The Perfect Bridal Booty Workout!

Hey guys!

As we continue on our Bridal Bootcamp, we are now heading into a muscle group that a lot of people (not just brides) have been asking for. BOOTY!

If you’re planning on wearing a mermaid, trumpet or fitted wedding gown, then you’ve probably been thinking of how to shape up your backside! Here are 10 moves that’ll lift your butt. And guess what? They all require ZERO EQUIPMENT! You can do this right now, wherever you are, with no gym membership necessary. Ready?

Do each of these moves for 1 minute each with no breaks. It will give you a solid, booty burning 10 minute workout!

#1. Kneeling Attitude Lines (R) x 1 Min

Notes: Not only does this work your butt, it also works your hamstrings and your obliques! A triple whammy!

#2. Kneeling Attitude Lifts (L) x 1 min

Notes: Same position as the first move, but now we just pulse up. Try not to go lower than hip height!

#3. Mermail Front Pulses (R) x 1 min

Notes: Point your toes and lift hip height and HIGHER.

#4. Kneeling Attitude Lines (L) x 1 min

Notes: Now we repeat on the other side! Press your leg straight!

#5.Kneeling Attitude Lifts (L) x 1 min

Notes: Squeeze your butt as you do these!

#6. Mermail Front Pulses (L) x 1 min

Notes: Keep your top leg directly in front of you!

#7. Bridge Tweezers x 1 min

Notes: Heels up to work the calves as you lift! Notice that when you lift, you will also squeeze your knees inward for a “tweeze”.

#8. Single Legged Bridge Pulse (R) x 1 min

Notes: Squeeze your quad to keep your leg straight!

#9.Single Legged Bridge Pulse (L) x 1 min

Notes: Put all the energy into your booty!

#10. Wide Bridge Open Presses x 1 min

Notes: May look awkward but boy does this one work those inner and outer thighs too.

If you feel like you want some company for these 10 minutes, then click on the video below and do “Bridal Booty” with me on YouTube and make sure to subscribe so that you can be the first to know about each new workout release!

Once again, big thanks my friends at Lovesome Blossoms and DJZ Productions for the INCREDIBLE floral display and draping you see in the backdrop!

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  1. WoW I will start following this…

  2. Megan says:

    Not a bride, just looking for a good butt workout… this was crazy! I loved it! Definitely adding this to my regular rotation.

  3. Matt says:

    This is really inspiring. Thank you very much for your advice Cassey,
    I think this one also may help you guys:

  4. Elayna says:

    Did this one today along with 2 other videos for Bunday on the calendar. This was butt-muscle murder lol love your Bridal Bootcamp series! Way to kick off the April calendar!

  5. I’m really happy that you took my request to make a bridal series, Cassey! 😀 I can’t wait for the workout on the back.