Cool Fruits I Found!

Cool Fruits I Found!


Snake skin fruit. When I saw this I kept thinking…eewwww!!!!! Honestly if I saw that on the street or in the wild I’d probably run away thinking it was part if a snake. That is one of the most ridic fruits I have ever seen.


An apple with a tattoo. Say what!?!? Yup. Apparently the farmers put something on the apple when it’s still growing to block some of the skin from the sun. That’s how the pale yellow color effect comes into play. How cool is that!?!?


Baby mangoes!!!! How cute is that!?!?! I just wanna fill my pockets with them.

Yesterday I went to the market and saw some pretty nasty looking stuff. Like alligator meat and crawling scorpions. I’ll post pics later for educational purposes but beware, your eyes won’t like it.

Today I ran and did some HIITs in the park. Not a bad workout but not really a great one. It was kinda raining and I just wasn’t feeling it. I did song workout type workouts so I wouldn’t have to count which was great! Tomorrow, will try to film a vid if it’s not raining outside.

Alrighty folks! See you all soon! I’m back to the US on Monday! Ahh this trip has been too long!!!!

Oh also…I wanna do something to my hair tomorrow. Should I get it permanently straightened? Or cut a certain way? In kinda sick of my messed up waves/frizziness! Any beauty advice would be appreciated!!!

Thanks POPsters! Love ya!

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  1. my favorite fruit that’s unique is definitely papayas. This is my favorite recipe with them:

  2. Merlin says:

    the fruit from the first picture is from the fruit from my country , calls SALAK in Indonesian , saw the picture makes me wanna fly back to my home country to eat that , miss the taste hahahahah ,the taste really good sweet and sometimes sour , but don;t eat too much coz this fruit will make you can’t go number 2

  3. Steph says:

    You know I heard its really healthy to eat new fruits so your taste buds don’t get board. Actually helps your immune system! That should be a challenge in the cold months-try some new food

  4. adriani says:

    That snake skin fruit, it’s called “Salak” in my country. You should try it, taste good actually. Ask the seller to peel it for you, so you won’t have scratches on your fingertips. It tastes sweet or sour, depends on the origin of the fruit itself. There are 2 kinds of well-known Salak here. Salak Bali, which tastes sweet-sour and Salak Pondoh, the sweet one. Maybe they go with different name in different country.

  5. Treacle234 says:

    Yeah, I wanted to see what the snake skin fruit looks like inside. But I wouldn’t call it ridiculous though.

  6. Danette says:

    what is that snake skin fruit like, on the inside?

    1. blogilates says:

      no idea! i didn’t buy it.

  7. Stacey says:

    When you do HIITs, what do you usually do?

  8. Meghan says:

    So…I am studying abroad this summer in China and yesterday I started to become curious about what sort of fruit I can expect to find there. Then I saw your post and was so amused that you posted about this just when I had been wondering about it. =)

  9. Scarlett says:

    I think you would look ADORABLE with bangs and long layers (to add volume and keep the length). You can always comb them to the side or across your forehead. That’s how my bangs are. There cut in such a way where I can either part my hair on the side, or comb my bangs across my forehead. DON’T DO COLOR. Your hair is already SO,SO BEAUTIFUL! NOTHING with DYE or CHEMICALS! Your hair will be ruined forever! 🙁 keep it healthy 🙂

    Post a Pic of your new look when you get it! 🙂

  10. Alissa says:

    Eating scorpions sounds crazy! But the alligator is a local favorite here in Florida! Gator bites are big with Gator fans.

  11. april says:

    I had my hair chemically straightened in hong kong 6 years ago. Before then, my hair was always frizzy and gigantic and just a disaster to deal with. Ever since I had it straightened, even though it’s surely grown out by now, it’s been pleasantly straight. I don’t have to do anything to it anymore!

    I recommend straightening! My sister did the same thing but her hair went back to normal after it grew out. I guess it depends on your hair type. Either way, it’s so nice not to have to do anything to your hair for awhile!

  12. heather says:

    i love dark hair with really dark/midnight blue streaks peaking out from underneath. you should try it!

    1. blogilates says:

      wow that sounds intense!!

  13. Joanna says:

    Your hair is so gorgeous as it is! But I totally understand the feeling, what about some semi-permanent color–red pieces maybe? Washes out in about a month…

    1. blogilates says:

      oh semi permanent…I like that

      1. Sami says:

        I like this idea! And the blue idea also! I myself have purple!

  14. Sami says:

    Maybe try both! Permanently straighten and cut it! You could try taking a little length off and adding layers! Layers are a great way to change it up without being too drastic! I love your long hair!

    1. blogilates says:

      i love it too so i’m scared to cut it!