute timed workout with NO BREAKS and NO EQUIPMENT. So set your timer and let’s go!


#1. Sit Up Heel Taps x 1 min

Notes: Keep your elbows wide as you crunch up! Keep your lower back on the floor as your heels go out.

#2. Alternating Single Leg Jackknives x 1 min

Notes: To modify, bend your knee and left halfway.

#3. Sprinter x 1 min

Notes: Try to touch your elbow to your knee! Make sure to alternate sides.

#4. Half Leg Lift and Drop x 1 min

Notes: Press your arms into the floor for stability. Switch sides at 30 seconds!

#5. Ballerina Sit Up x 1 min

Notes: Keep your heel lifted as your perform your sit up! Switch sides at 30 seconds.

#6. Eagle Crunch x 1 min

Notes: Try to touch your knees to your elbows.

#7. Candlestick Dipper Left x 1 min

Notes: Keep your chest facing forward! Do not look down.

#8. Candlestick Dipper Right x 1 min

Notes: Straighten the leg that you’re dipping away from and plant your foot into the mat for stability.

#9. Super Side Planker Right x 1 min

Notes: Cross your top foot over your bottom foot.

#10. Super Side Planker Right x 1 min

Notes: As you reach over your head, lift your bottom hip as high as possible!

If you feel like you want some company for these 10 minutes, then click on the video below and do “Happy Ever After Abs” with me on YouTube and make sure to subscribe so that you can be the first to know about each new workout release!

Also, big thanks my friends at Lovesome Blossoms and DJZ Productions for the INCREDIBLE floral display and draping you see in the backdrop! It smelled AMAZING while I was working out. I wish I could have bottled it up and uploaded the scent to YouTube for you click and smell. Hahaha. Anyway, check them out if you need creative designers for your wedding! They are located in Southern CA!

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  1. Elayna says:

    I love your Bridal Bootcamp series (as well as all your other series). You bring a new form of creativity to working out. I look forward to your videos everyday, thanks for always making it fun!

  2. Ali ARIF says:

    Nice blog with very informative posts

  3. Chris says:

    That is a great selection of ab exercises. I particularly like the Eagle crunch!!

  4. tom says:

    love the article, Great read!

  5. Georgette says:

    You have the most beautiful taste in decor and design! Killer abs wo! Thank you!

  6. Nikki Sweat says:

    OMG this had my abs on fire in like 2 minutes and those ballerina situps and eagle abs…so much fun and the background looked gorgeous (and you of course looked flawless as well). Cant wait for more of these bridal bootcamps.

  7. Anna says:

    Really like the workout! Buy a suggestion, when it’s like this, back to back, a few seconds before the move ends, can you remind about the next move, “ok, get ready for eagle and”, or something, so you don’t waste valuable time to look what the next move is and getting in to position.
    Thank you.

  8. jcbarrett317 says:

    Thanks for this, Cassie! Looking forward to more videos in this series 🙂

  9. Ashley says:

    Hi Cassey! I did the bootcamp video on Monday. My obliques still hurt!!! Also, there’s a typo in the first sentence of this blog post. Thank you for all that you do! <3

  10. misssexymama says:

    love the into on the bridal bootcamp