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You guys. Yesterday I came up with what our family Halloween costume is gonna be for me, Sam and Sir George. I bought all the supplies and I CANNOT WAIT to make it…and wear it!!! AHHHHH!!! It’s gonna be so good. I’m gonna die. You’re gonna die.

What are you gonna be for Halloween?! I can’t believe it is officially fall. Currently wearing cargo pants and a sweater right now because I’m cold. And if you wanna see how pathetic I am, the weather is currently 72 degrees F 😛 Am I weak…or just spoiled?! Maybe both.

Anyway ready for your October Workout Calendar!!??? Look how cute it is!!!

Click to download hi res cal!

SUNDAY: Ultimate Upper Body
MONDAY: Boo-tiful Booty
TUESDAY: Creepy Cardio
WEDNESDAY: All About Abs
THURSDAY: Terrifying Total Body
FRIDAY: Chill Out
SATURDAY: Lovely Legs

If you’re new to the monthly calendars, this is how it works!

  1. Click on the hi res link to download the calendar and print it out for your wall.
  2. Head over to and click on the videos of the day. It’ll take you directly to the YouTube video!
  3. Do each video once (unless otherwise stated)
  4. Check off as you go!

If you’re looking for a plan to jumpstart your own 90 day journey, start with this month’s workout calendar! Or if you want to ease into working out, check out my Beginner’s Calendar. It’s a free 4 week program to get you stronger, so that you can join in on the monthlies!

Yesterday’s Recap:

On Sunday, I had 2 parties. One that I attended and one that I hosted – so things were super crazy. Plus I was kinda late coming back to my own event, so that didn’t help! Food wise, I did the best I could, but you know how it is at events when you’re around friends and fam – you just can’t be as detailed as you normally are! So let’s see how I did!


28% carbs, 65% fat, 7% protein

658 calories

Started off the day with some fresh organic raspberries. Oh and meet my new food scale! Isn’t he cute? Love this little guy. Takes the guessing out of EVERYTHING. I got it on Amazon…prime of course, and it came in a day! How did we ever live without Prime!!??

I had a totally vegan breakfast that BLEW. MY. MIND. Guys. I made cilantro lime cauliflower rice with chanterelle mushrooms seasoned with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and also a full avocado. All topped with sriracha. Literally, one of the best meals I have EVER had in my entire life. Today’s post is super long, so I’ll give you the full directions on how to make the cilantro lime rice in my next blog post! But seriously – it is NEXT LEVEL. You’ll want to eat everything with it.

As a brekkie “dessert”, I had some pumpkin pie hummus! I measured it out with my scale this time and turns out I’ve been underestimating how much I’ve actually been eating. Oops. Good thing for the scale! Keeps me honest and accurate.


12% carbs, 53% fat, 35% protein

533 calories

For lunch, we went to Sam’s family party and I did the best I could. I filled my plate with meat and veggies only. There was a sauce on the chicken and a dressing on the veggies, so I asked Sam’s mom what she put in it so I could log it correctly in MyFitnessPal.


30% carbs, 44% fat, 26% protein

699 calories

After the lunch gathering, Sam and I rushed home because I needed to prep appetizers for Game Night at our house! We ended up getting home just 15 minutes because people started coming, so I barely had time to even begin the food prep which totally stressed me out! But it’s ok, when the guests came, I delegated, and we all ended up food prepping together! I’m just going to show you the things I ate, but also imagine quesadillas, pizzas, nuts, crackers, breadsticks etc!

Berries. I am personally not a fan of blackberries, so I had some organic strawberries. SO SWEET and so superb!

These were a hit! Cucumber coins topped with cream cheese and lox!

This right here is something I always make for parties. It’s my chicken-avo dip. Totally keto, paleo, gluten free, and dairy free! It’s just 1 can of shredded chicken, drained, and 1 ripe avocado. I mash it all up together, and then I add some seasoning. It could be salt and pepper, or in this case, I added some Nom Nom Paleo Magic Mushroom Powder to taste. It was a total hit!

I made myself 2 coconut wraps filled with chicken avo for dinner. Absolutely amazing!!! Not as filling as the lime cauliflower rice + chicken + egg + avo burrito I made the other night, but still delish!!! These coconut wraps are heaven sent.

I was still feeling munchy, so I made myself a mini bowl of seaweed salad with lox on top. Not bad!

My fun drink of the night? Kombucha!

Game night was really fun! We played Boggle and Codenames. Have you ever played? I love it because it challenges my brain! OH ALSO!!! I need to share a non scale victory with you guys. I won Boggle!!!! I NEVER WIN BOGGLE!!! Usually Sam or our other really smart friend from Yale wins. ANNNNDDDDD our team (which consisted of me, Sam, Drew, and his wife Linda) won Codenames 4-0. So life is pretty good right now 🙂

Look at this hilarious BTS shot from last night. This was the dynamic of the other team. Hahahhahaha. Caleb, Cameron, Haley, and Annalee want a rematch.

Calories wise, yesterday I went 345 calories above my goal. I consumed 1,939 calories in total and my goal is to hit 1,310 (higher if I work out) in order to lose -1.5 lbs a week, according to MyFitnessPal. 1,310 calories is what I’d need to eat if I were living a regular life without exercise.

Just so everyone is clear, these were my net cals yesterday:

1310 goal – 1939 food + 284 exercise = – 345 remaining

This morning when I weighed in, I definitely saw it on the scale. So, MyFitnessPal has been pretty accurate. On the days when had positive net cals remaining or on days when I pretty much broke even, my weight dropped the next day. Today I got up to 130 lbs, a weight I had not been at since Sept. 16th. I’m guessing I just ate late so everything’s still in my belly, but today I’m being a lot more precise with my food, so let’s see how my body responds tomorrow.

It’s cool to experiment with myself to see what works and what doesn’t! Plus since I have a while to work this all out, I love that I don’t feel the pressure to get everything right the first time. Giving yourself the time to create your success is the key here. Do not rush through anything! Desperation and speed without thinking never lead to any good.

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  1. October says:

    Thanks for letting me know about blogilates

  2. miahdchung says:

    I keep checking back to see info about coda. So far it’s been fine using the clickable calendar but I loved using coda! Will we be able to use it in November? I realize it’s probably difficult to keep everything updated. Thanks for everything that you and your team do 🙂

  3. Heena says:

    Hey Cassey I just wanted to thank you for all your videos. They helped me a lot before my pregnancy period but after delivering a baby I can’t notice much change and then I realised something was wrong and so I searched a lot n came to know that I have diastasis recti. So i just want you to make some diastasis recti friendly workout.

  4. Melissa says:

    Unfortunately the October calendar is not populating for me in the Blogilates app :(. Is anyone else having this issue? Also, I noticed the last two months—it takes a long time (sometimes not at all) for the videos to play once selected in the app. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    1. blogilates says:

      You can go ahead and unsub from the app! My developer is no longer cooperating with me so I have no access to update the app on my own.

      1. Melissa says:

        Okay 🙁 I love the app! Will I still have access to the old workouts?

  5. Millemilla says:

    You’re journey is so inspiring!! And I love your workouts, but isn’t the Coda version available anymore? It was so useful and easy to use!

    1. blogilates says:

      Sorry about the coda! We had some issues so it will be back next month!

  6. Alice says:

    I always loved the calendar to keep on track, but why October has so little arms ????? :(((( I love working my arms and Sunday has almost turned into a 2nd abs day…. For the first time, I must say I’m disappointed … What about the ONETRIPGROCERYBAGS ???? :'(

    1. blogilates says:

      Alright, we will get back on arms next month – promise!

  7. Sharon Gore says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this!! We are very excited about doing this. Thanks again!

  8. Mia says:

    Anyone else feeling like the calendars aren’t as important as they used to be? I noticed in September the same workouts were copy and pasted two weeks in a row and this month there’s a PIIT on Oct 4 (rest day) and it looks like Oct 11 and 12 should be swapped. I feel like now that Cassey is more focused on her blogging and the other aspects of her business (fitness planner, clothing line) the actual workouts have taken a back seat… there used to be a new video every week! I have been following the calendars 7 days a week for years and was always such a huge fan but I’ve been kind of disappointed lately 🙁 I really don’t want to have to search for another work out routine 🙁

  9. chinadoll320 says:

    Thanks for the meals! I’m going to try these because I’m always looking for ideas.

  10. I want to be invited next time! I recognized Caleb right away from the blue hair–i love his channel.

    I’ve never played boggle–does that require any luck to win? Also, what is lox? It looks like salmon. If you top the cucumber rolls with some dill, it’d take it to the next level. 🙂 something refreshing about cucumbers, cream cheese, and fish with dill.

    I love that you’re sharing numbers and your meals. I wonder if you get hate from people saying you’re undereating though, ever? *rolls eyes at them* What do you do with these critiques?

  11. kmastroianni says:

    Hi Cassey! Thank you so much for these updates about your journey! I have been challenging myself to do something similar by using your monthly calendar and tracking my food on My Fitness Pal. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my strength and am starting to notice changes to my body as well. It feels great! I completed every workout on the September calendar and it felt so good, so THANK YOU for that!

    I also wanted to ask if you would be uploading this month’s calendar on Coda. It is so satisfying to mark off the videos as done! 🙂

    I’m looking forward to continuing to read about your progress!

  12. Laura says:

    Yey! Your friends are the best, they lift us in our hard days. 😄

  13. Anne says:

    Hi all!
    Is Cassey still using Coda? I love it as I don’t have to print out the calendars (saves paper) and I can do the workout anywhere as long as I have my phone! I just didn’t see it posted for this calendar this month.

    1. blogilates says:

      Ah, I didn’t get a chance to do it this month. Hopefully it will be back next month! 🙂

      1. Anne says:

        Thanks for responding Cassey! Just wanted to let you know that people do use Coda and love it! Thank you again for all you do! 🙂

  14. Nikki says:

    Getting back on track with your workouts! This month looks like its going to be fun.. also the fit planner looks amazing

  15. Kori says:

    I love seeing all of your recipes, and getting ideas for new things to eat! It’s been really helpful, as food is my biggest weakness and comfort. Also, congrats on the new FitPlanner! It’s so cute, and I can’t wait to get mine in!

  16. April P Dipo says:

    Way to Go!!! You guys should try Scrabble…lol Reading your blog is always inspiring. Oh and I love The Fitness Marshall, I use his videos and POP-Pilates as my regulars.

  17. Lori says:

    Hi Cassey just started this journey with you and did the summer sculpt series completely. Now I am following the October calendar. I thought after 4 weeks I’d hop in the scale and I have gone up 4 pounds….I was horrified! Is it hormones? Is it muscle? Eating as clean as I can and drinking more water than ever(5-24oz bottles a day) I seem to be going the wrong direction but I’m going to continue my journey. I’d like to see inches and pounds come off. Determined to make this work. Appreciate you sharing your journey. It encourages me to keep going.

    1. blogilates says:

      Maybe your period? Maybe hormones? If you’re not sure, tracking everything keeps you honest!

  18. Titia says:

    Hey Cassey quick question, I saw that on october 11th the calander says that we should do the waist exercise, but wasn’t friday a restday? I’m a little confused, is this right or a mistake?

  19. Saraahx says:

    Your dinner makes me salivate, especially the quesadillas-pizza part! Good job on your non-scale victory 🙂 Love these kind of games, I should play them more. The pic of the other team is hilarious, indeed! I’m each one of them when playing games haha. I really like that reminder about not rushing anything out.

  20. Artsy says:

    I’ve been doing your workout calenders for months and I really LOVE them! Thank you so much for supporting my fitness journey by offering some amazing guidance FOR FREE!

  21. Madhu GT says:

    Thanks for letting me know about blogilates

  22. Gaby says:

    My weight fluctuates ~2-3lbs during the day (and i’m petite) due to just water retention and waiting to digest. Don’t worry if your weight is high at the end of the night! 3500 calories is one lb of fat so there is no way you put on 1-2lbs of fat in one day. Also if you’re wanting to build muscle I would prioritize getting 0.8-1g of protein per lb of body weight (so ~130g) of protein a day! You got this!