Halloween should be fun, not something you feel guilty about


Oh. Em. Gee. Halloween is almost here and I’m SOOOO excited! I’ve always loved Halloween. It’s the one day you are basically allowed to play dress up as an adult and nobody thinks it’s weird. I kind of wish every day was Halloween…Well, actually…I sorta it made this October that way with my Supehero workout series on YouTube! Did you see all my costumes yet!? If not, here’s a lil recap!


Me as Wonder Woman!


Me as Sailor Moon!

Me as Super Girl!


Me as Chun Li from Street Fighter…flighting Ken! (Sam!)

I’ve got one more Shero that I will dress up as this weekend for the release of the final workout in the Superhero series! She’s fast, nimble, dark, and…she also purrrssss. Can you guess who it is?

Anyway, let’s talk the other fun part of Halloween – the food!

Candy, cookies, chocolates galore! There’s “temptation” from every corner. So, how do you deal with controlling yourself when all your friends and co-workers are eating sweets all day long?

Listen, your progress isn’t going to be ruined just by one night. You are allowed to indulge. A healthy lifestyle isn’t meant to feel like you’re being deprived. It’s about listening to your body, nourishing it, giving it what it needs to work at its best.

But yes, there will be days like Halloween when you go to a party and someone made cookies in the shape of ghosts and serves you blood-colored strawberry margaritas. How can you resist?!?!?

It comes down to one word: moderation. I want you to have FUN on Halloween! I want you to cut yourself some slack. When we do things in moderation, we get to experience the best of both worlds.

BUT, if you’re REALLY worried about getting off track on Halloween because you’re the “once you pop, you can’t stop” type of person, here are some realistic tactics!

  1. Drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated is going to make you feel better altogether, especially if you are drinking any alcoholic beverage or something sugary during festivities.
  2. Schedule a workout in the morning! Work up a sweat and get your body moving. You won’t feel as “guilty” about having some fun in the evening!
  3. Make healthy Halloween alternatives! So what if you’re THAT person who healthifies everything. If it makes you happy, if it keeps you from binging, and if it helps educate other people on how to cook creatively, then do it!

Check out these cute pumpkin tangerines with little green bean stalks! And half banana ghosts with choco chips! Adobrs right!?

Look, life is not meant to be so strict all the time. Being flexible is more than just if you can touch your toes! It’s a mindset. And one night isn’t going to undo all the hard work you’ve been putting in. So have fun. Be safe. And take LOTS of pictures! I want to see your costumes!

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  1. Amanda 😜👍 says:

    Those ghosts are ADORRRRABLE