15 Winning Gifts for People Who Like to Cook

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Welcome to the ultimate gift guide for the loved one who spends a good chunk of their time in the kitchen. The one who scrolls FoodTok endlessly searching for new recipes (or maybe has a TikTok of their own!), and the one you call when you have zero clue how you should season your salmon.

Here are 15 gifts for people who like to cook.

Happy gifting!

1. This TikTok-viral kitchen tool

fullstar veggie chopper gifts for people who like to cookFullstar Veggie Chopper - $33

If you haven’t seen this viral kitchen tool yet, be prepared to buy two – one as a gift and one for yourself. This veggie chopper is a major time saver for meal prep, and it’s super satisfying to watch. Seriously, I’ve spent wayyy too much time watching people on TikTok use this thing.

2. The skillet they’ll reach for daily

le creuset signature skillet gifts for people who like to cook

Le Creuset Signature Skillet - From $136

All cooks have heart eyes over a brand new skillet – especially this one by Le Creuset. The Signature Skillet comes in a variety of sizes and colors, but the best part is the enameled cast iron. This finish doesn’t require seasoning like traditional cast iron, and it’s easier to clean. This is the kind of pan that gets better over time, meaning it’s something your loved one will hold onto forever.

3. The solution to keeping herbs freshprepara herb savor pod 2.0 with asparagus

Herb Savor Pro 2.0 - $30 (set of 3)

People who like to cook know the beauty of using fresh herbs in a recipe. This only problem is, sometimes it’s hard to keep herbs fresh.

Enter the Herb Savor. This BPA-free container is designed to keep herbs fresh longer, right inside your fridge door! I’ll add my personal experience here – I’ve had some rosemary in mine for over 2 weeks now, and she’s still super fresh. This is coming from someone who can’t keep a basil plant alive no matter what I do, so I’d call this a win.

4. A place to keep their recipes

Papier recipe journal gifts for people who love to cook

Papier Le Moderne Recipe Journal -$40

A recipe book might seem a little old school, but that’s kind of what I love about it. It’s overwhelming to have recipes saved on Instagram, in our screenshots, and on Pinterest boards that date back to 2012. By the time I remember where I saved that sheet pan meal recipe, my motivation to actually make it is long gone.

This makes a great gift for people who like to cook because it’s a place where they can keep their favorite recipes in one place. The recipes from their favorite food blogs and the ones they came up with on their own can all live here. Over the years, this recipe journal will become a keepsake.

If your foodie prefers recipe cards (bonus, easier to share recipes with you!), go for a cute recipe tin like this one.

5. An at-home masterclass

food la la french macaron masterclass gifts for people who love to cook blogilates

FOOD LA LA Macaron Baking Kit & Masterclass - $97

Everything about this gift is aesthetic, from the packaging to the end result: beautiful French macarons. This kit comes with everything you need to master the art of this stunning dessert, minus a few fresh ingredients you likely have in your kitchen anyways. 

You can follow along with written instructions to make your macarons, or opt for the master class that you can access online. It even comes with edible paint and glitter, sprinkles, and beautiful gift boxes.

FOOD LA LA also has a Cooking Club with monthly recipes and a live masterclass (December’s class is tamales -YUM). Learn more about the Cooking Club here!

6. Pretty (and practical) food storage

porter seal tight bowls 16 oz

Porter Seal Tight Bowls, set of 2 - $45

There’s just something so satisfying about clean, matching food storage sets. These 16 oz bowls are glass, with a silicone sleeve for easy gripping. They’re also leak proof, and microwave and dishwasher safe. I love that the lids on these feel so sturdy – other brands I have are constantly cracking or popping off, which is no good if you’re taking food on-the-go.

7. An apron they’ll actually love to wearhedley and bennett denim apron gifts for people who like to cook

Hedley & Bennett Cedar Blue Denim Apron - $105

Hedley & Bennett is known for their high quality, aesthetic aprons (definitely gift this if the person who likes to cook in your life is also a content creator).

This apron is so cute, whoever you’re gifting this to won’t even want to take it off when they’re done cooking. They’ll look super put together even on the days they’re rushing around the kitchen to host a big meal. I’m in love with the denim (might even gift this one to myself), but there are a ton of solid color and pattern options for everyone.

8. A recipe book to level up Taco Tuesday

Siete table recipe book The Siete Table - $28

Created by the Garza family, Siete is known for their grain-free chips, tortillas, and other products you’ve likely seen in your grocery store. Their passion for food is no secret, and you’ll often find the team at headquarters cooking up a massive, delicious spread of Mexican-American food.

Lucky for those of us who don’t get to enjoy their HQ food parties (sad), Siete recently created a cookbook so we can enjoy their recipes at home. My favorite thing about this cookbook is how the recipes inspire me to broaden my cooking horizon. Every recipe, from chilaquiles to empanadas to vegan “chorizo” feels totally doable. The ingredient list is simple without being boring, and it truly feels like I was just handed down a family heirloom. If you gift this, your recipient will feel the same!

9. A gift box that’s full of flavor

Keep It Savory Salt Co. Gift Box - From $33

When it comes to people who like to cook, experimenting with new flavors is their idea of a good time. And if you thought all salt was created equal, think again.

Keep It Savory Salt Co. takes salt to a new level, so you can do the same with your cooking. They have gift boxes with flavors to appeal to any kind of flavor preference, like Jalapeńo Lime, Shiitake Cremini, and even Vanilla Bean.

10. An outdoor pizza oven

Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven -$399

There’s really nothing better than pizza that came fresh out of a wood-burning stove and now you can gift just that. This gas-powered outdoor pizza oven is compact and cooks fast, making it perfect for anyone cooking for themselves or hosting a larger crowd. It’s ready to cook in 15 minutes, and can cook a pizza in as little as one minute.

11. A fun finishing touch

Whip-It! Motif Torch - $50

From crème brûlée to toasted meringue to roasted marshmallows, a kitchen torch is a gift for people who like to cook that comes in handy more often than you might think.

Designed to resemble a whipped cream dispenser, this torch by Whip-it! looks nice in your kitchen too.

12. Restaurant quality baking sheets

Viking Nonstick Baking Sheets - $70

An experienced cook knows that the equipment can make all the difference. These double-layer nonstick baking sheets by Viking are made with commercial grade materials for even heating and cooking and easy cleanup. Plus they’re free of BPA and other potentially harmful materials.

13. Flavor-infused olive oils

brightland mini artists series gifts for cooks blogilates

Brightland Mini Artist Series - $85

Brightland is known for high-quality olive oils, which the cook in your life will surely appreciate. The Mini Artist Series is a gift set of 4 mini-sized infused olive oils. Flavors include lemon, garlic, chili and basil. If you’re drooling after simply reading those flavors, just imagine the tasty creations your giftee will whip up after they open this gift.

14. The perfect bowls

Mixing Bowls With Lids - $37

I’m convinced that “too many mixing bowls” simply isn’t a thing. This gift for people who like to cook is the mixing bowl set they’ve been looking for all along as they build a collection of other bowls that are just…okay. These bowls are check all of the must-have boxes (yes, mixing bowl features are more important than you might think):

  • Good size options
  • Non-slip silicone base
  • Lids that ACTUALLY FIT
  • Grater inserts for even easier prep (or ‘mise en place’ if you want to impress your loved one)
  • Dishwasher safe


15. A “punny” kitchen tool

ototo gracula garlic crusher gifts for people who like to cook blogilates

Gracula Garlic Crusher - $25

If one thing’s for sure, anyone who likes to cook will enjoy a good food pun. They’ll also cherish a useful kitchen tool. OTOTO does both, with kitchen utensils and tools like ladles shaped like the Loch Ness monster, wine openers shaped like a bat, and this Dracula-inspired garlic crusher. If you’re looking for a fun and unique gift for someone who likes to cook, this is the one.

What are your go-to gifts for people who like to cook?

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