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Time for some #bootypositivity

April 29, 2019



I’ve been debating whether I should post this photo or not because 1) I’m really proud of how strong my back and arms have gotten but 2) I know there will still be judgment against my small butt. After a sleep, I’ve woken up and decided WHO CARES.

I don’t want to just post things for likes. I don’t want to base my worth on other people’s approval. I don’t want to feed into the big butt obsession (but also can’t 😂).

My body is a result of hard work and genetics. People often forget that genetics play a huge role in the way you look – just like how I have brown hair, small boobs, and almond shaped eyes – I ALSO HAVE A SMALL BUTT. How about some #bootypositivity huh!??? 🍑

Oh and you you know what?? This photo isn’t even posed to make my butt look bigger. It’s just me walking down a slope like a normal human being, not an Instagram model. But I like it. It’s so real. There is absolutely NO photoshop on this body I work so hard for.

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  1. Christina says:

    I’m 14 and I have a small but really fat booty. I get so annoyed when i’m at school and I walk past a group of boys at school and they see my butt and then shout things like “WOW” or “FAT-AS”. I get so embarrassed by it, like there is no need to do that. Everyone has a butt, but not all the same shape or size. People are always complaining and saying how lucky I am…. I”M NOT LUCKY AT ALL!!!! When I go shopping and try on a pair of jeans I always have to get one size up. Wasn’t trying to make this long but. Cassidy, your beautiful inside and out!!! I LOVE YOU SOO MUCHHH!!!!
    (Also do you have any ways to get rid of cellulite)

    1. Paris says:

      Christina, I feel you!! I’m also 14, and have been getting comments like this since I was 9. Guys are always making comments, and sometimes I’m groped, and I GET IN TROUBLE when I hit them or curse them out. So now when someone makes a comment I have to laugh it off. Once this happened, and when I reported it, they still did nothing. And sis don’t worry, girls would kill to have your booty 🙂

  2. Vivi says:

    I have a round booty but it comes with cellulite, all because of genetics. So I have to work really hard and eat healthily. No one is perfect but it’s ok! Diversity is beautiful!

  3. Wendy says:

    Ik zal ook nooit zo een big kontje hebben maar ik wil ze wel gespierd maken en cellulite vrij dat is mijn doel alsook een platte buik. Na een zwangerschap van plus 28 kg terug min 28 kg ziet mijn lichaam er iets anders uit maar het mag er zijn. 42 jaar, en nog steeds de maat van op 30 jaar.

  4. Camilla says:

    HECK YES FOR BODY POSITIVITY!!! You look amazing just the way you are Cassey! 🙂

    So much is genetics! I’ve always had quite big upper arms and broad shoulders. For a long time growing up I was super insecure about it because I thought I looked ‘too masculine’. Now I just embrace that part of myself.
    We need more honest posts like yours in the world so everyone can learn to embrace themselves no matter what they look like.

    1. CORDIE says:

      YES!!! 💪🏾

  5. bbg34550 says:

    Cassey, I personally fell you have brought so may of us “Body Positivity” through the journey with you over the years…Speaking of Our Booty’s I am thinking back to the 6 minutes to a Sexy Booty, and You Told All Popsters, when you said, not to Judge Your booty, just make it The Best Version Of Our Own Booty Physically Possible. You Push All Popsters, Motivate Us for that Physical Possibility! Plus, We have fun, sometimes painful, but Fun!! Thank You, Cassey, Hugs…

    1. CORDIE says:

      How do you change your contact photo…?

  6. Elayna says:

    I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but I think your butt looks great, and most importantly it looks great on you! None of us should feel we need a giant butt to look beautiful if we weren’t born with it. I’m trying harder to accept all of my natural features and work with what I have instead of against it. I notice I love those features the most when I am taking care of myself with healthy food and exercise. Whenever I feel discouraged in my journey and need a pick-me-up, I read your blogs. You’re a natural beauty and a true inspiration. Thank you for posting!

    1. Farzeen says:

      Absolutely!! From the beginning never once did I see Cassey and thought that she needs to have bigger boobs and butt and flatter abs. To be completely honest I envy her body. She looks gorgeous. I just wish that someday I’ll be as stronger as her or more.

  7. Alice Umerez says:

    Life is an amazing opportunity to waste this precious time on hate.

  8. Honestly I don’t understand the need for hate. Do you have a team that filters or negative comments so you never have to see them?

  9. johuang says:

    You are so inspiring! I’ve been working out with you for several years now and you have helped me to appreciate and love my body more because you are right – our bodies allow us to do things. I also have a small butt and feel insecure about it sometimes, but your posts are so encouraging! Thank you for all that you do!

  10. Louise Chenowith says:

    I really like your workouts and your message. I use to be obssessed with getting the hourglass figure and big butt and even though I workout regularly I still don’t have those things but thars ok I realized that the person that loves me doesn’t care whether I have the perfect shape or not so I figured we should all be nicer to ourselves. Plus beauty is in the eye of the beholder the ideal body type is not the same for everyone so appreciate what you have …p.s I think you look amazing!😊

  11. Katie says:

    Dear Cassey. I’ve never noticed anything wrong with your butt. I’ve never cared whether it was big or small. I just think you have an amazing personality and you shine a bright light into the world. Just remember that the things that we obssess over about ourselves are usually the things that no one else even notices or cares about. I think that photo is gorgeous. Good on you for posting it.

  12. Amber says:

    I’m so glad that you posted it! I’ve been in the same shoes of being concerned about posting something for fear of what others might think but I’m slowly coming into the “screw it” and post it anyway mindset! Thanks for posting! You should be proud of your body because it’s amazing 🙂

  13. Maria says:

    I’ve been following you since 2013 (when I was only 16 years old) and you still inspire me so much. I recently restarted your very first beginner calendar and have seen you learn so much over the years as well. I love that you never act like you know everything. You embrace change and that’s helped me so much. Especially having gone through body dysmorphia and being on the brink of an eating disorder as a teen. You’ve helped me love and embrace my body so much over the years, especially after having a baby a couple years ago. That was one of the hardest times for me for body positivity and your videos helped me survive it.

    1. Maria says:

      I mean when I went through those things, haha.

  14. Pauline says:

    And you should be very proud of the beautiful, strong body you have worked so hard for. You have already learned what has taken me nearly 60 years to accept. Love what you have and be thankful that you can walk on your own two legs and you have the ability to work harder on an area where you are weaker. For me it is my arms. But thanks to you Cassey I have learned to love how strong my body is and that you encourage me to work a little bit harder. I am on my 4th round starting 4th round tomorrow of 100 ab challenge..I love my core strength. Now 100 leg challenge and arms…please!!!!
    Love you, and welcome to the east coast.

  15. Angie efmb says:

    Yeah, but those muscles are killing (butt) workouts! I always look up to you when I need someone strong and positive, that means a lot for a teen, such as myself. Thank you for endless inspiration I find in you!

  16. AgainstTheGrain says:

    That is what im talking about Cassey! Its a shame that i am always comparing my butt size to other women. It really is a sad story. From now on, I will strive to love my butt also for just the way it is.

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