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I want you to know that your body is perfect as it is. There is nothing you should hate about it. Now this doesn’t mean, you should “accept your fate” and not do any work to feel changes or improvements. All it means is that you should accept yourself at this point in your journey, and know that with everyday that goes by, it is a chance to create a better version of who you are today.

I used to tell my belly how much I hated it. I used to look in the mirror and push out my hip dips. I used to look at my arms and wish they were thinner. That type of mindset was detrimental to any progress I wanted to make. Why? Well, believe it or not, your body and your cells can tell how you’re feeling. Yeah. It knows when you’re unhappy. When you’re stressed. When you upset. Though a cell may not be able to talk to us in words, they speak to us through chemical reactions.

The more I yelled at my body, the less it wanted to do what I wanted it to do.

I mean, as a person, I hate it when a coach or a boss yells at me to do something. Yelling doesn’t fire me up. I know it does for some people who are wired to “prove people wrong.” Yelling actually makes me want to do the EXACT OPPOSITE. I’m the type of person who needs encouragement and positive coaching. This I already know about myself. So why would I try to coach my body in a way that makes it mad?

For a long time, I wasn’t nice to my body. I gave it so much hate. And you know what happened? That’s when I was having digestive issues, acne, AND to top it off – all the working out and eating clean I did didn’t amount to ANYTHING. My body was like “nah, not gonna give you any results so you learn your lesson and be nice to me.” That’s when I was plagued by metabolic damage. I felt like I had zero control over my body and my situation. It took years to heal.

Now, I’ve learned.

I’ve learned to shower my body with the love it NEEDS.

There is a DISTINCT difference between by old habits and my 90 day journey habits.

  1. Instead of criticizing my body, I compliment my body when I see it in the mirror.
  2. Instead of doing workouts that burn more calories, I do workouts that bring me joy.
  3. Instead of thinking I’m not progressing fast enough, I accept that I am progressing as fast as I should be.
  4. Instead of doubting my body, I trust my body.
  5. Instead of feeling bad if I can’t stick to something, I embrace the fact that flexibility is good, and often necessary.

Once you practice these things, the layers of self judgement will begin to peel away. And guess what? The underlying joy that is YOUR LIFE and YOUR INCREDIBLE TEMPLE OF A BODY will emerge!!!

Yesterday’s Recap:

Fit journal entry. Yesterday I went to a Crossfit class and then did 1 hour of stretching at a pole dance studio. My body was YEARNING for movement after a weekend of sitting on my butt at the computer. Even though the Crossfit class was hard, it felt good to be pushed.


23% carbs, 51% fat, 26% protein

518 calories

Chicken skewers with jalapeno sauce salad and a side of egg thin Daiya cheese quesadillas topped with salsa.


23% carbs, 25% fat, 52% protein

736 calories


Chicken skewers with broccoli florets, egg tofu, and tons of sriracha and coconut aminos. I ended up having 2 more skewers to balance out all that broccoli 😛

Shrimp with cocktail sauce.


55% carbs, 12% fat, 33% protein

195 calories

Kombucha durr.

Now the entire shrimp thing we bought at Costco is eaten, so no more shrimp pics! Haha.

I came in at 1,474 calories and 102g carbs (29%), 49g fat (32%), and 137g protein (39%).

Out of the 5 things I tell myself in order to have a healthy relationship with my body, which one resonates with you most?

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  1. Saraahx says:

    It seriously makes me so damn happy you got to that place with your body! For you to feel happy, content, confident and embracing every part of yourself <3 This 90 day journey was/is a blessing for you!! I agree that your body and cells strongly feel your hate, it's not just your brain.
    The "instead of criticizing my body" one resonated with me the most. I'm also trying to integrate the joy vs burning calories one, as lately I've been pretty focused on burning fat to get slimmer faster than doing what my body, heart & soul truly want (crave!)

  2. misharr420 says:

    #2 – Especially since I got my Apple Watch years ago, I get SO focused on my total burn for the day, that I forget to add in the workouts that just make me happy. I’ve been using FitOn since you suggested it and have been doing a lot of HIIT based off of the recommended workout routine. (Which I also enjoy for different reasons!) But today my assigned workout was a Barre (I used to do PureBarre) and I was reminded how much it makes my soul happy and comes naturally to me (a former dancer).
    I am loving seeing your journey – I know you have your critics, but please, please know what a positive vibe you are putting out there.

  3. B says:

    Loving one’s body means that one truly listens to their body (through their intuition) to provide their body with the best nourishment possible- and the best nourishment possible comes from a variety of foods including healthy carbohydrates like whole-grains and beans. These are foods that you regularly restrict.
    How does one listen to their body? Through their intuition. And how is intuition further cultivated? Through the development of being consciously aware of the present moment. Developing an attitude that is full of non-judgment, generosity, gratitude, and patience can help one become more mindful of the present moment.
    When one’s intuition is fully cultivated they have learned to trust their body completely. Trusting one’s body completely does not involve tracking macros, counting calories, or engaging in any other type diet and weight loss measurement. Being preoccupied with those kinds of measurements completely strips one away from their intuition as preoccupation with one’s diet colors everything one does. Intuition can no longer serve as a guide to help one truly care for their body.
    It makes sense to be as nourishing and as caring to the body as possible… but this includes not being so preoccupied with your body and your diet like you are. It means not eating a small amount of calories to nourish yourself like you often (but not always) do. It means not obsessing over bloating (which is a completely normal part of the digestive process) like you have done in the past.
    I do not mean any of this to come off as mean or rude in any way. I just want you to see a different perspective so that you can have more personal growth. We can disagree and have differences in opinion and still react in a mature way.
    Wishing you the best on your last month of your journey.

  4. Linda says:

    Terrific advice

  5. Rachel L says:

    All that shrimp got you up in protein though! Is health-ade your go to brand for Kombucha?

  6. Miranda says:

    “I mean, as a person, I hate it when a coach or a boss yells at me to do something. Yelling doesn’t fire me up. I know it does for some people who are wired to “prove people wrong.” Yelling actually makes me want to do the EXACT OPPOSITE.”

    This is ME!!! haha, I have the exact same reaction. And number 2 and 5. Something my head want cardio to burn calories but my body needs a hatha yoga class and my soul too.. I have learnt to listen too my heart/soul and it feels so much better!

  7. Claudia says:

    No. 1 was and still is really important for me. I found it very hard to start loving my body after hating it for so long. What really helped me was telling myself when I looked in the mirror “this is good enough”. I found it very liberating to tell myself “that I am good enough as I am”. With the pressure off, I started doing the workouts that I wanted, not what I thought I needed to do. I started eating healthy meals that centered around my food preferences, not some strict diet. Before I knew it I had lost 5 lbs, felt great and thought I looked better than ever! All because I started to tell my self “this is good enough” when I look in the mirror 🙂

  8. Alzbeta says:

    No. 3 and 5 – these two helped me to lose around 25lbs while doing PIIT28 and a lot of walking three years ago, something I was not able to achieve without this approach for about 15 years. About 3 months before I got to my dream weight of 132 lbs (I think it started around 138 lbs), I was able to start No. 1.

    I realized No. 3 and 5 solely thanks to finding you and your workouts. I am going to teach my daughter (14 months old) exactly these 5 points as it makes such a big difference compared to what I saw my mum do and say (even though I love her and she showed me the importance of working out, her attitude towards her body is not the one I needed as an example).

    I fought with my body since I was maybe 15, and you changed everything for me when I was 31. Slowly, but steadily, I found these strategies in your videos and started believing in them and there I was, strong and happy on my journey, not frustrated and hateful for not losing weight fast enough, or at all.

    Thank you, Cassey.

  9. Emily says:

    I think number 1 is super important. It’s crazy how we can be so loving and complimentary to our friends but so critical of our own bodies! You would never say those negative things to your best friend, so why should you say them about yourself?!
    I find it hard sometimes comparing myself to other people, but little by little, I’m seeing all the things I love about myself Xx

  10. Gosia says:

    To be honest, you should be sooo proud o yourself, you look glowing! I dont really know, how to be body positive, even though im kinda slim, i have problems with my skin, with cellulite everywhere, even on my abs . But yesterdey i bought myself cropped gym shirt and im dedicated to wear it. Thank you for motivating me every day. Again, congratulation for being so dedicated, your ABS seems to love it 😀 have a nice day

  11. Liz says:

    I really feel this post. How I felt about my body really changed when I stopped focusing on what it wasn’t and started appreciating what it could do. I’m proud of my legs for doing squats when I was at my heaviest.

  12. Inga says:

    First of all, You look sooo great, Cassey ❤
    I just wanted to say thank You, becouce You were that person, who changed my attituded to exercising, eating and thinking. I was a teenager when I met You on Youtube. So You were that right person for my maturing body and soul ❤ I’m not saying, that I am so good at sports, but that makes me feel happy and confident, no mater how much calories or sweat it takes (that was important for me before You, so I had anorexia).
    Now I am a mother and every morning I do some exercises for about 20—30min and it’s good for me now.
    Best wishes from Lithuania 😊💞

  13. Nicole C says:

    Number five. I love having a workout routine. I workout in the morning so I get time alone but sometimes I’m tired of my son wants morning cuddles. I need to be kinder to myself and allow that flexibility to happen.

  14. Diana Yang says:

    I really like all 5 of them. It gives perspective on how I’ve been viewing myself and how I should change that. My self-esteem is not the highest it can be and it fluctuate at times. I find the workouts that do bring me joy are dragonboat (because it’s such an uplifting community of people and being in the water always feels good) and your workouts (and that’s mainly because of you. You are authentic and have such a wonderful personality and your workouts are fun, even when they are so so sore)
    Keep up the great work Cassey!

  15. Roselina Jubilee says:

    This post will definetly help me face guys at my school for telling me to lose weight when actually I’m a little underweight for my age! Thanks for helping us out Cassey!❤

  16. Emily says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I have been following your journey and it has been inspiring. I’m not starting my own 90 day journey, but I am working on changing my focus. My biggest thing lately is trying to find the workouts I like, that bring me joy. It does my body no good to force it into something I hate, and that really messes with my head too. I’ve been focusing on lifting, tap fit, and yoga. Trying to figure out how to incorporate some HIIT, because I love it but just struggling to find a good class.

    Thank you again for this particular post. I really needed to read it today

  17. The part about not progressing fast enough when you’re actually progressing as fast as you should be! Everything comes in its divine timing. ^^

  18. Grace says:

    “All that working out and eating clean didn’t amount to ANYTHING…..”

    Even though all that working out and eating clean didn’t make u thinner it made u ur HEALTHIEST self I’m confused as to what u want; to be thin or to be ur healthiest self. (I’m genuinely asking, not judging cause UR ACTUALLY AN AMAZING PERSON AND IVE DONE ALL UR VIDS♥️)

  19. Josie says:

    such a good message and so so true! you are incredibly inspiring. I just finished the heels tutorial and I LOVE IT. Thank you so much for being a great role model!