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Hey guys!

I spent the last couple days with my family and you know what – even though we yelled at each other, hurt each other’s feelings, and went “silent treatment” on one another all within 24 hours of seeing each other, I do love my fam. We’re messed up and broken, but we will always have each other’s backs. There’s not much more to say without crying, so I’ll stop here.

Anyway, when I was at my parent’s house, I was def off of my usual routine. I didn’t really workout, I didn’t cook my own food, I was stressed from all of the arguing and I had no scale to track my numbers for my graph. But you know what, life is life. You can’t be on top of everything, and you cannot be rigid with routines. You just can’t. You just do the best you can and keep going. You’ve got to allow yourself to be flexible or else you will break.

So for 2 days, I ate totally new foods and had to constantly explain to my mom before every meal why I wasn’t going to have her deep fried egg rolls or her flaky pork stuffed pastries! They’re amazing but I always bloat and break out after. There were definitely temptations too! My mom, dad, and sis had pistachio ice cream every day and you know what? I offered to scoop it for them! Hahaha. It was all good though because my goals have trained me to be laser focused on this journey. Whenever I wanted something sweet, I had a banana or nuts and berries, and it totally satisfied my sweet tooth!

Oh and weird thing…

When I got back today, I stepped on the scale and was SO surprised to find that it went down. Like huh? Stress, yelling, snacking, not working out? Who knows. The body is weird. Maybe it needed rest, new foods, and family time. Either way, it’s interesting to track these things because when I look back, maybe I will be able to see more patterns.


When we were visiting my parents, my sister planned an outdoors trip for everyone, which was really cool. It got us moving and not arguing 🙂 We visited the Valley of Fire and did some hikes together while snapping fun pics!

Here’s sis and I posing on a rock. How PRETTY IS THIS PLACE!!???

I’m also wearing a shirt from my sister’s new climbing apparel brand “monopkt.”! I am so proud of her for starting her own clothing line! It’s so comfy!

The shirt I am wearing says “wanna take this outside?” I love the positive spin on a question that has always meant trouble.

Yesterday’s Recap:

OMG GUYS I finally am reunited with my Fit Journal!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!


I am the world’s worst traveler.

I have been known to go to the wrong airport on the wrong day and even miss my flights while being at the airport on time. Well, I’m sad to say yesterday was just another one of those days. Without Sam or Jackelyn by my side…things somehow always end up going wrong. My flight departed without me and I was sitting 50 ft away from the gate.

Guys, I am the ACTUAL worst.

I’m always distracted – doing a few things at once, and I forget to focus on the one MOST IMPORTANT thing I need to accomplish…which is…TO GET ON THE PLANE.

I was put on standby and was so lucky that I made it on the next flight out. I am seriously so incompetent, it’s almost funny, but actually, not really.


27% carbs, 37% fat, 36% protein

367 calories

Coconut chicken curry with cauliflower rice. I also had butter lettuce, carrots in Vietnamese fish sauce, and some pork tenderloin bits.


34% carbs, 43% fat, 23% protein

565 calories

Cauli rice, pork ribs, zucchini. I also had some ghost chili bbq sauce.


66% carbs, 28% fat, 6% protein

434 calories


Coconut water!


Dried cranberries and pistachios!

And then again because I couldn’t stop 😛

Low Cow sea salt caramel ice cream!

Yesterday I came in at 1,367 calories and 156g carbs (42%), 60g fat (37%), 77g protein (21%).

How are you doing these days?

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  1. Saraahx says:

    Aww sorry about your family, Cassey! They’re the only one who always have your back, indeed!
    Wow, you’re tough, I probably would have given in my temptations haha. I agree that when you commit to something, you have to make it through. We never grow from doing easy things and giving up, right?! (that’s something I need to constantly be reminded of!!!)
    Your sister’s clothing line is so cool!!! I had done climbing in school yeaaaaars ago -loved so damn freakin’ much lol-, I have to say I do miss it. Might be the perfect time to get back to it 😛
    Missing your flight and having to wait for the next one must be so stressful! Ouch

  2. Diana says:

    Airports are the worst. You have to really be mindful and not allow yourself to get too distracted. Thankfully I have never missed a flight but only because I am OCD about it. Family can be challenging to deal with sometimes. Sorry you’re going through that. I know it’s even harder when you have dietary restrictions. So much time with family is usually centered on food, so I get it. Those hiking pictures were beautiful.

  3. Kori Jenkins says:

    I’m totally having the same experience right now- vacation back home, family drama, and people picking at me about my diet. And falling behind on my hobbies! Thankfully I have found a local yoga class to help keep me sane. Haha.

    You’re so much stronger than I am- I would have eaten all the ice cream! I hope that things are feeling more calm and in sync for you! Xxx

  4. PopStar123 says:

    Cassie in our trying times we have two choices to avoid breaking. Either by being flexible or by being so ridiculously strong like a mountain that we simply will not budge no matter how the wind blows. Don’t let people tell you that you are too fit or too extreme! I say we go all the way Cassie!!! Say no to pork rolls! 😀

  5. ANAlytical says:

    It’s okay to forget sometimes Casey! We all do, it’s human. You are not the worst AT ALL, and you were extremely preoccupied with a bunch of other stuff, so don’t sell yourself short!

  6. phvermilion says:

    Already checking out your sister’s gear. That shirt is so cute. Glad that your journey wasn’t ruined by the bad day, keep going! You’re almost there!

  7. Sorry to hear that you guys fought. I do that with my family too, because we don’t see eye to eye and they have different values that often don’t respect mine.

    Sounds like a tough day! But I know it makes you appreciate what DOES Serve you That much more.

  8. Emily says:

    I LOVE your outfit in the Valley photos!! Congrats to Jackelyn in her new launch! Xx