December 2017 Workout Calendar!

You guys, it’s December!!!! WHAT?!? I sorta can’t contain my excitement. Seriously. I feel like a kid on Christmas simply knowing Christmas is coming. Like for real, that’s my level of giddiness.

Actually – hold on – giddiness levels are like x800 this year!!! Why? Cuz in just a few weeks, I’ll be hosting the annual Blogilates Holiday Party and it is 90s themed! Yea – I’m talking Saved By the Bell, young Britney, Fresh Prince, lava lamps, butterfly clips, chokers, slap bracelets, VHS tapes, and Lisa Frank galore.

Every person who is invited HAS TO come in 90s gear or else they are not allowed in. Plus…we’ll even be having 90s themed food. Mmmhmm. Like Dunkaroos, baby bottle pops, gushers, warheads, lunchables!!! Err wait…is 90s themed food just food when I was a kid? LOL. I don’t know. BUT IT’S HAPPENING AND I CANNOT.


There’s something so magical about December. It’s all about togetherness and picking out gifts for the people you love the most. I’m always filled with so much gratitude during this time.

But, December also marks the end of the year, so it’s a final chance to think about YOU.  What have you accomplished this year? Are you happy with how you performed in 2017? With a month left, can you push hard to get your priorities in order and start thinking what you want to tackle in January? YES! YOU CAN! You guys, December is the last month to go, “Alright, I’ve got 31 days to KILL it. And I’m not gonna let myself down!”

Let’s finish 2017 off with a bang! I’ve got a killer December calendar for you so you’ll be ready grab 2018 by the horns! I have a feeling the new year is gonna be amazing. Can you feel it?!!!

Download linked PDF | Download hi-res JPEG

If this is your first Blogilates workout calendar, you’ll want to know the following:

  • You can find each video by simply clicking on the link in the PDF (all located at
  • Do each video once through unless otherwise directed
  • Check off as you go
  • Fridays are stretch & rest days, so no work outs!

Good luck guys! Who’s ready for the holidaze!!??

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  1. calendar says:

    Gracious excellent lilacs! I can nearly smell them! I don’t paint yet I wind up hypnotized watching your hands smoothly make delightful pictures. Soothing. Much obliged to you, particularly during this remarkable time.

  2. Yotan says:

    Thank you for making these free and easy to access calendar, they will be such a big help to all of us. Regards, Yotan

  3. ananya says:

    Loved it

  4. Shannon says:

    Did she say somewhere that you should drink that much? That seems a bit bunch, I have read you should consume about half your weight but in ounces. So if you weigh 150 pounds drink about 75 ounces.