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Chrissy Teigen Just Schooled The Internet With This Post About Her Body

May 28, 2020



Hey Guys!

I’ve been talking a lot lately about celebrities and how their bodies are picked apart and criticized waaaay too much. I’ve wondered how we can be better, how celebrities deal with the constant negativity, and WHY this is a thing in the first place.

…and then Chrissy Teigen swooped in and showed us how it’s done.

I’m honestly OBSESSED with her and how she carries herself in the spotlight. She is honest and real, but always keeps things light and HILARIOUS.

But her post on IG this week was the icing on the cake.


Here’s a little background if you don’t know the whole story:

Chrissy posted a video on Twitter of her getting tested for COVID-19. And people were ANGRY. Some thought she was flaunting her privilege, getting tested when so many still don’t have access to testing (in Los Angeles, testing is actually free to all residents whether or not they are showing symptoms).

Some thought her video would scare people away from getting tested, because those tests don’t exactly look pleasant. As always, the keyboard warriors were quick to assume and judge…

I mean… 😂

Kinda ridiculous that people lost their minds over this. I thought it was hilarious! And honestly really cool of her to show us that the test is quick and maybe not as bad as some of us have heard.

Anyways, it’s not like she owed any of us an explanation AT ALL. But in true Chrissy Teigen fashion she responded with grace, humor and maybe a little sarcasm, explaining that she HAD to be tested because she’s having surgery.

And when the assumptions continued about what surgery, is she okay, etc., she posted that BEAUTIFUL photo on Instagram, revealing that she’s just having her breast implants removed. Her reason why and her caption was EVERYTHING.

Basically, she’s “over it” and wants ’em out! No further explanation required.

Can we all be a little more like Chrissy?

Chrissy’s posts always lighten the mood and her attitude is a great reminder that life doesn’t have to be so serious. Even under all of the pressure that comes with being a celeb, she’s quick to remind us that:

  • Your body is YOUR body and what you do with it is YOUR choice and YOUR business.
  • You shouldn’t sacrifice comfort for something that might make you look “better.”
  • Boobs are just boobs.

I think there are probably TONS of women out there (celebs and not) who would have been embarrassed or ashamed to admit to getting any type of cosmetic surgery. It’s totally a personal thing that doesn’t HAVE to be shared, but how cool is it that one little Instagram post can show MILLIONS of women that there is NO shame in making changes to yourself if it makes YOU happy.

IDK about you, but I’m gonna use Chrissy’s post as inspiration to take life a little less seriously. Especially during this time when everything feels serious and heavy, it just feels GOOD to let the small things roll off your shoulders.

Who is your favorite celebrity role model, and why?! Tell me in the comments!

34 thoughts on “Chrissy Teigen Just Schooled The Internet With This Post About Her Body”

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  1. Chris says:

    well It is a very hard to keep our body fit the way celebrity does.

  2. Keicy says:

    I really love doing pilates and workout while wearing my jogger yoga pants and so really like to get more about this kind of this blog. Wonderful stuff to read and beautiful pictures!

  3. Mariah says:

    Favorite role model is Candice Neistat (Casey Neistat’s wife) bc she really truly doesn’t think about what other people might think. She wears a bikini to the beach and doesn’t even care that she has a tummy. She tries on clothes in the store because the changing rooms are full. She sneaks wine off of the table next to her in the restaurant because the couple left and she doesn’t want it to go to waste. She’s so chill and has such a devil may care attitude while at the same time being a cute, funny, caring mom to her two little girls! She’s exactly what I want to be when I’m older.

  4. Chelsey says:

    I’ve been thinking about this. You know I have always admired Chrissy for her real ness and also her ability to shut down trolls. I think your message, Cassey, also is a good one: women can do what they choose with their bodies and everyone else should keep their mouths closed. However, lately I find there is this icky feeling I get when I see these posts and I’m trying to work through these feelings and figure out what exactly they mean. I think part of it is that, in my mind, these posts and the awful comments made about her (Chrissy) remind me that no matter how close anyone is to the “ideal body” someone is quick to spew hatred. Maybe what I’m seeing is how our society seems SOOO obsessed with women’s bodies and I just want to BE WHO I AM and not care how big my thighs are or how short I am or any of it. I just turned 35. I am a mom of 2 little ones. Do you know when I was pregnant and after birth all anyone wanted to talk about was my WEIGHT? I brought two awesome humans into the world and THAT is what people notice. Is there anyone else out there who hears me and will focus on changing this?

  5. Faith Rush says:

    My role model is totally and completely Emma Watson (Queen!). She really takes the time to educate herself and she doesn’t just believe something because everyone tells her to. And she’s just a wholesome, beautiful, witty, and funny person too!! There’s so many beautiful qualities to her, I truly aspire to be as thoughtful, kind, and truly and wonderfully passionate as she is!

  6. great awakening says:

    why is she on Epstein flight log? why does she have pedophile tweets? yesterday she called people on Twitter worth dog shit. not a role model at all. take the blinders off, the truth is coming and it’s going to be hard for many of you.

    1. Anarkitty says:

      Finally one single sane person here. Yep, she deleted 60K tweets in one day, with creepy commentary like, ” seeing little girls in tights makes me want to jail myself.” Seriously Chrissy and everyone else, stop with the ignorance. Hollywood is not a place to look for role models. Take some of your own advice and be your own!

  7. Sai shruti says:

    My role model is BTS.They have taught me to love ourselves, self love.They have taught me a lots of things.I love them.And you also Cassey,you have motivated me a lot.Thank you!!

  8. Sai shruti says:

    My favourite celebrity is BTS,they are very hardworking and inspiring.Their story is very amazing and inspiring.

  9. Diana says:

    Social media is very interesting. People post things, and people respond to it. My initial thought was that she didn’t have explain herself and it was no one’s business. But she put it out there to begin with, so she shouldn’t be surprised that people had a reaction. Especially when you think of how this isn’t her first rodeo having clapbacks on Twitter. She should know by now that you cannot post anything on social media and ESPECIALLY not Twitter without getting some criticism about something you said, even if you had good intentions. People will talk about you and form their own opinions about you regardless of what you say, but when you don’t speak out on things it can sometimes make it worse. There are a lot of things that she shares on social media that I think would be better left unshared. But that’s not how she operates and she has the freedom of speech to do that. She does not have freedom of consequences. You also have to keep in mind that a lot of the people commenting are more than likely bitter about something and taking it out on her. I definitely don’t envy that part of being a famous celebrity. As far as role models I admire, I would probably say Michelle Obama because she has dealt with a plethora of unfair criticism but has always handled it with grace. She is a living example of “when they go low, we go high.”

  10. Alessia Collura Brown says:

    well said !

  11. Lina says:

    This reminds me so much of an German Influencer. Maybe some know Cathie Hummels (She is the wife or Mats Hummels a well known German Scoccer Player) she is real good German influencer knowing about her role model position. She got a lot of criticism since she lost weight and people were like „you are too thin, Girls will get anoreix when they follow you. You are a bad role model“ until she was like „ it is enough. She’s explained that she knows that she has lost weight and that she probably should gain a little back and that she doesn’t feel 100% well in her body. She also explained why that happened. She get‘s a lot of blacklash a lot of the time while she is doing literally nothing wrong. But she always explains herself and clears things up

  12. Jackie says:

    By the way, I love you Cassey. Thank you for sharing your positive and caring inspiration onto others.
    In this world, we need more you.

  13. Jackie says:

    Sorry, but celebrities are not suppose to be role models, there just humans just like us but perhaps on a more successful scale. But in any case, we can all achieve success (big or small), we just need to believe and have the courage to do so.
    Working hard without giving up and knowing what you desire in life makes a big difference too because there will be lots of falls, but if those desired falls are to we’re it’s going to get you to where you want to be, then more power to you.
    Also, “celebrities”, “human” we’re all just trying to live a decent life and perhaps have some fun and happiness along the way. Who’s to judge; it’s important to look inside oneself and just only judge ourselves because that is the only person we can truly change. Know oneself before knowing others; treat yourself with much compassion as you would others…at the end of the day, we all as humans only want to be love and respected. Is that too much to ask, it cost nothing and it may heal you inside without you knowing so.

  14. Beth says:

    I had to get tested a few weeks ago- i’m lucky in that the area I live in, you could get tested with no questions beforehand- if you wanted it, you could get it. I had to wait a week for the results (negative) but i was luckier than most that when I showed alarming symptoms, I didn’t have to jump through hoops or wait.
    It’s not the greatest test, but it is quick.

    I respect and look up to people like Michelle Obama. She spent years being talked down to, people criticizing her for EVERYTHING she did, and she never once stooped down to their level. She was never anything but classy.

  15. Jackie says:

    Princess Diana, because she was naturally beautiful without trying; she was just herself, no more and no less.
    For why are we here but to live for each other.

  16. Ula says:

    My fav celebrity role model is Rihanna, she doesn’t care about what people say about her or her body and they have a lot to say especially now when she is more curvy. For me she just looks perfect and that is because she feels sexy so the outside picture is just a reflection of her inside confidence. She shows women around the world that we can look whatever we like and not feel ashamed about it, if we feel good in our bodies then who cares what somebody else think or say about it

  17. Kristine S. says:

    Aloha Cassey! It’s so heartbreaking that after all the #AloneTogether messaging, once bans started lifting, it seemed like we lost no time in driving ourselves apart again. Fitness has really been my sanctuary because completing every CRAZY MUSCLE BURNING workout has been little wins that will, over time, lead to big wins. And I know that’s what I can control.

    Politics aside, I’m a big Michelle Obama fan for her intelligence, grace and humilty while using her platform to push for positive change in schools and for women. Also, have you seen her ROCKIN’ arms in sleeveless tops??? #fitspogoddess, amirite?

  18. Edila says:

    Hi Cassey. Thank you for this post. It’s really encouraging especially in the world we live in today.

    My role models are Selena Gomez and Zooey Deschanel. Because like Selena I have a rare autoimmune disease called rheumatoid arthritis and like Zooey I have a whole host of food allergies ranging from gluten to animal meat to dairy. So I live in an African society where if you are slim and not fat you are considered poor and you are asked if you are being abused and being gossiped about by family and friends. Some people don’t understand that I live a different lifestyle where I need to take special care of what I eat and how my body functions. So these ladies are so inspirational and you are too Cassey. 😊😊💐💐

  19. Vicky says:

    You are one them, and BTS. Y’all have guided me to work on myself. Teaching me about self love, and how important that is. So thank you alot Cassey!!♡

    1. Sai shruti says:

      Vicky omg my role model is also BTS.I love them,they have taught a lot for self love,to love yourself and that’s y I love them.I am a big army!!

  20. Sara says:

    She is HANDS DOWN one of my favorites. Shes elegant, funny, open, transparent, respectful yet firm and i am here for it

  21. Sarah says:

    I love Chrissy, but there is privilege associated with this. My boyfriend lives in LA and while yes the test was free he had to wait in a line in his car for 2 hours with the option of sitting in the heat or leaving the car running and using gas/releasing emissions. He also had to test himself (he was handed the supplies).
    Chrissy was able to have someone come to her home to do the test for her and I doubt she will have the wait for results like the rest of the general public (for my bf it was a few weeks).

    My Celebrity role model is Natalie Portman.

  22. Simone says:

    She keeps posting these articles to show that’s she’s “body positive” and that “it’s so hard to be criticized on the internet,” but not once has she ever taken responsibility for promoting disordered eating to millions of young impressionable girls. If you want to make money off of the internet, you have to be able to handle the backlash.

  23. Sharon says:

    Hmmm celebrity role model… it’s hard to say since I don’t really follow many celebrities besides Formula One drivers. I would say the closest person to a celebrity role model for me would be Lewis Hamilton 🙂 He’s not my favorite driver, but for everything he does, believes in, and has accomplished, I really admire and gain a lot of inspiration from him. Interesting about Chrissy and her boobs, hadn’t heard about all that! Good on her. Since we’re talking about boobs, as a teenager I used to have really big boobs for my size, but I was also really uncomfortable in my skin and had a bad relationship with food. As an adult now, I found myself, fixed my relationship with food, and as a side result lost a lot of weight (and my boobs, lol). This happened over many years. I’ve actually got loose skin on my boobs from how much they shrunk! But in a way I feel prouder wearing low-cut shirts now than I did when I had big boobs. People can only take away your confidence if you let them. I think it was never about the boobs; it was about me finally owning “me” 😉

  24. Fitperson says:

    My role model is you, Cassey!

  25. Street Rat says:

    So I told my mom I wanted to get my ears pierced and she said no, and I said my body is my body and grandma can take me cause she can give me consent for it. My mom said my body isn’t my body while I still live under her roof… I’m confused, Cassey

    1. E says:

      Respect your mom! 🙂

    2. Diana says:

      Your mom is right. You came from her body and are an extension of her. Until you turn 18, she is legally responsible for you and must make decisions on your behalf. When you turn 18 (and move out) you can make your own decisions.

      1. Emily Warren says:

        Diane, She is not an ‘extension’ of her mother. She is a unique human individual, and while her monther is her care-giver and I agree responsible for her decisions that are in her best interests, (within reason, and should be negotiable) as a minor, she does not ‘own’ her body, and it is wrong to state she is correct.

  26. Ercy Vallejo says:

    I love Chrissy for how confident she is as her body and her lifestyle changes over time. I feel like thats such a natural thing in life and women put so much pressure on themselves to look a certain way. I love her posts, and yours, because they teach us to love the skin we’re in and to treat ourselves with kindness and love.

  27. Diana says:

    My fitness role model writing about my celebrity role model. My heart is full. 😊 I love her attitude on life. She has her own struggles but she’s always honest and true to showcase her authentic self.

  28. I love this! She’s so unapologetically and happily her it inspires the rest of us to do something of the like 🙂

  29. Isabel says:

    I absolutely LOVE Tracee Ellis Ross! She’s bold, unapologetically herself, and makes me laugh!

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