FAQs about the 90 Day Challenge & Meal Plan

FAQs about the 90 Day Challenge & Meal Plan


If you have additional questions, please ask below!!! These were the top ones 🙂

Oh and make sure you get towards the end. There’s something about Tone It Up in there.

OH! And will you please sign up for the *NEW* newsletter? Last time I had SOOOOOO many problems sending out the original meal plan, as you probably know. Only like 15% of you guys got the email. So I shopped around for a super reliable provider that could handle a TON of emails. It’s the last time. I promise! Will always be sending out meal plan updates and giveaway winners in there! Thank you 🙂

<3 Cassey

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  1. Rachel Loehr says:

    I am currently doing the 90 day journey for the first time! I was wondering what meats could work instead of tuna for the tuna spinach salads? I really can’t stand tuna. 🤣

  2. Le says:

    Help! I noticed that the omnivore recipe shows it has 326 calories but vegan Mayo alone has 70 cal per tbsp and you put 1/2 cup in the recipe. This is well over the calorie count! Is it a typo????

    1. Le says:

      Oops I left off which recipe: the coconut shrimp

  3. Hayley Bailey says:

    Hey, I was wondering what the average cost weekly was for the meals or average cost per meal? Thanks!

  4. Svetlana says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I was wondering, what is the difference between the 28 Day Reset meal plan and 90 Day Meal Plan? I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you

    1. blogilates says:

      Hey Svetlana! They are different meals and the 90 Day Meal plan has calorie and macro information, too if that’s something you’re interested in! Hope that helps 🙂

  5. Alexandrea B says:

    Hey Cassey!
    so I have been doing your blogilates calendars for a wile now, but I haven’t done any of your diets yet! want to try them but I have a questions. My family is a big hunting family so we have a plethora of wild game meat such as elk and deer. Wild game is an extremely lean meat, unlike pretty much all other red meats. I was wondering if I can substitute the chicken breasts in the diets for a few ounces of elk meat? hope to hear from you!

    Thank you!

  6. Abbee says:

    Hey Cassey! I was wondering if I am planning to workout around 5:30 then should I drink the protein shake as meal four and then just eat the cottage cheese after my workout or should I switch it up to have the protein shake after my workout? Thank you. You are so sweet.

  7. Nicola says:

    Hey, I was just wondering a couple of things, first off, my boyfriend is doing this with me but he is literally allergic to fruit 🙁 , so we were wondering about any substitutions for that? Secondly, I was wondering if we are allowed to move the meals around like, if I do my workout in the morning, can I have my protein powder then? And secondly if I do my workouts in the morning, then does that mean that I have to wait 2-3 hours before having breakfast? 🙂

  8. Gemma says:

    Hi Cassey! I have recently discovered your blogs and find them very motivational! I’m going to try these amazing-looking meal and workout plans. But I was wondering if the meals would be ok on their own if I didn’t end up doing all the exercises or whether the protein intake would be too high? Also, how much sleep do you recommend each night if the plan is followed? Looking forward to your response 🙂

  9. Vera says:

    Hi Cassey! Is it necessary to eat every 2-3 hours even if you’re not hungry? And can baked potatoes be a sub for sweet potatoes sometimes? Thanks for spending time on answering so many questions! Greatly appreciate your efforts!<3

    1. blogilates says:

      No reg potatoes will not sub. Try ur best to eat every 2-3 hrs to keep ur metabolism up if ur following the plan.

      1. Vera says:

        ok thanks!

  10. Rana says:

    Hi! I noticed that the vegetarian option has way less protein than the regular meal plan. Will a person following each of those lose the same amount of weight/benefit the same from the meal plan? thanks!

  11. sooyoung says:

    hi cassy i really enjoyed with your videoes i want to go with 90 days challenge but iam late and i want to know if i could start the next week and also i live in small village and iam afraid that i can t find all the meals composer and about the otmeal our supermarket does not contain lot of quantity so iam afraid that i can t find it someday.finally i want to ask you is it ok to change some of the food in the meal and it has the same calories .please i hope to reply on me i really need to do this diet.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Haha! I totally thought Disqus was pronounces “disk-us” rather than “discuss”.. well that makes a whole lot of sense! What a clever name. 😛

  13. Elena says:

    Thanks for “pushed me” )

  14. Shelby says:

    Hi Cassey! I’m loving the meal and workout plan so far! I just have one question, should I be worried about calcium intake on the meal plan? It looks like there’s a couple servings a day, but since my grandma had osteoporosis I’ve always been concerned with getting an adequate amount. Thanks!

    1. blogilates says:

      The protein powder, cottage cheese, almonds, broccoli etc all have calcium in them. If you’re concerned, you can sub the lettuce for Kale! Thanks for asking.

  15. Mary says:

    Would Salmon be an option in the meal plan? I notice the subs are white fish so I just wanted to make sure before I go shopping.


    1. blogilates says:

      Salmon is a fatty fish. It is ok to sub it maybe once a week as a source of protein.

      1. Mary says:

        Alright I think I’ll skip that then. I really appreciate how you take the time to get back to all of our questions/concerns. It truly means a lot Cassey. Can’t thank you enough for all that you have helped me with!

  16. Tina B says:

    I love the Meal Plan you created. I already follow this kinda of meal plan. I have lots of food allergics. I was wondering could you give a different type of post workout meal. I can’t have dairy, soy or nuts. I am always trying to find a post workout meal to hold me over till I have I dinner.

    Thank you so much for all the work you put into this challenge!! I hope I can fit in my dream wedding dress after finishing this challenge.

    1. blogilates says:

      OOOH!! Wedding! Exciting!!!! Pick a protein and carb combo like nuts and fruit!

  17. Sher says:

    I put my daily workout routine check-in with TIU, and put that I do your videos! I adore Karena & Katrina!! I can’t wait to see what your secret is!!! I’m going to setup my tumblr blog!

  18. Marthie D says:

    Just wanted to let you know Cassey that Nux has a sale on ideeli!!


    I just bought the Serena Roll Over Capris! I remember watching them in your Jillian Michael’s workout dress up video!

    1. blogilates says:

      OOHHHH!!! Thank u!

  19. Margaret says:

    You are so funny and cute! I’m waking up for work and was thinking.. is it sad that I actually enjoy watching this? Haha. Anyways, I am also 5’5 and stay between 118-122 typically. 122 is about the highest I’ve gotten, so I think we’re around the same size. I have already lost about 3-4 pounds from the first morning I weighed myself. I really want to lose some of my extra fat and replace it with something more pretty. 😉 Feeling great!

  20. Maud says:

    I can’t believe you’re gonna make up dates on the meal plan for us!! I mean, you already did an amazing job with the plan as it is now, and you still agree on spending more time on it??!! You really are an amazing person!I can’t wait for getting better and start the plan! thanks for everything you’ve done for us and for being soooooo helpful!

  21. Gwgw Sourouni says:

    Hey there Cassey!Thanks for sorting out all theese things for us~ while watching your vid i drunk 0,5 Litre of water haha!And i didn’t even notice:P
    The water intake is giving me hard time.I can’t drink more than 2 litres per day (before mealplan i don’t know if i was drinking even 1L) by now i think today is gonna be a little more=progress:).I look forward to the day that i won’t be paying so many visits to the bathroom though!!
    Thx for everything~

  22. Carine says:

    Subscribed to the newsletter. Thanks for sharing the meal plan with everyone. I have always been able to stick to workout plans but never to meal plans! So what I plan to do is incorporate some of the meal ideas into my current diet 🙂

  23. Elocin says:

    Thnx for the new newsletterprovider 🙂
    I would love to know how the vegans changed the mealplan! Please please share!

    1. blogilates says:

      It’s in the last last column, but yes, vegans should share what they did differently!

  24. Marthie D says:

    ooops: htpp://fitnomenal.tumblr.com

  25. Marthie D says:

    and speaking of following a tumblr popilates fan, you can here for me: http://fitnoamenal.tumblr.com

  26. Marthie D says:

    signed up for the newsletter! and ECSTATIC about TIU! I love them and of course you too Cassey =)

  27. Mary says:

    Yay I’m finally subscribed. I just received the confirmation e-mail. So excited to hear you mention Tone It Up. I <3 their work outs as well. Hmm does this mean a possible collaboration workout??

    P.S. Yesterday I did the arm workouts and the back work out … Today= sore and could definitely feel it but I love it!!

    1. blogilates says:

      Haha maybe!!! And good work! Sore is beauty.

  28. Libby says:

    Cassey, you’re gorgeous 🙂

    About the acne thing, just want to add not to be discouraged if your skin flares up a bit initially or from time to time. I’m acne prone anyway, and my skin can be awful when I lose weight (not certain why, but perhaps because toxins can be stored in fat and are released when you burn through the fat). If I keep drinking loads of water and eat low GI foods my skin settles back down again (but yeah it sucks in the meantime). So don’t panic, it’s just temporary!

    1. blogilates says:

      Awwww you are! Thanks for the acne mention.