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January 31, 2016


Hey guys!

You made it through the new year’s resolution month, and you’re still here. Congrats. Not too many make it this far. But you’re different. You know what you want and YOU WILL get it. You’re my type 🙂

So, you’ve earned your February 2016 Blogilates Workout Calendar! Check it out:

Feb 2016 low

Click for high res version

All you need to do is check off each workout as you go. Do it once, unless otherwise stated in the video. Max you would do PIITs twice if it is uneven on the sides in round 1. I want you guys to make sure you finish your calendars strong this month because come March, I will want you at a confident fitness level. I am planning something really good for you guys 🙂

Because Feb is the official month of LOVE, I want to dedicate our Feb to spreading GIRL LOVE. That’s why on February 1st, I want all of us to tweet, instagram or facebook post about a power girl or power woman who inspires you. Maybe it’s your mom? Maybe it’s a celebrity? An author? Your sister? Whoever it is, on Feb 1, I want all of us to take a moment and show our appreciation for the women in our lives who inspire us. When you post, make sure to use the hashtag #powergirlcrush. Let’s see if we can get it trending!

If you like spreading positive vibes, then I have the perfect challenge for you. I invite you to join me on a 14 day journey towards self empowerment and self discovery. This is the POWER GIRL CHALLENGE.


high res version

Every day for 14 days beginning Feb 1, I want you to take a photo in the pose of the day. In the caption of your pic, take a moment to journal what the hashtag of the day means to you. It could be short…it could be long…doesn’t matter. It’s however that word or phrase makes you feel. This daily practice will encourage you to take a moment to appreciate who you are, what you’re about, and dig deeper into what makes you, you.

And guess what else? I’m gonna sweeten Feb by hosting another POPFLEX contest for everyone who joins in on the challenge!

7J5A0376 2

Both outfits,


  1. Screenshot the challenge and post it on your Instagram, tagging @blogilates and @blogilatesdesigns. Hashtag #powergirlcrush.
  2. Every day for 14 days, post the pose of the day with the hashtag of the day.
  3. After Feb 14th, I will randomly pick a winner who has participated all days of the challenge.


You will win a full POPFLEX OUTFIT (top and bottom) as well as your fave Couture Yoga Mat!

Blogilates Designs Couture Yoga Mats

Couture Yoga Mat,

You can be from any country and be of any age! I cannot wait to see all of your thoughtful posts! Feb 1 we will kick it off hard and spread the girl love across the world!


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  1. Ribika Ribika says:


  2. Seryna says:

    What happens if you accidentally miss a day?

  3. mae says:

    It’s my first time trying the calendar, and it killed me… omg Cassey it’s torture!! but I love it!!

    is it possible that you make just a weekend calender for those who can’t workout on weekdays?

  4. pretzel says:

    Hey, I am so new here and really excited to try this out and of course with the clean eating meal plans.
    According to the 90-days Meal Plans
    Im so excitedddddd but i dont really like sweet potato, is it possible to change it to corn instead?
    and im not sure tilapia is available in my country, is there any kind substitute for this one?
    Lastly, according to the meal plans, there is no ingredients for taste like salt, sugar, soysauce, or any sauce. Is it okay to add some? for the taste otherwise im afraid it would be tasteless.
    Sorry for much talking here, Hope you guys can help me to figure this out 🙂
    Best luck for all of us!!!!

  5. Alexis says:

    Hi Cassie, I was wondering if you could include a stretching video with all of your daily workouts for the monthly calendars? I’ve been trying to pair the daily workouts with stretching videos you already have, but sometimes I don’t feel like they stretch out the areas that we’ve focused on.

  6. Nadia says:

    Some advice here!!!!! I discovered Cassey back when she first started I would workout every night to one of her videos that’s back before I got married and had my daughter. Now fast forward a few years I remembered Cassey and started back up with the beginners calendar back in October I actually did it for 3 months and in January I started the normal calendar. when I did the beginners calendar I felt sore after every workout and lost about 3-4 pounds in that time. Now I rarely feel sore after any of the workouts even though I know they are intense! I weighed myself and gained 1.5 pounds. I feel like I should have at least lost a pound or something I am eating clean(most days) so I didn’t expect a huge amount of weight loss but I didn’t expect any weight gain, I am quite disappointed in myself.

    1. Cindy says:

      Don’t be disappointed because of what the scale says, love your body! It sounds like you’re doing great, you are probably gaining muscle. And if you feel the workouts aren’t doing it, adjust them to make them more intense and more suited to you.

    2. shelly says:

      Hey Nadia!
      It’s actually pretty normal to gain weight as you gain muscle, muscle weighs more than the fat you may have. What really matters is the inches you’ve lost, I would take the measurements from your waist, arms, upper thighs, calves and your lower belly. That is where and how you will see improvement. Hope that helps 🙂 and way to stick with it!!

      1. Nadia says:

        Thank you I will definitely do that! that really helped! thanks I plan to stick with it! I just want to be more fit and lost some pounds, or in this case inches along the way. Thank you Shelly!

  7. Alex Ortiz says:

    I love this website sooo much, there are other apps with people who do the same stuff but u have to pay like $20.00, i am so happy that with blogilates i can reach my goals at the comfort of my own home 🙂

  8. Ali says:

    Love the HIIT days in this calendar!

  9. Bre says:

    Hii, I’m just wondering for the calendars, how many pounds do you think could be lost by the end of the calendar if you do every workout?

  10. Lumy says:

    Hi. I’m new and I can’t find how to watch the videos on the calendar. Can someone direct me, please?

    1. Isabel says:

      The workouts are in youtube, just copy the name of each one on the search bar.

      1. Stephanie says:

        Where do I find the new videos for Mondays? I looked on the app but there is a large group. How do I know which one to do? Or am I looking in the wrong place? Please help, I only have a couple days left on my beginners calendar. I don’t want to fizzle out so I want to finish the month with the regular calendar. Please and thank you!

  11. Lea says:

    Guys! I really need your help, some legit advice. I have a naturally big butt, always have and I’ve been wondering if I should do any of Cassey’s butt workouts like squats, hip thrusts, other booty challenges and videos. I do NOT want my but getting or looking any bigger O_O If anything, I want it smaller. What do you guys suggest I do?

    1. Isabel says:

      Do the squats! Your butt will become perkier and firmer and combined with cardio and clean eating it should become smaller (as the rest of your body). But most of all love your body because it’s your genetics, your heritage. And big butts are beautiful! I’m Colombian so it’s some times hard for me to understand the US obssesion with flat butts 😉

      1. Lea says:

        Thank you so much! Still working on the clean eating bit ^^” Over the years I’ve learnt to like my butt but sometimes it really brings unwanted attention. But yay for firmer butts! 😀

  12. Laura says:

    Hi, im new to this and have just started the February calendar and was wondering if we do all the workouts in one go?

  13. Yabi says:

    Hi Cassey,
    So I”m going by the monthly calendar after using the beginners one last month. So I just noticed that there are workouts on Sundays too! So do not get no rest day anymore??

  14. Julia says:

    I’m a beginner in doing the monthly workout calendar and I am literally always like ‘Oh, you know what? I can skip the last video (even if it’s just 5 minutes long) and then I won’t do it because I’m so exhausted after doing the other workout videos. How can I motivate myself to even do the last video? I think even 5 minutes can do a whole lot! 🙂

  15. talya says:

    can you guys make something like a 30 day challenge or a video for middle splits?

  16. Angela says:

    I’m new to the program. Where do I find the videos/explanations for the workouts on the calendar?

    1. Ashley says:

      You can find all of the videos on YouTube. 🙂 Just copy/paste each workout into the search bar.

  17. Ange says:

    Hey Cassey
    I love working out w you and the challenges you put together. Was curious if you could incorporate body type workouts sometime soon. I’m an endomorph and Dec workouts were really changing my body and then Jan seemed to undo the work I’d started to see. Just an idea. Thanks!

  18. Lilith says:

    Where can I enter the password for this month? I got the email, but now I don’t know how to get to the videos…

    1. Ange says:

      The password is usually in the email w the workouts.

  19. Karen HUNTINGTON says:

    Not sure if anyone reads these posts, but I posted a comment around 4 to 5 days ago and no reply.

    Never received the February Calendar. I look forward to my monthly calendar.

    Will anyone send it to me, I’ve been getting these calendars for years now.

    I am on the mailing list so I hope that someone reads this and does the right thing.


    1. Jordan says:

      Whats your email I will send it to you 🙂

  20. Ayoka says:

    I’m a first time mom and I feel horrible about my weight gain. I’m excited to shed the pounds with your fun workouts. Thanks for the share.

  21. marisela says:

    I was curious in the APP it says on some days new vid and brings up a lot lot of videos some are workouts some are informative. are we supposed to pick a video to workout with that day of our choice? or is that when we add PIIT, or if not when do we add PIIT?

  22. dana says:

    only video on mondays show up?

  23. Ivet says:

    Hello,how can I get monthly exclusive videos from last year,ea “winter cooldown” from december 2015 and others? I can ´t find it on Casseys youtube…thanx 🙂

  24. Veronica says:

    Day 3 DONE! I’m sweating a lot from this calendar February. WoW It’s so good!

    1. Veronica says:

      By the way, are there a link to post the comments of each day calendar?

  25. Em says:

    The calender looks cool! But, I wish you’d incorporate the weighted workouts into arms day. I miss those exercises. While the videos without weights are great, and probably more accessible to people, I really like the weighted ones too. There’s just something empowering about using weights 😉

  26. Martina says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I just wanted to say thank you so much! You have provided me with so much confidence, and training with you has enabled me to build a more positive mindset, and become a stronger person. For PE today at school, we did a circuit in the gym, which involved some of your moves, including ‘up up down downs’, ‘mountain climbers’, ‘burpees’ (your fave) and many more. We had 15 min to complete the circuit as many times as we could, and I managed to do it 4 and a half times! I never though I’d even complete one cycle, and as a bonus, I did not stop once, when everyone else in the class did.

    So once again, please keep it up with these workouts because they help build us both physically and mentally 🙂

  27. Lauren says:

    Hello Cassey! I have started watching your videos and following your calendar since October and I feel like I have changed so much because of you! I have not only transformed my body but I look at the world in a different perspective now. You have shared your positivity and motivation with me so now, not only when I am working out I have a different mind set but even when I am out and about. You are so inspirational! So pumped for February!

  28. Lily says:

    I have a question!
    So if I am following this calendar and I am doing one of the videos which says to repeat 4 times ect. Do I do that video 4 times or because I am doing the other videos within the February calendar I just do that video once?
    Please and thank you xx

  29. Ivet says:

    Hallo,I would like to ask,if I want video from callendars from last year,how could I get it? Cassey,thank you very very much for your positivity,smile and whole blogilates ? I started this year on january an I feel much much better and stronger…

    1. Samantha says:

      All the videos she’s ever made are on her youtube account blogilates. Hope this helps you!

      1. Ivet says:

        And what about monthly exclusive videos from last year? Are them on her youtube too? I would pay for them,if it is necessery 😉

  30. Eva Lien says:

    I really like the calendars, but I have one request:
    It would be nice if the calendars would fit an a4 so you don’t have to glue the pages together or manually scale them. The last couple of months they all fall partly on the next page…

    1. Sinia says:

      well you can tell the printer to fit the image on an A4. it might get a little out of scale but that shouldn’t matter. I did it and it works perfectly well.

    2. Kati says:

      When printing, select “fit page”, then it will automatically scale it for you and doesn’t change the ratios, so it will still look normal. Yo’ll just have some small white edges that you can cut off if they bother you.

  31. Iris says:

    Hola encantan tus videos! estoy lista para empezar el mes de febrero!!

  32. Lydia says:

    Hey Cassey!
    First thing I would like to say is that you inspire me by making feel confident in myself and inspiring me to make a change and to have a more healthy life. Thank you very much. Your workouts are definitely changing my life but also my families health life. Thank you again and I can’t wait to start the new workout calendar.

  33. Sara says:

    Myself and a friend would like to get the monthly calendars in our Blogilates App without subscribing. We would like to be able to purchase them on an individual basis rather than sign up to get each one automatically.

  34. kyleigh hankerson says:

    I love love love your workout. And have been faithful to using them for 3 years now. I have recently found out im expecting and would love if you made a pregnancy friendly total body workout. Please!

  35. Vicki says:

    I don’t mean to sound cheap and what not but is it really necessary to buy the waist trainer wo on the app? i’ve never liked making in app purchases even though its so cheap, im on a really tight budget since im a new college student thats moved out into an apt on my own and im trying really hard to not spend a single penny on things i dont need… Since this is my first month trying the monthly calender (i successfully did the beginner calendar for january!!) i was wondering if you ladies had any workout recommendations i could do in place of the waist trainer wo if i dont make the purchase in the app.

    1. Samantha says:

      I just replace it with a favorite video of mine.

    2. Usra says:

      Hey Vicki,

      Welcome to the fam !
      Sure there is no need to buy a workout, (sorry Cassey 😀 ) you can definetly replace it by anyone of cassey Ab or obliques work out. You can also try her corset workout for a slim waist.
      Good luck !

  36. Morgan says:

    Hi Cassey!

    Love the calendar, it’s beautiful. Just one question – would you recommend we do our own cardio before doing each day’s playlist? Thanks! xo

  37. Laial says:

    What time of the day do you prefer I should work out? Like do I do all of the work outs straight? Or should I do them different times in the day?

  38. Emma says:

    What time of the day do you prefer I should work out? Like do I do all of the work outs straight? Or should I do them different times in the day?

    1. Alexandra says:

      Whichever works best for you and to your liking. I like to do all of them at once but when I first started I just did half in the morning and then whatever I was able to finish before I went to bed.

  39. Chemere says:

    Question… so for the 2nd and the 16th “Waist Trainer WO” – is that something I can only do if I purchase it in the app? Thanks… I have not exercised for a while and look forward to trying to complete the whole month. The calendar is so pretty.

    1. chanee says:

      yes you have to purchase it from the app

    2. Cin says:

      The Waist Trainer WO is literally the waist workout challenge she had us do last month, I think. With the eagle abs, and double Ds, that thing. I think you can find the worksheet thing I’m talking about on her Instagram or her Facebook.

  40. Veronica says:

    Hey, guys! I’ve just finished day 1. I have a doubt: Where is ”
    **WAIST TRAINER WO**”, day 2? Can you help me?

    1. Claire says:

      The Waist Trainer WO is in the Blogilates app I believe 🙂

    2. Tracy says:

      Hey Veronica, It looks different than all of the other workouts on the calendar so that means it’s either a “new workout” that she hasn’t posted yet (but will by tomorrow U.S. time) OR it’s one of the ones you have to be on her Blogilates App to get. Hope that helps!

    3. AngelaM says:

      At the bottom of the calendar she said that the Waist trainer workout is in the Blogilates app.

    4. Veronica says:

      Thank you, guys! OMG My cell phone is old and I can’t download the app. :.(

      1. Veronica says:

        I’m trying to download iTunes for PC / MAC. This requires Window 7 or more. You can then download the app Blogilates. Maybe someone need this tip.

        1. Veronica says:

          No sucess, guys. I won’t do app exercises. :.(

  41. Lou says:

    How long do you workout if you do all videos? I usually do 30 minute HIIT workouts every day but Cassey’s videos (all the videos for the day) feel like you would work out longer? True or false? 🙂

    1. Vivien says:

      the videos for the day are about 30 – 50 minutes long 🙂

    2. muzmuz says:

      usually if you do the all of the videos… it would take you around 45 mins give or take few minutes…. that’s assuming you don’t stop for long breaks

  42. Andy says:

    Hi guys, probably a daft question, but i am new to this. To do the workouts in the calendar – do i need to go to youtube and search fir them by name as per calendar? Many thanks for your help!

    1. Vivien says:

      you have to go to her youtube channel (blogilates) there’s always a Playlist for each day 🙂

    2. christina says:

      She does the playlist on her channel for each day.

    3. muzmuz says:

      actually she doesn’t …. i checked and she only has 30th, 31st of jan and 1st of feb ^^
      it’s best to just search her workout playlist ^^

      1. Samantha says:

        I find her playlists sometimes aren’t there when I need them, so I make my own playlists for the days. I do it just like she does, but on my own channel and I do up the whole month. That way the days are always there when I need them.

  43. Linnea says:

    Have anyone seen some results from her previous workout calendar’s? 🙂

    1. jessey says:

      tbh i do other workout videos besides casseys..her workouts tend to be a bit overboard and extra lol but when i was a fitness newbie i didnt realize. when i was doing her videos solely i did see results! very little, but they were noticeable.

  44. Rawan says:

    Hey everybody !
    I’m new to the pop pilates community and I would like to ask if I can start the February calender without going through the beginner’s ? I used to do some of Cassey’s videos last year but I stopped

    1. christina says:

      I would say to try and see. I started a couple years ago with the beginner calendar, and now when ever I stop for a month because of being to busy I don’t do the beginner calendar I just do the monthly ones.
      Hope that helps.

  45. Rawan says:

    Hey everyone!

    I’m new to all this calender thing, i’ve checked the beginners calender and I’ve done some workouts from it. Also I used to do cassey’s videos about a year ago but have stopped. Anyway my question is ?:

    CanI start the February calender right away without going through the beginner’s ?
    Thank you <3

    1. jessey says:

      yea, of course you can! when i first started blogilates back in 2013, i saw the beginners workout calendar and was like “nah” because i wanted to start the monthly calendars right away, it was a struggle at first (kinda) but i was SOOO determined so i surprisingly did all the workouts and never stopped during the workout! which was sometimes bad now looking back on it..long story short, no you dont have to

  46. G says:

    Hi ladies

    About how long does each days exercises take?

    1. christina says:

      It’s generally about and hour give or take. If it’s less i’ll add some videos.

    2. jessey says:

      yea, of course you can! when i first started blogilates back in 2013, i saw the beginners workout calendar and was like “nah” because i wanted to start the monthly calendars right away, it was a struggle at first (kinda) but i was SOOO determined so i surprisingly did all the workouts and never stopped during the workout! which was sometimes bad now looking back on it..long story short, no you dont have to

  47. Jo says:

    I really enjoyed doing the challenge last month but not the monthly workout calendar, so I thought I’d give it a try in February because I always had so much fun doing your workout videos, Cassey.
    But this video from last year.. Is there anyone else who CAN’T possibly do the “oil riggers”? That move is totally killing me and I’m almost frustrated that I can’t to this. Do you think there’s anything I can do to substitute this movement until I figure out how to do this? Thanks loads in advance!

    1. Ashley says:

      Hi Jo!

      Those were super hard for me at first, too. try subbing with half cobra push ups and work your way up to one, two, or however many oil riggers at a time as you’re comfortable with 🙂 Keep working on your arm days and you’ll get there!

      In general, when I find a particular move to be really difficult, I focus on improving that move for an entire month. I allow myself to do beginner variations without getting mad at myself, and I work in as many reps of the advanced move as possible until I can do it!

      1. Jo says:

        Hey Ashley, thank you for your reply!

        I was actually in the middle of the workout yesterday when I posted this comment, and since I’ve taken several minutes’ of break in between, I could actually manage a couple of that movement! Seems like my arms were super tired after all those workout really attacking my arms.
        But I still see that I’m kind of, of course, clumsy at the move, so what I’m going to do for the entire February is that I’ll practice oil riggers everyday before I start with my daily workout – just like you said! I hope I’ll master this by the end of this month. I really appreciate sharing your tip with me, Ashley. Thank you! xx

  48. Chloe says:

    Hi, I did the beginners workout and all the vids were listed right underneath the calendar. i’m now doing the feb calendar but I’m not sure where to get the workout videos for each day?! someone help please!!

    1. chanee says:

      The February calendar will tell you what videos to do for each day. Also, on YouTube, she usually makes a playlist for that specific day; so all you have to do is click it and it will play all the videos assigned for the day. If there is no playlist, you can search each video title individually on YouTube.

      Hope that helped!

  49. Libby says:

    February is going to be wonderful! I love Cassey so much. She does all that she can to help reach our dreams and be happy! She is selfless, sincere, and smart. We can do this! Love you guys, and love you Cassey! ?

  50. Amy says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I just started doing the calendars in December (beginners calendar) and I did January’s regular calendar!

    When you make videos, can you talk about when to inhale/exhale or make it more obvious near the beginning of the move? I always seem to do it the wrong way even if it’s a move I know, then you’ll say it halfway through an exercise and I’m like “ooooh”

    1. jessey says:

      you’re supposed to inhale/exhale when ever you feel like it boo lol cassey just says that to insure you’re breathing. it can be confusing though

  51. Christy says:

    YAY!! Love these challenges! Can’t wait to see all your lovely post!

  52. Ruth says:

    I love how you are so dedicated in doing all of these. I love you, Cassey! Thank you for everything

  53. Sjyler says:

    Can we have a private instagram account and still be eligible for the contest???

    1. Skyler says:

      Sorry idk why my name is spelled wrong but please answer my question

      1. Nadia says:

        I actually believe your account has to be public

  54. Kellen says:

    Hi Cassey!!

    I am SO EXCITED for February and I really hope it will be a great month! Tomorrow I start a brand new semester of classes and I have a friend in every class which is awesome. 🙂 I really love you Cassey and I’m turning 18 next week! I hope you see this because you are my inspiration and role model in every aspect. You are beautiful and so inspiring to all women. Thank you for making everyday happier.

    Kellen <3

  55. Nicole M says:

    If I were to pay for the calendar in the app what does that get me? The videos in my phone for the month or just this list? Just curious

    1. Alyssa says:

      It gives you both the calendar and the videos in the app. So you get the calendar and the workouts are a link directly to the video. So it saves a lot of time with having to go to YouTube and hunt down the video. It’s really convenient.

    2. chelsea says:

      you would get the videos but it uses your data because it connects to youtube its actually pretty awesome and then you check mark all of the videos you have completed to let you know where you are. Honestly its pretty cheap and its a great motivation and incentive for you to finish workouts. 🙂 anyways hope you enjoy it as much as i do .

    3. Katy says:

      All the videos are automatically listed each day and you can just click and do them right there

      1. Nicole M says:

        Yeah, I thought so. This will be the first time following along.

        Still curious what the app calendar gets you haha. I may just find out tomorrow for a buck 😛

        1. Tracy says:

          I think you also get special workouts that she won’t post on Youtube.

      2. Kati says:

        You also get an extra video that is not uploaded into youtube 🙂

  56. Valentina Espitia says:

    Hi Cassey! Thank you so much for giving us this free calendars! Their are really heplful. I will look forward totaking the picture every single day. I love the daily challenges <3 . I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

  57. Kim says:

    Samantha, thank you for explaining the play list on her YouTube channel. It’s much easier now to complete the work outs. I’m new. ? Thanks again!!

  58. DeAnna says:

    TBH I am new to this I have been doing the beginner calender I am on week 2 and I love it. I feel like I get a butt whopping everyday. I feel like this is going to help me get to my goals and help to start feeling great about my self. Thanks so my Cassey.

  59. Tammy Falcon says:

    I am so excited for this Cassey!! Thank you for another month full of awesome inspiration and workouts! I love this community and I love your positivity!!! Keep up the awesome work because you are changing lives everywhere! Love ya Cassey!! <3

  60. Mady says:

    I read the blog post, and i love the calender. But am I supposed to do every workout video so like 5 workout videos a day or 4?

  61. Magdalena says:

    Hi, I have question. Sometimes Cassey says to repeat the videos for a couple times. But do you guys do that or do you just play the video once?

    1. Akmy says:

      If you r followin the calendar, doing it once is enough n just continue with the rest of videos for that day..if you r hardcore, u can do extra lol

  62. Diana says:

    Am U the only one super excited for saturday?

  63. Kat says:

    I’ve only found Cassey’s videos recently, so have been doing a few interesting ones a day so I could wait for the start of the month to begin a calendar.
    Quick question for more experienced POPsters: can you do the monthly calendar alongside the beginners calendar? Is there any modification people would recommend or to choose one over the other?

  64. Samantha says:

    Going to start my week 3 of the beginner’s calendar tomorrow! Can’t wait to start doing the monthly workout calendars in March! Thank you, Cassie! <3

  65. Samantha says:

    I feel like people don’t read these blog posts, at all. Almost all of the questions people ask are answered in the blog :/

    Heads up Cassey – I do think you should point people in the direction of your playlists, not just the channel. Many people don’t realize you do up daily playlists for the videos that day

    1. Jessica says:

      I didn’t even know about the playlist! That makes looking for the videos a lot easier.

    2. Nykole says:

      I was going to just ask that. So every day I log on to this website and the videos are uploaded on here?

    3. Veronica says:

      I’ve read and and agree with you about playlists. 🙂

  66. Becky says:

    So do the videos just go up on youtube in a playlist? Newbie at this!

    1. Samantha says:

      Yes. Go to her youtube channel and go to “Playlists” she puts all of the days videos there. Or do what I do and make your own playlists per day. That way they’re guaranteed to be there when you need them.

      1. Becky says:

        Thanks so much!

      2. Veronica says:

        I couldn’t find the list of February.

        1. Olivia says:

          Yeah, the Monday playlist is always missing the first half of the day for us in a different time zone than LA.

  67. Shannon says:

    Excited for this new calendar. I was only able to do a portion of the January calendar but it was still more than I have done physically in years. This month I will do even MORE. Cassey, you are so inspiring to this tired, overweight, mama of three. Thank you so much.

  68. Victoria says:

    What is the waist trainer workout? Is it the 30 day waist trainer challenge; if so how many reps?

    1. McKenna Luvaas says:

      It’s actually the exclusive video she has in her App every month! You can purchase it in the app for $0.99 a month! (:

    2. Alessandra says:

      Hey Victoria, I would say it is all 20 reps for each of the waist trainer challenge.

    3. chelsea says:

      if you look at the page it tells you what you need to do everyday. Its a 30 day challenge, you start off with small reps and work your way up. Its a really good challenge

    4. Abbie says:

      Hey there! The waist trainer challenge is the 30-day thing, you basically follow along and do the reps as on the challenge calendar. As for sets, they say you’re supposed to do 5, but you may wanna start with 3—I did! Good luck 🙂

    5. Kati says:

      Actually it is the video you only get when you subscribe to the calendar in the app 🙂 If you don’t, then I suggest you do any other ab video instead of that one instead, like I do 😉

  69. Alice says:

    I don’t understand… what does it mean by new video? Do you do the recentest video or… what? 🙂

    1. Fia says:

      it means that she is uploading a new workout video or something on that day to do along with the calendar.

    2. Kennedy says:

      Every single Monday she uploads a new video and that’s the one you do!

    3. Amelia says:

      She’ll upload a video on youtube that day for you to do 🙂 so for this month she’ll have a new video uploaded every Monday on her channel

    4. Georgia says:

      It means that it’s her newest video, posted that day and you have to do it 🙂

    5. Vicki Wang says:

      I think Cassey will release a new video for the month on Monday that she will like us to use for the calendar 🙂

    6. Piper says:

      she`ll come out with a new video for that day!

    7. McKenna Luvaas says:

      She posts a new workout or other video to her Blogilates channel every Monday, so that is the video you would do or just watch for that day! (:

    8. Samantha says:

      she’ll upload a new video on Sunday, and you add it into the videos for that Monday. Todays video, is the “new video” for tomorrow. It’ll all be in the playlists on her youtube channel.

    9. Mari says:

      she posts a new video those days so you do the new one she posted 🙂

  70. Hasmik Nazarians says:

    Good luck everyone ! I wish you the best month!

  71. Stacey says:

    I finished the beginner’s 2.0 calendar in January so I’m excited to get into the regular more challenging calendars now!

  72. Samantha says:

    IT’S SO PRETTY! I love getting new calendars – it means a new laptop background for the month 😀

    I’m sort of stuck for an idea though.. I want to participate in this months Challenge, but I live alone. Trying to figure out how to take those photos and get them up on instagram. I won’t add them on facebook, family doesn’t need a daily selfie of me lol. Wish the instagram site would allow us to upload photos there.

    1. Daisy says:

      Hello, I don’t think you need to take a pic of you… It says to screenshot the challenge pose and post it…

      1. Samantha says:

        Yes you do, you take a picture of yourself in the pose of the day. She says so in the blog post 🙂

        1. Deja says:

          You can put your camera on a timer and then place it on something. That way you can get in position and hold the pose and the camera will automatically take it. Or if you have a selfie stick you can put your camera on a timer as well and then put the selfie stick on a shelf or other object so it captures your whole body…hope this helps ?

    2. McKenna Luvaas says:

      Hello! Yes I had this trouble too! Trying to take a selfie of me for the last Instagram challenge was mind boggling, but I figured if I set up my phone to take a video of myself, then I just went in and took a screen shot of the pose in the video! Hope that helps!!(:

  73. Abbie says:

    Oh, squee! Yesterday, I just finished the beginner’s calendar for the first time and tomorrow I’m starting this regular one! Really excited and nervous!!

    Good luck everyone! Head up, shoulders strong 🙂

    1. Pasca says:

      Me too Abbie !
      I finished the beginner calendar this morning and I’m super excited too !
      I have already lost more than 7 pounds and I’m feeling more confident and stronger !

    2. Kat says:

      Me too! Good luck to you and everyone else! We can do this! 🙂

  74. Manu says:

    finally I have it i did jan I hope feb is going to be a good month *-*

  75. Sarah W. says:

    Hey Cassey! I didn’t receive the password for the February calendar for some reason. I’ve been signed up for it for a while now and always get the password for each month’s workout calendar. Has anyone else had this issue? I was able to receive it after signing up for your newsletters under my second email account thankfully. Love your workouts! They’ve been the only workouts that I’ve been able to stick with.

  76. Josefine says:

    Super excited for this month’s calendar! I think it’s going to be a good month!

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