I Tried Glossier Deodorant for a Month. Will I Keep Using It?

It was only in recent years that I made the transition to aluminum-free deodorant. I’m not a scientist by any means, but as a beauty writer I’ve read a fair share of articles about how some popular deodorants use ingredients that have potentially been linked to cancer and other serious illnesses.

That’s a scary thought, especially as someone who not only works out alot (hello, sweat), but also is generally a sweaty person. And that’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I’ve been using Native and Tom’s natural deodorants for the last year, but I came across Glossier’s new deodorant on TikTok and well, I knew I had to try it. 

I figured that if it’s anything like the brand’s matte lipstick and jelly cleanser, then it’s probably great so I decided to give it a go.

glossier aluminum-free deodorant review

Image: Glossier

First, here’s an overview.

The vegan deodorant comes in a refillable container, has a coconut oil base, and is formulated with key ingredients like elderberry extract, magnesium hydroxide, and potato starch. Additionally, it’s available in four scents: Orange Blossom Neroli, Unscented, Glossier You, and Sandstone. 

What does it feel like?

Unlike some other deodorants, this one isn’t gel or too cream-like. It’s what I would describe as a blend between butter and moisturizer. It easily glides onto the skin and almost instantly disappears — yes, it doesn’t leave that unwanted white cast. My favorite part? It wasn’t sticky. The last thing I want is to have my armpits feel sticky as I’m lifting weights or doing anything really. 

What does it smell like?

The ‘unscented’ deodorant has no fragrance whatsoever. As someone who isn’t too keen on scents, I was pleasantly surprised because sometimes even ‘unscented’ can be scented, but this rang true in this case.

As for ‘Glossier You,’ I could definitely sense there was a fragrance, however, it wasn’t extremely pungent. I didn’t notice it every time I lifted my arms which was what I was worried about in the first place .

Does it work?

To give you the best, real-life Glossier deodorant review, I wore it while I was outside at Disney World and during my workouts. That really put it to the test.

According to the directions, you’re supposed to swipe one to two times under each. As someone with a large armpit, I made four circle motions to make sure I covered the entire surface area. Additionally, I made sure my armpit wasn’t moist or damp prior to application so the results could be as accurate as possible.

After a full day out in the sun, my pits were surprisingly not too smelly. There was a bit of B.O. starting to come through, but I only noticed it if I really tried (i.e. stuck my nose directly in my armpit).

As for my workout, I couldn’t believe it.

Usually my armpits are not only smelly and gross after a workout, but extremely wet and damp. However, this was not the case after using this deodorant. They were a bit moist, but considering I just worked out for an hour it was nearly nothing.

As for reapplication, I applied the deodorant twice throughout the day when I was out at Disney World just for some extra coverage. Could I have gone without? Probably. Was I willing to take that chance? Nope. Not if I was going to be standing in tight spaces next to strangers all day.

Not just for pits

I’ll even say as someone who deals with inner-thigh chafing, I usually put deodorant in between my thighs to prevent unwanted sweating and moisture. This was the perfect deodorant for that because it’s so smooth and not-sticky. Unlike baby powder which can get everywhere, this deodorant glides on and creates a barrier between the skin to prevent unwanted friction and chafing whether that’s during exercise or out and about.

It’s worth noting that I’ve been using aluminum-free deodorant for a while so it’s safe to say my body is acclimated to it. However, if this is your first go-around at using aluminum-free deodorant, then the brand says you should give yourself four weeks for your body to get used to it.

@glossier Introducing Glossier Deodorant, launching TOMORROW 1/17. Available in Glossier You, Orange Blossom Neroli, *new* Sandstone, and Unscented. Aluminum free. Refillable, reusable, and recyclable! Check this space for more details to come #glossier #deodorant ♬ original sound – Glossier



My biggest “complaint” with the Glossier deodorant was the packaging. It took me nearly 30 minutes to pop off the plastic top when I opened it. I even had to Google if other people had a problem because it just would not budge — I even had other people try because I just was not getting it off myself. Eventually, I used enough force where it popped off, but I was genuinely concerned I’d have to return it.

The reusable packaging is a winner in my book because I’m all about taking care of Mother Nature and if it means keeping the same vial that’s great. And it’s super chic; it doesn’t appear to be made out of cheap plastic like some other brands.


Compared to my current Native deodorant which retails for $12.99, the Glossier deodorant costs $22. That’s nearly a $10 difference for a product that works similarly to the other. I’d say in this case you’re paying for the name brand and packaging which are high end and quality, so you get what you pay for but you’ll pay a lot. 

glossier aluminum-free deodorant

Image: Glossier

Glossier deodorant review: Worth it?

If you’re looking to get into aluminum-free deodorants or try a different one from the current brand you’re using, then Glossier’s is a great place to start. From the scent options to the reusable packaging, it checks off all of the boxes when it comes to finding a solid deodorant (at least for me.)

Although it is a bit pricey, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to buy yourself a tube and see how you like it. I wouldn’t go and purchase all of the scents at once (some of them keep selling out anyways), but try out one or two to get a feel for it and then go from there.

I’ve had the deodorant for over a month now and I haven’t used anything else to keep my pits smelling nice and clean.


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  1. Anne Kinsey says:

    I make an all natural deodorant that’s better than anything on the market. Mine sells for $7.50 for the 2.4 oz full size deodorant. Support small business. MotherNaturesBotanicals

  2. Blogilates fan says:

    Personally I feel like we as a society place too much importance on labels & luxury, in reality, everyday products that get the job done are just fine as well! I use an aluminum free deodorant from amazon. Is it luxurious? No. Does it work? Yes! So if anybody is consumed in this whirlwind of “well everyone uses this brand so I should use it too”, remember that you need to do what is best for YOU!

    1. Rocky says:

      Which one do you use?

      1. Emily says:

        I’ve tried all three of the scents. I’d rank them 1. You 2. Orange Blossom Neroli 3. Sandstone. You smells like the perfume, orange blossom neroli smells like the Body Hero collection and Sandstone is like a nice neural clean scent, it’s slightly more masculine in my mind but they’re all neutral.