CRAZIEST Ab Flattening Waist Whittling Workout EVER!

CRAZIEST Ab Flattening Waist Whittling Workout EVER!

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Hey guys,

First before I say anything…ANNOUNCEMENT!! I am going to be on The Dr. Oz Show this Wed March 19th with my beautiful POPsters teaching Dr. Oz himself how to do POP Pilates! OMG I can’t believe it!! Eeeee!! REPRESENT! Check your local listings to see when it airs in your area. Please take pics of your TV screen! Haha : D I am such a big fan of his show so to be on it was a dream come true!

Ok back to our normal programming…

I’ve been telling you all week since I filmed the Waist Whittlers 100 Challenge: THIS IS THE HARDEST, MOST DIFFICULT CORE WORKOUT I HAVE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE!

This routine is no joke. So, let me give you some disclaimers first.

– Use a yoga mat. Do not do this straight on the carpet. You could get rug burns.

– If you begin to feel like you’re about to collapse and your muscles are giving out, do the beginner modification I demonstrated.

– If you need to stop, take a break.

– Make sure you keep your tailbone tucked and your belly button in the whole time – don’t dip your low back!

Now…what is this!!??

Well, when filmed this workout I wanted to do something crazy that I wasn’t sure if I could actually accomplish. Something that would make be suffer. So I told myself, why don’t I try 100 Waist Whittlers (hip twists to butt lifts) – something I had never even close to try to attempt in my life. I thought, even if I fail and even if it’ll be on camera for all of you to see, it’ll be fine.

Ha…good thing I didn’t really think this through…’cuz I’m not sure if I would have gotten myself into this position to begin with.

This was harder than Payphone Arms. Harder than 100 Burpee Burnout.

Let me just say this. I have not felt this CRAZY INTENSITY in my abs since I first started doing Pilates 11 years ago. Yup. 11 years ago. I sweated. I screamed. I was writhing with pain. The next day, when I looked in the mirror, I actually saw a separation in my upper ab muscles. Change people. Change. It comes when you take yourself outside your comfort zone.

I now dare YOU to take the Waist Whittlers 100 Challenge with me. It will attack your obliques, your abs, your shoulders, your legs, and your back. Even if you get through 10, if you do 11 tomorrow, you are getting better – you are getting STRONGER!! Don’t stop til you make it! And you will. I know it.

Ok lemme know in the comments below, how many you did!!

Good luck,

<3 Cassey

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  1. Jolene says:

    Hi Cassey, this was one of my favourite videos, but I cannot find it on your app or on YouTube anymore!

  2. Tatiana says:

    I would like to start working out for a thinner waist and all these excercises look incredible! But I have a small doubt, probably, due to my ignorance in this sphere. If I train hard and develop the side muscles (where waist must be located)))), won’t they become bigger and, therefore, my waist will grow bigger too?
    Need professional advice)
    Thank you!!!

  3. skyice says:

    what’s your waistline?

  4. Shelley says:

    I did as many as I could in the intermediate position before moving to the beginner version. I will definitely add this to my routine!

  5. Lexie says:

    OMG. I just did this and it KILLED. AHHH. I did 25 regular 25 modified and then repeated that. Plus I also did the last 5 regular!!! OwowowowOW!!!! My new goal is to do ALL OF THEM regular!! *shudders*

  6. Liz says:

    I gave these a try, and did manage to stick it out to the end with the beginner adjustment. The only time i stopped was to grab a blanket to throw under my knees!
    Now on to my real workout for the day 🙂 This was just the warmup

  7. Sarika says:

    Never has a workout exhausted me so much! I had to take so many breaks – it got to the point where I had to take a break after every minute! I used think cardio was a killer but hoo boy, was I wrong!

    PS. Do the smart thing and listen to Cassey about the carpet burns.

  8. Dessa says:

    I did this twice yesterday on my knees today im SO SORE!!

  9. Rita says:

    This was amazing! Did it twice this week, though the second time I had to take 3 small breaks because it made me feel weak.
    But my abs look amazing and I am still in pain cause of it lol

  10. Jen says:

    I decided to do the modified ones for a few days and thought I would easily be able to move up the intensity level. How mistaken I was!! I’m not sure whether the pain I am feeling is just from the workout or from how much I laughed when I realized how difficult this was. No Pain No Gain!!!!

  11. Rosi says:

    saw you at Dr Oz’!!

  12. Phoebe says:

    I could only do the modification but I was hurting and laughing by the end. Thank you Cassey for making me laugh and hurt 🙂 You are the best!

  13. Morgan says:

    I did the first ten regular and the other 90 the modification way and still felt the burn the next day.

  14. Maechelle says:

    Hey Cassey! Loved the song, Stay, from your new video. Can we get a copy of the playlist you workout too? Stay is now my favorite song to run to!

  15. Lily says:

    AWESOME!!! it was soooo hard! after you said ok we are halfway there I just thought: WHAT?! again 50?!! but I told myself I can do it. on top of that I was filming myself while doing it because a friend of mine wanted to see if I manage those 100 so I HAD to make it! 🙂 I felt sooo so good after and sooo sore today! but I’m definetly gonna do it again, super great workout! even my friend I sent the video too said, he’s gonna try it too, that this workout looks really good – a guy!
    thank you so much for sharing this video with us, for doing it, for keeping us motivated all the time and your creative workouts, I love them!

  16. Callie says:

    I did all 100 yesterday in the advanced position. I had to take 3 mini breaks to reposition myself cos I kept sliding around. It was super hard but I felt SOOOOO good afterwards. Then this morning I woke up and was super sore but OMG my stomach looks amazing. Definitely doing this at least once a week.

  17. Rose says:

    Woohoo!! I’ll be watching tomorrow!!! Its one of my favorite shows!

    I need to get a new yoga mat before I try this one out!!

  18. Kat says:

    Before: It can’t be that bad
    During: MUST STOP!!!! OMG I’M DYING!!! (I took one break and did about 10 on my knees)
    After: YES!! I love the feeling of success!!

  19. Stephanie M says:

    I used a mat but still got an elbow burn 🙁 Oh well, I’ll consider it a battle wound!

  20. Courtney skinner says:

    What is the name of this song?!

  21. Thanks Cassey! I can hear my summer body calling my name!

    Why is it that the thing we hate doing (working out our core) is the thing that’s best for us?

  22. MaryEllen says:

    I did it!! 🙂 How do you keep your toes in one place? I have a really GOOD yoga mat, but mine kept creeping back and I had to adjust my feet every rep!!

  23. Jasmine says:

    I did them all in the plank position and I felt a burn I never felt before! Woohoooo

  24. Aura says:

    I did something wrong 🙁

    Yesterday I did all 100 Waist Whittlers with a little break every 10 with the advance move. However I did not feel anything in my abs LOL I definitely did something wrong… xD It’s possible that I didn’t do the hip-twist correctly or that maybe I didn’t feel my burn because I had rests between each set of 10?

    I definitely feel REALY SORE in my upper back, shoulders and chest… well, that’s something! But not my abs… lol

    Cassey/Popsters, do you have any idea of what might I have done wrong?? Will appreciate any suggestion as I’ll try to do this workout again this or next week!

    Thanks you and have a great tuesday 🙂

    1. Natalia says:

      I gave up on the hip twists because it twisted my elbow in a painful way, and I just started doing the butt up move. That’s the one that’ll really get your abs! Maybe try going slower because that will give you more resistance. It’s less of a cardio move that way, but you will really feel your abs working for you, rather than just your momentum. If you’re absolutely worn out and need a break after 10, take a break! But if you can keep going, maybe try doing 5 sets of 20 instead of 10 sets of 10.
      I’m glad the rest of you is sore, that’s an accomplishment! There are some “ab” moves that just never seem to get my abs, and if that’s the case, you can always try a set of 100 hollow rocks or whatever your favorite ab move is instead. Good luck.

      1. Aura says:

        Thank you so much!! That’s probably what I did wrong… I was just trying to get through each set of 10 as fast as possible because my shoulders and arms were burning! Well at least it was a useful arm-shoulder-upper back toning + cardio exercise!

        I will try doing it as you said next time! And omg, 100 hollow rocks! That ab move is SO effective and so killer… definitely that would be a good alternative 🙂

        Thanks again!!

        1. Yukiko says:

          I also have the same problem with abs. I do Cassey’s workouts but more often than not, I am sore all over except my abs. I wish it were because my abs are SO strong – but they aren’t. I can’t do a roll up. I never could! I will also try doing the ab exercises slower and see what happens ! It was good to know I’m not the only one 🙂

          1. Cassy says:

            OMG me too!! I just finished all 100 – on my knees but the last 10 advanced. My back is soooo burning but my abs are like “eh. when are we gunna work again?” I have a wicked strong core (compared to the rest of my body) – but I mean. If this hurt Cassey – then I should be feeling it like no tomorrow.

            I can’t figure out what I did wrong. I wanted to do it and feel accomplished and now all I feel is disappointed because I wanted the hard core ab workout ):

          2. Yukiko says:

            Hahahaha Cassy, you made me laugh with your “eh. when are we gonna work again” comment. I feel you !!! My abs are the same and mine aren’t strong at all!!!
            Maybe you DO have a wicked strong core ! Am going to try again without Cassey’s video and just go slow at my own pace. Good luck to us 😀

          3. Aura says:

            I feel you girls! I also felt disappointed and couldn’t understand how it hurt Cassey so much and I wasn’t feeling it! I really wanna get a strong core but every ab workout is still a nightmare! I’ll follow Natalia’s advice and do it slower so my abs have time to feeeeeeel the movement! Hahaha! Good luck!!

  25. Lydia says:

    I tried to do this workout after I finished the rest of the days workouts (Muffintopless, Bikini Blaster 2 Legs Pt 1 and 2, and Abs Abs Abs). I think I died. Maybe I should try taking a break between videos next time…

  26. Julissa says:

    Popsters, could you help me out and vote for me to win a trip to LA please? It would mean a lot! Thanks! 🙂

  27. Sarah says:

    This is my FAVORITE move, I’m so excited! I read your post yesterday morning and then I couldn’t wait to do the challenge all day. Got home and tried it immediately! Couldn’t finish it the regular way but on my knees I could, and I did it three times since! I swear I’m gonna do this everyday until I finish on my toes. Love love love it

  28. Leanna says:

    25 reg then 75 on knees….sooo sore but so happy bc hoping adding this once a week will help get rid of flabby love handles/lower back the same time and get toned! Thank you! Btw halfway through I was so wanting to do burpees which I hate so I think these moves are equal to me

  29. Erin says:

    LOVED IT! However, I did it on carpet before this was posted and got serious rug burn! Will be doing this workout as often as possible!

    1. Kate says:

      That was my problem! Major carpet burns haha! Makes more determined to get off them though next time round!

  30. Vanessa says:

    Does anyone else in the US get an error message when trying to watch the Payphone Arms video? 🙁

  31. Ludmila says:

    Loved the workout but hated the fact that there were no numbers. When you say ’10 (or 8 or whatever) more’, I find it so motivating and it really helps me to keep going, gonna have to try and keep count myself the next time I do it.

  32. Nic says:

    Omg my *shoulders*. I can’t even like on my stomach to type this right now. *Dying*.

  33. Emma Klit says:

    Omg my abs are sore! I did all of them and I’m so proud of my self. I really thought I was going to die, this was so crazy hard! Thanks for pushing all of ou to out limits! This make all of us better, stronger and HAPPIER! Thank you Cassey!

  34. Pip says:

    HA! I finished!
    I was doing the modification the entire time, though. Well, it was still hard. I skipped two, so I did 98.

  35. Natalia says:

    For the record, I LOVE when you push us this hard with abs. It’s so hard to find an ab workout that will make me sore the next day anymore. I know soreness doesn’t completely equate with success, but if I’m not sore, I have no idea if I worked hard enough. And, this workout doesn’t hurt my hips, which so many other ab workouts do. I love it! Thank you!

  36. Delilah says:

    Holy cow my abs are SORE I love this feeling. Made it through on the beginner’s version, I’m still not up to the full, but wow I feel it

  37. Melina says:

    I did it! I did like 40 real ones and 60 beginner ones 🙂 I was so proud of myself so I did call me maybe squat challenge, as long as you love me love handles challenge and the 100 burpee burnout! YEYYY

  38. Jackie says:

    Did it yesterday and yep, it was really really hard! but thanks to Cassey, we can push ourselves and get stronger everyday! Thank you Cassey! you are so inspiring <3

  39. Tricia says:

    Aaaahhhh! I’m scared. I hardly got through the one we did for Christmas, and that was just under 50. I’m gong to die I think. Lol
    Congratulations on being on Dr. Oz Cassey!

  40. vanessa says:

    OMG cassey it was really difficult, i had to take breaks but i did it!! 😀

  41. Kassidy says:

    oh my goodness!! my abs are literally shaking!! this workout is killer in the best way possible!!!

  42. Lindsay says:

    As a group exercise instructor, I’m always looking for the latest “burn out” for my Cardio and Tone class, and I am SUPER excited to try this out with them and for myself! I also live in Hawaii (bathing suit season YEAR ROUND) and have needed a little ab lift lately. Thanks for the inspiration!

  43. Allie Nielson says:

    Oh man. I am so excited to try this! 🙂 Does anyone know what time the Dr. Oz show comes on and what channel it’s on??? I SO want to see Cassey! 🙂

  44. nala says:

    OOhh I can’t wait to do this workout later today!!

  45. Mekana says:

    Just finished this ridiculous workout. I only just started getting back in shape so I was only able to do 15 on my toes but got through the rest of the video on my knees. I’ll keep trying and be able to do more soon. Congrats on the Dr. Oz , Cassey. You must be so ecstatic about it 😀

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  47. Kathy says:

    why am i even looking forward to do this? this is one of the moves I dislike and love most xD
    dislike because my feet always start to slip (thank you carpet) and I don’t have a real yoga mat at home (only at my boyfriends home but it doesn’t prevent me from pain. i can still feel the wooden floor. maybe I place a blanket beneath it next time?).

  48. Marliese says:

    I did the first 1/3 in the advanced position, and the rest of it on my knees. I’m so proud of myself, because when I saw this video I didn’t even think I would be able to do 10, let alone 30! I’m so excited to keep working towards getting stronger everyday, and someday I’ll do this video start to finish, smiling all the way :D.

    Love ya, Cassey.


  49. How exciting that you are going to be on Dr. Oz!

  50. Joanne says:

    Going to conquer this one when I get home 🙂
    Is this our new Monday Video, I only ask because it came out yesterday.

  51. I am SO doing this during nap time today (already got my run in this morning). But I have to tell you I am STILL sore from the corset ab routine from you I did on Saturday. But it feels good to be sore 🙂 Congratulations on Dr. Oz — I am setting my Tivo!! 🙂

  52. Tiana Nicole says:

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    I recently started doing Blogilates and I decided to post a review about it on my blog. You should check it out!!

  53. kany says:

    how can I sing up to new letter. I have veen seaching for a site like this it has everything

  54. Anna-Kaisa says:

    I did them all! Wow, so tough but it made it awesome to have you struggling there next to me! I guess next I have to try and conquer the Payphone challenge- never been able to do that! 🙂

  55. Elisa says:

    Did this right after I woke up. I was absolutely dripping in sweat when I finished it. I HATED THEM but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way my abs looked after completing the challenge. Keep’em challenges coming Cassey! =D

  56. Mariam says:

    Man it was tough!!! I mean SERIOUS BURN but I super loved it! I did like half of it advanced and the other half on my knees but it’s ok I’ll get stronger and I’ll finish all the way one day 🙂

  57. Anna says:

    OMG!! so hard but so good!… when she said “your half way!” i was like “seriously!!!!” but i made it through.. love you Cassey, thank you for pushing me and inspiring me everyday 🙂

  58. Minah says:

    This was crazy!!! I did the first half the advance way and the second half on my knees but I still felt the burn! I will slowly work my way up till I can finally do the whole video without going on my knees. ^^

    Ps. can’t wait to see you on my tv!! <3

  59. Rijaab says:

    I don’t have a yoga mat! Is there anything I could substitute for one?

    1. Minah says:

      Back when I didn’t have a yoga mat, I would use my blanket XD You could try 🙂

    2. Anna-Kaisa says:

      most important thing with this video is to make sure your elbow joints are protected, that means cushioning, but also a surface that wont cause any carpet burns…. so a blanket should work, just try and find a non-slippery surface.

      When I started I didnt have a mat either but let me tell you, having one eliminates so much hassle and frustration- it is worth it! 🙂

    3. Katie says:

      I just got a new yoga mat at Marshall’s and I saw them for as little as $7.99 there. If you have a Marshall’s in your area I highly recommend checking there for one 🙂