Week 9 Weigh-In | 64 + 65 of 90

Hey guys!

Yesterday was crazy. The morning started with me walking up at 6AM sewing my Halloween costume for an event we had to attend THAT NIGHT (didn’t finish), then I led a dance rehearsal, then we shot a full on dance “music video”, then we headed to the office where I TRIED so hard to finish my costume (but still didn’t). But by that time, we were sooooo late to the event that we just had to go. I ended up sewing in the car ride over to the event as well – but would DEF not recommend this. Very dangerous! Oh yeah, and then got home at midnight! PHEW!

Anyway, wanna see how everything turned out?

First off, this year’s Halloween costume idea was to be a family of bathtub objects. And it all started with the decision to make Sir George

A LOOFAH!!!!! OMG. I died when he put on this costume. I legit DIED. So precious. I can’t breathe.

I made this using tulle, a hot glue gun, some rope, and a blue dog shirt.

I accentuated his costume by being…


This costume was made with a nude colored leotard, a bunch of clear plastic orbs, nude colored thread, and a headband. Ideally this costume would have about 20 more bubbles. But, it turned out pretty good I think! I really love it. It was inspired by Lady Gaga.

Do you want a tutorial on this?

So now that you know what Sir and I are…can you guess what Sam was!!???

A bunch of you guys were debating whether he would be soap or a rubber ducky. Well the correct answer is…

Rubber ducky!!!

We were invited to attend Victoria Arlen’s “Costumes for a Cause” Charity event in Hollywood to raise funds for people with mobility challenges and special needs.

Victoria is such an incredible human with such a powerful story! Victoria developed a rare condition that left her in a vegetative state for 4 years – where she could not eat, walk, speak, or move. The craziest part was…she was completely aware of what was going and could hear everything the doctors were saying – like how she wouldn’t survive this. She was literally LOCKED in her own body.

After 4 years, a miracle happened. She began to relearn how to perform simple movements…but the sensation in her legs never came back. But guess what? She became a gold and silver medalist in the Paralympics and even competed on Dancing with the Stars – all without feeling in her legs. SO CRAZY!!!

Last night was so much fun. There was Scary-oke and I even got up on stage to sing with some of the girls! That’s Linda, me, Victoria, Rosanna, and Caleb!

I loooooove dressing up so much!!! I still have 2 more Halloween parties I’m going to so will update y’all on what I’ll be for the other 2 parties! What are you going to be for Halloween?


Fit Journal 12 week game plan page. Wow, 25 days left. I can’t believe my 90th day is November 13th! EEK!

Week 9 recap. Need to start blogging earlier in the day so I can got to bed earlier. Need to stop letting people’s opinion of me affect my well being.

Week 9 was a good week for progress. I lost 1 lb, decreased by 0.2% body fat and increased by 0.1% muscle mass! Overall, I have lost 10.8 lbs since August! Yay for PROGRESS! Plus I am FEELING so happy, energetic, and confident!

I have 25 more days to lose 5.2 lbs and 2.4% body fat. That means I need to lose about 1.5 lbs and 0.64% body fat each week if I am to catch up to my goal. We are very close! Though I don’t know if I can actually hit these goals by November 13. I will take it slow and steady, so let’s just see where I end up! Doesn’t really matter though because the benefits of the 90 day journey have already paid off! It started paying off in week 1 🙂

At this point, I am going to make a change to my diet again. I’m going to start replacing some of my fat calories with carb and protein calories. I need to do a better job of planning that out because right now fat % keeps landing in the 45-60% range when it should be closer to 30% according to my genetic fit test.

I am also VERY curious to see that IF I follow my genetic fit macros, can I optimize my body’s ability to burn fat? I think I need to actually plan my meals before I cook them or else looking at my macros at the end of the day becomes one big guessing game instead of a well thought out strategy. I’ll need to write up my meal plan soon.

Yesterday’s Recap:

Yesterday was a high calorie day compared to what I am have been eating normally! But I guess all the stress of costume making, rehearsals, performing, parties etc – really just made me more ravenous than usual!


11% carbs, 32% fat, 57% protein

208 calories

I mixed some Premiere Protein vanilla protein drink with Real CoCo Coconut drink for an on the go brekkie.


32% carbs, 43% fat, 25% protein

711 calories

Chipotle chicken salad, guac, corn, fajitas, black beans and pico de gallo. YUM.


25% carbs, 49% fat, 23% protein

827 calories

I had a couple plates of luncheon meats with Caesar salad, roasted tomato hummus, tomatoes, carrots, and some berries. It didn’t look like a lot but when I logged it into MyFitnessPal, the meats really added up!


27% carbs, 43% fat, 30% protein

293 calories

Cooking from home is so much cleaner!!! I know exactly what’s in my food and I can eat a lot slower and more mindfully. I had 2 cauli flatbreads with 2 eggs.

As a little dessert, I had some kombucha!

I came in at 2,039 calories, 147g carbs (28%), 103g fat (44%), and 148g protein (28%). At least I surpassed my protein goal for once!

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  1. Saraahx says:

    Sir George is soooo cute!!! I love how your lipstick actually matches with your costume. I heard about what happened with Victoria in one of Stephanie Soo’s video, it’s crazy! I can’t imagine the pain, sadness and frustration she felt all that time. Good job on your results, and protein goal!!

  2. Katie S says:

    Your journey has been like a science experiment! It’s been very interesting so far. I’m curious as well if you’ll be able to hit your goals by changing to match your report. Even if you don’t, you’ve done an amazing job and learned so much! <3 Love your costume. I'm confused how Victoria has no feeling in her legs but still looks like she's walking around etc. I guess I'll have to read about her further. What you've said about her is like WOW!!

  3. Angie says:

    Your costumes are sooo cute! I’m going to be Betty Boop and I’ll take my doggie trick-or-treating, since she’s white. 🙂

  4. Connie T says:

    Probably won’t hit those goals but this 90 day journey has still been an AMAZING success. And I honestly believe negative comments stem from jealousy and insecurity. When looking for feedback look to people who are following the same path as you and are actually a couple steps ahead of you. People who are in the fitness space and train hard would never leave such negative comments. What you’re doing i.e. taking control of how you’re transforming your body is SO COMMENDABLE. Cassey I have so much love for you and I know this 90 day transformation is really a step in the direction of a happy healthier you.

  5. Emily says:

    Your costumes are so creative!! What a fantastic idea! You look so glamorous in your bubbles Xxx

  6. Laura says:

    I’m not a meal planner by nature, but if I’m really trying to watch my macros, I will enter my meal before I actually eat it/start cooking to see if I need a bigger portion (usually protein) or if I have more wiggle room for carbs. It’s pretty easy to add in an egg/nut butter/extra piece of meat or beans/legumes If I ate very low carb earlier. Also helps me decide if I want a full cup or 1/2 cup of ice cream, lol!

  7. Kori says:

    Your costumes are so adorbable! Sir looks MAGNIFICENT. Lol. I am so excited to see and try the heels video! I have been wanting to try dancing, but too afraid of looking awkward. So this will be a fun experience! I can’t believe your 90 days is already almost up; like where did the time go? I’m very curious to see how people will react at the end of your journey, considering the way people were up in arms in the beginning. Personally, I’ve really enjoyed seeing your journey. You’re setting so many good examples that I really needed at this point in my life, and it’s refreshing seeing you take charge of your own life and try new things to make yourself happy. It’s so beautiful. Every time I see a negative comment, my blood boils for you. It’s so hard not to jump on and set people straight. So I can imagine it feels for you. But you handle it so gracefully, and it just shows how mentally strong you are becoming. It’s so inspiring.

    I hope the test results and altered meal plan help you optimize and see even more results! I’ve been having the same issue with my fat percentage creeping up by the end of the day, plus feeling full by the end of the day and not getting enough calories or protein, according to MFP. I never want to force myself to eat, but don’t want to not give my body what it needs. I should probably try to plan my meals for the week before grocery shopping.

  8. Kaitlin says:

    I would love to see you try/your results from this test: Individual Exercise Metabolic Profile (IEMP) and Metabolic Crossover Point + Body Composition. You can get it at a university exercise lab (the CU Boulder one is $350 for example). Kelly Roberts, the BALG runner has had it done. It basically tells you a total what heart rate/speed your body ideally burns fat. If you work out below – still burning carbs first, above (harder effort)- carbs first but right at the crossover point body burns fat first. I want to get it done myself someday. I had my VO2 max done 3 years ago as part of a medical study (so free to me!). My body is different now.

    You rocked your costume- gorgeous 🙂

  9. Laura says:

    Omg, costumes were so nice!!!

  10. Angela says:

    I love your costume! So bold, and Sir George is ridiculously cute. I’m always surprised at the percentage of fat your meals have…my brain looks at them and thinks, that looks like it doesn’t have much fat. I guess that’s why weighing the food is so important. I think I totally underestimate amounts. I’m so curious to see what your meals will be li,e when you up the carbs and protein more. Thanks for sharing so much of your life. I feel like I am learning with you. ❤

  11. Beth says:

    I’m so proud of you Cassey! I can’t even imagine how difficult this journey has been with all the ridiculous criticism you’ve received. Every time I see a negative comment I have to force myself to not jump on and create more negativity. I’m going to be starting my own 90 day with my partner (logging & journalling). I’ve been doing your videos since 2012 and it is the only workout series that I return to over and over again. I just want wanted to let you know, I’ve love watching you grow as I have grown up (I’m 27 now). Just know that for every critical voice and comment you read, you have many more fans that read them & feel sick too. I love the confidence you have manifested in your journey. When you say you can’t wait to do seniors Pilates with us, I am legit excited. Haha I can’t wait to grow old doing blogilates. Sending you all the love from western Australia ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  12. I want to be a gothic Alice in Wonderland or a haunting ethereal faerie for Halloween! I don’t have costumes for either unfortunately so I think I’ll just be a nudist on strike ^^