Fave NEW Butt Lifting Workout + Strawberry Protein Dream Smoothie

Hey guys!

The first day of summer just happened on the weekend – it was the longest day of the year. I love it when summer is here because it means I get to be out longer, I can eat outside soaking in the warmth of the sun,  I can go out without a jacket, and I can do fun water activities…like jet skiing! Ah I love jet skiing. And kayaking! Haven’t been in so long. Must do it soon.

So in honor of summer, short shorts, and bikini bottoms, I wanted to do a fun butt lifting routine for you. This workout features my NEW FAVORITE sequence of moves that I teach in all of my Pilates classes. Check it out!


The “Cross Butt Kick” is a fun and intense move that will have you feeling your glutes very quickly. So I’m making sure that you get to do a million of them back to back 🙂 Please send this video to a friend and challenge them to see if they can finish it!!

By the way, the mat I am using is my new double cushion yoga mat from the shopblogilates.com store! You can check it out here.

Also, fave new breakfast shake of the moment is my Strawberry Protein Dream Smoothie!

strawberry protein dream

RECIPE for 1 serving:

– 4 large strawberries (plus 1 to top with!)
– 2 tablespoons of non fat Greek yogurt
– 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
– 1/2 banana
– 1/2 cup of skim milk
– 5 ice cubes



If you make these, please tag me on Instagram @Blogilates so I can see it! Now when I say tag, I mean tap the picture and tag me. When you write a caption and put for example “@blogilates this was yummy” I don’t see your post. You can do that and also use the hashtag #blogilates too. That way I will not miss it for sure! I wanna be able to see your photo, like, and comment on it 🙂

Well have a FABULOUS start to your LAST week of #reJUNEivate!!! What do you want to call next month’s calendar? Any ideas for July?

<3 Cassey


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  1. Ashley says:

    I just love these drinks! Please post more recipes like this!!!!

  2. Brittany says:

    Hi Cassey,

    What type of vanilla protein powder do you recommend? Can’t wait to try this!!

  3. Brittany says:

    Hi Cassey,

    What type of vanilla protein powder do you recommend? I can’t wait to try this shake it looks great!

  4. Butt targeting exercises are some of the best!! The kind that make you grunt from the pain and when you’re done you feel like you’ve worked out like crazy. As always, your energy is so contagious! I hope to meet you someday since I’m in the LA area too, hehe.

  5. Katie says:

    yay… I’m looking so forward to this 🙂 After an injury I had to stop and well, in the beginning I really was upset about it but then I got super lazy and couldn’t start again. But NOW it’s the time!

    By the way, you mentioned Kombucha in a posting – could you write a little more about it? Do you make your own Kombucha at home? Do you have any good and fancy recipes? I do have my own Kombucha and it works great 🙂


    1. Emily says:

      How do you make your kombucha? Is it hard to do?

    2. Emily says:

      How do you make your kombucha? Is it hard to do?

  6. Nikki says:

    Hey Cassey! Thanks so much for posting so many amazing and spectacular videos! I am obsessed! I was just wondering whether you have ever traveled to Minnesota for Pilates. Will you ever come (back?)
    I would love so much for you to come to Minneapolis! Please do!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much again for all your inspiration and determination that helps me get through your thorough and fantastic workouts!

  7. Sanji Sharma says:

    Hey Cassey!

    Just wanted to let you know how much you’ve changed my life over the past couple years; both physically and mentally. I used to be quite overweight up through middle school; I changed that as soon as I entered high school and found you! I am now healthy, fit, and overall happy! I recently decided to take out all sodas from my eating habits, and now they don’t even taste good to me, and instead I drink plenty of water and healthy smoothies (love this one by the way). This is getting kinda long but I just wanted to say thank you for being my inspiration and motivating me to be fit, I wouldn’t be who I am if it weren’t for you. Love you Cassey!! <3

  8. Sha Sha says:

    How about for the July Calendar…”Aim High July”

  9. Yomna rady says:

    Can I substitue fresh strawberries with frozen ones and exclude the ice? :)xx

  10. Sha Sha Y says:

    A name for the July calendar ….hmmm “Aim High July” its got a nice rhyme
    and fits the holiday and our fitness goals 🙂 whatcha think?

  11. Marie RS says:

    Call next month´s calendar: fabJULYous 😀

  12. Kathy says:

    hey Cassey!
    I saw your photo on tumblr of your headstand. Congratulation!! 🙂
    now I wonder in which environment are you training yourself new skills? nature? a quiet room? with inspiring music?
    thanks so much for sharing your improvements, new workout videos and all the good stuff, your positivity that makes me smile every day!

  13. Angela T says:

    Jump for July!
    Lots of cardio and maybe legs? Since we’re jumping haha

  14. I love this workout!

  15. Vicky says:

    This workout is great? Maybe you can do another workout for butt or legs butt longer? or cardio kickboxing workout it will be great 🙂

  16. Sandy says:


    Need to do this everyday before my daughter’s bacholorette cruise!! No saggy mama butt!

  17. Julie Smith says:

    Hey Cassey! I’d like to thank you for creating blogilates! May you continue to inspire and push us to do better everyday. You changed our lives. I’m really trying to include more fiber in my diet. Thanks again!

  18. Mandii says:

    Hi Cassey! (or any POPster who may know the answer to this question), since the strawberry smoothie is very similar nutrional fact-wise to the daily protein shakes on the 12-week meal plan, can we replace a few with the strawberry version? I know the plan says “don’t stray” and so far I’ve been doing ace at that…but just wondering if I could perhaps mix it up to try this out =) Thanks!

  19. Shauna says:

    I only have almond milk… I’m debating on trying it in this smoothie anyway because it just looks so good!

  20. Jenn says:

    The smoothie looks very good! I too use almond milk. I also just started adding in cacao for a chocolate twist 🙂

  21. Jordina says:

    This movements really make mu butt B U R N!
    I would love to try to make that smoothie.. However I am not sure about which protein should I take! I have seen many girls using the Fitness Gurur but I believe it is too expensive for a low budget student like me 😛 I considered buying a protein from the Supermarket which is more affordable but I am not sure about its quality tho.. Does anybody have any recomendation?

    1. Elana says:

      I use pure brown rice protein. I don’t know if they have this brand where you are, but it’s MLO. I like it a lot because it just kind of disappears into whatever you put it in, so you can use it for sweet things like smoothies or even savory things like soups. It’s easy to digest and inexpensive; I think the canister I bought was about $15. It has no flavor to it so it goes with everything. Good luck! 🙂

  22. Great work, i like your post very much..

  23. Kacy says:

    Ah, I loved that! AND I love those shorts!! Those are too cute.

  24. Joanna says:

    bootyful jewel-ly! let’s have a calendar to lift and tone up our booty for those cute summer shorts! (;

    1. crystal says:

      i love the workoutss to

  25. Asha says:

    No Shy July.
    And don’t you have a workout video called No Shy Thighs? We could do that every week, if you do 🙂

  26. Nice smoothie!! I would also add Chia seeds and chill for ten minutes

  27. Tara says:

    Hey Cassey! I have been following your calendar for over a year now and it’s incredible how much my body has changed! I used to be a dancer but had to quit for personal reasons and felt lost without it. I was still trying to stay active but my body wasn’t looking how it used too when I danced. I kept putting on weight no matter what I did, then I found you! I am even in better shape then when I was dancing and I look forward too working out everyday. I don’t have any ideas for the name of next months calendar, but I would love the focus to be on the upper body! I know in a previous workout video you said not very many people request upper body workouts, but I would love to work on my posture and my arms. As you have mentioned before, your posture changes the way your whole body looks and yours arms really show you are serious about working out. Not only that, but our arms are one of the most visible parts of us (It least where I Ilive, where it’s cold most of the year and we bundle up). Is there any other popsters out there who would love to have the calendar focused on upper body???

    1. Anna says:

      Yesyes I do! 🙂 My arms are week and I really want to get stronger arms! I want to work out my back also 🙂

    2. Vero says:

      Me too! I used to be a dancer, but was injured, and can’t really do it so much now. I love Blogilates because it’s such a great workout with low impact. I’d love to see more back work next month, but I trust the next calendar will be great.

    3. Rachel says:

      I’d love some more upper body workouts too! I feel like I neglect my arms and I’d like them to look more kick ass! 🙂

  28. Allison says:

    Can’t wait to do this workout tonight! Do you know if your yoga mat is latex-free? I’m in the market for a new one and want to buy yours, but I’m severely allergic to latex. Thank you for the info!

  29. Maria says:

    That smoothie looks the BEST. But what if you don’t have protein powder???

    1. Elana says:

      Peanut butter or almonds are good options 🙂 even the milk has protein in it.

  30. Kathy says:

    did you guys ever feel so sore you couldn’t even move your butt doing grasshopper-curls?
    because I am!!! I did Saturdays’ workout yesterday and I don’t know why. I didn’t even do all of it. Just the Sexy legs workouts and drive by inner thighs and some ab workout cause I felt like that but today I am in pain everytime I try to get up and I wanted to do todays workout. I managed to get through the abs, but butt on fire. Geez I got cramps in my butt while circling. I hope I can do the new video tomorrow (also I’ll have more space tomorrow and won’t be in fear of crashing my foot against my cupboard, again).
    to cut it short: My butt is totally on fire!!!! oh and that smoothie looks really yummy o___o

  31. Roxanne says:

    July calendar should be – July to me? July to yourself! Werk it!!! It should be featuring lots of fun dance workouts with a different main focus each week… Abs, arms, butt, thighs, back, etc. 

    Or July Intensify!  

  32. Kyra says:

    For the smoothie, what would be the best substitute for bananas? I know they’re really good for your body and all but i just really really can’t stand the taste of them so…what else could i use?

  33. Katie P. says:

    This isn’t really the right place for it, but is it possible for you to add a stretching video every day to the next month schedule? In one of your other videos you mentioned that we should stretch before every workout, but I always forget and go right into the hour long workout each day. I’m not sure how many different stretching videos you have, so adding one to the top of each day’s list of videos to do would be a great reminder.
    Thanks for creating Blogilates, planning (and filming) videos for each day of the month, and especially for being a great trainer! You’ve definitely changed my life–I love the way I feel–strong and healthy–and the confidence I’m learning to feel about my own body.

  34. Nicole Rae says:

    Ideas for July!
    Jumpin’ July, New Thighs July, Jammin’ July ^.^

  35. johnna green says:

    i just did this move! It’s so good. Here is my fave Pilates Butt lifting workout to do at home- It takes less then 3 minutes and works! You can even do it when your doing the dishes- Click on the link below

  36. Sara says:

    Hi Cassey, does it make a difference to do without the vanilla protein powder for the smoothie?

  37. Kate says:

    Looks very yum!!

    By the way, does anyone have any recommendation for protein powder? Brand, etc?

    1. Elana says:

      MLO rice protein powder 🙂

  38. Anna says:

    HI! Can you please have a “shoulder and back day” in the callender? I would love to sculpt my back and get those nice lines for bikini season!! Thank you for doing your calendars, I love them! Btw I was wondering if the cardios you have in the calendars are enough for me to burn fat (I dont want to loose weight but I want to see my muscles, you know) or do you suggest doing jogging feat the workouts you give me? Thank you for your amazing work ♥

  39. Elana says:

    Wow, that smoothie looks great! I cannot wait to try it! Just tried the banana pancakes the other day and I’m amazed. Excited to try this new workout too! 🙂

    I have a question I need help with 🙁 I’ve been doing Blogilates calendars for a couple of months or so now ( I did the beginners’ cal, then finished off the last 2 weeks of May, and have been doing June’s calendar,) but instead of getting thinner and leaner, I have gained inches! 🙁 I’ve gained an inch around my bust and waist and TWO inches around my butt! I have really cleaned up my eating this month – I was healthy before but I cut out refined carbs. I have 1 YOLO meal per week. I don’t count calories; I try to go by how I feel and if I’m full. I haven’t had the chance to weigh myself recently either. Can anyone help, or does anyone have any advice? Cassie, have you heard of this? For reference, I’m 5ft tall and 105 lbs.

    And while I’m posting, also, the bridge exercises really hurt my lower back. Any tips or explanations for that?

    Thank you Cassie for motivating us and being such a positive force! I appreciate all of your encouragement during workouts.

    1. libby says:

      Perhaps you are gaining muscle in areas that had limited muscle before? You are pretty petite, so that is the only explanation I can think of.

      1. Elana says:

        Haha thank you! I do hope I’m gaining muscle.

    2. Nicky says:

      I’d start out by counting your calories. You might be eating more than you realize. Things add up quickly. Also, consider what you’re eating and when. Even if you eat fewer calories that you use in a day, if you eat Carbs and don’t burn them off before going to bed, then they’re still going to store in your body as fat while you sleep. Try doing some cardio first thing in the morning before you eat anything – jogging, jump rope, swim, dance, jumping jacks, etc. That way you’re burning fat right away because you have very little to no carbs in your body to use for energy. Don’t over-do it and make yourself sick, though. Eat more protein and fiber so that your body feels full on fewer calories – fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat meats or beans, unprocessed whole grains.

      1. Elana says:

        I usually do the calendar workout first thing a.m. before I eat. I have added more cardio because I think you’re right about needing it (I wasn’t doing anything but the cal the last two weeks). And I’m trying not to over-stuff myself at dinner time, and spread my eating out more. I only eat whole grain bread or brown rice, etc, once a day and the rest of it is things like quinoa, vegetables, fruit, and meat. I am a meat lover but only eat it 3x a week or so; the rest is fish, nuts, chicken, or eggs. Thank you for your thorough and helpful reply! I finally feel like I’m seeing better results/not stuck anymore after adding cardio and spreading out my eating instead of stuffing myself at the end of the day.

  40. Savija says:

    Love the cross butt kick but my wrists are getting weak…is there any way I can do it without kneeling down?

    1. Nicky says:

      I think you can go down onto your elbows as a modification, or try to ball your fists instead of hands flat on the floor.

  41. Nicky says:

    Ideas for the July Calendar:
    JulyThighs, hi-fi-July (hi=high intensity, fi=fitness), jazzedJULY, unjellifyJuly

    1. libby says:

      I like the hi-fi July idea!

  42. That strawberry smoothie looks amazing! I usually use almond milk for my smoothies so I’ll probably use that instead of skim milk. I can’t wait to do your new workout video tomorrow!

  43. Grace says:

    Love you Cassey!! <333