Eew don’t call me an “influencer” | Day 6 of 90

Yesterday I got a call from BuzzFeed asking to be interviewed about my 90 Day Journey. It’s truly amazing how “controversial”, “shocking”, and apparently newsworthy me wanting to lose some pounds and shed some fat is. Quite frankly, I was a bit hesitant to take the call. I wasn’t sure how they were going to twist my story and possibly turn it into me being some sort of anti-body positivity extremist or something…


I took the interview anyway.


The 90 day journey is about me doing things that make me scared and uncomfortable – especially when it comes to other people’s judgments of me. This journey is not only supposed to help me shed fat…it’s also to help me shed fear.

So, I took the call, and now – not only is there a BuzzFeed article…

…there’s a DailyMail one too.

I’ve read both articles and am proud of myself for not crying or backtracking. Both make the whole 90 day thing sound really dramatic but the truth is, the majority of you guys are in support of my journey. And those that weren’t already left. I know this because I saw a decrease in followers the day I posted my before pic on IG. But I am glad it’s sparking a good discussion around very taboo topic.

You know, it’s interesting being an internet celebrity…you become someone who people want to talk about…someone who gets dissected apart by strangers…someone who is judged constantly for everything you do, everything you say, everything you don’t do, and everything you don’t say. I guess that is what comes with the role of being a public figure.

I had ZERO intention of becoming an internet celebrity when I posted my first YouTube video in 2009, but now that “star” power is kind of all that defines me when any media outlet describes me. It is weird being what they call…an…”influencer.”


I shudder at that word!

It is such a soulless term that the advertising and media industries created to describe internet celebrities who could push product. No longer defined by our expertise or our profession but by the number of followers we have and our ability to persuade people to buy things, the term leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. When I hear “influencer” I immediately think – pretty girl with perfect skin posing with a product she doesn’t even use looking at the camera with her mouth half open. Caption usually includes a discount code.

To understand why this term bothers me so much, let’s dive into it’s core definition.

According to Google, to be an “influencer” is to be someone who has the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Umm so basically, if all you call me is an “influencer”, you’re saying that my entire mission in life and my entire career boils down to me being able to persuade people to act how I want them to act – no matter what my background is, what my education is, what my profession is, what my beliefs are, or what my expertise is. This pretty much means my core mission as an “influencer” is to make people buy things…That means my worth is equal to the amount of products people end up purchasing. And if I can’t make em purchase anything, then it means I no longer have influence, which means I am no longer, by definition, an influencer, which ultimately means I can no longer get paid to pose soullessly with products that I don’t even use 🙂

That’s why I hate it when brands, ad agencies, and media outlets call me an “influencer”!!! AGGHHHHHHHHHH.

I am a CEO. An Entrepreneur. A Creator. A Founder. A Pilates Instructor. A Fashion Designer. A Fitness Blogger. I am not a soulless product pusher! Nor would I ever take a deal just to make money and risk my relationship with you guys. You’re my friend. And that means I would never do anything to exploit our friendship because I genuinely care about about our future together! Like – do you guys think YouTube will still be around when we’re 80? Will we be doing senior citizen fitness together??? Cuz that is what I am hoping for 🙂

To be clear, there is absolutely no hate for my peers who make a living on social media. I think it is amazing that our generation can make a decent (and sometimes way more than decent) income by doing what they love on the internet instead of being chained to our parents’ generation of corporate ladder climbing. But for ad agencies and media outlets to boil our identities down to “influencers” – it makes me feel like my expertise and profession aren’t as important as my effectiveness on a billboard.

If you’re an “influencer” or thinking of becoming one, just remember this: ask yourself what VALUE you want to bring to your audience. What would they call you if they couldn’t call you an “influencer”? Is the value you bring to the table the value of entertainment? Education? Tools for something?

Don’t become an influencer to just to influence. Don’t become famous just to be famous. Don’t make money just to make money. Have a mission and have a vision that allows your hard work to create real impact on people – hopefully positive. That will always guide you in the right direction when it comes to choosing your next step…or choosing your next brand deal.

Ha, you know what’s gonna be weird?

I know Sam will get some emails from brands tomorrow, and knowing that most of them will probably not have read this article, they will most likely still refer to me as influencer. What do you think, should I link this article in my signature and kindly suggest they read it OR ELSE?? Hahahaha.

ANYWAY!!!! Enough about influencers.


I am really happy that I’ve been getting to color in that happy face circle recently in my Fit Journal. This whole 90 day journey has me feeling pumped and excited! I hope this feeling stays around for the entire 12 weeks. If it doesn’t, I’ll just need to switch up my workouts and my food! We shall see. I am keeping a close eye on my feelings daily.

Yesterday I went to take a workout class with Brittney and Laurel from the Blogifam! We all love ClassPass so we are trying to take a new workout class together every week. I’m so happy when we get to work out together. Brittney is our graphic design extraordinaire and Laurel is our social media queen! (But don’t worry I still run the Blogilates related stuff, so if you get a comment from me, it is actually me :))

We took a HIIT class nearby and it was SO HARD!!!! My heart rate got up to 173 BPM (thanks Apple Watch, obsessed with looking at you while I am dying) and I was sweating for reals! Brittney and Laurel said it was hard but not that hard, but I thought it was REALLY HARD. It was 2 min on and 25 sec off. But like, 2 min on!!??? I felt like I couldn’t go that hard because I was conserving my energy so I wouldn’t stop! The instructor noticed that and came over to me and said…FASTER!!!! Hahahaha.

For lunch I had cauliflower rice with shawarma chicken, mushrooms, and match chile peppers. I made a large batch earlier in the week, so still going through it.

Had it with some butter lettuce on the side. Butter lettuce is seriously favorite. The Trader Joes ready to use version is my absolute fave. I get 4 bags every time I go to the store. They are $1.99 each.

Snacked on some more brie cheese and thai chili almonds for post lunch munchies. Anyone else get those? We have a micro kitchen with free snacks in the office and usually around 3pm I reach for chips or something, but I’ve been staying on track with my Lazy Keto because I come PREPARED!!!! That is the key people. Prepare yourself for any weaknesses and you will be ok when temptation strikes.

For dinner, we ordered in from a place that unfortunately wasn’t that good. My trout had tiny bones everywhere, and the “roasted veggies” I ordered on the side ended up being a bunch of potatoes. Luckily they gave us teeny sides of cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, and baba ganoush (eggplant puree) which I just found out is totally keto friendly!!! I will def be making this soon. OMG I love eggplants sooooo much!!! I added in some butter lettuce for more veggie intake.

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  1. April says:

    Love ya plain and simple keep being u no matter what anybody else thinks if ur happy and healthy then that’s all that should matter. Like u said b the best u. Ur looking as if ur glowing from the inside out. I’m from a small town in Wisconsin farm country wish some day to meet my roll model❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  2. Saraahx says:

    I skipped that blog post so I’ll go ahead and comment it. I do think of you as an influencer in a positive light because you influence me to make better choices for myself. You do to so many of us and I find it wonderful! But after reading your post, I understand where you are coming from. You actually encourage me, make me better, make me stronger, teach me that I’m more than my body even on days where I’m disgusted with it. In that case, “influencer” is reductive, indeed. By the way, the definition made me laugh. It was on point hahaha! I still think of you as an “influencer” nevertheless but in a good way, which does not mean that I will say amen to everything you say or do, but rather that I recognize your expertise, your knowledge, your experience, your hard work, your kindness and compassion guide me . At the end of the day, we’re all responsible for our actions. So if some people can easily influence and manipulate us, we also should take time to reflect and wonder why they would want to push us in a certain direction

  3. katie says:

    I get why you don’t like the term, but you aren’t NOT an influencer just because you would like to not be, or because you call yourself something else. I think you should definitely be allowed to go on this journey of fitness and weight loss if it feels right for you, but doing so publicly with a large audience means that you ARE influencing a lot of people, and you have to also take responsibility for that. You can still do it, I’m not anti-weight loss at all, just don’t pretend like you are completely disconnected from your audience and from the “influencer” tag because that would suit you better. You have to be aware of what massages you send out and wether they could be harmful, even if this journey isn’t harmful to you, because you’ve chosen to undertake it in front of an audience and with an audience comes responsibility.
    I’m not saying not to do it, I’m just saying to be aware and mindful how you do it.

  4. OdinAllfurther says:

    I can imagine the influencer tag comes with a lot of negative connotations but it doesn’t have to. Your followers aren’t mindless. I choose to be influenced by people who make me feel good, who inspire me and who has expertise in what they’re talking about. You’re not influencing me to buy anything. You are influencing me to have a healthier relationship with my body. You are influencing me to make time in my day for fitness and to get stronger. I equate influence with inspiration and I’m grateful for you.

  5. Kailyn Michelle says:

    I’m one who is very hard on myself and has withdrawn from wanting to teach something that has always meant a lot to me but I’ve also dealt with an eating disorder too and am still dealing with bullies to this very day I constantly feel numb and the one person who reminds me to stay strong and remember to love my body when I want to hate it and to stop shaming it down and to better than I was yesterday is you You made this happen for yourself cause you didn’t give up when times got tough I did and when I look at that it’s a constant reminder that if I want to try to teach again – I can. You do influence others whether you like it or not – you do and there is no reason to be so afraid Just look at how many of us there are Whatever happens we will all have your back You’re only human Let is help you every once in a while Don’t be so afraid to open up to us We’re family here and we love you very much

  6. sheaborton says:

    this made me love you 100% more.

  7. Anaïs says:

    I feel you not wanting to call yourself an influencer is hiding from responsibility a bit… Whether you influence to sell or you just influence period, you are an influencer and that comes with a responsibility. This article explains a lot on why you don’t understand the issue of the weight loss journey. I feel you just don’t get how this kind of thinking slowly shapes mind and contributes to how people feel about their bodies. I hope you will end up understanding how your weight loss journey and the weight loss journey of a non-public individual are different.

  8. Ry says:

    I first did a blogilates workout with my mom and sister when I was about 8 yrs old, I still tune in to the yt/blog now at 18, and I’d love to keep up at 80!

  9. Sigrid says:

    I totalt understand your perception on the term “influencer” and I totally agree – you are so much more than that! Also, I have been following this blog since it started….and I absolutely LOVE to have the old Cassey back with true and insightful posts like this one!

  10. Emmi89 says:

    Oh Cassey~ ♡♡♡ When I think of you as an influencer I have only thought of it in positive ways. You have a POSITIVE influence on so many women (and men? hehe). You have helped people build character through confidence and strength, you have helped people develop themselves and encouraged them to pursue their dreams and goals, and you have helped people change their body negative behaviour. You are an influencer, but not how you seem to believe. You are an influencer in all the most positive senses of the word possible. ♡♡♡

  11. Pamela says:

    I would love to do “Senior Fitness With Cassey Ho in 2060!” When we get to be seniors (I’m a few years older than you are)! I wonder how your designs and art will evolve in 30 years? Love from a loyal fan <3

  12. Portia says:

    I never knew what baba ganoush was, just that I loved to say it and eat it. So thanks for that Cassey.

    Also, I wouldn’t call you an influencer. Like, you were around before that word even existed. And you’ve never been just about selling stuff to the masses. You actually do bring something of value to most of your followers, so I wouldn’t put you in the “influencer” category. And you post free workouts! And recipes! And other awesome content! I completely understand why you would want to distance yourself from the word because you’re not one.

  13. A says:

    I thought you’re lactose intolerant…

    1. Livy-Lou says:

      let her be!!!

  14. Valerie says:

    Yeah you should definitely reply to influencer emails with link to this post! 😀 Go girl! <3

  15. Laura says:

    Personally I think everyone has influence on someone by how they react, do things and what they say. My mom has influenced me, my friends, teachers, classmates and even my hairstylist. How people do and react has me thinking about if it’s correct or like Wow, I want to be more friendly as her. Sometimes you probably don’t even know that someone influences you by what they do or don’t do. It’s difficult to describe as a non native speaker. I actually don’t like the word influencer too on the internet. But everyone is an influencer, there are ones that influence people more than others. But how you influence peole is a good way to do it. You don’t put an idea in my mind like that is goog and wrong. You give me space to think and have an opinion. I wish you the best with this journey. In the Netherlands they say Veel succes! Je kunt het! (A lot of succes! You can do this!)

  16. Karri says:

    I’m so proud of you for just being you. Being real. One thing they taught me in the military is that perception is everything. I hated that. You always had to look your best, crisp uniform, neat hair, smile plastered on your face (I did a lot of customer service type work and worked in a clinic) or a blank no emotionless face, depending on the situation. No matter what you had going on, show up and be pristine. So when my Uncle died, and I could not afford to travel states away to go to his funeral, and taking time off just to be at home and be miserable alone sounded awful, I worked through it (I worked like 18 hour days for weeks till I nearly broke down!). All that to say, perception is a powerful thing, but breaking through that perception to show people who you really are, is powerful too. I applaud you for being real. I blog on Sparkpeople, and I keep it real. I’m working up the nerve to start my own blog. My husband is a software engineer, so he is going to design it for me. Adventures of a CrouchingFlea (that is my nickname). I can’t wait. I hope when I eventually get it up and running, you will stop by!! Much love to you for being real, not taking any flack and sharing your journey with us!!

    P.S. Where can I get your journal!? I love it! I usually do all my stuff on Sparkpeople, but I am loving your workout journal!!

  17. Candy says:

    I laugh at Daily Mail’s take on things, considering their whole Femail brand is about making their readers care about their appearance in comparison to celebrities and feel bad about themselves.

    This journey isn’t unhealthy. I’m so glad you writing each day, because your response is genuine and it’s clear to see that your goal is coming from a place of inspiration.

  18. Maya Tanner says:

    You should try Turbo Fire! They got for on for a full minute at extreme intensity. Totally more doable than a full 2 minutes.
    How long was the HIIT workout? What were the intervals like??

    1. Maya Tanner says:

      *They go on for a full minute.
      Haha I’m not the best at typing today it seems.

  19. killmotion says:

    I’m not a big fan of the term influencer, myself. It just connotes an icky feeling of attainability via some miracle product when there is no such thing. You’re a hard worker, a dreamer and a doer and you inspire and motivate. And that’s a good thing! I don’t mind people being up front in promoting sponsorships or brands but I don’t want to be lied to and too often I see that on IG and YT but I don’t fall for it.

    But anyway I’ll be sticking with you this whole 90 days! I’ve been here this whole first week!

  20. kesjames says:

    I’ve never seen an influencer selling hard work. They seem to be selling the promise of an easy solution. Cassey doesn’t influence so much as INSPIRE. Working out makes me feel good. Eating well makes me feel good. I think we’re all here because we like to feel good!

    Plus, Blogilates doesn’t cause diarrhea like the weight loss teas/shakes…I’d call that a win any day, lol.

  21. Julie says:

    Hi Cassey! Can you talk about how to not feel tired eating low-ish carb?

    In between having my first and second kids, I did something similar because I wanted to lower my too-high A1C (blood sugar) before another pregnancy. It worked very well and I leaned up to boot, but it was really really hard to maintain because I was tired and cranky a lot. Now that my second is one and a half, I am contemplating starting again (afraid of my blood sugar levels as I’ve been avoiding getting tested) and am getting a nice push from your blogging!

  22. Careful with the amount of eggplants because veggie carbs DO eventually add up! ^^ Just keep that in mind. Also, I LOVE instructors that push you harder! Like, that’s the reason I PAY you LOL.

  23. Anna says:

    Yes! to living well and doing senior fitness together down the road! I like to follow you even if your exercises aren’t right for me at the time (currently 5 weeks postpartum) because you are open about how you feel and willing to admit if something wasn’t so great( bikini competition after effects). Most importantly your joy in exercise and training is infectious!

  24. eo4wellness says:

    So understand why you don’t like being labeled. You’re a person, not a label. Thankfully, we don’t have to accept other people’s point of view as our own. You have had a positive influence on my life. Before coming across Blogilates so many years ago, I’d given up thinking I could feel youthful again. Then I started regularly doing your workout videos and participating in the challenges you are doing. Now I’ve gained back my flexibility and am increasing in strength. It took me months of consistent effort to get the today’s #100GluteChallenge move “grasshopers” with my legs off the ground but I did it! I will never forget the day!

  25. alexandra811 says:

    I didn’t know that some people had reacted so bad, and told you so many bad things, it most had been horrible for you. It makes me a bit sad and angry that after all you have done for us some people still treat you like that. I am really proud of you for not crying abou it.
    You are strong girl!!!! You can do this!!!!!!

  26. Deedee says:

    I appreciate you sharing your journey. Much love to you <3

  27. Natalie says:

    But you are an influencer! You do have an influence on my fitness, my way of thinking and my attitude of “whatever, let’s do this!”. And I am happy with that:)
    Maybe those other influencers should simply be called advertisers instead.

    1. blogilates says:

      I am glad you are positively influenced by my content 🙂

  28. PopStar123 says:

    Cassie you are my power girl crush! Lets get all those grocery bags in ONE TRIP!!!!! >:D

    1. blogilates says:

      ALWAYS one trip!!!!!!

  29. DisneyPrincessPopster says:

    “I am a CEO. An Entrepreneur. A Creator. A Founder. A Pilates Instructor. A Fashion Designer. A Fitness Blogger. I am not a soulless product pusher! ” YOU GO CASSEY! And all those “followers” who left were just heavy baggage you didn’t need weighing you down 😉 And I am 100% in for that Senior Citizen Fitness. I’ve been a POPster for 5 years now—why not make it 55?!

    1. blogilates says:

      YESSSS GIRL!!!!! Let’s do it!!

  30. Kat says:

    Cassey – I almost wrote you yesterday to say “I don’t think of you of an influencer; you’re a professional, an expert, a teacher”. I stopped reading/following Blogilates a while back because it seemed to have become less personal, less genuine, and more geared toward mass appeal (no disrespect of course, it just wasn’t for me). I saw the Buzzfeed article and immediately remembered the kind, compassionate, driven, hilarious, GENUINE Cassey who drew me in way back when (I want to say 2011?). I’m super happy for you that you are finding yourself in a new way, and of course I’m also super happy that you’re sharing so openly with us. Wishing you the very best, may your 90 days be a beautiful adventure!

    1. blogilates says:

      Thank you for coming back. You felt what I felt all these years.

      1. Kat says:

        I’ll be reading every day, and sending you all my best thoughts and wishes!

  31. Taneka says:

    Well done Cassey. I stand behind you 100%. There is a movement to indirectly bully anyone who doesn’t confirm to what the media now believes is a ‘positive body image’. It’s complete heresy if you attempt to deviate. Such a shame really

  32. Thanks Cassie says:

    T_T it makes me sad that they refer to you as an “influencer” when it should be like “fitness trainer” or something.. more relevant to what you actually do? I’m enjoying reading the blog every day, thanks for everything! Its horrible that people inflate issues just to gaslight….

  33. Geovanna says:

    I get why you don’t want to be reduced or to an influencer, as if you were only that. You are not. But still, you ARE an influencer. Being an influencer, as the definition you used already said, is about having an impact on people’s life. You have changed and helped so many people – it’s your merit! Influencing is not only about products or anthing comercial, it’s about lifestyle. You’ve influenced us to be healthier and love our bodies (just like some booktubers have influenced me to be a better and more active reader, and the difference here is you can actually buy books).

  34. Elaine says:

    Casseyy!! This is Elaine from Singapore! I totally support you in this journey because I’m in one myself too! Im currently 65kg and aiming to be 55kg by the end of September! My friends and family all laughed at me saying its impossible, stop trying, it’ll never work. But I’m like I’ll do it for my health and fitness. You guys are in no position to criticise me! I love you Casseyy!! Lets continue working out till we’re old!

  35. Phoebe says:

    After all those videos, your words of encouragement, your support, your messages to eat healthy, exercise, you post this. It reads like a joke. No words can express the disappointment I feel towards you and the past few days. You have done some pretty dumb stuff in the past but we were all willing to look past it because we understand the amount of pressure you must be under, running the number one female fitness channel on YouTube. But I am hoping that when you say you want to be yourself, you’re not trying to respond to your critics with the maturity of a twelve year old, because you are not only embarrassing you but also your fans. I’m saying this from a place of someone whose life was changed by you. YOU TURNED MY LIFE AROUND FOR THE BETTER. and that’s why it’s even more sad to see things this way. I hope that you realize we all do care for you and your well-being. Please take care of yourself.

    1. Josie says:

      I don’t understand why you’re so disappointed in her? I think Cassey has worked super hard to help people live a healthier lifestyle, and now she wants to do the same for herself. She’s supported us through our journeys, it’s time we supported her. She is an incredible CEO and athlete and deserves some respect.

    2. Heather says:

      I’m puzzled by your comment. She talks about being you! Becoming the best version of yourself. But when she tries to do that for herself, we’re suddenly all disappointed in her. I’m disappointed in all the shit talking. She’s being real and I commend her for that in a world full of pretenders!

    3. Zoe says:

      I don’t understand your point. She is still posting words of encouragement, being supportive, and promoting healthy eating and exercise here. Also, please don’t lump the entire blogilates audience into your comment by saying “we were all willing to look past it”, because I am not included in whatever rhetoric you are trying to spin. Don’t make it seem as though everyone is against her when that’s not the case.

      I’m not embarrassed by Cassey. I’m proud of her for speaking her mind and doing what makes her feel best, and in a HEALTHY way. Yes she has experience with ED’s in her past, but why is that defining her future now? She’s said she ate horribly and not enough back then. Now she’s posting proof that she is eating and not depriving herself. I don’t understand all this backlash.

      I’m sorry that everyone is treating you this way, Cassey. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have to read comments like this from people who don’t know you, but act as though they’re in your brain. Just know that you have supporters out there who are proud of you.

    4. Haley says:

      Your comment is sick!! Cassey is a wonderful human being who can choose to whatever she likes – she is an adult after all! If she wants to lose weight, she’ll do it! I mean, think of the reason why you took to her channel. You probably wanted to lose weight and get in shape as well! Now imagine someone trying to shame you because of your goals! After all, it’s none of their business, since it’s your goal! Grow up and learn some empathy please.

      I 100% stand by Cassey and can say with all certainty that she is NOT embarrassing me, one of her many fan and supporters.

    5. Lys says:

      She’s trying to turn her own life around. Just as you did… I feel embarrassed for you from your comment. Let others find their own happiness in peace.

    6. Shan says:

      She is taking care of herself. This comment is so rude, whatever happened to “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.”?

    7. Vie says:

      I hope that one day when you feel like you’re on top of the world, when you’re stepping into your own and braving the wilderness that is other people, when you feel unstoppable and fully yourself—that no one ever writes you a message like the one you just left for Cassey. Take care of yourself.

  36. emmadilemma says:

    I can’t imagine how stressful it must be to be dissected by the media. Even if people are concerned for you or disagree with you, you don’t deserve to be vilified or interrogated, dragged through the media for likes and clicks. I also think it’s a bit sexist to refer to you as an “influencer” rather than as a “CEO” or “fitness instructor.” It doesn’t feel like they’re giving you proper respect. You own a business. You CREATE things. That’s not the same as trying to get people to buy some rando product.

    1. Tien says:

      Why you guys can try to loose body fat, gain muscle and she can’t? That’s illogical. She is fitness instructor, yes, but she’s just a normal person, and her demand to have the better body, be more fit is totally normal, just like us, why the hell she has to be always perfect, remember she is normal human like us. Do not tell any girl to do anything with her body, she own it, she’s the only one allowed to do with her body, and besides, to someone said that she damaged her metabolism, look at her diet, its full of nutritions, not restrict at all.
      Now i can feel the hard of being famous

  37. L says:

    Hi Cassie, I say this with all the love in the world but I’m not sure why you reject being called an “influencer” so much. An influencer, by definition, influences other people—some to purchase products, some (like you) to exercise and eat healthy and live your best life. Because you have a very public platform, your words and actions inevitably influence your followers. So far, I think you’ve had a really positive influence, but I think your 90 day challenge is not. As I read your blog posts, I kept wondering: Why do you specifically want to be 120 lbs? What is inherently good or scientifically healthy about 120 lbs for you specifically? Why is this number so important to you? What proof do you have that it’s the right weight for you? Years ago, you uploaded a video about metabolic disruption and explained why it was terrible, and I would strongly encourage you to rewatch your video and remind yourself of your own words again. As you yourself said, a body in metabolic disruption tends to exhibit bloating and digestive issues, two of the exact same symptoms you mentioned in your first blog post. And based on your food log, you are clearly restricting yourself (moreover, why is wanting to eat a bag of chips a “weakness”?). You are an influencer (regardless of whether you want to be or not), and your words and actions have consequences. Please take a moment to reflect on why you are doing this.

  38. Marcia says:

    Funny you’re asking yourself “what about when we’re 80?”. I’ve actually been wondering what I would do if you were to stop your YouTube channel and started to stress at the idea that I would have to keep practicing alone without daily guidelines or challenges… This was not a happy perspective so… Long live to blogilates!

  39. Kait says:

    Honestly, I’d consider you an influencer in the way that you have made an impact on my life. Not in the way that you are a saleswoman, but how you have helped guide me to the right path to a healthier lifestyle. Years ago, probably around the time you started, I learned some workout routines from you, but over time I stopped working out and taking care of myself. Well now, since my husband and I want to have a baby soon, I want to have a strong and healthy vessel to carry and raise a child. I started with adjusting my diet and I’ve gone back to watching your videos and working out in the morning. Your positive attitude and routines made an impact on me years ago and so that’s why I wanted to seek you out again. What you instruct is making me healthier and stronger so that I can be the woman (and someday mother) I have always wanted to be. I started this journey just a little bit before you and so although I have no deadline- I’m excited to work on my fitness and food goals with you. I’ve already lost 3 pounds and I see myself completing more workouts without whimping out or chilling in child’s pose because I’m too tired.

    tl;dr you have influenced me to workout and to become a healthier person. You’re not preaching that I should buy anything to work out better, in fact I’ve always liked that your routines are equipment free. BUT I am going to have to look into getting those Thai chili almonds. YA GURL LOVES HER SOME SPICE AND ALMONDS.

  40. Rebecca says:

    I love reading your blog! I began a «lazy keto» challenge with my sister and cousin on monday and reading your journey motivates me!!! Thank you 🙂

  41. Maria Breton says:

    I admire how brave you are! I am 55 and I totally relate to your journey!

  42. ZS says:

    You inspired me to finally take my own journey in hand! We share a lot of similar numbers and knowing you are too in this Journey is just wonderful. I started journaling it and finally starting that Blog I wanted to start a while ago (still under construction tho).
    Thank you for the kick.
    By the way I only joined you on IG since you started this Journey. I am a big fan of your honesty

  43. Amanda says:

    I love reading these articles. Learning from them has helped so much!

  44. DaryaB says:

    Cassey, thank you for your honesty and for this 90 days. I’m excited and I’m with you!

  45. Kendall says:

    As far as body positivity goes, I wanted to say that as a person with a disability, I have consistently found your videos and guides to be the ones I turn to throughout the years. I’ve found that, for my particular disability (which is nerve-related and shows up for me in muscle and range-of-motion issues), you’ve always included helpful accommodations or created workouts that I know I can do. For example, I definitely can’t do a mountain climber, but because I’ve watched your videos for years, I know a whole handful of other moves I can easily swap for. I obviously can’t speak for all abilities and experiences, but being able to do a lot of your workouts has been a positive experience for me. Thank you, Cassey!

  46. Molly says:

    How absurd that having goals and wanting to reach them is labelled “bad” by idiots on the internet! People need to calm down–why is it that when everyone wants to do Whole30 in January every year it’s called a “reset” or “getting back on track” but now you want to change up your eating and exercise to feel better in YOUR OWN BODY and people are saying nasty things to you! I get that everyone wants body positivity and I’m all for it, but people need to remember that means ALL bodies. And the skinny-shaming/fit-shaming needs to stop too! Keep on doing what YOU want to do, because it’s your life and your body—you’re going to rock these 90 days! Also, you have inspired me to take a look at my own habits and I am going to be trying to implement a few small changes here and there in my eating habits to make myself feel better. Thank you for being honest and true!

    1. Sara says:

      Calling people who don’t agree with you “idiots” or “haters” isn’t very constructive. A lot of people point out out of concern for Cassey that her goals are, from a health perspective, risky. It’s not unusual for women with very low body fat percentage to lose their menstruation, have hormone and mood imbalances and experience higher body dissatisfaction. Yes, some people comment in an unnecessary, rude way and they should be ignored, but most comments are from people who love Blogilates and are genuinely concerned. It’s important to be able to receive constructive criticism, I think. It deepens relationships and leads to growth.

  47. David says:

    Personally i wouldn’t have taken the Buzzfeed interview. Situations like this context matters so much and Buzzfeed is not known for sticking to what’s been asked. But ‘Bleep’ the haters Cassey. Its clear right now that you are fully in control. You have a vision of what you want and you’re going for it. That is awesome. It seems some have forgotten ‘Extreme Abs’ Cassey… Its time they remember 😉 I see another comment of ‘why did you do this publicly?’ I can answer that: She wants Accountability. She’s making a declaration to the world. Not everyone likes that apparently. I sure as heck do. Keep being awesome Cassey!

  48. Susanne says:

    Thanks for being you. 🙂

  49. Beatriz says:

    I love reading you daily! And I have to try almonds+cheese as a snack!
    Today my doctor called my attention and put me in high blood pressure meds… and also added that, as young as I am (28 y.o.), losing weight would totally be the solution to have normal blood pressure without meds. Is it bad to take meds for the rest of your life due to some condition? Of course not, if your doctor tells you to take it, take them please. Sometimes you can be superfit and eat superhealthy and your body needs them, take them without shame! But my doctor was very clear on how I “bought this to myself” (and she was also supernice and comprehensive on how hard its to lose weight!) so I have some thinking to do and need to change my lifestyle drastically… I have been on and off fitness/weightloss, but it’s time to think I need to push myself more.

  50. Hollie says:

    I was actually shocked when you started posting about eating more junk food and whatever you wanted. The human body doesn’t need nearly as much food, as modern society would like to believe. I don’t know of anyone, who really cares about themselves who eat unhealthful. Infact, I thought that way was finally going out of style. There are millions of people eliminating ALL sugar and high carb foods, from their diets and replacing them with more veggies and leafy greens BECAUSE they are trying to take care of their bodies. All serious athletes(like Tom Brady), who LOVE their bodies eat healthy and usually have a seemingly strict diet. Not because the diet IS actually strict BUT because EVERY day, the media is actually promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. To me what you are doing is healthy and loving and the best form of self care.

  51. Jo says:

    I am living for these blogs. I love the honesty and how inspiring they are. Your journey is not my journey, but it doesn’t mean I can’t learn from it and enjoy the experience with you x

  52. Serena says:

    Cassie, you don’t influence, you inspire! We love you and support you. You’re doing great! 🙂

  53. Emma says:

    You’re probably the most NOT body shaming person who works in the fitness industry. Your videos are for everyone, even for people like me who are not sportive at all and have to lose weight to be healthy. When I watch your videos I never feel ashamed of how I look because you repeat a lot in your videos that what matters is to feel good in your body. And that’s not the case of a lot of pilates and fitness teacher on youtube or in a real class. If you feel better losing a few lbs and if this weight is not dangerous for your health, you have every reason to do it and no one should criticize for it. Thank to you I’m happy doing my pop pilates routine and I want to push myself to be healthier. You’re amazing and beautiful example to a lot of people so don’t listen to those idiots!

  54. Sarah says:

    I burst out laughing when I saw the picture of the old people doing Pilates! Keep it up, this new you is so so inspiring and REAL.

  55. Chinyere says:

    Cassey you’re more than just and influencer and as a teen I’ve been told I shouldn’t always trust people i Havent met but it seems like you’re a genuinely nice person on YouTube and on your blog posts. I would have never started working out @11 if my friend hadn’t told me about you, she doesn’t do blogilates anymore but I do and i love it more than ever now that I’m 13, even though people doubt me sometimes i remember how I’m doing this for me, to get stronger and be the best version of myself. I read this whole article and i may not know what it feels like to be called an influencer (eww) but i do support you and get the reason the word influencer sounds umm a certain way to you and believe me if I was in your shoes I’ll feel the same way too. Im happy your blog is a safe place to just write feelings and be true and it really opens up eyes😊 And I’ve also told myself that even when i reach my fitness goals i will never stop doing blogilates when im older I’ll scout youtube for any of your videos left seemshilarious right but im willing to do it because it has had an amazing impact in my physical health and my mindset

  56. Chinyere says:

    Cassey you’re more than just and influencer and as a teen I’ve been told I shouldn’t always trust people i Havent met but it seems like you’re a genuinely nice person on YouTube and on your blog posts. I would have never started working out @11 if my friend hadn’t told me about you, she doesn’t do blogilates anymore but I do and i love it more than ever now that I’m 13, even though people doubt me sometimes i remember how I’m doing this for me, to get stronger and be the best version of myself. I read this whole article and i may not know what it feels like to be called an influencer (eww) but i do support you and get the reason the word influencer sounds umm a certain way to you and believe me if I was in your shoes I’ll feel the same way too. Im happy your blog is a safe place to just write feelings and be true and it really opens up eyes😊

  57. Saumya Mishra says:

    Just stay strong and we know you will achieve your goal. DO NOT care about all this negativity. We are with you. 🙂

  58. Verónica Madrigal Fernández says:

    I could say a lot of things to show my support to you but I think right now the only thing that you should know is that you rock, girl. Do not stop being your truly self again.

  59. Daniela says:

    One of old managers used to say “opinions are like a**holes– everyone has one.” Besides making me laugh, it reminds me that we can’t make everyone happy. We can only pursue our own happiness, surround ourselves with people who support and love us for who we are/aren’t, and hopefully we can spread some positivity in this world. I’ve only been a Popster since January of this year, but I still find you as motivational and inspiring as ever. You always tell us to pursue the best version of ourselves and that’s what you’re doing. You’re consistent, strong, and courageous! Also, I love that you always push yourself, because there’s always room for growth. Who care about the haters. Keep it up!

    1. Sara says:

      If we only surround ourselves with people who think we are right whatever we do we never grow. A true friend, follower or fellow human being can call you out (in a loving respectful way) when they think you are heading down a dangerous path.

      1. blogilates says:

        I 100% agree with that. I am always looking for honest feedback and constructive criticism. I welcome it and I embrace it and even apply it when I feel I’m wrong.

  60. Laura says:

    I like how your little furry kid George doesn’t give a s… about this things. He just want his mom to come home so he can love her. 💖 Dogs are amazing.
    “Don’t ruin a good today by thinking of a bad yesterday.” ☀

  61. Ania says:

    Another blog post and another proof that Cassey is not “for sale” and I feel really touched by how carrying you are 😘🤗 I’m SO with you and hope that when we’ll be 80 we will still do Granny POP Pilates 👵😁

  62. Erika says:

    I’m SO happy to see you standing up against the Influencer title! Influencers are such a toxic part of social media – the ones who do nothing BUT sell their lifestyle to you and shill cheap products they don’t even use themselves. They’re usually wealthy to begin with, and their blogs have an air of ‘please support my glamorous lifestyle by buying this stuff, so you can then watch me live an even better life’. Not to MENTION the ones who sell dangerous health products that can actually hurt their young viewers. You are NOT that person.

    First, Influencers give absolutely NO content to their audiences – no makeup tutorials, or workout routines, just nothing beyond modelling their own life. And what they sell is largely wrapped up in subtle attacks on women’s appearance, peer pressure, and the predatory parts of beauty/dieting culture (largely by putting heavy value on women’s appearance through traditional sexism). Influencing is all about bringing other women down in order to sell them something, yet it’s always wrapped up in ‘independent businesswomen’ narratives, with lines about how Influencing is about women’s empowerment. But there is nothing feminist about it. It’s just, unfortunately, traditionally female.

    I totally agree with Jameela Jamil when she wrote that Influencers are “double agents of feminism” – getting young women to trust them, only to sell them something damaging. You preach health and body positivity at all sizes. You don’t shill products from other companies, especially damaging ones. You teach all levels of fitness and make it accessible to your audience by making it FREE, easy to follow, and a fun, positive experience. You’re the furthest thing from an Influencer, Cassey.

  63. Callie says:

    I have been here since 2013 and I will always be here. Don’t ever let those people get to you. Those kinds of people have strong feelings about things and think that the way they think is right and there is no alternative. There is nothing wrong with what you’re doing. This is your blog and your story. You feel you’re not at your best currently, you are competitive, and feel you can do better for yourself and there’s nothing wrong with that. You didn’t say you are too fat and need to lose weight. You are on a self journey to be a better, stronger you, and you are just doing your duty as a fitness blogger by blogging about it. I for one am very glad you are including us. I don’t think a fitness blogger has ever been as transparent as you and it’s nice to see that you struggle and get displeased with yourself because it makes me feel like I know you and can relate to you more, But most importantly it makes me trust you more. you are being honest and also showing me how to better myself and I have a lot of respect for you. I think you are very brave and I will be here everyday throughout your 90 day journey cheering you on.

    P.s. I really enjoyed your summer sculpt program. Of all of your programs and challenges it was by far my favorite and I actually enjoy the formatting of it more than piit28.

  64. Ivette Cabezas says:

    But you are an influencer and you should be proud of the way you influence people’s lives, you inspire us to be healthy, positive and thriving and of that you should be proud! That’s good influencing!!! Your ideas, comments, jokes and inspirational thoughts on your videos make us want to come back to them again and again. I am always responding, laughing and reflecting on your messages as I do your workouts… The person you have made of yourself does influence me in the most positive, amazing way… So, just turn this influencing thing to it’s core and see it’s actually a good thing to be!

  65. Katherine J Sun says:

    I don’t understand why you lost followers and why this turned into such a big deal! Are they basically saying that if a person gains weight, they are never, ever allowed to lose the weight? Even if done in a healthy, sustainable way? Yikes, people just really like to point fingers.

  66. Connie says:

    The titles for those articles were SOOOOO click-baity. I can’t believe it’s someone’s job to sell content like that. And I hate that because of those articles, you’re going to get a lot more judgement from people who know you even less. Stay close to your inner circle who is supporting your goals day in day out. Block out all the negative noise. It’s been so cool to follow your blog and it’s not even been a whole week yet.

  67. Tess says:

    Cassey, I’ve been following you for 6 1/2 years (that alone is insane to even think about!) I’ve only ever thought of you as a friend, instructor and blogger. I do agree that the word “influencer” is a terrible label and I can’t stand when they call someone as genuine and amazing as you one. As for this 90 day challenge, I’ve seen numerous people on social media doing the same thing! When I get over this nasty cold I plan on starting myself 🙂 Keep doing you, Cassey <3 <3

  68. Sophie says:

    I love this! I hate my fat body so much and I love that you’re no longer encouraging that stupid body positivity (I don’t care if fat people started the movement, you’ve shown me I can be honest about how gross they are!) for fatties. It’s all or nothing! I’ve already gone from 600 calories a day to 350 and I’m doing lazy keto, too! I can’t wait to hit my goal weight. I’m so tired of the droning on from dietitians and psychologists about how “unhealthy” it is, I know you would never lead us astray! And like you said, you aren’t relapsing and feel better than ever! I’m so excited to get as thin as you 🙂 thank you, Cassey!

    PS yuck at the influencer bit! I mean, yeah, you technically fit the definition, but you GET us, it’s SO different! You’re a role model, NOT an influencer- there’s a big difference!

    1. Rachel says:

      This is EXACTLY why this whole 90 day thing is a problem. Cassey, I love Blogilates and will always continue to follow and support, but this is exhibit A of how your position as an influencer, like it or not, has affected your audience. I know that “I hate my fat body” is NOT something you’d EVER want one of your followers to say. Please, please address this!

  69. Chi says:

    I really don’t care about what anyone else calls u… Or how they label u. Coz that’s exactly what it is… A label. Nothing more. Personally I have benefitted so much from ur blogs n videos over the years that I’d rather use my own experience with it than listen to somebody else say whatever they wish. People sometimes need to use their own intelligence instead of just going with what others think or say. N most people who r quick to label are often weak minded that they allow themselves to be “influenced” by the opinions (usually bad) of others.

    Gonna keep supporting ur goals… becoz they are ur personal goals n have nothing to with others. N personal goals are important for personal development n our relationship with self.

    Love u. U

  70. kisara25 says:

    You’re amazing Cassie and you have helped me so much to be healthier! Don’t listen to negative people. People who try to bring people down for doing something that makes you happy clearly have issues of their own that they need to resolve. I have lost 30lbs thanks to you! Keep smiling, stay positive and ignore the people who get easily triggered over before and after pictures. They get offended by your progress. They don’t just do it to you but to many women who want to celebrate their weight loss success.

    Keep up the great work and positive attitude!

  71. Maria says:

    Hi cassey well unfortunatly as you have beacome a public figure you will unfortunatly get more as time goes by if you allow the negative to rule your blogs you will get troden down .also seariously think about an allergy intolerance test as all the things i over ate was my intolerances
    Keep us motivated and ignore the next negative they love to get you wound up..and its working..or isnt it

  72. Linette says:

    I COMPLETELY agree with what you said about the term ‘influencer’. I can’t stand it and I hate calling my fave fitness social media people that too. It sounds like they’re some God-send kind of entity who is gracing me with their presence to push a product that will solve all my problems: lose weight and probably get rich too. I could not agree with you more. It also infuriates me that you’re getting heat for your weight loss plan. ITS YOUR BODY. Sure, you look healthy at 133 too, but having goals to slim down from that is NOT a crime and it’s NOT against body positivity!! I’m much more chubs right now, but I got the same reaction when I said I wanted to lose weight. People close to me thought I had some mental problems or body dysmorphia or something and I’m like CALM DOWN I have specific goals I want to meet with my body and it’s all health related…I also don’t understand the criticism with your case because you’re planning to lose weight in a healthy and steady rate. If anything, your 90 day journey should be celebrated more because it’s an example on how to create a plan and follow through in a healthy and sustainable way.
    Sorry for the long comment but I really wanted to share since I’m going through a similar process and everything you said in your first post resonated with me 100% down to the amount you want to lose and in a similar time frame. I was so distraught with myself for not getting it together but you’ve reenergized me!
    Thanks Casey!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  73. Michal says:

    Influence doesn’t just extend to what people buy – it also impacts how they view the world and themselves. Especially younger, more vulnerable people. Especially those with EDs or in recovery. When you, as someone with a huge following, publicly announce that you believe you need to “lose weight” and “shed fat”, when you suggest your current body size and weight is too big for an “athlete”, you are presenting a very specific value-system and worldview that may very well influence others.

    Like another commenter, I wonder why you had to do this publicly? Why publicly reduce yourself to a self-objectifying “before photo”, to arbitrary numbers that are ABSOLUTELY NOT INDICATORS OF HEALTH OR FITNESS but instead lead to a focus on external appearance and size? Why list your food intake so that others ultimately compare themselves to you? Why are you doing this publicly?

    You haven’t responded to anyone who has questions that don’t support your current position.

    I’m not a hater. I have loved your videos for years and I feel sad and disappointed (as quoted in that dailymail article). I am both an ED survivor and a medical doctor who works with ED patients.

    Ultimately, I think you have responsibility to stop misusing the term Body Positivity and just be clear that this is about wanting a smaller body. I also think you have a responsibility to explain why you think this is acceptable to be done so publicly, considering your following.

    Wishing you only wellness and happiness.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Agree Michal….I am sorry Blogilates I understand you are also a CEO and Entrepreneur. However, despite the fact that in today’s digital world “Influencer” means something else, you are still bh definition influencing the image of fitness that you promote. Furthermore, if the fitness industry was truly about fitness and health and not merely about being thin enough it would show us images of women from all sizes and not just women that look thin.

    2. Jane says:

      This. Wether you like it or not, you have to realize that as a public figure you have a certain INLUENCE over people. It’s really ignorant to think that your actions don’t matter.

      I was really hopefull when Cassie said about responding to the criticism in her blogpost the only respond we got was “it’s my life, if you don’t like it don’t follow me anymore”. But is really? There are probably hundreds of young people thinking that because Cassie needs to loose weight I’m too fat and need to do it too. Yeah you can do anything you want with your life but don’t act like it doesn’t have an impact on other people.

    3. Jeanette says:

      I dont understand you….
      I had a year of poor health and restricted meal choices. Now I find my jeans wont go over my hips , or button around my waist.
      Am I supposed to be happy about that? Just say, oh well, this new me is happy this way?
      Nope. My goal is to shed some fat and get back to a healthy me. Oh, and I will be in a great mental state while I do so.
      It sounds positive to me.
      If you end up making people stop having goals , how is that helpful?

    4. Rachel says:

      I agree, Michal. I don’t think there’s a problem with anyone wanting to lose some weight… but then call it what it is and respond respectfully to those who are genuinely confused about the mixed messages that have been sent. I don’t think you’re a “hater” for asking tough questions and pushing back for a response!

  74. Tia Patterson says:

    Blogilates forever!

  75. Junie says:

    I just wanna say this content reminds me so much of old Cassie. The Cassie who helped me lose 60lbs and reach my body goals almost 7 years ago. The Cassie who inspired me to start my own blog, made me consider being a dietician and fitness instructor, gave me such a passion for fitness I was able to inspire those around me to join in as well. I’ve missed her. Not to undermine the growth you’ve made but sometimes it’s just better to be true to you and what works. Anyone who doesn’t know the real you and chose to bash weren’t real fans, just a sheep “following” the herd. Us popsters who know you, and have known you for years, know the intent behind your words and actions. We all fall off the fitness wagon sometimes (life hit me hard and I’ve gained almost 80 lbs) and there’s NOTHING wrong with wanting to get back on. I’ve lost myself too but I decided to do my own 90 day challenge with you to bring back the things in my life that gave me joy back when I started following. Sorry for the rambling but basically thank you for just being you. Just be unapologetically yourself 🙂

    1. Kirstie says:

      This!! Everyone wants to demonize everything. Cassey thank you for everything you’ve done for us, all the free videos and hours of overtime because you care about your brand. Enjoy your 90 days, don’t let anyone take this away from you!! Excited to see your results!!

  76. Tara says:

    Have you tried the living butter lettuce that Costco sells? I love it because it comes with the root still attached and lasts so much longer than any other lettuce I get.

  77. Marcella Nichols says:

    You are doing great! You have inspired me to lose weight/body fat that I have gained since getting married and moving from KC to California. Loved meeting you at the propel fitness event in Santa Monica! And I will never refer to you as an influencer again! 🙂 Don’t let the haters get you down. It’s your body, and it’s your decision how you want to work it and nourish it.

  78. Linda Robbins says:

    Why listen ? You’ve done great, maybe their jealous? Maybe press sells, your smart. You will have the last laugh….

  79. Myra says:

    The reason we love you is because you are good motivating yourself and give us motivation to better ourselves. Be healthy and fit isn’t a bad thing. In UK they banned a “beach body ready” bikini ad because it was ” offensive” when looking at it, it really wasn’t. Health channels are now being targeted. Welcome to the family of being banned for your ideas because it “offends” other ppl.

  80. Addison says:

    I have followed your workouts since 2012 and have always found them to be so effective! Thank you so much for how much valuable content you’ve shared with us over the years—it’s been exciting and inspiring to see how much your business has grown and what a badass entrepreneur you are!!
    I agree that the term influencer can feel kind of yucky. Anyone who has as large of an online presence/following as you do is bound to be called an influencer at this point because your platform has grown so much that you do have a lot of power to influence others’ behavior!
    I personally take no issue with you wanting to focus hard for 90 days, lose some weight, and get to a place you feel more comfortable in. I am wondering what your thoughts are behind sharing your stats daily on your website? I wonder what kind of value this is offering? As someone who had an ED 10+ years ago, I feel real concern for your readers who are in an unhealthy place with food and their bodies and are too deeply entrenched in these thoughts to realize it and simply opt out of reading. Again, I take no issue with your desire to do a 90-day challenge, but can you help me understand better why you made the choice to publish your stats daily?
    Thanks for reading, Cassey! Again, I love what you do and really admire how you’ve built such a thriving business from the ground up!