Butt Lift Workout!

Butt Lift Workout!


Happy Sunday POPsters!!

I just realized that I never blogged about the new Pilates Bootcamp video that went up last Monday! Ooopsies! Well here it is! This one hurts like crazy but you know what? It works like crazy. So just do it!!!

I am currently uploading a fun new Food Haul from Trader Joe’s that will be live at some point tomorrow on my 2nd channel, BlogilatesTV – I hope you’re subscribed! It’s uploading now. Also, it is daylight savings time people of the USA – “fall” back 1 hour. Yippee! I get an extra hour of sleep, so what do I decide to do? Stay up and work more.

Ugh. When will I learn!?

Also, yesterday totally KILLED my workout! Ended with a 45 min sesh on the stepmill. I nearly died.

Twas amazing though!!! Have you tried this machine? This was my 2nd time on it and I like it very much! The Stepmaster, stairmaster…whatever you call it…the one where the steps move underneath you – that one is fab too! But it makes the front of my shoes turn black. So I had to give it a break for my poor Nike’s sake.

Also, sharing a couple Bikini Blaster printables with you so you can have the full collection soon enough! Here are Bikini Blasters 4 and 5!

Grab a pair of weights for this one! It’s good stuff! Watch the video here.

Very tough workout! I love it though, and lots of new moves. Watch the video here.

Some action items for you!

  1. Make sure you’ve voted for your fave POP Pilates DVD cover. This is VERY important! I need your help! Click here to pick that stands out to you right away. Thank you so much!
  2. You’ve still got a lil over 24 hrs to enter your Pilates Burpees for the Weighttraining.com challenge! Log your burpees and you can be one of the last 2 daily winners for a Blogilates Inspirational tank and tons of cool swag from WT. (Here’s the full list of winners.) This week, there will have been be a total of 14 daily winners and 1 super crazy grand prize winner! The grand prize winner gets an oGorgeous gym bag worth up to $154! You just need to get the most profile likes on your WeightTraining.com profile. This is a situation that is under your control, so you better start campaigning now and asking all your friends for a wee bit of support 🙂

Thanks everyone! Congrats on a successful start on the #NutsInNovember extravaganza! Also, I made a boo boo in my last newsletter for the password. The ! should be a 1. Your password will now work. Sorry!

Much love,

<3 Cassey

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  1. Amazing content! Thanks for sharing! I hope I can start my fitness journey.

  2. Sitemap says:

    Its provide us with plenty of interest and pleasure. Its chance are actually fantastic and style so fast. Its a genuine bit of content. It generates for me lots of pleasure and interest. Awesome job and keep on sharing.

  3. Amber Si says:

    I have been following your video for 3 weeks. I was very tired at first, and I felt relaxed. This period is very effective. I like the feeling of sweating.

  4. Karlijn says:

    Hee Cassey!
    When I try the first exercise of this workout I always feel like my hip is blocking or something like that. It makes some sort of ‘click’ each time I sweep my leg sideways. Do you have any idea why this is and what I can do about it cause it kinda hurts when I try this exercise. Btw: I’m sorry if my English isn’t up to normal standards, but please forgive me I’m Dutch haha!
    Thank you already! Karlijn

  5. great workout routine Cassey! I love butt exercises so I will be trying this one out in the morning! thanks!Check out this glutes workout I posted on my blog a while back- http://healthnutnutrition.wordpress.com/2011/11/13/get-%e2%80%98em%e2%80%9d-glutes/

  6. Angel says:

    My favorite is after the grasshopper when the legs are full extending, that part felt really great!

  7. Ju says:

    Over the weekend I went to my first group fitness class, and I was so glad that the moves from some of your videos were done in the class. This was a tread and shred class, and even if I felt like falling over, I decided to take another class when my schedule allows.

    Until then, I’ll keep watching and doing your videos. Thanks for teaching us!

  8. Lucia says:

    What was your routine at the stepmill? Or did you just hop on it for 45 minutes without intensity changes? If so, what was your intensity? Details please! Everytime you post your routine in the threadmill or similar is a killer workout, I love it! Want to do this one too!

  9. Indira says:

    Dear Cassey:

    I love your enthusiasm! I’ve been following all your videos since the very first one, and I admire your hard work; when someone really loves what she does, it definitely shows. Thanks for this sunday post, I kinda needed a fitness-health reminder to finish this week and start a new one. Here we go, monday! We are nuts in november! Hope you get a good night’s sleep, take care!

  10. Jessica says:

    Hey Cassey i just found this incredible pasta you would LOVE, only 1g carbs each portion! And 8 calories! I went nuts in the gourmet store, love itt! I’m half italian so you can imagine how i feel right now

    1. Lucia says:


      What pasta is that! already in love!