Cute 2018 Printable Monthly Calendars that are FREE!

Hey guys!

Even though we’ve got calendars on our phones and apps for literally anything you can think of, I’m a paper and pen type of gal. When it comes to staying organized, I like planners on my desk and calendars hanging on my wall! I’m super visual – so the more colorful, the more aesthetically pleasing, the more motivated I am to be on top of it all!

So, in the spirit of “pretty planning”, we worked on some cute PDF calendars for you to use throughout every month of 2018! Print them out and enjoy! They are all 8.5 x 11″.

If you find these free printables helpful, share it with someone else in your life! Also, let me know what other printables you’d like to see us make for you!

Have a fabulous, super driven, and ultra happy 2018!

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  1. Thank you for being the reason I smile

  2. Hi,
    I really enjoyed reading this blog post, great work! There are certainly many ways how to monetize your blog, but I think that most crucial is to share valuable knowledge with your visitors every single time you write something. If you are able to share value, visitors come, and they come back again This post is full of valuable information, thank you!

  3. Preet says:

    Nice article.

  4. Jon says:

    I hope it will come in 2020 as well

  5. this is awesome thanks for sharing with us all , blessings an many thanks hugs Nana Kat

  6. September says:

    Hey, loved the calendar here, have you provided calednars for 2020 year as well? and if possible then provide the editable version.

  7. I really appreciate your hard work and Dedication. Looking for more like this

  8. Suresh Kumar says:


    I was looking for same.

    please update this year calender as well.

  9. bill smith says:

    these are beautiful thanks for sharing . i rally like it.

  10. tooktechs says:

    Wow, I was looking for 2018 calendar in 2020 thanks I got it

  11. Karen Cline says:

    Thank you for doing this. Your work is so lovely and it’s really kind of you to share.

  12. Delsan says:

    Thank For share this with us really appreciated.

  13. Steve says:

    Great Sharing

  14. Smith says:

    Thank you for share this sir. I really need it.

  15. Great site you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any forums that cover the same topics discussed here? I’d really like to be a part of online community where I can get opinions from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Appreciate it!

  16. Ritika says:

    this artical is very nice

  17. Brittany Edwards says:


  18. Parke Miller says:

    FANTASTIC!!! Thank you…

  19. Bindu says:

    Beautiful Templates

    1. Cute and pretty Wallpaper

  20. ketika says:

    very nice calendar post thanks for providing calendar

  21. kerosharma says:

    hi very nice post

  22. Do you have any updated 2019 printable calendars? I love the 2018 design for the office 🙂

  23. Innocent says:

    Cute and pretty Wallpaper

  24. Christina says:

    Please make 2019

  25. kwon_angela says:

    2019 plz….

  26. Sky says:

    Will you be doing same for 2019?

  27. Sky says:

    There amazing love them so so much used every month!

  28. I would also like to get these printables. I’d love these calendars. Great

  29. Valeria says:

    Hello Cassey, Do you do any TRX workout videos?

  30. Laurence says:

    Perfect! Thank you for your help.

  31. LiDeja Jones says:

    Cant wait!

  32. Grishma Kc says:

    Hope this works. Thank yuh guyzz for your efforts, appreciate it .

  33. ladysnowflakes says:

    you are absolute amazing , cassey , ive always admired you for years , you have helped me more the you know , so i thank you for that and LOVE these monthly work outs

  34. kelly says:

    Love them

  35. Vaness says:

    Hope there’ll be one for 2019!

  36. J.Z Hazelton says:

    How can I get these for the year 2019

  37. Kristine says:

    Beginners in this kind of workout. New Mom that want to lose some weight.

  38. Trishala says:

    These are very beautiful and cute 2018 printable monthly calendars that are free.

  39. Candace says:

    September 2018, I just found Cassey, after looking for a cardio easy on the knees, Wow I love your YouTube Videos!!! I’ve been sharing your vidoes with my adult children!!

  40. Elena says:


  41. Chandni Patel says:

    I LOVE ALL THE RESOURCES YOU PROVIDE FOR US TO SUCCEED! I wish some of my college professors did this LOL. THANK YOU SO MUCH <3. I've been watching your videos since like middle school and now I'm in college trying to get my fitness life together and these printables are making it so much easier.

  42. Thank you so much for sharing your calendars they are really appreciated

  43. Bonnie Edwards says:

    Hi. I have really enjoyed using your printable calendar. The pages are so colorful and cheerful! Thank you so much!!! Will you be sharing a printable calendar for use in 2019?

  44. Kate smith says:

    Hi there 😊 you have some great items on your page! Was just wondering when the 2019 edition planner will be available. Kind regards and best wishes.

  45. Lynda says:


  46. Lynda says:


  47. Tisha German says:

    I would also like to get these printables. I’d love these calendars.

  48. These are colorful and beautiful calendars to download and print. Do you have calendars for 2019 yet?

  49. Mariam says:

    Hey so when will you make one for 2019

  50. Anastasia says:

    I just want to say I have been following your progress since 2015 and it’s wonderful to see how your body positive fitness program has bloomed. It’s great that a lot of your beginners stuff is free so that it allows people to get started before putting out a lot of money. It also lets us save up for your cool stuff (leggings with pockets = pure genius!).

  51. kim says:

    Signed up, but havent recieved the fitness planner pack. Please can you send it?

  52. Thank you for cute printable calendars.

  53. Joycelyn says:

    Thanks for sharing the list

  54. Bubblespop says:

    I’ve been having trouble falling off the wagon when it comes to eating healthy, dose anyone have any advice? Thank you very much!

  55. Hi Cassey could you make another meal plan?

  56. good calendar for print thanks

  57. Thank you very much for these beautiful calendar.

  58. cute calendar
    also visit our site and get more beautiful calendar

  59. cj says:

    thank you very helpfull

  60. July says:

    Thank you for cute printable calendars 🙂

  61. Lee says:

    Thanks so much for your creativity and generosity. Even if it is to build your list!!

  62. sachinmtf says:

    Thank you for cute printable calendars 🙂

  63. Ashanti says:

    Casey u are such an amazing person. You make it very easy for people to have fu while working out and you help motivate people. Thanks

  64. Thank you for cute printable calendars 🙂

  65. Kirsty Lindersey says:

    The 100 squat challenge picture calendar would do great along side how many on each squat and short description on how to do them especially for beginners we could put it on wall

  66. Anya says:

    Yes please. I *discovered* you on 2009 and you had 2500 view at your video. Awesome to see you succeed 💕

  67. Katrina MacInnes _ Eyre says:

    this is awesome thanks for sharing with us all , blessings an many thanks hugs Nana Kat

  68. Jenn says:

    Thanks so much!!

  69. Confi says:

    Thank You So much!

  70. Thank you for cute printable calendars 🙂

  71. Zoe says:

    I would love one of these

  72. Veny says:

    Super cute 😍😍

  73. Julie says:

    When do the 22019 calendars come out?

  74. Paul says:

    I would like them larger to fit the entire paper when they print

  75. Madina says:

    I really Need It <3

  76. Denine C. says:

    Beautiful design Cassey! Thanks 💕. I plan on laminating mine and sticking them on the fridge.

  77. Florence says:

    I love paper calendars. Thank you!

  78. calendar says:

    thanks for this post am want it thanks 🙂

  79. Emily D. Ramos says:

    Looking forward!!!

  80. suriosp says:

    Hi Cassey! Love you blog and videos! Love the printables as well since im also a pen and paper kind of gal 😉 Thanks for the daily motivation!!

  81. Shamita says:

    love u cassey

  82. Venessa says:

    Definitely need these in my life.

  83. Persida Torres says:

    Love the printable calendar

  84. Alicia says:

    I’d love these calendars, I’ve been struggling with body dismorphia all my life and a few weeks ago I was servierly anxious about going outside (even though in reality I looked fine) I’ve started my fitness journey and think these would really help!

  85. Vaidehi Rao says:

    Need help to get motivated

  86. Sarah says:

    I would also like to get these printables. I’m already subscribed so what should I do next?

  87. Lisa Kelso says:

    I love these!

  88. Mahwish Khan says:

    Great idea Cassey

  89. Christa says:

    Need help to get motivated

  90. sara says:

    Hey! I didn’t get my fitness planner packs. Can you send them again, please?

  91. Megan McDaniel says:

    Thank you for making these free and easy to access, they will be such a big help to all of us

  92. Sofia says:

    hey Cassey I am such a big fan and I would like you to know how much I appreciate your work! I love how much you motivate me and all your workouts and meal plans! I was wondering if you have any tips for eating less chocolate; healthy and tasty recipes or tips would come in very handy. Please get back to me and email- Your Faithful Fan,-Sofia

  93. Noorjahaan Rambarran says:

    Hi, Please send me the PDF please. CUTE 2018 PRINTABLE MONTHLY CALENDARS THAT ARE FREE!

  94. rubina says:

    Hi casey I am from India and I follow your workouts. They have really helped me shed weight and look great .. thanks and now request please to send me the printable calendars which will help me maintain my weight!

  95. Monica says:

    Thanks for sharing with us. I need to get rid of my love handles.

  96. Lorna Ramirez says:

    Please send me the printabke health & fitness packet

  97. Rownnnie says:

    This is a great Help!! So fancy !! 😍😍😍😍

  98. Nedie says:

    Excited for the pages.

  99. An To says:

    Awesome work!

  100. Melissa says:

    Thank you!!

  101. Jenice says:

    Cassey thank you so much! You’re such an inspiration!

  102. Yvette says:

    Hi Cassey I need help in organizing my hustle. I am a Mom of 4 who loves my work, but truly needs a side hustle. I think you are an incredibly motivated hustler and I would welcome any adcice.

  103. Susana celis says:

    I want it please;!;

  104. Dr tripura says:

    Hi cassey…. send me the routine on what to eat n work out

  105. Bridie says:

    Hi Cassey could you make another meal plan?

  106. Shruthaa says:

    Hey Cassey, I need your help on what to eat and what not to, to reduce the fat in my hips, thighs and also to reduce the fat in my lower belly.

  107. imane sehbaoui says:

    thts aawwsoomee i loovee your workouts aand i love youu

  108. angiehill says:

    Very upset with the new calendars. I used to like ticking off the workouts I completed every day. Now, if I log out of the calendar page and log back in, the ticks are all gone! can you please bring back the clickable pdf’s? Thank you! Otherwise, love your workouts! 🙂

  109. heather says:

    Love your inspirational words and exercises

  110. Marissa Guzman says:

    Yes I’ve subscribed as well and haven’t seen mine yet (since January) please send them

    1. Marissa Guzman says:

      I’ve received your workout planner but I never received the email with the fitness planner pack. Pls help!

  111. Regina mary c taruc says:

    Hi , I love your excercises , I lost punds , and I subcribe to your chanel.

  112. remy says:

    hi hi oh my god im gonna faihnt i love you so much 🙂

  113. Mary says:

    Hi Cassey I’ve been following you now for a little over 6 months and I absolutely love all your workouts and I am getting compliments from people how great I’m looking I also recommended people to your workouts and they are following them as well please keep up the great workouts however I do have one request if you can come up with some more workouts using weights because they say that you should use weights at least once a week and I believe you said that as well so I have been doing your calendar workouts and I will continue thank you Cassey I have never felt so good on the way I look inside and out that’s all thanks to you

  114. malak says:

    hello cassey,
    great fan. I have a comment though on you arm workouts. They seem to be focusing more on shoulders than actual biceps and triceps so I’m not making them more sleek in that area. Please make a video focusing on these parts. Much love <3

  115. julia says:

    i’m subscribed but never received the planner pack?? I was wondering if there’s some sort of problem because others aren’t getting theirs either

  116. jannell says:

    I love this !!!!!

  117. Jan says:

    What a wonderful birthday present from Cassey Ho!

  118. lv says:

    could someone send the printable to this email

  119. Hollie says:

    I started your videos on YouTube a little over a month ago and love them. I am already seeing results. I did Muffin Top one today and my first thought was fun. Then later I thought not so fun but I persevered and I am glad I did. I will do it again along with your other awesome workouts.

  120. Gucci says:


  121. Jeff nellis says:


  122. ZEAlt_00 says:

    Hey, Cassey. I’m a full time student, and I find that I can’t always make time to do all of the workouts that you plan for in your monthly calendars. I really like to do them and I want to stay committed, but it takes me a while to get through them. Any suggestions or recommendations?

  123. Allie says:

    So excited to look at the calendar!

  124. Lia says:

    Me too! I can’t tick off my Tuesday workouts…the calendar saves everything from the other days, however, even when I do a workout a day or two later than the calendar says…

  125. ashley says:

    I first subscribed to blogilates emails a year or two ago, and for some reason I still have to “subscribe” every time I want to get one of the calendar printables. This was no different, so I had to re-subscribe. Only this time, I never got the email with the printables. I subscribed three different emails, thinking maybe it was a glitch, but I still never received them. It’s extremely disappointing because the Fitness Planner Pack looks beautiful and I really wanted to use them to plan my workouts. I hope Cassey and her team are able to fix this issue soon.

  126. Elisha says:

    These are super cute! Helpful for keeping track of my school schedules <3

  127. Kyania Lawal says:

    Hi I am trying to get in shape for cheerleading and I want to be flexible

  128. Sara says:

    I like the old monthly calendars better. I would always download the calendar on my phone as an image, but now when I manage to download it as an image it’s blurry. Also the workouts aren’t linked so it takes more time to find them on youtube. And I really liked the old colorful designs better.

  129. lchuvander says:

    Hi Cassey, I like the new website, it is pretty. However, I am less fond of the new workout calendars.The linkable PDF one was my favorite as the most convenient for me. Also they looked pretty. To be honest, I don’t like the new one, as it is just plain and you can’t even see if it is Leg day or Ab day… Hope you will do something about the workout calendar.

  130. Katrin says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth.. 🙁

  131. Katherine says:

    Hey Cassy, I really loved the old calenders- they were gorgeous and the linkable PDFs were so helpful. I can’t really see myself using this new calendar system online. They are plain, and even though it says “putting together your calendar for this month,” it is not personalized. If you plan on sticking with this new system, would you think of creating a system where we could customize on our profiles what sort of exercise we are looking for and then the calender pops out workouts that fit that idea? That way the system would really be generating “your calender.” If not, I would like the pretty, linkable PDFs back please!

  132. Gee says:

    Will we ever get the old gorgeous and cute calendars back? That was something I always looked forward to at the end of each month… And shared with friends as soon as it came in my inbox. I hate the new, bland calendar. It’s not motivating at all.

    1. Crystal ann says:

      I agree with you GEE. I miss the old cute calendars.

    2. Deima says:

      Agree! They were fantastic!

    3. Saraahx says:

      I like how Cassey rearranged the calendars on the site. They take you directly on the workout, you can comment below and it looks professional. Plus it’s better than no calendar at all. But I totally agree with you!!! I reallyyyy miss the cute calendars with the cute designs they had. I hope we’ll get those lil babies back 🙂

    4. Sara says:

      I agree. I hope we’ll get the cute and colorful calendars back. They were much better.

  133. Adz says:

    You changed for worst, it is imposssible to find the calendar. Also the system didnt recognized me and i have to create three accounts! It is crazy. And ypu call friend to the one who helped you to “improve” your website? 🤦🏻‍♀️👎🏻

  134. Justjan says:

    Love using the calendars but would prefer one that I can print out as well as have it downloaded on my phone.

  135. angiehill says:

    What happened to the downloadable clickable calendars? I keep all the calendars so I can see my completed workouts and now I have to go to this website to be able to click to the video. Not happy…

  136. Crystal ann says:

    Can you please go back to the old colanders they were more to easier to use. Because it was easier to find and to see.

  137. Crystal ann says:

    I can’t find the printable calendar for this month? I all was print my out. :'( :'( I was really looking forward to this month workouts.

  138. atew2 says:

    And it won’t let me upload a profile picture

  139. atew2 says:

    My February workout calendar won’t load 🙁

  140. shelaghhaney says:

    Mine won’t load either, though I thought it might be my connection issues

  141. josefaannas says:

    where’s the feb workout calendar? :'(

  142. Giogambe says:

    I can only find the Feb calendar in “this month’s calendar” calendar section, but I can’t find the printable one 🙁

  143. ypht96 says:

    I think there’s a problem. I cannot open the workout calendar

  144. jenpen101 says:

    The February calendar will not load for me. I’ve been trying all morning.

    1. mharickar says:

      Me too.. it took so long to download it..

  145. Tryingtoworkout says:

    Can someone put up the February 2018 calendar somewhere actually accessible?

  146. Libby says:

    Where’s the February calendar??

  147. connie2018 says:

    2018 February calendar isn’t showing up

  148. Rama says:

    Thank you sooo much… I’m that type of writing person.. I like to write everything down and watch myself achieving my goals and butting that “check” beside every thing I finished… You are incredible! 💖💖💖

  149. auroramusa says:

    where is the fed calendar ? 🙁

  150. whitelh says:

    I opened up the app this morning and the Feb calendar wasn’t there! 🙁

    1. Ursula Crivaz says:

      Me too

  151. Niamhmetcalfe1 says:

    Does anyone know where i can find the February Workout calendar, cant seem to find it.

    1. kcludlam says:

      I was looking for that this morning too. I don’t think it’s printable this month- or at least when I tried it. It’s under the calendar tab and you have to register or login to view a clickable calendar for Feb that you just check off on your computer through the website. I spent a good 30min figuring that out, haha!

      1. Crystal ann says:

        I did the same thing

    2. Asley Dickerson says:

      I can’t find it either

  152. Michaela says:

    I also can´t find the february 2018 workout calendar. I´m registrated, but the blog don´t let me in when I log in. I tried to registrate again, but it is not working. 🙁

    1. Brandyb says:

      I am having the same issue

    2. ItsukinoKira says:

      I have the same problem 🙁
      Can’t download this month’s calendar

    3. camidal says:

      It is not working for me too 🙁

    4. sgavulich93 says:

      I am having the same problem..

  153. Popster_Rea says:

    Sorry, but where’s our February calendar?? Anyone have a clue?

    1. Ava B says:

      I’ve been looking for it too

  154. Meriel McCormick says:

    I have subscribed but how do i get the planner pack?

  155. Teresa says:

    So how does this work, i signed up but not sure how to get them

    1. Deepshikha Dutta says:

      Where is Feb workout calender

      1. Ashley Riegler says:

        I’m wondering the same thing!

  156. Madison D'Silva says:

    Hi Cassey! I was think maybe you could make a recipe book or workout calendar 📆

  157. alberta says:

    Ok so I just finished the beginner’s calendar, what do I do next??! 🙂

    1. camidal says:

      Hi Alberta! Sorry for put myself into your conversation. When I started the Cassey’s workouts, I did the beginners calendar twice (cause jump to monthly ones were so hard for me), and only then I started to follow the monthly calendars..

  158. TheImpossibleGirl says:

    I so so wish I had seen these before I went out of got a little planner book! XD

  159. Elsa says:

    How can I get the Fitness Planner Pack when I am already signed in??

    1. Hannah says:

      I found the links in the email notification from Cassey about the new Blogilates website

  160. hafeza malique says:

    omg, Cassey your so generous, thank you so much for keeping it free. it will help a lot with my studying.

  161. Terezie says:

    I’m totally in love!!!! So cute! Thanks Cassey 🙂

  162. Luzme says:

    Thanks cassey! you and your team are the best
    Im starting my own bussiness in my area (I’m a psychologist) and you are an inspiration for me in so many ways! Thanks for being such an authentical person. Greetings from Venezuela

  163. Ellie says:

    AWWW these are adorable! Thanks! I’m a paper and pen girl too and these are just perfect!

  164. Sara says:

    Aww i get 404 error 🙁

    1. Sara says:

      Nevermind, if i click on the site link it works, maybe there’s something wrong in the newsletter link!

  165. Morgan says:


  166. Joyce Lee says:

    Are you going to upgrade the blogilates app too?

  167. Hanan says:

    Do you print it out or do they send it to you? So excited to use it 😀

  168. Sunitha Balaraju says:

    Hello Cassey!!
    I follow up your monthly calendar workout everyday!!
    You inspiring people like me to work-out.
    Great job!!!
    Keep going….
    However, I want to share with you that I am planning to become mummy shortly!!!
    I checked out for pregnancy workout… sadly there aren’t many… just one.
    Can you please post a couple of videos which I can follow-up during my pregnancy!!!

  169. Emma Batey says:


  170. alzbeta.strosova says:

    Totally cute, you and your team did such a great job again!

  171. Michelle says:

    They are perfect 😍 thank you so much !! ☺️🌸

  172. Anna says:

    Thank you Cassey!!