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Hey guys!

Wow. Only one more day. ONE!!!!

First off, it is my baby boo Sir George‘s 2nd bday today!!!!! Look how grown and dapper he is!

This was Sir when he first entered our lives and changed it forever:

We didn’t have time to fully celebrate with Sir (work was so crazy – I just got back home and it is 11pm) so we will celebrate hard this weekend! Anyway, need to go to sleep because tomorrow I have to wake up really early again for my POP 20 shoot! Just gotta make it past day 90!! Let’s do this! SO CLOSE!!!

Yesterday’s Recap:


39% carbs, 35% fat, 26% protein

731 calories

Chicken skewers, mushrooms in olive oil, broc, cauli rice, sriracha, mini sweet bell peppers, and eggplant humus.


24% carbs, 36% fat, 40% protein

544 calories

Takeout. Chicken shawarma and roasted egg plant “salad”. This was so filling and hearty! I loved it!


53% carbs, 45% fat, 2% protein

222 calories


Finished my Oatly!!!

Yesterday I came in at 1,497 calories and 134g carbs (35%), 61g fat (37%), and 104g protein (27%).

Okay my eyes are closing. I need to go to bed. See you tomorrow!!!

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  1. Saraahx says:

    OK I want to eat these meals! It’s been weeks but I still can’t believe your journey ended. It went so fast but hey, now you have a different lifestyle and way of seeing things so really, it’s just the beginning 🙂

  2. I can’t believe there’s just one day left! This is crazy. I’m going to miss your daily blog posts.

    I’m looking for blogs to follow – if you have one, comment below and I’ll check yours out! I’m also a blogger too focusing on lifestyle and happiness. If you like that, check line out 🙂

  3. ANAM says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTE SIR GEORGE! Thank you George for all your funny cameos and being so fluffy! Cassie, you did an amazing job in dressing him up so professionally! ONE DAY LEFT YOU GOT THIS!!!

  4. Meagan says:

    What kind of dog is Sir George? He is adorable! My kids want a dog so badly. I’m sort of (don’t tell them) on the look out for the right breed . . .

    1. Elizabeth says:

      I think Sir George is a pomapoo!