Flat Abs Fast DVD + Punta Cana Recap!

Flat Abs Fast DVD + Punta Cana Recap!

Hey guys!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely weekend! Hope you are getting ready to do your #FABruary Workout for the day if you haven’t already. GO HARD! It’s a new week and a new chance to keep building that dream body of yours!

Oh and remember how last night I promised that my new DVD “POP Pilates: Flat Abs Fast!”  which was previously being sold exclusively at Target…would be available on worldwide too!?? Ok now it is!! It’s on Amazon and shopblogilates.com NOW!

IMG_3790 (1)

I am so excited to share this DVD with you because unlike my last one, this has 3 separate POP Pilates workouts. You can do them all together for a super intense 30 min session or you can break it up into three 10 minute routines when you don’t have time.


I really appreciate you guys always showing your support by being a part of the Blogilates Community and by doing the workouts with me! As a thank you, I wanted to create a DVD for you that you could take anywhere – whether or not you have wifi and whether or not you’re traveling or at home. These POP Pilates workouts will give you a quick and super intense burn. No weights, just you and your mat, and you will sculpt your best body while targeting all of your muscles. I’m addicted to this format, that’s why I’ve been teaching it for almost 9 years now! I pulled all of my best ab exercises together and put it all in here for you. Here are the workouts in my new DVD:

hard core screenshot

1. Hard Core: If you want to tone and define your abdominals for a cute crop top, complete this routine to target your entire mid-section. You’ll whittle your waist while flattening your abs.

lower belly screenshot

2. Lower Belly Blast: This killer combination of lower ab moves will help de-bloat your lower belly pooch.

muffintop screenshot

3. Muffintop Melter: Love handles begone! Get that hourglass shape by doing these exercises to tighten your body’s natural corset.

Oh and we filmed this on a pretty beach in Malibu, CA – so I hope you enjoy the scenery as we work out together. As always, I promise you a good time, much laughter, and much burn 🙂

You can buy the DVD on Amazon or on shopblogilates.com. It’s only $9.99 and shipping is FREE in the US and only $5 internationally. And yes…we ship worldwide!!!

Ok…now ready for some more beach pictures?! I bet you are, esp. if you’re cold like I always am. I want to share with you my Punta Cana recap! 

I rarely ever take vacations but when I do, it has to be a tropical location! So this year we decided to go to Punta Cana and stayed at CHIC, an all-inclusive resort. It was my first time at an all inclusive…and let’s just say that Cassey and never-ending food and drinks is an interesting combination of testing limits. Hahaha.


This was our view from breakfast every morning. How amazing is that!? Fountain, then pool, then beach! And no jackets! So cool. I don’t have any pics of my food because I snapchatted all that already, so hopefully you were following along. (Find me “blogilates).

From the first day we got in til’ the last day, I felt like it was one big spontaneous photoshoot! Everything was just too beautiful to let slip by!


Walking on the beach we found this hut. I mean, photo opp anyone!? Yes please! Plus I bought a TON of new bikinis to wear on this trip, so pics were a must. This red lace one is from Billabong.


As we continued walking we saw this fallen palm tree. So I planked on it. I mean, what else!!!??


Then there was this thing called the “Mermaid Pool” and it was photoshoot heaven. But it wasn’t easy trying to be an underwater model. I struggled.


A lot.


This was me trying “sexy face”. Nope.

So after much trouble, I took some time to do research on underwater modeling. I found this amazing photo from America’s Next Top Model:


I mean, wow right?!!!! So I was like, let me try…


Couldn’t exactly get flipped over. Face still not sexy.


Got the body flipped over but hair was not being so friendly. So… after about 50+ shots, I could barely breathe anymore.

underwater model

I decided that happily swimming mermaid was my look and I stuck with it 🙂


As far as all-inclusive drinks went, I had my fair share of sugary virgin pina colada’s and strawberry daquiri’s. I don’t drink alcohol because as you know, it tastes extremely medicinal to me, I turn bright red and splotchy, and I lose eyesight and go blind. Yeah! It’s pretty bad! It’s because I am Asian and I don’t have the proper enzyme to break down alcohol. Do any of you guys have this reaction too? Ha, well at least I don’t have to deal with the extra calories and can still have fun sober! 😀 Oh and this white lace bikini is also from Billabong! (Nope this is not any type of a sponsored post…I buy a lot of bikinis from Billabong because the bottoms are small and cheeky, making my little butt look cute and perky!)


This one is made from neoprene and has cute zipper on the bra!


Love strapless bikinis for when you want a perfect tan on your upper body!

On one of the last days, I found a pole and decided to pose on it. The last time I took a pole dance class (fitness of course!!) was like 4 years ago! Oh man, the inner thighs REALLY HURT. I wanted to take my hands off the pole and just hold with you legs, but it was too much for me. I didn’t want a bruise!


Overall, the Punta Cana trip was super fun! It was nice not having to yelp everything to make sure we were getting the best meals for every eating opportunity. It was nice being warm all the time. It did rain quite a bit, and super hard too, but the skies cleared and I got a really nice tan! I would say that it was not as relaxing as Maui last year because we had wifi the whole time, no matter where we were, so I was always on my phone! It made it easy for snapchat and instagram, but I didn’t feel like I ever really stopped working. Either way, it was nice to get away and do something different!

On the way back, it was a DISASTER! It took 27 hours to get from Punta Cana back to Los Angeles thanks to random delays and flight cancellations. I had to sleep in the airport on a bench. Got super itchy. Super cold! There were so many stranded passengers and our airline, US Airways, did not help accommodate the situation. I think I will need to write customer service and see what they can do. I always believe in going out of my way to make my customers happy (or at least comfortable in this situation) – that’s what I practice with Blogilates and oGorgeous. Whether it’s the company’s fault or not, as a human, you need to have enough compassion to genuinely want to try to help people. Passing blame does nothing.

Anyway…when I got home I was so happy! Now I am ready to go!!! We are busy at work planning the Blogilates National Tour. I have already been in contact with some colleges from all over the US so I cannot wait to announce the tour dates and locations!

Yay guys, hope you enjoyed this update. Will you comment and tell me about your favorite vacation ever. It will help me make my vacation plans for next year!


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  1. Mandy K. says:

    Don’t give up on the “underwater model” shots. They display your beautifully-formed feet perfectly.

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  3. Kelcee says:

    Just wanted to comment and say that I am half Korean and I get the “Asian flush” too! Anytime I drink the tiniest bit of alcohol my cheeks get flushed. And then if I drink more it spreads throughout my whole body. It is most definitely an Asian thing and I’ve had to explain it on many many occasions. It’s a running joke between my friends that after I’ve been drinking for everyone to say “Wow Kelcee, did you just get back from the beach?!” because I legit look sunburnt. It’s crazy. I don’t experience the blindness though thank goodness. Just getting all red and splotchy.

  4. trupti says:

    Hey cassey,

    U inspires me alot… Can u pls post a video to reduce chest fat…

  5. Paola Herrera says:

    I am a single mommy of 3 . I am 33 years old and have some weight issues seeing all these pics is really inspiring you look great!!!

  6. Veda says:

    Hi everybody
    It has been a while since i’ve followed the workout calendars but i want to start again.
    The problem is, i forgot my password and can’t find a way to change it.
    Can someone help me please?

  7. Maiko says:

    I just want to say how much your blog has changed my whole lifestyle, I have never been big Ive always been tiny but Ive never been toned and now I am starting to see structure in my body and I absolutely love it.

  8. Veronica says:

    Ehy Cassey! Could you please do a stretching video for the neck? I live in very humid conditions and my neck hurts so much sometimes that I can barely move it.

  9. Alaire says:

    OMG CASSEY! I just joined the Blogilates newsletter, and I have been following the Beginners POP calendar for workouts. I just recently got engaged, and need to get toned up for my wedding! I absolutely LOVE all your videos. I used to hate working out, but watching your videos makes me motivated! You are so fun and bubbly, and you are such an inspiration! I hope that I can get on your level some day!!

  10. Vanessa says:

    I was just up the beach from you at Ocean Blue Resort!!

  11. Kelly Vetter'West says:

    I understand what you mean about customer service! I hope you do complain if you haven’t already! Last year during the ice storm here in GA, my mom (and others) were stranded at a hotel where front desk said they couldn’t hang out in the lobby without being a hotel guest. It was cold in there and when someone asked for a blanket, front desk said it was for hotel guest only. I believe my mom called corporate or the manager, but either way, how could someone be concerned about money in a situation like that? It’s sad!!!
    Off to a better note, You Look Great on that Pole!!! You’re legs are perfectly fit!!! I’ve always been interested in Pole Dancing. I tried on a friends in their house and at a bar once. Not to be sexy, but just for fun and to see what I could do, which wasn’t much btw. However, it was very fun; I’d really like to have my own in my house one day. But the mermaid pool was really cool and looked like alot of fun! I would’ve had a blast I’m sure. The beach pics were beautiful, especially now more than ever being in 30 degree weather. I hate being cold!!! And I get cold easily; even when I go on vacation to beaches, I always pack a hoodie because I know I’m gonna need it. But glad you had fun! I wish you were coming to my town, because I would love to meet you and take a class of yours. I finished with my bachelor’s in CJ back in March of last year (2014), so I unfortunately don’t have a school you can come to. I will say though, GA Highlands has a ton of events they do, that if someone hasn’t already offered them, I would check them out. They even had mud wrestling a few years back. (I went to their satelite campus on Southern Poly campus in Marietta, GA, but that have multiple campuses.) Enough with my rant; I hope to one day meet you!

  12. Raven says:

    My favorite vacation was the time my whole family went to Branson, but that was mainly because my cousins and I stayed up late every night playing BS and Tripoly. Aside from that, they have a lot of shows, including this water and light show that plays to different song. We went in the afternoon for their first show before anyone really got there and it was almost like a little private showing.

  13. Steph says:

    Much deserved vaca! BTW I have always had nothing but trouble with US Airways, they are constantly in crisis mode yet do nothing to help out inconvenienced customers. Would love to see you publicly shame them into changing their ways!

  14. Aimee says:

    Thanks for showing pole dancing in such a positive light! Not everyone realizes the kind of strength and conditioning it takes so it’s great to see you acknowledge that! We pole dancers work hard just like any other athletes/dancers/gymnasts/aerialists! <3333

  15. Karen says:

    OMG Cassey! I can’t believe you were in the Dominican Republic! You should have visited Santo Domingo! I am sure you have quite a lot of fans here! Next time, visit us!
    Much love,
    Cassey lovers from the DR. <3

  16. JenniferN says:

    My favorite vacation ever (other than Disney World) is cruising! I love being out on the open water in a giant floating hotel. And it might drive you crazy but I love not having cell service or wifi (though you can pay for it if you want it). It’s truly a break from the real world.

  17. Tara says:

    Hey Cassey!

    Your pictures look great and Punta Cana looks like a lot of fun 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your horrible experience with US Airways tho 🙁 ugh I had a very similar experience with them last year. I was leaving from St. Maarten (also warm weather, woot!) and trying to fly to Toronto with a stop over in Charlotte… but before we even took off of course US Airways decided the plane needed gas and they had to get it from PEURTO RICO, so that was a 4 hour delay and I ended up missing my connecting flight in Charlotte. The representatives were not accommodating at all, and told me to ’email a complaint.’ The flight they ended up finding for me made me fly to Atlanta -> NYC -> Toronto. I basically went to 6 airports in 24 hours. The worst part? I emailed them with a complaint and they NEVER RESPONDED. Needless to say I am never flying with them again. Hope you have better luck with filing a complaint with them!

  18. Jackie O says:

    Love the mermaid pics!! Your booty looks great in the red bikini with under the beach hut! Mine is getting there, thanks to you!!! Hope you come to St. Louis on your tour!!

  19. Anna-Kaisa says:

    One of my favorite vacations was to Koh Phi Phi in Thailand with my friend. I’ve actually been there twice, and both times were so much fun! I have to say that the second time I was a little bit disappointed to see the increase of trash on the beach (they had opened some new nightclubs on the beach which meant quite a few plastic cups and cigarette butts, ughhh ) BUT hopefully that will change because otherwise that is such a beautiful island and you can take a boat trip to the actual island where they filmed the movie, The Beach! Also you can just island hop around to other Thai island nearby so you can experience quite a few different beaches in one holiday 🙂

  20. Tami says:

    Hi Cassey!
    Thank You so much for EVERYTHING you are doing <3 You have no idea how much you helped me with making my lifestyle better. :3 I mean, it was pretty healthy before but I didn't get much exercise, because…cba. And then I found your videos!
    And you got me addicted to exercise! First it was just your videos, now I even go to group circuit classes and do exercises on my own without the vids. I also strated running, in June I could do 4kilometres with quite a lot of walking, two months later I was able to go for 8K without stopping (and walking) :))
    Ps. Also thank you for your wonderfully cheerfull snaps :3 <3

  21. Maria says:

    Hey Cassey, for your next vacation, I cannot recommend enough the Seven Stars Resort on Turks and Caicos! This place is gorgeous! My husband and i honeymooned there, and you can walk from your room to third best beach in the world in 5 minutes! The food is amazing. There’s an incredible spa, water sport activities, terrific snorkeling on the island. Plus, everyone there was so happy. We made friends with all the staff members. They were great. We had withdrawals when we left!

    Also, I’ve always wanted to take pole dancing classes. I’m sure you’ve seen this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTMjzv22FuQ video, but if not, it’s a trip! Enjoy!

  22. Julia from Denmark says:

    Omg Cassey the mermaid pool pictures are sooooo funny. I love it how you can make fun of yourself in the most humble way ever. You still look great on all the pictures though, especially the pole picture. You are such an inspiration. <3

  23. Kathy says:

    Great you had a nice trip 🙂 Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos with us! You inspire me to go swimming again XD I have a cute bright yellow bikini that I have only worn once so far.
    I can’t tell which my favorite vacation was because we only went on vacations when I was a child three times and I’ve been ill all the time… on our trip to Turkey I even had scarlatina and had to stay in hotel the first week. My mum wasn’t pleased and it was our last family holiday ever.
    But I’ve been to Barcelona with school and that was amazing!! 🙂 Just like the journey to San Diego to visit my family there. I really love US! XD

  24. Cielo says:

    Your under water pics not only made me giggle but made my night! I’ve started your beginners calender via your app. While it is super fun I also feel like a dying whale no matter what I’m doing haha. I’m hoping my mind will soon take this love/hate relationship into the the complete love zone!

  25. Hollie says:

    I’m so glad you had a good time, Cassey! You deserve it!
    As for future vacations, over the summer I went to Greece and it was the most incredible thing I’ve ever done. It’s absolutely beautiful, everywhere you look is breath taking, the culture is amazing, and the people are so warm and welcoming! You definitely need to make it there sometime!!!

  26. Atiqah says:

    You look so pretty! 😀 My favourite vacation ever was last year when I went to UK and France with my friends! I actually went to Glasgow, Scotland for school (I’m currently in Glasgow School of Art). Never in my life have I thought I’d ever step into Scotland and it WAS THE BEST! Glasgow captured my heart in so many ways possible and now I really miss it there. I went to London and Paris after that and everything was so beautiful! Now I’m back in Singapore, missing Europe so much. T_T

  27. Lisa Childress says:

    Please include Peperdine university in malibu on your national tour!!!

  28. Blair Thompson says:

    I love how healthy you look!

  29. Dani Grant says:

    Wow, Cassey! Have you mastered balancing with your hair now?! Now THAT’S hardcore!! Heheh

  30. Miguelina says:

    I can’t believe that you was in my country and I didn’t know it
    T.T you look great! ♥

    1. Miguelina says:

        I live so close to Punta Cana T.T

  31. kiwi says:

    Hi Cassy,

    I am taking a sustainable design class and everyone is changing one thing in their personal life to make
    their life more sustainable. I try to reduce the times that eating meat each week and eat as much as vegetable if I can. could you do the “healthy & easy salad dressing video” next time? like cranberry vinaigrette etc

    thank you!!!!!

  32. Mel says:

    You look like you had so much fun! I loved the trial shots for the underwater shoot! The final product was amazing. Now, I’m going to work through the Crazy Abs & Butt workouts!

  33. Cassie says:

    So glad you had a wonderful time! You look amazing in all the photos, BTW <3

  34. Sarah says:

    For that first pose, I was trying to figure out for the longest time how you were holding yourself up with your hair haha! Glad you had a great time (apart from the end) 🙂

  35. ELi says:

    So fancy!!!!
    the place look stunning and you are having a great time

  36. Monika says:

    Cassey, this is just freaky!! I booked Punta Cana hols for my bday treat in April and 20 mins later I get this email from you! Wow!!! I think it’s a sign I need to start working extra hard on that booty! 😉 you look amazing, a true inspiration

  37. Ashley says:

    Went to Cancun a couple summers ago and it was so much fun. The all-inclusive drinks were definitely my favorite; I tried a new virgin cocktail almost every day. My friends loved the trip so much that we’re going back this summer and I can’t wait to show off my new abs in my bikini thanks to you! 😀

  38. Laura says:

    My favorite vacation though I never completed it was to go to Ireland for two weeks to ride on horse back with a good friend/fiancé from castle to castle each day along the beach. You would stay at each different castle each night with a tour lavish dinner and sleep in a castle suite. Next day we would get up and travel to our next castle destinations and next day do the same while seeing many different castle architecture and enjoy all the beautiful horses and scenery along the way.
    I think it would be wonderful for you to consider taking a vaca/photoshoot that would involve horses in some way and including the beach and other beautiful venue’s would be a nice touch. Your pictures are dazzling and are beautiful your so happy in all of them to! I really believe in what you do and hope for your continued success!
    You would look stunning with horses.

  39. Tina says:

    Yellow stone national park, loved the upper and lower falls and the geysers it was such an amazing trip and also Alaskan cruise we had so much fun hiking and ziplining and it’s so beautiful and peaceful out there and the butchart garden in British Columbia :):) wow over all a wonderful trip

  40. Hi Cassey! Looks like an amazing trip. My two favorite vacations have been an all-inclusive in Cabo last year and my honeymoon at an all-inclusive in Jamaica. Both trips included a lot of food, drinks, laying by the pool and exploring. Your bathing suits are super cute! And of course, underwater modeling — no thanks! Happy Monday! I’m about to do an abs workout:)

  41. Jill says:

    Fantastic photos! I love all of the underwater shots but especially the not so perfect ones! We have all been there before with a great photo idea turning into a photo fail! One of my best vacations was travelling around Peru. Fantastic scenery, healthy fresh food, friendly people and lots of sporting activities possible including hiking and sand surfing!

  42. Mariam says:

    My favourite trip EVER was to Egypt! You should go an do pilates next to the pyramids of Giza, Cassey! It would be the bomb diggity! Go during the winter though, that is when it is most comfortable.

  43. Marla says:

    Omg, I’m so wishing I was in Punta Cana right now! My favorite Caribbean vacation was hands down Cancun. I stayed at an all-inclusive as well and loved every second of it. I don’t really do well with alcohol either, but I definitely got my money’s worth! I liked my hotel (Royal Solaris), but I am going to try another hotel next time I go. I think I can find a nicer one for a decent price. What I loved about Mexico was that there were tons of cool activities that were easy to do either on or right next to the resort. I snorkeled, swam with dolphins, went shopping, and more. You can see ancient ruins and go to different rainforest attractions too. It was honestly like paradise. And forget about the food… SO amazing. I could eat it every day. I liked Cancun better than Punta Cana, though that was amazing too. That would be my recommendation for you! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip. You so deserved it! 🙂

  44. Jenny says:

    I’m planning a trip to Cancun later this year at an all-inclusive resort too! Seeing your pictures and hearing how much fun you had is making me SUPER EXCITED for my own vacay. You always brighten my day Cassey! <3

  45. Yasmeen says:

    Wow…awesome pics Cassey…n it seems u had a lot of fun….i too really wan to go on vacation n wan to relax n hav fun…but no time….may be sometime in life sure to come to go for a vacation…love ur pics…u look fabulous…

  46. Madeline says:

    You look GREAT and so does the beach, lol. Heading over to the shop now, didn’t know you ship internationally 🙂

  47. emma leonardi says:


  48. Filisha says:

    Great work on the DVDs Cassie! You are such an inspiration and you do it all with a smile on your face 🙂 we are all very proud of you! Don’t change xo

  49. Alana says:

    I love you so much! You are the reason I decided to push myself to be in shape! I’m so glad you had fun!

  50. Ashley says:

    I knew you were on DI minivan Republic . My country is beautiful

  51. Charlotte says:

    Wow that look so fun. I want to try pole dance too. I really want to go on vacation too 🙂

  52. Julie says:

    u look amazing! <3
    but this foto isn't from America’s Next Top Model. It's Aleksanda Kuligowska, polish model. 🙂

  53. Bronwyn says:

    Favourite vacation ever was Quebec City for the first part of my honeymoon! Old Quebec is beautiful and feels European without leaving North America. The second part was in Chile, which is beautiful and it was warm then because it was Christmas (their summer). Chile’s great because the tap water is even safe to drink. Super convenient.

  54. Rachel says:

    Aah you look amazing!! in love with all these photos 🙂

    Rachel // Style Soup

  55. I want to take pole dancing! It’s so much fitness and strength to be able to hold and contort your body in the air. You look like you had the time of your life, Cassey!