SO BLOATED. WHAT HAPPENED!!?? | Day 31 of 90

Wow, yesterday’s post had me all fired up. I was FEELIN’ every word that I typed. And I am glad you felt it too.

Thank you for sharing your recovery stories with me. The more we share, the more we can help each other heal. Too often we end up living in these worlds where we judge one another without knowing anyone’s back story.

I found it SHOCKING that there are a good amount of you guys who are currently are dealing with toxicity in the body positivity community. I seriously thought I was the only one because of my public figure status. But apparently, it’s happening offline as much as it’s happening online. It’s sad because the body positive movement started out as such an incredible revolution to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to love their bodies. But now, it’s become something else.

I mean – I’ve been shamed for teaching exercise in general! Why? Because as they’ve tried to explain to me, exercising means you’re trying to change your body, and if you’re trying to change your body, you’re not being body positive.

Hmm ok. Let’s just FORGET about all the health benefits, mental benefits, and feelings of happiness and confidence that also come with exercise, shall we? *eye roll* I’m just gonna stop here because the argument is so ridiculous. I can’t.

Oh, also, before we get into yesterday’s food log, my body is doing something odd. Before I went to bed last night, my lower belly was EXTREMELY bloated. Like uncomfortably bloated. It was as if I had a ton of bread and junk food or something! Then when I woke up today and the belly bloat was still there – even after the bathroom! I don’t wanna say “I don’t know what I ate!” because I precisely do know what I ate. Lol. I keep a log each day. So as I describe the food I had yesterday, maybe you can help me figure out what happened.

Yesterday’s Recap:

I started off my morning with a 2.2 mi run to the gym, and then did a 1 hr weight lifting class. This is a lot more than I usually do. It was also quite hot and sunny outside. So maybe I got dehydrated and my body is holding onto water? I don’t know though. I bought a bottle of water at the gym and drank up immediately and drank a ton throughout the day. Though, I did notice that my pee was more yellow than normal.

Lunch was a plate of cauliflower rice, bacon, 2 soft boiled eggs (YUM!!!!), butter lettuce with jalapeño sauce, and a side of shishito peppers covered in furikake! Oh and sriracha of course. I don’t think this meal bloated me. This is pretty standard, and none of these foods have bloated me before.

Post lunch and before din, I made myself a matcha collagen almond milk drink! I added some coconut creamer for the first time. I’ve never had this before, but I found it at Whole Foods and it looked intriguing.

It was very creamy indeed! The coconut flavor is a bit strong for me, but you get used to it after a while! There’s 0 grams of carbs, so it’s good for that keto life!

Given that this was the only new thing I ate yesterday, could this be the cause of the bloat? The ingredients say locust bean gum and gellan gum which I’ve never paid attention to before. I just quickly looked it up and it doesn’t seem alarming though. Hmmm…

While blogging, I had the rest of the chili roasted pistachios! OMG SO SAD!!!! Might need to do a Costco run if I can finish this edit in time! Costco closes early on the weekends! Anyway, it cannot be the nuts. I’ve been having this for like 2 weeks straight.

Okay, raspberries. First of all, aren’t they gorgeous? Second of all, I only ate half this container. They’ve never bloated me before. But also, I haven’t had that much fruit in a while. It couldn’t be them, right?

For dinner, Sam and I both had zoodles! He even offered to pencil sharpener them in our zoodle pencil sharpener device! Haha. He did a fabulous job. I topped my zoodles with mushrooms, paleo sausage and Alfredo sauce.

I quickly sautéed the zoodles in a ghee though…it’s lactose free butter. I haven’t cooked with ghee for several months. Could it be that? Sam did tell me last night and this morning that he was super bloated too. Maybe it’s the ghee? Could it be? I don’t think it has ever bloated me before…

The only other thing both Sam and I ate similarly were the raspberries and paleo sausage.

Was up editing til 2am. I fell prey to my keto ice cream. Whatever, it was good 😛

Oh and then after I had some baba ganoush and mini bell peppers.

Okay, so that is LITERALLY everything I ate yesterday. Do you think it’s the ghee? I mean, it has to be something BOTH Sam and I ate.

I’m going to avoid both the ghee and the coco creamer today and see if that helps…

BACK TO EDITING!!!! Will keep you posted on when it’s coming out today. I am taking a lot of time with this one because it’s a really important video.

BTW, as a recap, here are the clues so far:

Any idea what you think the video will be about?

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  1. Maureen says:

    Hi Cassey! I just found your videos and of course, your website. I’m 59 years old and have gone through a lot of different traumas but I finally started to jump back on the exercise “horse” back in March this year. I have been doing various routines from another channel six days on and one day off (mostly on except when I got a bad case of bronchitis that lasted just over a month). So here I am changing up my workouts (one day this routine, the next day a different one) so I don’t get bored. It’s nearly October and while I’m still seeing tiny improvements, I’m not seeing the results I should be getting. I’m very close to just giving up entirely and letting it all go. The routines are 45 minutes long and consist of walking and toning exercises (so one day it’s 15 minutes walking/toning; the next 20 minutes walking/toning) plus some extra exercises I do at the end of the video routines from when I use to go to the gym. I also walk around my neighbourhood for around 45 minutes each day if my knees aren’t giving me too much pain. It’s just starting to feel so pointless and some days I want to cry in frustration. I’ve fought battles with my weight since I was a child and all I want to do is to feel good and be as healthy as I can as I get older. My daughter is getting married in Spring 2020 so it would is nice to look good for that but I want to continue on. Right now though, I’m starting to feel hopeless and I’m at the end of my rope. Any suggestions, hints, tips? I’m going to start your workouts because it’s obvious the other ones aren’t helping. Sorry for the long post but after watching your videos, I think you have a better understanding of what I’m trying to cope with.

    1. blogilates says:

      Don’t give up!!! It’s the moment before you give up that all the magic is about to happen. Try to start with my beginner’s calendar on this blog! Once you get that, move onto my monthly calendars. I promise you will see results if you just stick with it. Keep me posted on your progress.

  2. Caro says:

    Girlll I feel you! everytime I feel bloated I take this red detox tea and is like magic!
    I loove your posts ! Thanks for sharing

  3. Sometimes we hold onto bloat from hormonal issues or emotional stress and even SPIRITUAL blockages! I’ve gone through this and as woo woo as it sounds, it’s honestly all true. Give it time, give it grace and a deep breath or calm and forgiveness for any judgement there may be.

  4. Rajesh says:

    Great product and so great diet for the great fitness lifestyle

  5. April Dipo says:

    Are you using the Jalapeno sauce from Trader Joe’s? Also love your blogs, videos and recipes. I am actually training so that I can be POP-Pilates certified :). I am also sorry that people feel like they need to pick on you.

  6. Emily says:

    HEy! I know why your bloated
    When you’re losing weight, your body tries to replace or fill fat cells with water. Just keep going and don’t change anything. KEEp drinking water ! This means you’ll see extremes results soon !!!
    IF you’ve ecperience pain go with a doctor
    But this is most likely what is happening

  7. Laura says:

    My vote is the Keto ice cream. Too many sugar substitutes can make me bloated or if I seriously overindulge, diarrhea. Did you cook your zoodles? If not, my next guess is the zoodles + mini bell peppers. If I eat too many raw veggies in a day, it can bloat me. I’m fine when they’re cooked though. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Regardless, I hope the bloating passes soon! I find drinking more warm beverages makes me feel better (I like lemon ginger or peppermint tea when I feel that way).

  8. Jefferson Magsalay says:

    Great Article! I would like also to share this for the same reason.

  9. Oanh says:

    what alfredo sauce are you using? thank you!

    1. blogilates says:

      Just one from Trader Joes!

  10. Myra Torres says:

    Not sure if it’s the coconut creamer or ghee but maybe if you recall which one was before you noticed the bloating? Maybe you were feeling slightly irregular before you ate ghee, technically ruling that out. Crazy bc yesterday I felt slight nausea and headache and I was able to figure out i was def feeling it before lunch since I remember thinking ” maybe eating food will help me feel better” ( it didn’t, I vomited and then I finally got better 🙁 but before lunch I remember I tried this coffee with reishi powder. I looked up reishi powder and saw some articles saying although it’s good for immune system, it should be drunk like a tea. So idk but maybe also my body just didn’t jive well with it. Hope you feel better, I will pray for you. <3

  11. Sarah says:

    Hi Casey, could you tell me where you found your veggie spiralizer? I can’t seem to find the one you use anywhere and I think it would be the perfect size for me. Thank you!

    1. blogilates says:

      Hmm I got it at Homegoods but try amazon?

      1. Sol Nova says:

        what notebook do you use

  12. Tabatha Poelstra says:

    Some common triggers in the Keto world for bloating: lack of fiber keeping you full of poop (would build over time), sudden inclusion of fodmaps (Mushrooms are one, type of gassy carb) and inclusion of fake sugars (which can cause gas at any point because every combination will digest differently) which was probably in the ice cream. Honest recommendations are some water with some chia seeds will add more water soluble fiber to make your poop more lubed and I find Pavana Muktasama – ‘wind relieving pose’ is very effective when done regularly. If you are still having bowel movements, there isn’t a reason to be concerned in the short term. Much Love!

  13. Lamees says:

    I was watching a video today about night time routines where the youtuber says studies have shown that eating big meals at the end of the day when it is dark out has been shown to cause delayed gastric emptying. Apparently your digestive system is more active during the day. I heard this in the video, “My NIGHTTIME ROUTINE to Beat Anxiety and Sleeplessness”, by lilykoi hawaii if you are interested.

  14. Julie says:

    Peppers would do it for me… maybe you’re having too many shishitos and baby ones… combined with cauliflower, and boom, lol.

  15. Ember Hammond says:

    Maybe just water and lack of rest mixed with the creative stress of the new video on beauty standards, the weightlifting,etc. Just a beautiful collection of lots of things

  16. denisefn says:

    Cassey, check your water intake! If you’re not drinking enough water, your body will store it and you could be bloated…

  17. Cat says:

    I love that rebel ice cream but it has definitely made me feel bloated the next day. And it’s quite a bit of additional fat to be eating before bed(not shaming you cause I do the same thing to myself!)

  18. louie.418 says:

    I wonder if it could be a nightshade sensitivity? Those would be eggplants, peppers, raw tomatoes, etc…. just a thought!! Or like the other girls mentioned, PMS?

  19. Julie says:

    i’m guessing it was from the paleo sausage since that seems like the most processed part of your dinner? i’d check the ingredients, especially sodium if you worked out extra hard that could probably skew your electrolyte levels

  20. Saraahx says:

    It’s sad how some people still body-shame even when supposedly living in a body-positive era. Yes, working out is so much more than just changing your body. Fitness make you happy and healthy for so many reasons! I would say that the reason you’re bloated might be because of the bacon. Or maybe the coconut cream since you’re not used to it. Or it might have happened because of a meal combo, if not a combo of what you eat in a day.

  21. Cherie says:

    That’s a tough one. Our bodies are all different. For me it would be the hard boiled eggs and cauliflower. I would check to see how much salt is in the meals from that day. It could be hormones.

  22. Conny says:

    I had a doctor’s appointment a few days ago because of my digestive issues. One of many things he explained to me was this: if you have caught a cold – even so mild that you don’t even really notice it – it can COMPLETELY change the way your gut reacts to food. But that will only last a few days normally. I found this fact SO interesting….maybe it’s that?

  23. LisaZ19 says:

    It’s the ghee and the nuts.

  24. Sridipa says:

    As an Indian, I have never known Ghee to be lactose-free. Ghee is made by churning the fresh cream from full-fat milk. So, I am not sure how the Ghee is lactose-free. I would recommend you to check the ingredient list. If it is made from almond, soy or coconut milk then it’s not Ghee 🙂

    Also, as many others have pointed out check if your period is around the corner. I put on like 3-4 pounds before my period regardless of what I eat.

    But apart from that, I don’t see anything that can cause bloating. And the fact that you have eaten all of these things before and they didn’t make you feel bloated proves that they are not the cause 🙂

    1. Tabatha Poelstra says:

      Hi Sridipa, Ghee is lactose free because after it is churned, the butter is heated, melted, and the solids – which contain the lactose – are filtered out. This is why you can cook with ghee at high heats without it burning like butter.
      In response to the last point, most gas and bloating is caused by undigested carbs reaching the intestines. That has more to do with the quantity and combination of the carbohydrates than the exact sources themselves. Basically, most people are fine with insoluble fiber and sugars in most foods (some people like me have a ton of problems though). But when you start eating a lot of fibers, or if you eat a moderate amount of the most intense fibers like beans and cruciferous vegetables, you increase the likelihood of having more fiber make it to the intestine. Once the fiber makes it there, the bacteria in your gut do all the actual bloating for you. It’s more about eating differently from your usual diet than intolerances, at least in situations like Cassie’s where it’s not a chronic problem.
      I would like to add that carbs that are designed not to be digested – such as sugar alcohols – are way more likely to cause bloating because they are meant to make it to your intestine. Granted, not a ton of bacteria can eat these alcohols so natural biomes have no problems. It is very personal!
      Hope this helps 😀

  25. AlejandraSans says:

    The fact that you and Sam are both feeling the same way definitively suggests that it was something you eat. For me the paleo sausage and the Alfredo sauce would be my guess. How much Salt/Sodium was indicated on their packaging? I’d be really super surprised if it was anything else. Lots of water, a nice work out and you’ll both be fine. Also, there does seem to be a bit of a stomach flu going around that causes rather extreme bloating. My coach and my mother have had it within the last two weeks, so keep an eye on your general health as well.

  26. Beatriz says:

    Could it be the salt? As all nutrients, it is necessary, but my body is “oh, you ate a gram more than usual? hold all the water!!!”
    And sometimes bodies are just random, even changing my eating times makes me feel bloated! So maybe it’s not even something that you ate.
    But since overall you are doing a freaking amazing job, I would pay that much attention to it! (Unless it is not gone in a day or two, of course.)

    1. Beatriz says:

      Oops, I meant I WOULD NOT pay much attention to it!

  27. Jeanette says:

    Read up on fodmaps. It could be the combination of the cauliflower, almond and coconut milk, and pistachios and then you ate chillies and other seasonings. It looked like a pretty high fodmap day of eating and even without a specific issue, you might just have overdone it and the gut bacteria go to town fermenting all those foods. I get symptoms after just one of those foods in small amounts but I have IBS. It usually takes about 3 days to fully subside.

    1. Jeanette says:

      Oh and add the sugar alcohols that might be in the ice cream to that list.

  28. Nnewiam says:

    You probably have WAY too much salt in your system right now… I know you’re looking for carbs, but you’re also eating so many processed foods -there even are FLAVOURS in your coconut cream?! That’s nuts. Sodium is also freaking me out, you seem to be retaining water because that’s basically what salt does (that and other nasty things actually): You have salt in everything that you ate, especially the sauce, the ice cream (def a ton of it if I remember correctly!!), mushrooms have a lot of sodium too, don’t let me start on those chilli roasted nuts…

    I couldn’t be on your diet. So much salt, that’s dangerous for your kidneys and your heart. Also, there’s usually a lot of sodium/salt in processed foods; along with lots of chemicals you don’t have in your kitchen, and thus doesn’t want in your belly… still can’t believe they added FLAVOURS to your coconut cream… I couldn’t live in the US 🙁

    1. Katie S says:

      Oh man, her sodium content for an average American is negligible imo. Our foods are so high in sodium content. It’s crazy! (I say as I eat a buttload of salt in one meal. ;P lol) It’s hard to get food without salt in the States. Even if we cook it, we usually add in salt for flavor…unless the person has high blood pressure. But that’s not the case with Cassey.

  29. Laura says:

    I think fruits does bloating. I know from my body. And they have to be eaten before anything else because ferments faster than any food.

  30. nikita says:

    Alright so ghee doesn’t get anyone bloated unless you deep fry things in it

    And for bloating, I make what I call a pepper up potion –
    Crushed fresh ginger, fresh cinnamon stick, cloves, ground black pepper, pinch of turmeric powder – all boiled in water and topped with a little honey .

    It’s worked for everyone I know – for bloating , inflammation and flu 🙂

    1. Angela says:

      That sounds good!

  31. EmelieN says:

    Don’t worry about the bloating, it happens. Your hormones can really mess with you!!
    Drink water and smile and the bloating will eventually go away.
    Have a beautiful day 🙂

  32. Margaret says:

    I would look pregnant if I ate that many different foods and ate that late at night. I envy people who can eat like that and not be bloated.

  33. Shohini says:

    Hi cassey! I would guess it’s the ghee! I’m an Indian and we put ghee into foods to make them taste rich…too much of it can definitely cause bloating and upset stomach! I’d avoid it because while it does make things tasty, it adds a ton of calories and fat! Olive oil is probably a better choice!

  34. What I want to say is I don’t know if you understand..It’s all because of compression of body cavities. We all must work on expansion ( space within ) not compression in name of any exercise .

  35. Hayoung says:

    I think you might be getting your period soon! I usually feel my tummy bloated, cold, and gassy right before my period starts. Lol

    1. Francine says:

      Me too. I tend to get so bloated prior to getting my period.

  36. Maelisa says:

    Girl, are you about to get your period?! Because that would explain EVERYTHANG!

    1. Julie says:

      Exactly my thoughts! This or the raspberries maybe?

  37. Elena says:

    If you look up sugar alcohols it will tell you that they sometimes can cause gas and bloating because our bodies don’t digest them well. So it could be because of the keto ice-cream’s sugar alcohols? I get bloated after I eat things sugar alcohols but of course everyone is different.

    1. Ariel says:

      I would look into this too. Quite a few of the foods you listed–like raspberries, coconut creamer, and cauliflower (in addition to the ice cream) have higher levels of naturally occurring sorbitol. On a daily basis, you wouldn’t notice any issues unless you went over your own sorbitol limit for the day. It could be another natural sugar as well. If you haven’t already, you could ask your doctor for a sugar sensitivity test (lactose, fructose, sorbitol, etc.).

      1. Tabatha Poelstra says:

        Just a thumbs up because I think you both have a right idea!

  38. Monique says:

    Omg, you’re gonna bring out a jewelry line!

  39. Sweetiepie says:

    Almond milk does make me get serious bloat. I would guess it’s that, maybe they process it different.

  40. Nina says:

    Could be from eating so late??Assuming you ate after 2am. I get super bloated when I eat late at night. Hope you figure it out!

  41. bekahna03 says:

    Maybe because you snacked late at night?

  42. huanita says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I’ve been loosely following your journey and your exercise videos. I am no way near as athletic as you are, and my body fat is still up there. I know I may sound like some kind of bad promotion scheme but I’m truly speaking from recent experience.

    Like many people out there, I struggle with weight & diet and I don’t even like eating clean.
    I was almost 61kg last November (height 1.61m) and lost around 9kg in about 5 months with acupuncture + diet with little carbs and fruit. There were cheat days of course. Now that I’m off the diet and acupuncture, I’ve maintained at around 53~55kg for another 5 months not eating clean whatsoever.

    I kept a simple food & exercise journal with photos on my blog, but it’s in Chinese. I’m not trying to promote my blog, as you wouldn’t even be the target audience. (I live in Taiwan and travel quite a bit for work)

    If you can find a good acupuncture practitioner, you could try. I never believed the “ancient Chinese magic” before, but with the help of acupuncture + the right food, the journey has made me so happy and feeling much healthier.

  43. Aria says:

    Hi Cassey! I’m really enjoying following along on your journey! I appreciate your honestly through all the ups and downs so thank you for sharing even the not so great moments. Even though I do not know you personally, as someone who has followed you a long time, it’s hard to see how hurtful people are being to you, knowing that your intentions are not coming from a bad place. Thankfully you have an amazing community to lift you up through the backlash, just know we are here to cheer you on! As for the bloating, I know you were thinking of staying away from dairy, does the Alfredo have dairy? My only other thoughts are that it could be the ghee or the creamer since they were new introductions. I have read that those gums can be inflammatory for some even though they seem harmless. I’ve had tummy pain/ issues from heavy cream with gums so it’s worth avoiding just to see if it helps. Hope your bloating goes away I know how annoying it can be! Also can’t wait for this video! I’m on the East Coast so I’ll probably have to watch tomorrow!

  44. Audrey says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I wanted to start off by saying I love you and your videos and all that you stand for!
    Second, I have had the same horrible bloating issue! Nothing is worse that making progress on your body only to look like you’re four months pregnant at the end of the day 🙄!
    Have you heard of the Medical Medium? My mom introduced me to him about a year ago and after flowing some of the things he recommends, my bloating, acne, and *tmi* constipation have all gone away! I seriously used to have to take a laxative every night for YEARS but no longer!!! You may have heard of his main recommendation due to the small trend it has had, but his focus was on celery juice! 16 ounces of plain celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach and then waiting 15 minutes to eat. It’s sounds crazy but it has worked miracles for me and I’d love to see what you think of it!!
    I also wanted to say how much I admire your transparency and hard work right now! I know it can be so hard! I had the same eating disorder as you and I am going on a similar journey now: loving my body but trying to show it my love by eating healthy and exercising! I admire you so much! If only there were more Cassey’s in the world! Love you!

  45. Linda says:

    May be salt content, I get so bloated even when I eat clean ??

  46. Piplup says:

    Probably flatulence.

  47. Roselina Jubilee says:

    also im guessing new merch!

  48. Natalie says:

    Erythritol (like in the Rebel ice cream) is notorious for causing bloating and gas. If I have too much of any kind of sugar alcohol I always get bloated!

  49. Roselina Jubilee says:

    im not gonna lie Cassey. You might be pregers?

    1. Roselina Jubilee says:

      ok jk it honestly might be the alfredo because when I eat alfredo I get super bloated

  50. Gisele says:

    I’ve been on keto for several years and am a distance runner. I also crosstrain with you on YouTube. I have a “cast iron” but, but when I tried cauliflower rice recently, it gave me what you described. I was shocked as I never had that feeling before. I learned no cauliflower rice for me.

  51. Katie S says:

    Honestly, my first thought was the Alfredo sauce, but since you know you shouldn’t do dairy, I imagine you would’ve found an alternative kind that has no dairy.

  52. Katie S says:

    It could’ve been a combination of items in one meal. Like the sausage and the ghee together. Or the sausage and dehydration. My lower belly sometimes gets super bloated even when I think I’m avoiding the foods that make my bloated. Never can figure out why. I wonder if it has something to do with meat or protein in general. On another line of theory, just because you think a food didn’t affect you before, doesn’t mean it won’t now. You’re losing weight and body fat. That could cause your body to react differently to foods. Or it could be a bad batch of ghee. Like it’s supposed to be lactose-free, but maybe it’s a defective batch that was exposed to lactose. I’ve had some foods that said lactose-free on the packaging but then they had whey ingredients and it still made me sick. It was explained to me that there was something to do with the processing or whatever. I don’t care what it was, it still made me sick. Artificial sweeteners are known to cause issues. There’s a dairy-free frozen treat (fake ice cream) from Ben & Jerrys that makes me super gassy and the resulting farts are toxic! I avoid them like the plague. They’re definitely something in there that’s bad. I discovered NadaMoo for my dairy-free frozen treats. <3 They're super yummy! Impossible to find in stores where I live though. Small town.

  53. Melissa says:

    It’s probably the chicory root in the ice cream. It destroys my stomach

  54. Tracie says:

    Artificial sweeteners can make people bloated/gassy 🙊

  55. Jacqueline says:

    I am betting on the ice cream or coconut creamer. Especially since you had that really late. Either that or (about to TMI), your body is processing all that food via your intestines and may need to pass bowel?? Sorry if that was too explanatory!!! Love you Cassey!

  56. rminnicus says:

    I’m guessing the coconut creamer. I say this because that’s one food item that 100% gets me! Also, with it being hot you tend to bloat more with sweating and sodium. At least in Indiana 💁🏼‍♀️

  57. Rachel says:

    My guess is dairy, maybe from the alfredo and the ghee? Or even the eggs. I recently took a food sensitivity test and a gut microbiome test to figure out why my body was acting so strange, and it was eye opening! I know you got your blood work done recently for those sorts of things, so that could give you some answers.

  58. J says:

    Bloated for no reason?! STORY OF MY LIFE! My guess is that it’s hormonal. Just drink water and don’t fret. It’ll go away.

  59. Lis says:

    I would put my money on the coconut creamer. It could also be hormone related – I know that I can eat the same things on two different days of my cycle and feel completely different, bloated on one day and perfect on the other!

  60. KaylaD says:

    It could be the Ghee but if it’s lactose free it should be. And, coconut, people with IBS sometimes have to avoid because it can causes bloating. I have IBS so if I eat certain foods or to much in one sitting I blow up so bad. I can’t wait to see the new video! Thank you Cassey for being so inspiring! 🙂

  61. Megen says:

    Are you keeping an eye on your sodium intake? Check how much is in the pistachios. Also I don’t think bacon should be a regular part of any healthy diet–it’s also very high in sodium, which can lead to water retention and, thus, bloating.

  62. Rapunzel says:

    Hi Cassey!
    About you bloating: ever heard of the term FODMAP? FODMAPS are types of short-chain carbohydrates that can be hard for your body to digest, causing things like cramps and bloating. People with IBS are often suggested to try a low fodmap diet to find out if cutting these Fodmaps out helps their symptoms and how much of certain fodmaps they can tolerate. Now I found out that all the foods you ate this day are high-fodmap foods: cauliflower, pistachios, coconut milk, mushrooms and sweeteners (like erythritol, mannitol, which are probably in the keto ice cream and matcha powder) are all qualified as high fodmap. Now I now that you eat these foods regularly and they dont cause symptoms most of the time, but the thing with fodmaps is that they might not cause symptoms in certain amounts, but only once they accumulate. You might have just passed the threshold for fodmaps that your body has with the specific foods you ate this day…
    Maybe this helps you a bit in finding out what caused the bad bloating! (I hope at least I could be of some help to you like this, since you have helped me, and so many others, so much <3)

  63. asha.kar says:

    Bloating could be from the alfredo sauce, no? You mentioned before that cheeses were causing some bloating and most alfredo sauces are dairy based. The two gums that you mentioned are thickeners, and you are right that they aren’t very problematic ingredients; however, they can mess with your gut, especially if you haven’t consumed them before.