Week 5 Weigh-In | 37 of 90

I had a terrible start to the day.

I think I told you already that one of my goals was to not let the negative comments personally affect me as much. As a people pleaser and someone who has always been self conscious, this has taken a lot of energy for me to do. Some days I succeed, other days…are like today.

Today, I wasn’t strong enough and I let the negativity infect me. DEEP. It was too much. I let it take over and I let it fill my body with anger and hostility.

I hate when I get like this. It’s not me.

Yeah, maybe it’s my lack of sleep that is increasing my levels of the stress hormone cortisol, making my bloat get more and more uncomfortable. But to be completely honest, that is not the only thing causing me stress. Reading negative comments makes my blood boil. I’m in a terrible mood after I read them. It’s like taking poison or something. I become so upset internally that you can read it right on my face, no matter how hard I try pretend like it doesn’t affect me. I wonder if reading negative comments is contributing to higher levels of cortisol in my body.

A good amount of you guys have suggested that I stop reading the comments. I know. I should. But I’m someone who wants to know if I’m doing something wrong, and I’m not afraid to have someone tell me something I don’t want to hear…

…as long as it helps me be better.

In this case though, I feel like these comments are just making me so negative. So maybe I should stop. But the thing is – I don’t want to live in a blissfully ignorant imagination. One of my biggest fears is to be told only things people think I want to hear, and be blinded from reality. I don’t want to be delusional. I don’t want to be out of touch with you guys and how you are actually feeling.

Anyway, I won’t to go into detail about what happened. I’ve already given it so much of my attention already today.

So…let’s move on to my week 5 weigh in!

This is the first week I have gained weight and body fat since I started. I think it’s the water retention from my week of bloating. But I’m going to incorporate minimum 7-8 hours of sleep per night to see if that helps! Hopefully this is the case and I can report back next week with better results!

If I am to still hit my goal in 7 weeks (which in the beginning I already said was going to be a challenge but still something I could work towards) my rate of weight loss should be around 1.3 lbs a week, up from 1.05 lbs a week. Let’s see how things go this week. I’m thinking I may need more time to get to my goal, and that’s ok. I’m in no rush, but I did want to put a date on my goal so it wasn’t some arbitrary dream without a specific timeline.

By the way, since you’ve been with me for 5 weeks now, you know that part of my progress tracking is numerical. But for those who are just joining, if you’re uncomfortable with numbers, there’s absolutely no need for you to track the way I do. It’s just how I do it. You can use clothes or a measuring tape on your journey!

Yesterday’s recap:

Fit journal entry! I noticed that most of this week I’ve been coloring in part of the happy face and part of the bleh face. The discomfort in my stomach has been making me not feel my best. So I hope I can figure this out soon and return to my normal self!

After my weight lifting class, I made myself some bacon with butter lettuce and cauli rice. I’m starting to feel weird about eating meat with so much fat on it. I actually stripped most of the bacon fat off for this meal and tried to just eat the “lean” part. I never really ate bacon before going lazy keto, but thought it’d be fun to try on the journey.

But seeing that I am not actually passionate about bacon (the way so many others are) I think I’m going to stop. I just feel weird about all the animal fat…like it’s going to clog my arteries or something!

For lunch, we ordered from a sushi and teriyaki place! I started off my meal with some edamame! YUM!

I love soup. No matter how hot it is, I can always have it! Even if I am sweating. With my meal, I had some miso soup.

Chicken salad for lunch with some avocado. This was delish.

Felt snacky and finished off this bag of seaweed crunch! YUMMM.

Felt snacky again and had some spicy peanuts. Not my fave, so I think I’ll stop with these.

For dinner, I had chicken salad again! But no avo this time because my avo’s aren’t ripe yet!

Because of my weird bloat issues, I decided to have a kombucha to integrate some healthy bacteria or probiotics into my gut. 1 bottle has 12g of carbs but whatever, right now it is more important for me to heal my gut than to be in ketosis.

Oh and side note – didn’t take pics but also had an advanced probiotic stick, MCT oil and BHB exogenous ketones throughout the day. Again, not really sure if this is helping, but it tastes good. Supposedly, one side effect of the ketones is that it’s supposed to naturally suppress my appetite, but I feel like I’ve been snacking more since taking it. So umm…not sure what’s going on, but it’s not doing what it’s “supposed to do.” I don’t feel extra mental clarity either. I feel the same. Actually, I feel sleepy earlier. Not sure if that’s related.

Anyway, I’ll try it out for a bit more because maybe it takes a while for my body to respond? Although…I feel like my body would respond quickest the first time I take it…

My fave page in the Fit Journal. My game plan page is getting filled UP and it feels so satisfying!!! I can’t wait to get to week 12 so I can see ALL THE BOXES filled in!

Goals for next week. All non scale related.

#1. Start sleeping more! 7-8 hrs a night MINIMUM. I am going to make this a priority.

#2. Stop reading the negative comments and taking everything to heart. It’s too hurtful and actually bad for my mental health and physical health.

Also, I want to be able to fill in the happy face at the end of next week’s recap. No more of this bleh face stuff. Let’s start week 6 fresh. New attitude. New mindset. New strategies. Let’s do this.

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  1. Navy says:

    Girl! You put so much pressure on yourself all the time. You have type A leaking out your pores. (I know because I am a fellow Type A sister). Just remember through the 90-day journey that YOU ARE WORTHY NOW. Not when or if you reach your weight goal, or body fat percentage, or get more followers, or have less haters… but right now! I’ve been a popster since the beginning and the reason I stuck with you is because you were the only image I could find as an impressionable teen of a healthy, fit, attainable, BEAUTIFUL body. You are crazy strong and toned and encouraging and hilarious and so many of us adore you for exactly who you are and could care less about how you look! You are so brave for putting yourself through the 90-day journey so openly. I could never never do it! Don’t let the haters get to you. Don’t read it, nothing good can come from it! Power on like the beauty beast you are and don’t lose sight of the amazing Cassey empire you’ve built being exactly who you are! No matter the outcome of this journey or any other, you have so many people cheering you on! I am one of them!

  2. Saraahx says:

    Ohhh it makes me real sad knowing how you feel, how stressed out it makes you feel and how you feel a lot of anger. Know that I will always support you but will also tell you when there are things that I think could be changed in the nicest way possible. I know how cruel some words or even behaviors can be but the only “advice” I can give is that as long as you know that your intentions are good and pure, as long as you know that you mean well, as long as you feel that your ideas, work etc is for the better good, that is all that should matter. I mean, of course, negativity is hard! Of course, it’s exhausting when you keep saying the same damn thing to people but they will not listen.
    Hopefully your results get better with you having more sleep. I really like the “I’m in no rush”, I truly find it to be inspiring and motivating at some point in your journey. One bad/less good day or week does not define your journey.
    I am loving the colors on that chicken salad!!

  3. Gen says:

    Oh my god, my dad LOVES those spicy peanuts! They’re great on salads too. I’m sorry about all the negativity! It’s so frustrating to have people bring you down when you’re thriving and killing your goals! Reading your blog posts so often is starting to inspire me to want to take on a health challenge and document it too. Thank you for being so honest with us on your journey, even though we’re all strangers in the big wide Internet. Love you girl and sending you positive vibes <3

  4. Katherine says:

    Ugh I hate negativity too. I think it’s why I could not have a blog. When I first gave birth to my daughter I was part of a group on the what to expect site and it was awful. It was only good for when I was overdue and I’d see other women write who were overdue. Bit when I had questions about nursing and crying at night. I had people write vicious comments.ot got to the point that I cried after reading people’s rude ass comments. So I unsubscribed. I’m trying to learn not to let those dummies get to me but it is very hard. You do you. I think you are great.

  5. Lily says:

    Hey Cassey, I’ve posted in the past but I just wanted to say thank you again for being so candid about your journey. I tried starting a 90 day journey myself a few weeks ago and things were going well at first… but then I inexplicably gained some weight back, got really discouraged, and quit altogether. I haven’t been watching my eating habits and have been feeling really crappy, so I weighed myself this morning and was disappointed to find that I’m back to my pre-90 day journey weight (plus some more). However, your posts have inspired me to take on the challenge again, as it’s shown me that setbacks are normal, and the most important thing is to not give up. It’s going to be hard, but reading about how it’s not easy for you either gives me the confidence that I can keep it up as well! Much love 🙂

  6. Swan says:

    It takes a special kind of person to put yourself out there in the public and to be so open and honest about everything is refreshing. I have been reading your blog posts more and more and I hope you keep going, you’re inspiring to all of us. I hope you see that there are more positive out there than negative. Negativity is just louder so we focus more on that than the positive. Thank you for being candid and genuine about everything. Keep it up!

  7. Laura says:

    A few things (all positive)…

    Thank you for the chili pistachio recommendation! I don’t usually do flavored nuts, but I’ve been craving salty hard and I’m not into plain nuts at a moment. My grocery store doesn’t sell the seaweed snacks that I like (Annie Chun’s… I prefer snacks to crisps). I’m totally out (they are my go to chip replacement) but they had a display with the chili pistachios so I grabbed them. Just the right amount of spice and heat, plus the serving size is generous. I normally wouldn’t get chili flavored because it’s usually a let down, but they have flavor AND heat. Yum!

    I think maybe you should delegate comment reading if you feel like it’s becoming too toxic. I think it’s important to know what’s going on both good and bad (just catching up… didn’t know obese was a slur/triggering. My BMI technically puts me in that group, but I’m not offended by it. It’s whatever.) Whenever/if you feel like you are in a better headspace, then you can resume doing it yourself. Please don’t let other people’s negativity bring you down. We’re about the same age, and it’s a skill I’ve only somewhat recently mastered (around my 30th birthday I had that revelation). Just keep putting your good vibes out there. I promise it reaches out pretty far – I feel them in PA!

    I can relate to the halted weight loss. I also lost weight fairly quickly just from being more mindful of what and how much I eat (I’m not restricting anything… keto/very low carb/low carb messes up my hormones thanks to thyroid issues). Now I’m hovering within a pound of that weight. I weigh myself daily because I really love inputting all of the data to see trends (so nerdy, lol), so it’s just annoying my body is just like “nah fam, gonna do this the slow way.” I just keep reminding myself that this too shall pass, and slow weight loss is usually more permanent.

    Also – have you considered a sleep tracking app? I don’t have any specific recs, I just use my Fitbit, but it’s so fascinating to see how I’m sleeping. Days when I feel less than my normal, happy self, it usually shows in my sleep. I know there are apps that work with Apple watches, too (currently debating if I’m staying with Fitbit or finally switching to an Apple Watch). I haven’t noticed a correlation between my weight and sleep, but definitely have between sleep and mood/stress.

    Finally, thanks for consistently blogging. No matter what, you always post and it’s really inspiring. It’s helped me stay accountable for consistently tracking (on a 20 day streak, yay!). There have been times where I’ve been too busy or just didn’t feel like it, but I’d check to see if you posted, and like always, you did!

  8. jlmoodies says:

    Keep going 💪🏻 You’re doing amazing 😉
    To relieve the bloating my nutritionist recommended the following things and that helped me a lot :
    – Eat more salty and fermented food (miso tofu tempeh..)
    – Eat in peace and take your time
    – wait 4h between meals to let your stomach rest
    – Avoid excess of spices and reduce high Foodmap food (sprouts, beans, cauliflower..)
    Hope that helps but digestion is so complex, it’s good to know what does or don’t for your own body.

  9. Kayla says:

    I hope you read all of the positive comments alongside the negative ones and realize that you have a lot of people supporting you on this! I have actually been reading your blog a lot more now and love seeing what you’re doing because you just seem so genuine. I think it’s so important for you to keep doing this and it’s what the fitness world needs. Showing that you’re a real person with struggles, successes, and failures, helps us on our own health journeys.

  10. Lorna says:

    Hi, you help me a lot I am from Trinidad, an Island off Venezuela, I don’t think you should let the negative comments stress you, you know who you are and you are a very loving and caring person and God has call you to be the best person no matter what people may think or feel, you are precious and one of a kind, there is no one like you in this world, so love you and be proud of yourself, there are more of us who are for you….love you

  11. Rebecca says:

    Have a great week! I am with you and hope you feel better 🙂 Love.

  12. Amanda Madeline Garant says:

    1st – I’m so glad that you’re blogging again. 2nd – I have always been one of your supporters.
    3rd – a couple years ago when you first introduced PIIT, I was one of the first to sign up and complete it and you helped me on my journey to lose 150 pounds naturally. I understand all too well what can happen when you decide to change habits that you’ve had for a while or decide that you were back in control of your body and you are empowered to begin making changes. Not everybody understood my decisions and my efforts. But they didn’t have to. They were MY decisions and MY efforts.
    It’s amazing what I ended up learning about myself. It’s amazing what I continue to learn about myself even after having kept the weight off for a couple years now. I love how I keep learning and I keep discovering more things about myself. So I’m really excited to hear that you’re doing the same thing. Even though we’ve never met I’ve always felt strongly connected to you, and now I feel even more connected. Stay strong.

    1. Blue says:

      very kind and wholesome words <3

  13. Katie S says:

    I don’t understand why people feel they absolutely must share their negativity. Will they die if they don’t? If you don’t like what someone’s posting, don’t read it. Don’t follow it. Go somewhere else. It’s easy. People can be so toxic.

    Anyway, I think you’re doing wonderfully. <3 I've always had a hard time when I break into a new set of digits (40s, 30s, 20s…or in my case 80s, 70s, 60s). It's like my body has to waver a bit at the top (78, 79) before it feels comfortable moving further down (76, 75, etc). So you're not alone! Though you already knew you weren't alone. 😉 hehe Good luck fixing that bloat. Sleep is everything! <3 <3

  14. Samantha says:

    Hey Cassey! I know this message might be a little ironic since I’m merely a stranger/follower, but after reading your latest blog post I feel like it might be beneficial to open up yourself to only receive constructive criticism from people who are close to you. And also give yourself permission to close off negative comments and any opportunity for that to happen. As strangers/fans/followers on the internet, we can give you all the feedback we want but I think deep down we humans put more value on the opinions of those who are closest to us, ie people you know personally (your family, friends, people you actually talk to on the phone) . If you know not reading mean comments is hard, I would turn off the comments specifically on your weigh-in blog posts. After all, the posts are YOUR numbers, YOUR goals, and YOUR plans, ie you don’t owe us anything and I don’t think any follower/fan/stranger can really comment when that post is just that, strictly YOURS as is, if that makes any sense.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, these specific blog posts are posted FOR us, but don’t necessarily INVOLVE us. So you have to say “I give myself permission to not put that opportunity out there, and therefore turn off comments on these posts”

  15. Kayleigh says:

    Cassey I’m so impressed with your journey and dedication to this! I know it’s not easy. Possible reason for your bloating this week could be your body kind of flushing itself out. I did whole30 a few months back and I found I was def starting to bloat about halfway through because your body kind of spends the first half in denial about what you’re doing when you cut certain sensitive food groups out and then once it realizes you’re not feeding it that food it’s used to it kind of freaks out! I’m no nutritionist so obviously I could be way off hahaha but that could be a part of it at least! Keep kicking butt and know that lots of us have your back!!

  16. Laura says:

    Yes baby! Getvmore sleep and you will see your apetite will not be so high. Because lack of sleep gets much hunger in your body. And for negative comments you have to stop read them. From 5 milion people what are you gonna do? Please everybody? No shit…they can eat your a… 😄👍

  17. Anna says:


    I hope you see this, but probably not if you aren’t reading comments anymore! I’ve been a silent follower for about the last 6 years, and have never felt the need to comment on a video or blog post of yours ever.

    Until now.

    I’ve been watching your videos throughout high school and college, and have been on multiple body-changing journeys. I’ve been too thin, more muscular than I’d like, and even a little heavier than I’d like. Our bodies change, our ideals change, our goals change! You are someone who has been SO transparent about your fitness and mental health journey, and I respect your honesty so much. It’s sad that people are so used to cookie-cutter fitness gurus who only preach about “self-love,” that someone so REGULAR like yourself is seen as toxic just because you’re not drinking the kool aid.

    You’ve never been a holier than thou “fitness guru” in my eyes because you’re a regular person, just like me. You’ve changed with me, grown with me, had ups and downs with me.

    I see you and appreciate you for who you are, and what you stand for. Thank you for being someone who never sold out.

  18. uma mocinha do brasil says:

    HELLo cassey!
    I let u a giant youtube comment but I m repeating here for feeling an urgency..
    cause u re not to blame.
    I have probably one of the worst self steem ever..seriously ..it s a medical issue already .. and a big one.
    and your youtube channel is the safesty place in all the internet for me doing what I like, and always felt uncapable of doing and even not allowed to like, working out!
    I feel motivated and stronger as u encourage me!
    I have a theory .. an hipothesis actually.
    One of the things u want the most is helping people to love themselves and develop themselves to the best mind they can! and be confortable with their bodies!love them! and
    being able to became stronger as they want!
    so… I believe is due to this that negative and RUDE and prejudiced( I ve readed some of them) comments saying u are not doing all of it, but the extreme opposite, hurt u so much!
    and that s ok.. as human being .. to feel like that!
    as a public figure.. unfortunately, u are dealing with people that are responsible for their comments and people that are not .. People are accusing u of not being responsible but actually they aren t.
    Pretending u are not a human being with feelings and they are not responsible for how u feel for their comments.
    it is bordering hypocrisis.. they only blame u for not considering people s feelings..and do that to u!
    Like u were a perfect machine .
    if u do believe sometimes u are such a negative person, who body shaming and whatever they are blaming u for, ..
    remember I ve a zero self steem and I feel as u hug me in one of the worst moments of my life.
    for that I am so grateful..
    And pretty sure I m not the only one..
    a huge hug and giant thank u from brazil
    When I will be teaching martial arts again, and now I feel I can , dude , my belt would be in part yours.. and pretty sure I would teach like u .. “hey guys..let s go, you can.. I know it is burning..” “you ve done something hard!!!congrats to u”
    PS: i love your survey .. i was taking that but had some connection error .. i tought it was very fun… and rose up the thought .. how people see me and how I see myself ? how some see me and how others people see?
    and for sure it is impossible to exist a ‘ideal” as we humans are so unique and different.
    sincerely, I love u
    by the way .. u should try out a very new working out, it will light u for sure!
    but as u are so strong i ve no idea what u ve never tried before… what about swimming and deep running ?
    martial arts too..
    sending u all the light , hug and friendship u need!
    u will overcome

  19. Libby says:

    There’s a reason even the great Taylor Swift blocks comments on instagram. The minute you start to get very much visibility, they can become a hellhole, no matter who you are. I admire you for wanting to keep your ears open to criticism, but there’s something to be said for boundaries. We have friends and spouses and loved ones in our lives to prop us up when we’re down, but also to give us the feedback we need to hear when we need to hear it. There’s something to be said for choosing carefully whose criticism you will decide to welcome and value. As a business owner, I understand that your relationship with your customers is essential to your success, but even then, there are ways to solicit feedback that do not involve choosing to steel yourself to read every single negative comment. We’re only human and we have a limited bandwidth at any given time for the discomfort we’ll choose to endure to become better people. That discomfort can involve education, or hearing out tough feedback from a friend to improve that relationship, or making changes to our lifestyle to improve our health. Point being that if you don’t have the mental bandwidth for criticism 100% of the time, that doesn’t mean you’re not open to it. It means you’re human. Criticism is a tool that should be engaged with conscientiously, the same time you’re going about your goals conscientiously. If you decide you need feedback, know going in what problem you’re trying to solve, what you want to know, and what you will ignore because it’s not relative. Otherwise it can become **especially for us approval-seeking types** an empty refrigerator of horrors we keep returning to when we’re bored or hungry, where we read and simultaneously get mad while secretly fearing/confirming to ourselves that our worst fears about ourselves are true. Feedback can be productive, or it can be addictive. It’s okay to know for yourself, in the best way that you are capable of knowing for the moment, what is right for yourself. The peanut gallery won’t always reflect that, and that’s okay. Sending my compassion as a fellow approval-seeker.

    1. Libby says:

      ** ignore because it’s not relevant

  20. Megan Hager says:

    Ugh girl I feel ya! I am a person who usually doesn’t care what people think of me but for some reason sometimes it just gets under my skin! I can’t imagine how hard it would be if people were constantly commenting negative things, it must be so hard to deal! Just remember you have a ton of supporters and you can’t please everyone. Keep your head up and keep kicking ass!

  21. Ileana Vargas says:

    I am so happy you are finally going to sleep!! Today’s life is so full of stuff we consider sleep as something extra, something bothersome that can be put aside, but there’s no way to live a healthy life without sleep.
    I know it’s ridiculously hard, I am trying myself to get my sleep schedule in order and it’s been so hard, it requires to rearrange everything during the day, but it’s needed.
    It was painful to see you going on and on about being in the best shape of your life… While sleeping 4-5 hours. Girl, I live you even though i’ve never met you,you have been such an important part of my journey, you have helped me so much… But that was a terrible lack of self awareness.
    You are now in the right track. I wish you, as always, the best.

  22. Krupa says:

    I recently got a -ve comment on my post and it disturbed me a lot. It’s not a comparison to your situation, but I know it must be taking such a toll on your mental health. Like everyone suggested here, have someone read out the positive comments to you and filter out negative. Doesn’t make you delusional or ignorant. It reinforces your positive approach to this whole journey. BTW you are doing so great on your journey and thank you for letting us be a part of it. I started the same day as you. Baby steps but we are headed in the right direction. Hang in there !! Lots of love.

  23. Angie says:

    Wow Cassey I sooo respect that you want to know if you’re doing something wrong! That kinda thing is usually difficult to hear. So I just had a thought… The most meaningful way to hear something like that is probably from the people you love and trust… They’re the ones that know you the best anyway! (This being said from someone you’ve never met lol) 💕

  24. Maggie says:

    Stop reading comments, but have someone you trust read them. If there are any critical comments that are constructive, they can screenshot them for you.

  25. Kara says:

    Just food for thought… I obviously have no idea about your personal life but could you be pregnant? With my 2nd pregnancy I had TERRIBLE BLOAT!! Like, immediately and I was super emotional and couldn’t get a good night’s sleep… It couldn’t hurt to pee on a sick! Best of luck figuring everything out 🤞🤞

  26. H. Banana says:

    Hire a comment filter person! They can give you a meaningful recap without all the stupidity! Feedback without the poison.

    1. uma mocinha do brasil says:

      that s an awesome idea!
      some youtubers do it …

  27. Anne Bennenbroek says:

    Just want to send you some love and light, hope you’ll feel better tomorrow <3

  28. You won’t be delusional if you subscribe to positive comments and have no critiques. Why? Because the universe will give ýou exactly what you need to hear at the exact right moment. So for a while it’s be beneficial to have comments either turned off or someone delete all negative ones. 🙂 because you’ll hear what you need to hear whether that be from people in your life or people online. Trust that 🙂

  29. Moya Laboy says:

    Try turkey bacon in my opinion it taste better especially crispy an it has less fat I believe

    1. Martha says:

      Hi Cassey, maybe you’d like to consult a doctor about the bloating? Not saying it must be a bad thing, but it always helps to know for sure what is going on rather than going through the guesswork! Oh and going to doctor for preventative purposes is always better than only going when the case is bad! 🙂

      1. blogilates says:

        That is true! It might be something more serious.

  30. Blue says:

    I’m sorry that people are giving you a hard time. They are probably hurt by your decisions and hurt you back without realizing it. I know it‘s easier said than done… but don‘t let it get to you. I just read a book about personal autonomy and it had the most inspiring quote: „If not even Harry Potter, pizza and the world religions can please everyone, neither can you. If someone‘s not happy with your lifestyle choices, they have every right to move on and find something that suits them better. But you have every right to create the life you want, too! Your wellbeing and happiness come first, no matter, what other people think. As you mentioned it before, if we adjust to other people‘s expectations, we become miserable and frustrated. It‘s better to be honest and lose some friends or followers than to pretend to be someone you aren‘t.
    You are an inspiring, uplifting women who shares the good and the bad with us and I appreciate that <3

    Love from Austria

    1. blogilates says:

      Thank you. Your words resonated with me so much.

    2. uma mocinha do brasil says:

      made your words mine! i don t know if this expression is used in english but it makes sense in my mother language
      I completely agree !

    3. Laura says:

      Well said! 💖

  31. Ania says:

    I’m kinda understand what you feel. I had one bad day this week too. It wasn’t because of social media, but I also felt treated unfair for something you will find as the most stupid thing in the world. It was terrible, I’ve cried for 2 hours, try to explain my little children why mommy’s sad. Even though it was few days ago I still don’t feel good. But I see that the best thing I can do is to move my focus from that situation to something what is building me up. I’m realistic that life isn’t only like sweet candyfloss, but, when I can to choose from candyfloss and glass wool which can hurt me, I’ll choose pink and sweet one 😉 I’m really with all of my heart with you, don’t worry 😍😘

    1. blogilates says:

      Oh no, I hope you are feeling better today!

  32. Laure says:

    Hi, I just thought of something but You likely already know it but cauliflower quite frequently make people bloated, and you seem to be eating a lot of it. Might be something to consider ?

    1. blogilates says:

      Hmm I do eat a lot of it! Let me check that out!

      1. Susan says:

        Cauliflower is a cruciferous plant so it does make you bloat. Steaming it should reduce the chances of bloating but if you’re already doing that,maybe consult a doctor and see what else it could be 🙂 normally I just bloat from stress. You’ve got this Cassey!

    2. Laura says:

      True 👍

  33. Marcella Nichols Eastin says:

    I think eliminating bacon is a great idea! It’s not the healthiest meat, and if you don’t like it, why bother? Maybe it’s linked to the bloat. I feel bad that people are being so mean to you. The internet is a bad place for personal life decisions. But it can also be a happy place of encouragement for personal life decisions. Your true fans are here to lift you up out of the darkness. Your friends and family are really the only ones that matter, though.

  34. Matilde says:

    Hi Cassey!! I was wondering (just a suggestion), maybe avoiding bacon and eating white meat like fish or turkey might be better? Only because bacon has lots of salt and could induce water retention! But then again I’m not a nutritionist so I don’t know :D.

  35. Leah Alexis says:

    Hey Cassey! All these people who are attacking you rn hav loved you at one point of time. You’ve helped us all on a journey towards a better body, confidence, and happiness. When some people dont get validation from outside, and want to feel better about themselves, they could turn to you! You preached about loving your body the way it is. So i guess when you hav now decided to bring about a drastic change in your physique, they have started questioning their bodies too. I think that you know best what your body is capable of, and you’re gonna get through all of this cause if anyone qns you, we r right here backing you up!

  36. windowbird says:

    Snacking is often a side effect of sleep deprivation as well! “When we run short of sleep, blood levels of leptin drop. Sleep deprivation also increases levels of the hormone ghrelin, which is known to stimulate the appetite. … Ghrelin and leptin regulate the body’s energy balance, making the brain feel hungry or full.”

  37. Jenny says:

    I know it’s not a new thing, but I’m so sorry about the negative comments. Even if they don’t like or disagree with something, there’s no reason anyone should react meanly to you. You deserve better!

    (ugh @ the dark side of the internet)

  38. Angela says:

    Cassey, you may not read this, if you stop reading comments! Lol. There have to be people or celebrities out there who have figured out how to deal with negative comments. Maybe get support from them? I used to listen to a keto podcast done by a woman…can’t remember her name. Her go to foods were chicken thighs and veggies cooked in butter, eggs, and olive oil on everything. Maybe mixing up your diet? Animal fat seems to be the go too with keto, and they say it does not clog your arteries. Who knows? Good luck and keep journaling. I feel like you are learning and growing even if you are not losing weight. Maybe you have hit a plateau. Oh, and the keto lady did eat half of a sweet potato once in awhile…some people carb cycle. Maybe that would kickstart your gut!

  39. KaylaD says:

    Kombucha is great but I’ve found it blows me up. Everyone is different though. You may want to look infinite FODMAP too. There’s even a free app called, “FODMAP Helper” that tells you what foods are worse or better for IBS. I’ve really been enjoying your journey Cassey! You just keep doing you and focus only on the positive and constructive criticism comments. <3

  40. rasheedawilson says:

    I think bloating can happen with consuming meat as well. (I’m not currently eating Vegetarian/Vegan so this is not me preaching at all). As you said that you seem iffy about consuming bacon, I also too feel heavier and uncomfortable after eating a meal with meat. Maybe make your dinner a vegetarian protein meal and see if that does anything. Just brainstorming ideas <3

    1. blogilates says:

      Thanks! Gonna try some different things for sure.

  41. Diana says:

    This probably doesn’t make sense as I am no expert, but maybe you are working out too much. You might not be eating enough calories to fuel your workouts and your body is rebelling against that? I don’t know. Secondly, maybe you should do something to address your mental health like meditation or anything that raises your vibration. Whatever that is, do it more often and especially when you are having a bad day or bad moments. Lastly, I agree with others that you should probably have someone that works for you to moderate your comments. Have them read all of your comments and give you the ones that are positive and have constructive feedback. Otherwise, it could just continue to eat at you and could hurt your progress with your 90 day journey. Get someone you trust that will show you everything that you need to hear. Hope that helps.

    1. Diana says:

      I just wanted to add that the fact that you eat a lot of lettuce with your meals could be one reason you are snacking more. Lettuce is very low in calories and you burn calories just digesting lettuce. Whenever I have eaten salads, I notice that I end up feeling hungry shortly after for this reason. Sometimes I even become ravenous and reach for the unhealthiest and most calorie-dense foods I can find to make up for it. Not on purpose, but that’s what my body ends up craving. This is why I don’t like to eat salads or if I do, I make sure to have something substantial afterwards so I don’t reach for something unhealthy later. I try to eat more dark leafy greens like kale and collards since they have more nutrients. Again, hope this helps.

    2. Ashley says:

      I agree with this. It seems like you are eating very healthy food and honestly not very much of it! You’re also working out really hard! I think you’re body just wants rest. I just recently decided to “heal my metabolism” by taking a break from exercise. It’s been over a month now and my boating discomfort is gone. My body has been letting go of all the water weight. I pee all the friggen time and I’m not really drinking a bunch of water! I’m excited to start exercising again, not sure if I’ll wait maybe one more month though. I know this is the opposite of what you want to hear, but taking a break from exercise has really helped me. Love you Cassey! <3

  42. qtmeryr says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us <3. I also challenged myself with my 90 days challange and I feel so motivated to keep going because of you. Don't let human negativity destroy you, keep on doing what you love and feel awesome :).

  43. natpezza says:

    Just a thought but cauliflower rice can be very bloating. I know it is for me.

  44. Anna says:

    People are much more likely to comment on stuff that triggers and leave negative comments. See moderating as a way to balance it out because otherwise you’ll not get a true picture of your popsters but a more negative one! And you know what, you could always try it and if it doesn’t feel good after some time just go back to reading them again 🙂

  45. Aloise says:

    I understand your point – you WANT to have feedback from us, but you can’t stand hate comments and they affect you too much. Maybe you should consider asking someone to moderate your comments and to show you only the usful ones, the ones with constructive criticism, the ones that really mean something and ones that can tell you something rational?

    1. Aloise says:

      I understand your point – you WANT to have feedback from us, but you can’t stand hate comments and they affect you too much. Maybe you should consider asking someone to moderate your comments and to show you only the usful ones, the ones with constructive criticism, the ones that really mean something and ones that can tell you something rational?

      + OR to ask someone to just delete these awful, harmful ones, so you don’t have to see something that is just pure hate and just don’t change anything?