Feeling Flashy in the Cora Magic Flash Backpack

The Magic Flash Cora Backpack is from POPFLEX, the sister brand of Blogilates. My opinions, however, are all my own! This review will walk you through my honest thoughts about the product, including both the pros and cons.

cora magic flash review

Anyone who knows me knows I love color whether that’s workout apparel, home decor, or accessories. While I was scrolling through Instagram, I saw Cassey showing off the Cora Backpack that had an iridescent shine and I knew I had to try it. Let me just say, I don’t think I’ll be using any other backpack from here on out.

First impressions: The Magic Flash Cora Backpack

I knew I was going to love this backpack just from the look of it. The sleek and shiny material used for the Magic Flash is right up my alley for everyday wear, but when it hits the light there’s a hint of rainbow that shines through. As someone who loves color, I love how it can showcase my fun personality without being too gaudy.

Aside from the lovely sheen, from the outside, the Cora Backpack looks like your traditional backpack with zippered pouches and a top handle. However, don’t let the exterior fool you — the bag is a lot more spacious than it appears. 

A place for everything

Okay, so let’s start with my favorite part of the bag: the shoe compartment. I think (and I’m sure you can agree) that it’s a little gross to put your sneakers into the same bag with the rest of your belongings.

This compartment is tucked away at the bottom of the bag and can fit a pair of running shoes. It’s great if you plan on going to the gym after work and need to swap out those heels for a pair of sneakers or want to bring a change of flip flops for the shower. And if it rains while you’re outside, you don’t need to worry about your shoes getting wet or ruined because the pouch is water-resistant. 

Carry your yoga mat hands-free

Let’s move onto the next standout feature: the yoga mat holder. I don’t practice yoga so unfortunately I can’t make use out of this, however, on the backpack right beneath the shoe compartment you’ll see two straps which can be used to hold a mat. Instead of lugging it in your arms, you can have it at the bottom of your back for easy carry. 

It holds more than just gym necessities

And as a writer, it’s always important that my backpack has a laptop sleeve. The last thing I want is for my computer to jostle around in my bag while out and about. The velcro sleeve fits laptops up to 13.5 inches which was the perfect size for my MacBook Air. I was even able to toss my charger in here with no problem at all since the bag is so spacious. 

The two outer pockets have adjustable bungee cords to keep items still and secure. It’s great for those items which you’ll need quick access to. I decided to put a water bottle on one side and my umbrella on the other so I could easily grab them in a jiffy. 

cora magic flash review compartments storage pockets laptop sleeve

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No more digging for small items

Now let’s move on into the bulk of the backpack. On the front, there’s your standard small pocket that can hold tiny trinkets. I used it to carry some extra masks, hand sanitizers, and my portable phone charger. 

There’s a key ring inside to hold your keys which is super helpful so you don’t have to worry about losing them in the bag. I already have a key ring so I didn’t go through the hassle of using it, but it’s there if you want it. There’s also a tiny zippered pocket which is good for holding important cards that you don’t want to lose (credit cards, membership passes, metro cards, etc.) 

While I need my computer to do my job, I also like to have traditional writing materials on me. There’s a tiny slot to hold three pens which comes in handy if I need to jot something down or track my workout routine in my gym notebook. 

There’s also a mesh pocket on the inside which was the perfect place for my headphones to rest. And with the extra room in my bag, I was able to pack a set of clothes to change into, my wallet, my medication, and a brush. I definitely didn’t fill the bag up to capacity because frankly I didn’t have to, but if you have more stuff you still won’t have a problem finding room for everything. 

If you don’t want to hold your water bottle on the outside pocket like me, there’s also two elastic X-straps inside that can hold water bottles — that’s particularly helpful if you’ll be out all day or need to hydrate a lot after you hit the gym. 

Things I love:

When it comes to keeping the bag secure on your back, the straps are easily adjustable so you can find a position that feels just right. Personally, I like to keep my bag upright and high to prevent a lugging feeling on the bottom of my back. Plus, the straps are padded so they don’t dig into your arms and leave uncomfortable marks. 

And as with every one of POPFLEX’s products, they are extremely chic and trendy and this backpack is no exception. Although functional, it doesn’t lack style. The color matches perfectly with different outfit pieces whether you’re wearing the Crisscross Hourglass Flared Legging with Pockets in French Roast or the Skim Mesh Tank in Peachy Rose. 

Things to look out for:

Maybe the only downside is that it doesn’t come with a padded back portion. The back of the backpack can be a little rough depending on how you position and place items inside, however, that’s not really an issue if you double check it before tossing it on.

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Overall thoughts

Overall, I’ve been using the Cora Backpack for nearly a month and I have no complaints thus far. It actually has everything and then some you could want in a backpack.

While I would recommend this bag for going to the gym as it makes for the perfect gym bag, it could also be great for travel. Whether you’re going on a weekend trip to a new city or catching a quick red eye for a one night trip, this bag can hold all of the necessities and then some. 

Need something bigger? You can get the Ella Duffle (a favorite for travel and the gym) in Magic Flash too.

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