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I never thought I’d be saying this about my 90 day journey, but…I DON’T WANT IT TO END!!!

I am rediscovering old passions, allowing my body to move in ways that feel like play, and making ME a priority. As a result, I am feeling more alive than ever.

I will for sure be filming a recap video of my 90 day journey for YouTube! I am so curious where I am going to be in the next 30 days! Here are some hopes of mine:

  1. I hope to be a more confident dancer
  2. I hope to be someone who gets a full 7-8 hrs of sleep
  3. I hope to have a healthier gut and better digestion
  4. I hope to finally slow down
  5. I hope to be more flexible
  6. I hope to release one of the videos I filmed last week
  7. I hope to get near my initial body fat and weight goal
  8. I hope to continue my healthy habits
  9. I hope that I will continue to blog

I’ll look back on day 90 and see how many of these hopes came true!

Yesterday’s Recap:

Fit Journal entry.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I decided to skip my traditional workout for the day and choreograph a heels routine instead. Turns out I spent literally ALL DAY choreographing – I am talking several hours! I finally got the routine down and I am excited to show you how to do it in a tutorial that I will be releasing on Sunday on YouTube!

I danced all the way from morning til evening. It was like an intense intermittent fast because I didn’t have anything substantial until dinner time! And those egg cups that I marked under lunch were eaten in the late afternoon. The dance kept me so focused. I didn’t want to disrupt my creative flow by going down to the kitchen to eat. I know, weird. But when I am focused, I am LASER FOCUSED


25% carbs, 54% fat, 21% protein

280 calories

Egg white cups with spinach and bell pepper.

Paired with kombucha. Yum.


34% carbs, 44% fat, 22% protein

646 calories

Chanterelle mushrooms, mahi mahi, and cauliflower rice.

With shishito peppers!!!


50% carbs, 42% fat, 8% protein

428 calories

My fave. Pumpkin pie dessert hummus with strawberries.

Black tea mixed with unsweetened almond milk.

Yesterday I came in at  1,353 calories and 133g carbs (38%), 71g fat (45%), and 60g protein (17%). I didn’t eat too much yesterday but oddly did not feel hungry at the end of the day! So based on that, I did not try to squeeze in another meal for the sake of squeezing in another meal. I respected and listened to my body.

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  1. Saraahx says:

    Those are great goals, hope you can achieve most of them! I don’t know how you managed to keep dancing instead of having a meal/snack yet having energy! (???!!?) Wow!!! I honestly got worried when I read that paragraph

  2. Nicole says:

    can you post the recipe for those mushrooms? i’m drooling…omg

  3. Ana Margarita says:

    I also do not want this journey to end. I have been following it through your blog posts and have to congratulate you for the inspiring content and your discipline. I am currently designing my own journey and find inspiration in your recipes and workouts. Keep up and may you reach your goals!

  4. I can’t believe you spent all day by yourself choreographing! That’s a lot of fun. I Can’t wait to see the routine!!

  5. addicted to doing the hardest thing! says:

    Re: the challenge of taking on too much. I’m working on this right now, and somebody pointed out to me that for me, “the hard thing” is not doing what for most people would be the hard thing. I am addicted to the feeling of biting off more than I can chew and working to push past my limits to accomplish as much as possible. It’s actually harder for me to choose to do the easier thing. I *hate* that feeling! And if anyone tells me to relax, that makes me stubborn and makes me want to work harder!!! The advice I got was, if I’m challenging myself to be more balanced, the discomfort I might have to “challenge” myself with is the discomfort of taking an easier route when I know there’s a more challenging one. If you’re doing this for 30 more days, maybe you can try challenging yourself emotionally by forcing yourself to pick the easier option. If you don’t like it, you can go back to your old way at the end of the 30 days. But this might be the discomfort you need to lean into right now, rather than your brain’s favorite discomfort, the discomfort of doing everything all at once!

    1. I can totally relate about doing the easy thing. Sometimes it’s my who saying I should just go harder and sometimes I choose to do the harder thing or sometimes I don’t. I choose to be happy with my choice either way.

  6. Diana says:

    I kind of don’t want your 90 day journey to end either. I have really been loving reading your blog daily. It is like an addiction for me lol. It is just very interesting. I will probably be sad when you stop blogging as often, but I know this is probably not sustainable long term. You have to do what is right for you. I will be happy with whatever you decide to do. I have started tracking my calories and it turns out I was under eating. This is not too surprising because I know how I eat and I do tend to skip meals sometimes. Not on purpose, it just happens and I just don’t make eating a priority. I haven’t had any serious health issues or lost a bunch of weight, so I wasn’t too concerned. I am not very active, and my daily recommended calorie intake is 1872. When I start working out again it will need to be more than that, so I will need to start planning my meals better. Right now my goal is just to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I usually only eat two out of the three a day, with snacks in between. I have been on a 30 day journey so far, but I have not done a good job of tracking things and sticking to my goals. This is motivating me to do better.

  7. Peeta says:

    180 Day Challenge? Lol

  8. McKayla says:

    Your 90 day journey has been so inspiring, Cassey! You have helped me to start my own fitness journey (like you, I just wanted to lose about 15 pounds to feel my best again) and I’ve already seen great results just by trying to eat and exercise similarly to you! 🙂

    It would be so cool if you extended the 90 day journey somehow, or at least shared more daily recaps with what you eat/how you work out/what you’re up to every day! I look forward to reading your blog every day, since it really helps give me motivation! I’m always excited for a new 90 day journey post, and I’m going to be sad when it ends!

  9. Jacqueline says:

    Girl, I love you but you’re under eating. Your daily calories are lower than any science based source would ever recommend. You may not be hungry but that may be because your extreme focus and goal setting is unintentionally clouding your hunger signals.

    1. katy says:

      calories are very particuliar to one person. 1300 or 1400 cals is plenty if you want to lose weight, which is her goal and it seems to be working. If I on the other hand, would eat 1400 or 1800 calories a day, like cassey sometimes does, I would gain weight even with execise. I have to have less than 1200 net calories to lose weight. We’re not all made the same and sometimes we naturally need less cals than the next person because of a lower bmr. What science says about calories is very black and white and yet our bodies are not.

  10. Rose says:

    Hey Cassie! Great job on your 90 day journey so far! You have been super consistent and 90 days is a long time so good for you! I was wondering, what made you decide to do Keto and will you continue a mild form of Keto after the challenge is over? Anyway, best of luck from me!!

  11. Deanna Lisovich says:

    I decided to try the kombucha to see what it was like. I got that same kind when I was at Aldi. Tried and it is definitely an acquired taste. I don’t know about it yet. I’m going to finish the bottle but I don’t know if I am going to get more.

  12. Lacey says:

    I can’t wait to see the choreo!!!