Blogilates in Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore!

Blogilates in Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore!

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Hey guys!

2 bits of exciting news!

  1. This “Quick Burn Calves” video left me so sore for 4 days. It was unreal. You will love.
  2. I will be traveling halfway around the WORLD to see you guys this summer!

zespri cassey

I am super excited to announce that Zespri, the New Zealand Kiwi Fruit (watch the video to hear my horrendous New Zealand accent) has invited me to come teach FREE POP Pilates classes in 3 different countries this summer! They are holding huge outdoor festivals and I want you to come! Let’s hang! 2 countries I have never ever been to and then 1, I haven’t been to in YEARS! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Cassey Ho

You need to sign up because space is limited. So RSVP below:

Please don’t be scared to come. Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been doing Blogilates for over 5 years…doesn’t matter. The energy and happiness you will feel at the event will be something that will invigorate you forever. Not only do I want to meet you, I want you to meet other fellow POPsters in your hometown. These are the friendships and relationships that will bring so much laughter and joy into your life. I promise.

If you’re from any of the countries above, can you please comment and tell me what I should check out while I am there? I don’t have too much time in each place, so I would really appreciate any tips from the locals!

Thank you and I cannot wait to see you!


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  1. Maisarah says:

    I missed this because I was somewhere else in Malaysia pursuing my studies.. :'(

  2. Jess says:

    CASSeY im twelve and ive been doing pop pilates for three years with my elder sis and u are SUCH an inspiration to meee!!!! i really love how u r sooo encouraging and your work outs are sooo fun!!! in SINGAPORE, you should totally try the chicken rice, char kway teow, roti prata, fried oysters, chilli crab and my favorite; hokkien mee!! u may also wanna try durians but they may not be to your liking ( I LOVe DURIANS) i really look forward to meeting you!! i love u so much cassey!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Jean says:

    I’m from Malaysia but I’m so sad I only saw this now. I’m two hours drive away!!! Go check out Baru caves, it’s surreal n one of it’s kind in this world.

  4. Maine1829 says:

    So excited you are coming! You should try the food here in MALAYSIA.. Get your spicy on with many many local delights.. Get your nose buzzing especially with durian and petai. Great food and people await you! A definite food adventure trail here in Malaysia!

  5. Eugene Yeoh says:

    Hi Cassey. I have been always watching you on YouTube to get motivation keep my body fit and healthy. You have truely inspired me to fall in love in healthy life.You are the first one I didnt switch off the youtube after 1min watching but follow your exercise step til the end of the video. I can’t believe you coming to Malaysia!Hope I have the chance to take a photo with you. Malaysia are full of delicous food u must try out our Nasi Lemak, Yong Tau Fu, Hakka Mee,Cendol..its alot I can’t even list all out!hehehe. Malaysia is getting hot here ,drink more water and enjoy while u at Malaysia. See you tomorrow!!!*I’m so excited*

  6. Ellysya says:

    Omg im literally dying knowing that ure here in Malaysia!
    You should definitely try out the food here like the tropical fruits (durian,rambutan,mangosteens) , nasi lemak (coconut milk rice) , bubur cha cha (ahaha you should do some cha cha cha when eating this, get it! ?)

    There are so many places you can go to and one of them that you definitely should go to is Suria KLCC mall as it’s just right below the Twin Towers! There’s a park right outside the mall as soon as you step out of it. Other huge malls like One Utama (so near to my house so pls go to One Utama ??) , The Curve and The Pavillion,

    Hope you have a great time and hope to bump into you! OMG IT WOULD BE A MIRACLE ????

  7. vickyoracle says:

    I really recommend the must try foods below in Singapore, and these wonderful desserts you have to try since you love coconut and fresh fruit!
    They’re also perfect for sunny Singapore! 🙂

    1. Shaved mango ice and omg their peanut paste soup is to die for! (think peanut butter that is slightly sweet in smooth and silk form!) Mei Heong Yuen dessert in Chinatown 63-67 Temple Street (their sign post is shaped as a peanut 😉

    2. Chendol which is basically shaved ice with chendol jelly, red beans, black grass jelly, atap seeds, laced with coconut sugar in a bowl of generous coconut milk.

    3. Bubur hitam which is like black/purple glutinous rice porridge cooked with coconut sugar and topped with coconut milk. It’s best served hot and it is my legit favourite dessert! It’s super cheap (like it will never cost more than $1.20 in normal haeker centres) and so satisfying. Ask for more coconut milk when you order 🙂

    4. Bubur chacha which is the ultimate fav cuz it’s cooked in coconut milk and coconut sugar paste thingy and has beautiful gem looking chewy tapioca cubes. You can also find sweet potato and sago in them. But you’ll have to ask the store if they have the gem cubes!! Cuz some stores don’t include them and it wouldn’t be worth trying the dessert.

    5. Ice kacang shaved ice which has like red beans, corn, atap seeds, agar agar and whatever sweet treats the store has underneath a mountain of ice. It is also coloured with food colouring and condensed milk or coconut milk!

    6. Cheng teng is basically sweet potato soup cooked with a little bit of ginger. You’ll find sago balls, sweet potato cubes, white fungus, ginko, Wintermelon cubes and dried longans. Have it chilled!:)

    I hope you have a great time here and 2 to 6 can usually be found at any dessert stall in hawker centres or food courts 🙂 I really hope you have a great time here Cassey and I can’t wait to meet you at the zespri fest!:)

    This is a great website you can checkout : if you wanna find out more 🙂

  8. vickyoracle says:

    Hey Cassey! Will you be touching down to singapore tmrw? We wanna welcome you at the airport ??

  9. Wan says:

    you should try durian. hehehehhehehhe

  10. Reefat says:

    Cassey! I would recommend the cliche places like darling harbour and opera house to visit! You’ll love them and check out our Vivid light festival which occurs every night in the Sydney CBD area near the harbour bridge, it’s one of the best in the world. I know you’ll love it here

    1. Reefat says:

      And I also recommend bring both summer and winter clothes. Our weather is super moody

  11. Wan says:

    I’ve been following you since late 2013 and you changed my life so much I cant thank you enough. Cant wait to meet you in person its been my dream!

    Go check out the heart of kl! KLCC. Check out Time Out Kuala Lumpur for more info :

  12. Selena says:

    Just registered for the event in Malaysia! My best friend and I have been watching your videos for 3 years now and we always look forward to your new videos on YouTube! Cannot WAIT to see you in real life!!!

  13. Jessica Yap says:

    OMG Cassey! You’re coming to KL! Thank God I manage to catch your post! Am on DAY 3 of Piit 28 and am definitely gonna meet you this Sunday! As for things to try out in Malaysia, well we are the warmest people on earth! I kid you not! Food wise, try Nasi Lemak ( Fat Rice) we call it and definitely Teh Tarik (Pulled Tea). If you are keen on trying some local chinese food, head to Jalan Alor by night, “Wong Ah Wah” is famous for its roasted chicken wings as well as hokkien mee (black mee) ! Am thinking of getting a yoga mat from you, maybe bring some blogilates merchandise over? 🙂 See you soon! xoxo P/S: Am also getting my mum to come with me, she is 61 this year and enjoying the blogilates videos too!

  14. Joey says:

    So psyched for this already! Super glad that you’re coming to SG! Well, you can try our food here (looking at the comments, you can tell Singapore is a food paradise other than it being a garden city) You can try out Universal Studio Singapore for rides or Adventure Cove(both are located at Sentosa so it’s very convenient). See ya! Joey 🙂

  15. Vern says:

    I have a question! This will sound like a weird question but do we need to bring our own mat? 🙁 (For the Singapore fest)

    1. blogilates says:

      I think you should bring your own mat!

  16. rach says:


  17. rach says:







    <3 <3 <3

  18. Azie Zamani says:

    Cassey i am so excited u will be coming to Malaysia. If only u can bring your pop gear stuff so we have a chance to buy it!! I really wanna mert u n see u live!! If u in malaysia u have to try our malaysian cuisine, can easily try all of it at our night market ?

  19. sabrina says:

    HI CASSEY, please bring your merchandise!!!!

  20. PopsterDreamer says:

    Cassey!!! Oh my gosh, words can’t describe my excitement when I saw that you coming to Australia!! Thank you so much for visiting us Down Under!

    There’s SO MANY things to do in Sydney but I would 100% recommend you visit this suburb called ‘Newtown’- they have the most amazing cafes. They have this vegan/ vegetarian restaurant called Green Gourmet. It’s incredible, you have to try it! And in terms of shopping you can’t go past the Queen Victoria Building and Westfield in Sydney CBD. Be warned about the crowd though! There’s also the Rocks in Cirqular Quay and just Circular Quay (Where the harbour and Opera House is located) in general is so scenic and so beautiful, you could spend hours there.

    I absolutely can’t wait to see you in Sydney! It’s honestly one my biggest dream come true to see you, work out with you and just meet you in person to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve literally changed my life and for that, I’m forever grateful to you.

    Cant wait to see you in Sydney!!

  21. PopsterDreamer says:

    Oh my gosh, words can’t describe my excitement when I saw that you conning to Australia!! Thank you so much for visiting us Down Under! There’s so many things to do in Sydney but I would 100% recommend you visit this suburb called ‘Newtown’- they have the most amazing cafes and they have this vegan/ vegetarian restaurant called Green Gourmet. It’s incredible, you have to try it! And in terms of shopping you can’t go past the Queen Victoria Building and Westfield in Sydney CBD. We’re happy to be your tour guide if you need them haha :’)

    I absolutely can’t wait to see you in Sydney! It’s honestly one my biggest dreams in the world to work out and just meet you!! Hope you enjoy your time here!

  22. dnahk2483 says:

    Oh dear.. you should have also booked for Brunei as well. You have plenty POPsters here too. we are just neighbors to Malaysia and Brunei. Most importantly, you will miss trying a very tasty local dish “ambuyat” 😛

    Better luck next time. If you do come by South East Asia again in the future, slot Brunei in too. We will definitely looking forward to have a session with you

  23. Ashley says:

    Cassey, as a New Zealander, please don’t stop that accent. That made my day.

    I also find it weird that a NZ company is letting you go to AUSTRALIA and not New Zealand! SO not FAIR!!!!

    And a side note: we call them kiwifruit. Because the word Kiwi is slang for a New Zealander. So when you said you were gonna eat kiwis….. I thought you meant you were gonna eat people….

    hehe!! 🙂

  24. Iris says:

    T^T I’m form Malaysia I was waiting for you to come for so longgggg but now I’m currently in Germany! oh noes~ But but my soul is there!!!! I hope you give an awesome class! And i can bet you, that you will sweat your butt off.I promise the weather will be killer!!!! So grab yourself a bowl of “Ais Kacang” before you leave!!!!<3 <3 love you loads and have fun!!

  25. WinonaCeline says:

    Why not Indonesia?! Literally it’s just an hour extra journey to get there! And it’s VERY beautiful place! Check out the beaches, the volcanoes, the mountains, the food and culture! Think you’d love it!

  26. Yasmin says:

    In Sydney you should definitely go to Newtown and the less touristy places

  27. Mun Yen says:

    CASSEYYYYY!!! I am sooooo happy that you’re coming to MALAYSIA! I have been following ur workouts for so many years and now I can finally meet you in a real life!! Can’t wait to take lotsa snapchat & selfies with u ?? my friends and I are thrilled to be there!

    1) you should definitely try nasi lemak (coconut rice), char kuoy teow (fried flat noodles), laksa (spicy fish noodles), cendol, prawn mee, cheese naan …

    2) of course you should visit petronas twin towers ☺️

    3) taman botani negara in Shah Alam. Very nice view of nature where you can cycle in the park 🙂

    Can’t wait to see u! xx

  28. Judy Cho says:

    ALL THE EATS AT BONDI, SYDNEY. You have to visit Bondi Markets & try the vegan frozen yoghurt (Cocowhip) since you’re lactose intolerant X

  29. Amanda Toh says:

    Oh and Cassey, what hotel will you be staying in here in Singapore? If you haven’t booked one, you could try hard rock hotel at resorts world sentosa. You could book a package with tickets to universal studios too!

  30. Amanda Toh says:

    Hi Cassey! I’m thrilled that you’re coming to Singapore! You should totally try the chicken rice here and mee Siam too! The desserts like chin chow are awesome too!

  31. Helen says:

    OMG!!Casey welcome to malaysia!! You know its like a dream for me to know you’re finally here!! But unfortunately, i can’t go to KL to see you becoz im staying in Penang. But i’m still excited as well. Cassey, please put your own safety in priority, because the security in kuala lumpur isn’t tat good. So keep your valuable items in somewhere safe. If you have free time, please come to Penang, im sure tat you will love Penang food and the beautiful places like beach!!! Feel free to let me know, i would like to bring you around!! Love you Cassey!!

  32. claire sea says:

    OMG CASSEY YOURE FINALLY COMING TO SG!! Haha hmm maybe you have to try our hokkien mee(known as fried noodle), oyster omelette & sugarcane! well you can try durian if you want too! But personally I’m not a fan of durian? Hope to see you soon!!!

  33. Yen C says:

    Cassey, you have no idea how thrilled I was to see that you’re coming to Malaysia! I’ve been following blogilates for 5 years now, and I’ve always dreamed of meeting you one day. Sadly, I’ll be flying off somewhere on the day you’re coming. What a shame! ???

    Anyhow, just wanted to write to recommend things you should try/go to in Kuala Lumpur;
    -KLCC (Twin towers)
    -Petaling street (Chinatown)
    -Lot 10, Bukit Bintang (for shopping)
    -Foods: Nasi lemak, Roti Canai, Cendol (A shaved ice dessert with coconut milk)

    I hope you have an amazing time here in Malaysia. We love you, Cassey!!!

  34. Wenxin says:


  35. Lee Si Mian says:

    Omg!!! this is a dream come true for me!! REALLY didn’t not expect you to come to Singapore at all!!!! There are many things you should try in Singapore, especially the food. The most common ones would of course be chicken rice, chilli crab and of course you should at least try the durians!!! Most people do not like the smell of durian but personally i am a fan of it!!
    There are many places that you can visit in sinagpore! Like Sentosa where you can find Universal studios singapore. Some other common places would be, Orchard road, bugis street, chinatown, clark quay, little india and kampong glam. But i would suggest you bring a portable fan along, or you can just get one here! cause the weather these few days is unbearable!!!
    I can’t wait for you to see you in Singapore!!

  36. Edryna says:

    In Malaysia you should go to KL Bird Park, Petaling Street and finish off the day with drinks in Helipad Lounge Bar (drinks on a helipad with a KILLER view of the city) ! CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU HERE!! Don’t forget to try nasi lemak, rojak mamak n buah, laksa and ABC (ice shavings) 😀

  37. Katrina Donaldson says:

    Ah I’m so jealous I won’t be there. I’ve spent the past 18 months in Sydney and literally only just moved to New Zealand…please come here!

    Sydney is wonderful…you must visit the harbour. Take a ferry to Watson’s Bay and a walk around to Camp Cove (my favourite Sydney beach) and around the lighthouse. Have a meal at Bill’s – fresh healthy clean food and SO delicious!!! And for the best views, head to the Glenmore Hotel, Bar 360 or Mrs Macquarie’s chair. You’ll have an amazing time…enjoy!!! And I hope to meet you someday soon xxx

  38. Ivory says:

    The 3 top things to do in Malaysia are to eat the local food, visit touristy places like KLCC and the KL Tower and go shopping while you explore! Batu Caves is also a good place to go especially for you, Cassey, because there are a LOT of stairs to tackle there. Some locals I know go there just to run up and down the stairs. I’m super excited to meet you Cassey! Lots of love ❤

  39. Steph says:

    Pack me in your suitcase! (Just kidding… mostly.) You’re visiting Malaysia, where my husband is stuck waiting for a US visa, one day before my wedding anniversary. We haven’t seen each other since October and I’m too poor to fly ?. Give him a wave for me! And thanks for helping keep me sane this year!

  40. Kylie says:

    I grew up in Singapore but moved to the US almost 11 years ago now. I’m not sure if places are still the same, but I would recommend visiting either the zoo, the bird park, or the aquarium in Sentosa. They’re world-class. I’m not sure if Sentosa still has the dolphin lagoon, it was a magical experience for me as a child.

  41. Joyce says:

    OMG CASSEEEYYY!!! Im flying over from Hong Kong just to meet you! Hope you’ll come to HK next time if you have the chance! Although I’m not from Singapore, I’ve been there many times so hopefully you’ll try their chicken rice from their hawker centres! It’s amazing! Also buy takeaway coffees from hawker so you can carry it around in a plastic bag!

  42. Drew says:

    OMG I am so happy you are coming to Australia, but I live in Brisbane so I can’t come ;( please come to Brisbane one day 🙂

  43. yuri says:

    Cassey you are the reason why I started working out! I was always the lazy type and i still am but now I try to go to the gym everyday and when I’m done with my cardio I always come home and do your videos! Singapore is the most amazing country and you will have a ton of great food here. Make sure you have chilli and pepper crab, cereal praw, I would recommend longbeach which is all around the country, try din tai fung and PLEASE TRY DURIAN AND POST A VIDEO ON IT!!!! Shop in the underground area of orchard they have the cheaper brands
    I love you so much and I hope to see you in Singapore!!!

  44. Rebecca Rajaendram says:

    I NEARLY SCREAMED WHEN I SAW YOU’RE COMING TO MALAYSIA!! Oh my god!! Three things…well, we’re known for our food but I think you should definitely do some cool pilates poses at our top sightseeing places
    1) With the Petronas Twin Towers. Maybe you can pose in front of the towers. A good spot might be at the entrance to the fountain/park from the KLCC mall. You can’t miss it. It’s right next to a cafe called Dome.
    2) Desa Park City is one of the (extremely few) dog-friendly parks in Malaysia. You can satisfy your doggie-obsession there.

  45. Pei zhi says:

    May i know what time will it be?

  46. Deeluna says:

    Cassey I can’t wait for you to come to Malaysia!!! I’ll just keep it short and simple on what you should do while you’re in my home <3

    1. Visit KLCC Tower Bridge (the tallest twin towers in the world) or KL Tower to get an aerial view of my beautiful city Kuala Lumpur.
    2. Visit our shopping district, Bukit Bintang area (close to KLCC and KL Tower) where you can find many shopping malls that cater from high end to street style fashion.
    3. For nature, you should go to the Forest Reserve Institute Malaysia (FRIM) sicne it's quite close to the city. A must thing to do here is going for the scenic forest canopy walk. It is a 150mtr long walkway that is built 30m above ground level where you can also witness view of Kuala Lumpur from there.

    Hope this helps you to figure out what to do in KL. Safe travels! <3

  47. Nur Atiqah says:

    Yayyyy!!! That’s great news!

    Unsure as to whether I need to sign up for the event tho cos apparently on the Malaysian website it says its only to receive a limited edition bottle or something like that?

    1. Deeluna says:

      It’s written there free for all so we only have to sign up for if we want to get the free bottle 🙂

      1. gemma says:

        I’m confused too… so we don’t need to sign up for the event if we didn’t want the bottle? I’ from Malaysia btw.

  48. Alexandria Santosso says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! CASSEYYYYY IM OVER EXCITED TO READ THIS ON MY EMAIL !!!! this is right on my bday so it will be my best present ever !!!!! im just around the corner from sin 1hr by boat. anyone know where the exact area tho ? pls let me know ❤❤❤

  49. Firzanah Firdaus says:


    When in Malaysia, be sure to check out:

    -Sight seeing: KLCC Tower Bridge, Batu Caves & Tugu Negara/Lake Garden area

    -Shopping: Petaling Street, KLCC & Publika (there is a flea market & while you’re there, u should try Boat Noodle & mochatella at Coffee Society)

    -Food: Village Park Nasi Lemak (there is a line so come early!!), Merchant’s Lane, Nirwana Maju at Bangsar & be sure to try Wondermama’s Durian Crepe for dessert ??

    That’s it!!! & if you have no one to bring you around I’ll be more than glad to do so!! Here’s my email just in case:!!

    See you Cassey!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  50. Kran says:

    HELLO!! So exciting! hopefully I can get up the courage to pilates in-front of people and join in the festivities.

    Top things in Sydney that aren’t ALL food.
    1. Bondi/Bronte/Coggee for beach/cliff walk
    2. Salary Man ramen/Japanese restaurant in Surry Hills
    3. Picnic and chill in Wendy Whitley’s secret garden Lavender Bay (nice view of harbour and bridge too)

    YAY so excited for Cassey to be in Sydney!

  51. Melody Duan says:

    Hi Cassey! I just booked my workout session for 10:30am in Australia! I’m so looking forward to working out with you. May I suggest doing an aerial silks class with me whilst you’re here in Sydney? I do aerial silks classes at Integral Aerial Arts and they have changed my life! The environment is so positive and supportive and very Cassey-like and made me realise I can do so much more than I think I can. I went in with no upper body strength and I am now an intermediate aerialist. Most importantly, they’re really encouraging. Sometimes I have bad days where I feel I couldn’t do anything and they are still incredibly positive, saying that me being there is more important because it means I am getting stronger. Mentally and emotionally it’s also helped me so much. In addition to the rush of endorphins, I also just love the feeling of a vibrant and open environment that still pushes us to keep persevering, a mentality I’ve taken into my everyday life. I reckon you will really enjoy it! If you want more info, feel free to give me a buzz! 🙂 🙂

    1. Melody Duan says:

      Oh sorry about the double post by the way! Feel free to delete the one below cos I realised I could login through disqus.

  52. Melody Duan says:

    Hi Cassey! I just booked my workout session for 10:30am in Australia! I’m so looking forward to working out with you. May I suggest doing an aerial silks class with me whilst you’re here in Sydney? I do aerial silks classes at Integral Aerial Arts and they have changed my life! The environment is so positive and supportive and very Cassey-like and made me realise I can do so much more than I think I can. I went in with no upper body strength and I am now an intermediate aerialist. Most importantly, they’re really encouraging. Sometimes I have bad days where I feel I couldn’t do anything and they are still incredibly positive, saying that me being there is more important because it means I am getting stronger. Mentally and emotionally it’s also helped me so much. In addition to the rush of endorphins, I also just love the feeling of a vibrant and open environment that still pushes us to keep persevering, a mentality I’ve taken into my everyday life. I reckon you will really enjoy it! If you want more info, feel free to give me a buzz! 🙂 🙂

  53. Jessie says:

    So excited when I saw this announcement on instagram! Unfortunately I won’t be in town when Cassey comes. SO SAD!!

  54. Linda says:

    OMG I was ecstatic when I heard the news !! I’m from Sydney and I’m definitely attending the event 😀

    If you want a treat, you should try the famous strawberry-watermelon cake from Black Star Pastry at Newtown !! Its ahh-mazing !

    Walk around circular quay for views of the harbour bridge and opera house

    Perhaps visit Taronga Zoo and u must take a trip to Bondi Beach

  55. Christelle says:

    UGGGGHHH ???? I wis you’d come to the Philippines!! Please come next time!! ???

  56. Sarah Quek says:

    Ohhhh I’m so excited that you’re coming! I’ve already signed my fiance and I up for the Singapore session!!! As for what you should do – for Malaysia and Singapore – you definitely need to eat lots! 😛 Char Kway Teow, Nasi Lemak, Cendol (dessert), Hainanese Chicken Rice, Roti Canai, Banana Leaf Rice, etc 😛

    And as for what to do – in Singapore, it’s definitely worth going to the rooftop bars, I think the one in Gardens by the Bay provides a very beautiful view of Singapore, whilst being quite peaceful and quiet. But if you want somewhere to dance/party, then perhaps Ce La Vi, 1-Altitude or Level 33 are also really nice places to go to. 🙂

    1. Fion B says:

      Babe I’m attending the Malaysia one!

  57. Niki says:

    Yay sydney! You should come visit the capital in canberra! Absolutely amazing fresh, wholefoods everywhere and outdoor lifestyle!

    But in sydney, you should check out the fish markets, manly, glebe, the grounds of Alexandria, coogee (for the beach). If you have time, you should head up to the central coast and visit a true aussie little beach towns -> Copacabana 🙂

    Already booked my ticket 🙂

  58. Lerie says:

    I was hyperventilating when I found out you were coming to Singapore! As the others said you must try the food! You can also go on the hippo tour which is a double deck bus where you can see the iconic places of Singapore in a few hours hehe very good if you have limited time but want to sight see. I hope we can get to meet and greet you! Would be a dream come true. So glad you’re coming. <3

  59. I live in country victoria so travelling to Sydney is out of the question for me.
    But while in Sydney you have to go to Circular Quay, and visit the Opera House, with views of the Harbour bridge. Then wander around the botanical gardens. If you have time.

    Go to centerpoint tower and get a spectacular view of the city too.

    Enjoy your time, oh and you must have a pavlova, with kiwi fruit on the top of course.

  60. Kelly says:


  61. NizaAbas says:

    CASSEY!! I can’t believe u are coming to Singapore!!! Like finally!! Im so excited!! *huge gasp*
    Food is the BEST to try here in SG. We have so much varieties and many places open till late!
    I believe all the SG Popsters suggested food too. You will be spoilt for choice!

    Ive registered for June 5!

    Niza 🙂

  62. Flo says:

    So happy that u are finally coming to Malaysia!!! I really can’t wait to see you! Some places that you should definitely visit are Batu Caves, Petronas Twin Towers, Malacca (2 hrs drive from Kuala Lumpur)

    The local food here is really amazing here. We have really good malay, chinese and Indian food. Some of my favourites are: Village Park Nasi Lemak and rendang, Haji Samuri Satay, Satellite Ipoh Chicken Rice, Meng Kee Wan Tan Mee, 7th Mile Kitchen Sarawak Laksa, Raju Roti Canai at Jalan Gasing, Sri Nirwana Maju banana leaf rice. Other famous food are cendol, asam laksa, prawn mee, rojak, bak kut teh, hokkien mee, ayam percik, mee siam, briyani, tosai etc etc

    Oh and btw, you can easily get dragon fruit here in Malaysia and they are cheap 😉

  63. Clare says:

    CASSEY!! Finally you’re coming to Singapore!!!! YES FINALLY

  64. Ely says:

    OMG Cassey I have been following you for YEARS and it’s unbelievable you’re coming to Singapore (*o*)/


    1. Please eat ALL the hawker food – it’s hard to decide which is best but some suggestions are:
    • Laksa (noodles in spicy chili coconut milk soup)
    • Hokkien mee (fried seafood noodles)
    • Prata (Indian flour-based pancake)
    • Rojak (fruit and vegetable salad usually served with peanut sauce)
    • Kaya toast from Ya Kun (toast slices with butter and coconut jam)
    Most of our food is spicy tho ^^ And don’t forget to try the local coffee and tea!

    2. Visit Gardens by the Bay. And if you’d like to do some walking you can visit the Southern Ridges especially Henderson Waves 🙂

    3. Get the locals to teach you some Singlish!!!

    See you soon! 🙂

  65. Teresa Ng says:

    Cassey you’re coming to Sydney?! *squeals of joy* yaaaaaay I’m soooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!Dream come true to get a chance to meet you and do a class with you! I better do more blogilates to be ready for June =D #bestmotivationeverrrrrrrr #cantwait

  66. Ven says:

    YAAAAAS CASSEY YOU’RE FINALLY COMING TO SINGAPORE!! Go to orchard for high end shopping, Bugis for cheaper but good finds, Sentosa for the beaches ( Palawan beach is the best in my opinion! Less crowded and there are 2 beach huts ), and maybe if you’d like you can go to east coast park— rent a bike and cycle to marina bay sands! Or try garden by the bay 🙂

  67. Shinobi Shoujo says:

    Looking at the comments I cant wait to meet all the Popster in Singapore! I thought Singapore doesnt have much of a Popster community. Like as if our country is not small enough~ Us Popster need to stick together and maybe do some classes together!!!! Cassey! You would have so much fun in Singapore! How long will you be in Singapore? It’ll be so much fun if us Popster bring you around Singapore for the day!

    1. Lee Xue Li says:

      Hi was just wondering if you are going for tmr’s event and alone or with friends? Looking for ppl to go with :p

  68. Loks says:

    WHY NOT MELBOURNE T.T but yay welcome to Australia and Malaysia (My home country!) xx meet you next time!

  69. Nicole Tay says:

    Hi Cassey! Ever since I saw that you tourer around US and UK, I was hoping you would come visit Singapore 🙂 I signed up for the event and look forward to seeing you! OMG you are finally coming to the little red dot! I think must sees here are Singapore Zoo, Botanic Gardens for nature, Bugis Street and Orchard Road for shopping. Also check out the cool cafes like The Lab near Haji Lane. You also should check out Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glum for a taste of rain races in Singapore. It is certainly unique here. You should also check out the Old Airport Road foodcentre for our local hawker food and The Sports Hub at Kallang.

  70. Amanda Clydesdale says:

    CASSEY! I got so god damn excited that I registered as soon as I saw Australia and then realised its in Sydney. It would mean the world if you could quickly zoom down to Melbourne and do a class the day(s) before. I’ve been following your videos on and off for 4 years and recently got back on. You reshaped my body and gave me total body confidence but feel off the popster train due to injury. You are the motivation I need and It would be a dream to see you in real life! Victorians (Victoria is the state where Melbourne is located) love you! We have some of the most multicultural cities here where you can experience all cultures and cuisines from the one place with our easy-going Aussie lifestyle. I know you’ve been to Australia before but it’s been too long! Please do a Blogilates Tour Down Under or at least train us so we can become Pop Pilates instructors!!

  71. singaporelover says:


  72. Nguyet Nguyen says:

    Hi Cassey, I am an international student in Australia, currently study in Brisbane. I cannot be more excited to know you will come in June. However, I just check the website and know that it is in the beginning of June which is also during the exam time in my university. Therefore, I am really sad to miss a chance to see you, I know it is extremely difficult to have an opportunity to see you once in a while (or maybe life) oversea.

    Despite that, I would love to see you more oversea, hopefully, I know it is difficult and costly to have international tour, I still have hope to have you do some international tour since there are lots of Popster outside US that I am sure they would love to see you too.

    p.s. almost forgot to tell you, I am from Vietnam, and Ho Chi Minh City to be specific, do not know if I am the only one 🙂 if you ever plan to come to Vietnam, just visit or have holiday, I would love to be your guide. Lots of love to you Cassey, though I cannot see you in June, I wish you to have a very happy day there

    p.s.s by the way, it is winter in June in Australia, be prepared for some warm clothes or wear layer Cassey – truly sorry, the post is too long 😀

  73. Marie Tariant says:

    What a great event :)!
    Already booked my place and can’t wait to see you in Singapore the 5th !!
    Also super excited to see that there is so much blogilates girls in Singapore, as I am new in the country (coming from France). Would love to meet up with some of you girls for a gym session ;)!

  74. Shermaine Toh says:

    you should totally try:
    ROJAK(fruit salad, the Singaporean way),
    Satay(grilled chicken/pork slices on a stick!)
    Popiah(it’s like a wrap the Singaporean way!)
    Mee Jian Kueh (Singaporean most common breakfast- “Pancake”, filled with traditional peanut/red bean paste/coconut), This can be found at many hawker centers in the morning! Maxwell food center, “Granny Pancakes” is one of the well received ones 🙂
    Egg tart (Tong Heng confectionary @ Chinatown is the best!)
    Kaya-butter toast at YaKun (kaya= coconut jam)

    Most of all check out our unique culture of dining at hawker centers such as Old Airport Road Food Centre, Newton food Center, Chomp Chomp! Cant wait to see you in Singapore! ^__^ Eating is the best thing you can do in Singapore!

    Hope to see you soonnnn <3

    1. Lee Xue Li says:

      Hi was just wondering if you are going alone or with friends? Looking for ppl to go with :p

  75. Chi Yan says:

    CASSEY YOU ARE COMING TO SINGAPORE??!!!! THIS IS MY DREAM COME TRUEEEE. Anyway, you definitely have to try the food in Singapore! I personally love laksa, which is noodles with chilli and coconut milk soup base. All our hawker centre food is worth trying too! Chinese food such as Hainanese chicken rice, Malay food such as satay, and Indian food such as prata and curry! Places to visit are definitely Sentosa Island! There’s USS (Universal Studios Singapore) there and also Adventure Cove (a waterpark). Not to forget the S.E.A. Aquarium! The beaches at Sentosa are cool to visit as well. Also the Marina area! There’s the iconic Marina Bay Sands, Marina Barrage, Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Flyer. Remember to bring with you an electric fan, lots of tissue and towels because you’ll be sweating buckets in 34ºC of heat and humidity. I hope you enjoy your time here in Singapore, as well as in Australia and Malaysia, and I can’t wait to see you!! ♥

  76. Fion B says:

    Cassey we are all so excited that you will be visiting! As a PPOW in training student, it is definitely the biggest motivation for me to be able to see you! There are so many places in Malaysia that we can show you! also, can we organize a Popsters meet up and hang out with you? I will be more than happy to help organize and make this happen! <3

  77. Gabriella says:

    Definitely the food in SG!!! Try chicken rice, sugarcane drink, chilli crab and char kway teow (though they are all super sinful but they are to die for!!!)

    Also, visit Sentosa and chinatown!!

  78. Deborah says:

    You should try the glorious local food in Singapore like chilli crab, laksa, chicken rice. Visit Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands and the lovely Gardens by the Bay!

  79. Jasmine says:


  80. Denise says:

    OMG CASSEY U R COMING TO SG!!! Since you don’t have a lot of time to explore around, I would recommend that you head to Bayfront where you can visit Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay. You can also take a train to City Hall and explore around by foot (to the v picturesque but honestly q boring National Gallery etc) but that’s q time consuming HAHA. Oh oh and I think that Bugis is q interesting as well! You can walk over to Haji Lane (which is a hipster-ish place but it’s q a short lane haha) and Arab street and etc. Chinatown has a lot of good food too but you will have to walk around a lot in the heat (which is crazy btw it’s like over 30 degrees here). If you wanna do something outdoor-ish I would recommend going to Punggol Waterway to cycle! You can cycle to Coney Island and it’s pretty scenic there! Of course you have to once again consider the weather and heat before deciding on cycling (I still have tan lines from my Cycling trip a few months ago omg) But it’s super pretty there and it’s one of my favourite places in Singapore! HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON CASSEY ???

  81. Raelyn says:

    Omg you’re coming to Malaysia!! On recommendations for places to go, if you want to experience the city life, you can go to Kuala Lumpur which is the capital. Or if you prefer to be near nature, we have tons of beaches, islands and forest reserves. Hope you have fun in Malaysia!

  82. Natural 4 Ever says:

    I don’t live in Singapore, but I have been there. You have to check out Gardens By the Bay!! It is so beautiful!?

  83. Lynn Choo says:

    Omg Cassey!!! It’d be so cool if us POPsters could be your tour guides around SINGAPORE but that’d be too insane haha! 😛

    Tourist attractions: Sentosa (for the beaches, and other fun stuff to see and play like Universal Studios, Trickeye Museum, Madam Tussads’ Wax Museum, SEA Aquarium, the luge, the Merlion and a lot more!) or Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay/ Clarke Quay/ Central Business District area in general for sights and lots of walking! We’re very small so you can just walk anywhere around that area! Cultural places: Chinatown, Little India, Arab Street! 🙂

    We have hawker centres in Singapore which is something not commonly found in most countries! There are quite a number but the more popular ones are: Maxwell Road Hawker Centre, Old Airport Road Food Centre, Chomp Chomp Food Centre, Chinatown Complex Food Centre!

    I really recommend eating at the hawker centres because the food is truly cheap(er) and good!!! They aren’t air-conditioned so you’ll feel warm (inside and out!!!) but it’s definitely something unique that you have to experience because you can dine in restaurants and cafes literally anywhere!
    The hawker centres literally have sooooooooo much food because there are many stalls within the hawker centre so you can try lots of different dishes! ^_^

    The main popular food are: chilli crab, chicken rice, laksa, char kway teow, BBQ/sambal stingray, fried carrot cake, hokkien mee, prawn noodles, kwap chap, porridge, bak kut teh, sliced fish soup (with rice or noodles), mee pok, fishball noodles (in many variations), satay, and a lot a lot more! (they’re not all healthy but it’s something to try once in a while!) traditional desserts: ice kachang, chendol, tau suan, soya beancurd etc! We share some commmon foods with Malaysia too cause we’re so close by haha! We are multi-cultural so the food are Chinese, Malay, Indian, seafood, cross-cultural backgrounds! There really is a lot to try hahaha 😀

    Hope this short guide will help you have an awesome time in Singapore!!! WE LOOK FORWARD TO WELCOMING YOU!!! <3 see you soon Cassey!!! :")

    1. Hui Ju says:

      Omg ikr, I totally agree that it will be great if we Popsters can bring Cassey around Singapore together!
      Btw nice and succinct recommendations up there!

      1. Nicole Tay says:

        That would be really cool to meet you popsters in SG and cassey!

    2. Shinobi Shoujo says:

      YES YES YES!!!! I TOTALLY AGREE! We could bring her around Singapore and have sooo much fun!!!

  84. Hui Ju says:

    Hey Cassey!
    So happy that you are coming to Singapore! I thought maybe you will like to visit our Botanic Garden which was just recently inscribed as a World Heritage Site last year. I can bring you around as I’m really familiar with the garden. And then you absolutely have to eat our hawker food!

  85. Vayne says:

    Welcome to Malaysia, Cassey! I would suggest to go to KLCC. It’s one of the Malaysia’s tourist spots. You can also go to Batu Caves, Shi Ye Temple or Sultan Abdul Samad building! Maybe you can try out some Malaysia’s local cuisine like Bak Kut Teh, Satay, Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Asam Laksa(a spicy food) and etc. I can be your tourguide and translator if you need(since I want to become translator one day)!!

  86. Monica says:


  87. aimefitness says:

    CASSEY CAN I BRING YOU AROUND MALAYSIA PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Ira says:

    Cassey! I had a hunch that you’ll be coming down to Malaysia when you told us that you’re going to travel halfway around the world to meet us. Wow I can’t believe it’s happening ~~ but I can’t make it as I will attempt to climb Mt Kinabalu on the same day. What a bummer!

    If you don’t have much time then I’d suggest try out one of Malaysian popular dishes as your YOLO meal. My favourite is nasi lemak, which is rice cooked in coconut milk and served with various condiments including the must have chilli sambal, raw cucumber, eggs, peanuts, anchovies, and optional side dishes such as chicken or beef.

    And you must also try the banana leaf rice! It’s a popular Indian rice dish served on banana leaf with various kind of side veggies and dishes.

    It’s all about the food here in sunny Malaysia. Enjoy your trip!

  89. noelledoll says:

    Cassey! Malaysia local food is a must to try!!! We have 1 of the best food in the world!!! My foreigners friends that visit my country always miss our local food! Anyway I can’t wait to see you!!