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Hey guys!

I wanted to let you know that we are currently having a HUGGEEEEEEE POPFLEX Warehouse Sale!!! Everything on this specific link is 2 for $25 ($12.50/ea) or 5 for $50 ($10/ea)!!! We’ve never made prices this insane before, but I need to clear out space in the warehouse for other stuff coming in, so could you help me clean out!!??

Here are 2 pieces that are a part of the sale that I absolutely love:

This is the Zenith Zip Bra in Shiny and the Wishing Star Capri in Shiny.

Do I even need to explain why zip bras are amazing? Your arms will thank you after a sweaty workout.

Invisible side pockets. Deep enough to hold your phone and whatever else you wanna put inside. But sleek enough so that if you don’t use em, no one knows you have a pocket! The fabric is super stretchy. So when you get it, you may not think the pants will fit, but they will. They are also very compressive – in a good way!


These 2 styles are on super sale on their own:

The Queen’s Coat is only $30!!! The original price was $84. It’s made os luscious neoprene and FULLY lined. Plus the skirt is to die for.

The Dusty Blossom Romper is only $25!! The original price was $65. This romper is so cute. There are invisible pockets!!! Also, for those of you wondering if it will work for a long torso, the answer is YESSSSS. The shirt is split into 2 wide leg holes. I know, you can’t tell. But that means that there is no fabric riding up your crotch situation ever.

The POPFLEX Warehouse Sale ends on Oct 19th, so hurry! We’re selling out of a lot of things already! Also, please please PLEASE make sure to read the Stylist’s Notes entirely. There are NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES on the things in the Warehouse Sale. Please ask em any questions you have in the comments! I will do my best to answer all of you!

Yesterday’s Recap:

Fit Journal entry. It was a rest day. I had too much to do and I was super sore from all of the dancing!


31%carbs, 45% fat, 24% protein

794 calories

To start off lunch, I made a quesadilla with 2 egg thins and some whole milk mozzarella cheese! I still have cheese left in the fridge, so until I finish it, I’m still eating it!

Real lunch consisted of like 10 egg thin tacos filled with romaine lettuce, corn, edamame, red bell peppers and chicken sausage with honey chipotle vinaigrette! YUM!

Post lunch kombucha.


0% carbs, 77% fat, 23% protein

100 calories

Some roasted cauliflower with a La Croix!


27% carbs, 47% fat, 26% protein

618 calories

As an appetizer, I made a cauliflower flatbread with an egg on top with some lettuce and one of the SPICIEST hot sauces I have ever had!!!

Brittney got Sam and I a hot sauce set after her trip to Costa Rica and I tried them for the first time last night. I didn’t think they would be spicy BUT OMG. I was CRYINGGGGGGG. Yet, somehow, I kept eating it as I was breathing hard and downing gallons of water. I don’t know what it is about spice. I love it but I hate it all at once!! I wonder if there is a correlation between people who eat spicy foods and willpower? Has anyone ever done a study!!?? If you know if one, please link me!!

For dinner, I made a mahi mahi fish with chanterelle mushrooms, cauli rice and romaine lettuce with chipotle honey vinaigrette dressing!

Yesterday I came in at 1,512 calories 99g carbs (27%), 77g fat (48%), and 90g protein (25%). I’m getting better at the protein! Almost at 100g!


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  1. Saraahx says:

    I can confirm that the Queen’s Coat is absolutely beautiful, magical, elegant and makes you look AND (!!) feel regal. Love it! Yay for getting better at proteins. Also don’t know how people can handle these kind of spices, that’s a real mystery for me, I must say

  2. Angie says:

    I ordered the romper and it was too short for my freakishly long torso! I’m short, but all torso. Luckily, my mom and I are around the same size, but she’s 4 inches shorter with a short torso and it fits her perfectly. She loves it! I also got a new water bottle since my old one (not a Popflex) started leaking and the planner! I’m so excited to use it!

  3. Natalie says:

    What is the brand of Honey Chipotle vinegarette?

    1. Sabrina says:

      I’m wondering the same thing! We’d love to know 🙂

  4. Megan gorman says:

    Hey Cassey, not sure if you mentioned this already but do you make the egg things and cauliflower flatbread yourself? What’s in them/how to make them?

  5. Leigh says:

    Gahhhhhhhh! I’m IN LOVE 😍 😍 😍 with the Queen’s coat! I just ordered it with a 2020 journal and 90 day fit planner!! SO EXCITED! I’ve been following your 90-day journey and it’s so inspiring! I want (and need) to start one myself

  6. Kay says:

    Ok no but listen. I saw your stories about the warehouse sale and HOLY GUACAMOLE YOU LOOKING BOMB. I FEEL SO INSPIRED. This journey of yours has me going to the gym almost everyday, and yes it’s because I want to look good, not ashamed to say it! I have a healthy outlook about it—I’m totally ok with not being able to reach a certain goal for the sake of mental and physical health. Anyways I just wanted to say that your journey is paying off. I’m so glad the old Cassey is back! Kicking butt and so energetic!

  7. I gotta try those egg thins! What are the ingredients?

  8. Diana says:

    I like hot stuff but not too much. I love hot sauce and used it as a dipping sauce for salad one time. It was hot and I was struggling but it was still so good lol. I have also mixed hot sauce with ketchup for a dipping sauce with lettuce wraps and other things you use to dip stuff in. I would say that I have pretty good will power with some things, but I still have my vices at the same time.

  9. Eims says:

    I’ve been a fan of Blogilates for about 6 years. I’ve seen some of the ups and downs, which is simply life. The reality is that people will always poke holes, no matter what we do. We all know that Internet is a double-edged sword. When we turn to channels like this for motivation, inspiration and to be uplifted, we need to remember that only we control how we feel and see ourselves.

    I’ve gone over so many of the YouTube comments on this 90-day journey. Those who criticize it express their concerns and own insecurities in a way that makes YOU responsible for how they feel. It’s not only unfair but also cowardly. It is up to us to create our best lives. Some people can help, but in the end nobody can do it for us. When they say that because you want to be thinner, stronger, fitter they feel horrible and depressed, they aren’t holding themselves accountable for their own actions and feelings. Instead, they are using you as a scapegoat for their own self-loathing. Because in the end, they can turn to a myriad of YouTube channels and blame people left, right and center for their struggles but without working on the introspection necessary to identify the root of their negative feelings. We all struggle, every day, but making someone else responsible for our thoughts and feelings is what cowards do.

    This is sad because, like you said in a previous post, we women have been programmed to expect so much of ourselves, sometimes too much… But men have it easy. Body positivity has become an excuse to shame those who want to be fit or healthy to the point that it has become the equal reaction of fat shaming. In the end, yes, we should all love where we are in our journey, but also acknowledge when there’s room for improvement, especially when it comes to health. It’s not about the scale, it’s about creating a body that allows you to run, jump, touch your toes and, in turn, live a longer and healthier life. It’s all about having “quality of life” and as long as your lab tests say that you’re nourished and healthy, it’s up to you how you want to look. It’s up to all of us and absolutely nobody has the right to tell us what empowers us, what should be “enough” or what we should or should not change.

    I do feel for you for having to cope with all this publicity mess, but I also admire you for holding your head high, being willing to be vulnerable and do what is right for you. That is what people should be focusing on. Here’s an Internet figure who has decided to be true to herself, create her own definition of well being and take action to build a healthy body and mind. Most people, especially those under the public eye, would never have that courage. But you already know that.

    At least here, you have someone who is applauding your work. I wish you the best and I’m sending you love and positive vibes because you have given that to me every time I’ve seen your videos for the past 6 years.

    1. blogilates says:

      Thank you so much for this. I feel your love.

  10. Dawne says:

    I just ordered the Pop Short and Curious Crop top in Plum. I can’t wait to receive them! Thank you Cassey 🙂

  11. jeanne says:

    your dedication and motivation are actually making me more and more motivated and I would love to start a 90 days journey as well but I don’t know which diet to follow… Are you actually doing an intermittent fasting ? because you rarely take a breakfast… Thank you so much for your help and your good vibes 🙂

  12. Lucy says:

    Oooh I ordered the Shiny capris (along with 4 other items…)! I hope they fit – they look so good on you!

  13. Jenny says:

    So many eggs!

    Thanks for the sale – I bought two leggings. After doing your videos for years (I’ve done the ‘Call Me Maybe’ squats probably 100 times) and never ordering from Popflex (sorry!) I figured this was the perfect time to pay you back, if only a little bit. Looking forward to wearing them!

  14. Ashly W says:

    Sooo excited when I saw the email for the popflex sale, but by the time I went online a day later all the larger sizes were already sold out. So bummed I could cry!! I’m looking forward to what you’re clearing warehouse space for, though.

  15. Lilith_Maundrell says:

    OMG these last days I was like “uhm ok a sale but this doesn’t interest me”. I was aware that the offer is real cheap but my brain just was “naah”. But somehow your blog post made me think “well if it is over soon I should at least take a closer look and it is really really cheap”. Now I ended up placing a order for 5 items XD
    I fear that this wasn’t the last order in a short time because I’m really excited to know what the new stuff we making space for is going to be 🙂

    1. Alzbeta says:

      I also checked the sale only after I got an email from Popflex with the romper on sale, and I also ended up buying 5 other items, because when you have 4 for 50 USD, than the 5th is for free, correct? ☺ AND the romper!!! Can’t wait to lose some 13kg and rock it 🎉🎉🎉 Thanks Cassey for being such an inspiration! You inspired me yet again to try to be a better version of myself, not just a couch potato with lots of excuses👍