Goal setting: when to make it public vs. private

The influencer culture really forces people to put-on-display their every action in the cutest, funniest, sexiest, most motivational, and most entertaining way…or else…did it even happen?

The obvious answer is YES DUH OF COURSE IT HAPPENED. However, if I chose to NOT make “it” content, that sort of makes me a “bad influencer” or content creator. I don’t upload as many IG stories as other influencers and I surely am not in the world of daily vlogging! (I tried. Couldn’t handle.)

In contrast though, it makes me a human who just wants to breathe. I like doing things for the joy of simply doing them.

There’s a lot I do off camera that I don’t share with you because I just want to live. To be. To do. TO GET TO WORK.

The decision to create a personal silence around certain parts of my life has been great for my fitness, my diet, my body, and my mental/emotional health. It has allowed me non-judgmental time to experiment and groove into things…To make my health truly mine, and not the subject of a debate between camps of people who don’t know my past, my present, or where I want to be in the future.


I used to say that when making goals, you should SHOUT IT TO THE WORLD! YELL IT TO THE UNIVERSE! Public goals are highly effective! Whether it’s an Instagram post, Facebook post, or you told your family over dinner, the act of sharing your goals with others holds you accountable, because you know your people will be watching.

However, it’s not wrong to set private goals. In fact, it creates a very safe space that allows you to fail without judgement. And guess what? You’re going to fail on any journey towards success. There will be setbacks and things that just don’t turn out as you would have hoped. And for many of us, we need that private, non-judgemental space as we heal, and bounce back up to try again. With private goal setting, I highly suggest:

  • Writing your goal down somewhere so it’s not just a floating thought in your head.
  • Hanging your goal in an intimate place like by your bed or on the bathroom mirror so you feel like it’s a secret between you and you.
  • Starting a private Instagram page that no one knows about to document your journey in an UNFILTERED, HONEST, and almost UNCOMFORTABLY RAW way.

Finally, you don’t have to be a 100% public goal or 100% private goal person, you can do both! (The world is not black and white afterall!) Go public with the things you feel like you need the cheerleaders for, and go private with the things you’re not as confident about. The only thing I ask, is that you promise to be a DOER not a SAYER.

For me, I will continue to share with you my struggles, my real emotions, and raw thoughts as much as I can while still being able to function as a human, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a mother to Sir George, an instructor, and an entrepreneur. You know I love you, but sometimes Cassey needs her me-time, kay?! 😛

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  1. Wonderful post about motivation, thanks for sharing.

  2. I was searching few information about motivational speech, I just found the link, very useful information, Thanks

  3. kate says:

    I like this post. Very sensible.

  4. What I often like to do is keep all of my goals in journal entries private, and then in the future pick out select entries that I feel comfortable sharing on my blog! This gives me the freedom to be authentic and also reflect for a while on whether or not which thoughts Should be shared.

  5. TienB says:

    love you Cassey, you are so honest and kind

  6. Savanah says:


  7. Liza says:

    Thank you for posting!

  8. varsha says:

    you are just simply amazing….i have tried doing almost all of your videos but some are just hard….You are very inspiring and I have learnt to be stronger and better day by day seeing the way you do things and the way you stick to your perfections and goals.Simply loving all that you have done and is doing!!!!!All the best and love you loaaadsssss

  9. Marmidel says:

    I 100000% agree. You do you my precious. I ❤ that. Im the same way.

  10. Tris Rose says:

    Cassey, you are amazing. You have always been amazing to me and always will inspire me to do more, and to do better. Thank you for everything that you do.

  11. Adeline Foland says:

    Hi I’m Adeline. I am doing this because I don’t feel comfortable in my own body and want to get stronger. However I don’t feel comfortable posting on my Instagram yet. But I hope at the end of this I will. Thank you Cassey for helping all these wonderful people feel more confident and strong! That’s all for now bye!💖

  12. Kamogelo says:

    This was very helpful. I started my Instagram page for my fitness and I have started my fitness journal. I find it very hard to express my fitness dreams with others. I hope that one day I can share my Instagram page with those closest to me.

  13. Alias says:

    Absolutely agree with this. Some things do not need to be shared with the world, definitely not before their time! If you have to force it, it’s not honest, so why force yourself to show and tell in a way that’s not authentic?

  14. Iva says:

    The fact that you’re “bad influencer” is actually why I keep following you. You’re not fake, you inspire us sharing both your wins and your struggles. You make it easy for me to relate, whether it’s your workouts or your personal life.

  15. debapriya says:

    nicely written cassey, u give me inspiration not only in my fitness journey but also in my life. i look upto u in every aspect of my journey. thank you so much for being there. love u always 🙂

  16. Iris says:

    Great insights, thanks for posting. | just switched to a healthy lifestyle, from diet to running with SportMe marathon training app. Things are beginning to look good for me and your blog posts are a great inspiration!

  17. Mandy says:

    Enjoy your me- time Cassey !! I totally agree with you! I like to keep some of my goals personnal 🙂

  18. Bucky says:

    I needed this today. Especially with starting #SummerSculpt with you next week. Thank you <3

  19. Pavithra says:

    Many people share there thoughts to gain popularity in FB but I used to think are they true but the way you convey your own thoughts and messages seems to be selfless and the message has reached directly to my heart 💓 … thanks a lot for inspiring me and sharing your feelings too 🥰😀