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Hey guys,

There have been raging fires in Southern California and though Sam and I have not been evacuated yet, the fires have made me rethink life differently.

First, THANK YOU to the brave firefighters for helping us keep our homes protected. They’ve been working tirelessly as new fires keep popping up! I don’t even know this is happening. The winds have been picking up, which doesn’t make it easy for anyone, but how do new fires just spark overnight? Is it a power line? Is it natural? Is it caused by man? By accident? On purpose? No idea what’s happening but it’s terrible and scary.

Sam and I have been TRYING to drive to work these past few days and we just CANNOT get on the freeway. The other day we were stuck in traffic for about an hour (went less than a mile) before we gave up and went back home. Then today we left the house at 7:30am, and as we drove, the directions keep pushing our ETA to 8:40am, then 9:15am, then 10:00am, then 10:30am…and we decided…nope, we need to cancel our meetings and turn back. We tried so hard for over 2 hours and had only traveled a few miles.

Sometimes, there are things that won’t go as you want them to go – no matter how hard you try. Like, some things are just not meant to be.

I’m sure you’ve had experiences where you try and try and try and try and try and things just go nowhere. The failure and the turning back is not a bad thing. You did not waste time, as terrible as it may feel to fail. You learned. Life is just nudging you to start over and try something new. You can still get to your destination – but you need to try a different time and a different way.

So, sadly, Sam and I were not able to come into the Blogi office for the second day in a row now…and the saddest part is…we were supposed to spend early Halloween with everyone!! (We work from home on Thursdays and Fridays.) At least we are safe though, so I cannot complain any further!

Yesterday’s Recap:

Because I left my Fit Journal at the office, I can’t fill it out until Monday!!! AHHHH!!!! I am DYING!!!! I guess I will have to do my Week 11 Recap without it! I feel so incomplete.


20% carbs, 66% fat, 14% protein

279 calories

Gluten free apple cinnamon muffin. Had 2 of em warmed up in the microwave!


29% carbs,  29% fat, 42% protein

405 calories

Chicken broth soup and cauliflower rice with teriyaki pineapple meatballs, sriracha, and soy sauce.


24% carbs, 33% fat, 43% protein

489 calories

Green beans, teriyaki turkey pineapple meatballs, NuPasta angel hair pasta, sriracha tofu, and sea bass. Also snacked on some oven roasted turkey breast.


60% carbs, 34% fat, 6% protein

140 calories


Black tea with unsweetened almond milk.

Yesterday I came in at 1,313 calories with 91g carbs (28%), 56g fat (39%), and 105g protein (32%).

We are officially less than 2 weeks away from last day of my 90 day journey! EEEEEEeeEEeEeeEEEEee!!!! It’s been going by so fast – I cannot believe it! What should I do to celebrate???

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  1. Saraahx says:

    That reminder feels good, we need to hear more often; there always are other ways, we just need one step in the other direction.

  2. phvermilion says:

    Just started my own little fitness journey to get back to a weight I was years ago before, you know, life, and this is definitely inspiring me! Thank you for all these posts!

  3. entirb says:

    you should do a flash mob dance to celebrate and get balloons!!!

  4. Malin Rosén says:

    OMG! Well done! Youré such an inspiration!

  5. Elena Penny says:

    Are we going to get to see a recap video of your 90 day journey and results? I would love that!

  6. Lynn says:

    Hi Cassey, thanks for recognizing us firefighters! ❤

  7. kj says:

    Go, Cassey, go go go! 2 weeks more to go go go!💪

  8. H. Banana says:

    Girl you gotta celebrate by booking this honeymoon!

  9. Brittany says:

    Cassey I may have missed it because I’m a new follower, but when trying to reach your protein goals daily why do you not use a protein supplement? I’ve always debated using them and finally found one without artificial sweeteners that’s vegetarian, but I was curious what your thoughts were?

  10. McKenzie says:

    I’m on a 50 day journey (ending on the day of my huge Master’s comp exam) thanks to you and we seriously eat almost the exact same stuff every day!! To celebrate I think you should do something super FUN and out of the ordinary! For me I’m going to celebrate by getting my nails done at the end of all this – I really struggle with treating myself and am really looking forward to it:)

  11. Diana says:

    Tomorrow is the last day for my 30 day journey. I plan on continuing to track things because it kept me consistent and accountable. You should celebrate by treating yourself to a spa day. Go all out.

  12. Celebrate by taking a new dance class and or a massage! Those are my favourite ways 🙂

    And jeez, LA traffic sound horrendous!