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Hey guys!

It is the last week of the month! What what! I cannot believe this. How in the world did this summer fly by so fast. It makes me so sad! But then again…I would way rather be having a blast and getting tons of stuff done than be bored to death, watching the clock tick. Ya feels?

So remember on Instagram when I showed you the beauty and the torture of the #UpDownPlankJack!? If you don’t, then imagine me doing and Up Up Down Down while Plank Jacking. Yup. It was pretty insane.

I thought, why not do a challenge video and stick some of these guys in there! (Yes, don’t you love me? I’m just brilliant like that.)  I want you to check out the video above and take the Up Down Plank Jack Challenge. No worries, we don’t do it the whole time – rather, we build up to it. This move is so multi-faceted and so so worth it. Get your cardio, ab work, leg work, and upper body work all in at once. Literally, my fave new POP Pilates move. Now, speaking of POP Pilates…check out the meetup at Costa Mesa this weekend!IMG_5380  Y’all were side by side, atop a sea of yoga mats! This was LITERALLY so cool to see. Y’all had great form and AMAZING ENERGY!!!! I feed off of your enthusiasm so THANK YOU for being incredible students. You make my job easy.11807355_1455089508149171_7920716323032217823_o

Oh and my POP Master Trainer caught this shot of me running up to the front of the room to teach! Haha I think it is so funny because I was high-fiving POPsters all along the way and then all of a sudden I felt like a basketball star or something! (I don’t know why I said basketball. I just feel like people do this before a rally, right??) We had POP Pilates training afterwards. Got to meet so many seasoned instructors and fresh faces in the industry! Reminds me of the days I was a young pup attending training, trying to soak up so much knowledge in a weekend. Such good stuff. Also, I want to let you know that there will be a brand new challenge for August! I will be posting that very very soon! Can’t wait to see your pics!


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  1. kanikaaguptaa says:

    amazing . very powerful as usual

  2. Ghadaq says:

    Hey. Cassis I’m new around here and I really need some help

  3. Emma says:

    So jealous! Maybe you should do an Australian tour… though I’m a brand newbie so you probably already have… Another one? 🙂
    Just finished the beginners calendar, so keen for the August one, but also super impatient! August starts in just 4 hours for me, damn this time difference!

    Oh! Looking for more #popsters to follow on Instagram too, I’m @fiamma.29 🙂

  4. vicky anna says:

    That must be good exercise, you can shape the body

  5. Angela says:

    I will try this exercise tomorrow.

  6. Sara says:

    Just come back to Blogilates after 2 months. I forgot how good it feels! Thanks Cassey x x x

  7. Annie L says:

    Ahh I see myself in the picture! It was so great meeting you and having the opportunity to take a live class. Thank you so so much for all the time and dedication you put into your POPsters. I love you Cassey; you have had such a major impact on who I have become and I can’t to meet you again soon!

  8. Ashley K says:

    i would love to buy everything if yours! i love it all, but i just had a baby and i am broke as a joke (but it is worth it to have my little girl). maybe one day i will have money to have cute pilates clothes! and one of my goals is to get the fitness journal one day, i want it so bad! im gonna ask my hubby to get it for me for christmas. keep up your hard work cassey! your my inspiration to stay motivated! thanks!

  9. Larissa Bixby says:

    I love seeing all of the pictures from your meet ups! They look like such fun. We would love to see you in the Kentucky region! I’d certainly head out to that meetup!

  10. Kassy Ortiz says:

    Hi Casey I love your videos and workouts but I’m a little sad on my results on day 28 I can’t seem to do the half splits. 🙁 do you know why?

  11. Cassie Tran says:

    I love seeing you create communities and friendships! Would love to attend a class too!

  12. kiki says:

    Amazing, I am definitely trying this out tomorrow

  13. Jasmine says:

    Amazing as usual, Cassey! I love the progress your making. Hope you continue to grow projects like these! One day, I’ll meet you and we’ll definitely workout together. Hehe 😀 So proud of you. Also, why are your clothes that you design so expensive? I mean to others it may be average, but I come from a broke family so I can’t spent more than $5.