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Bloat Be Gone + Finding Deeper Meaning in your Workouts

November 26, 2012



Bloat Be Gone + Finding Deeper Meaning in your Workouts

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Hey POPsters!

Here is your Monday workout! Thanksgiving bloat got you down? No more!! No no more!!! This routine will get it all flowing again. Be sure to drink tons of water too. Eat your veggies and move around! Exercise. Shake it up. You’ll be just fine. I know it’s hard to get out of bed or your chair when you feel bloated, disgusting, and sluggish, but you have to get over it. And once you do – you will never ever ever regret it.

Same thing happened to me on Sunday. I never actually wanna wake up and teach my morning class at the gym. I’m always like…ughhhhh noooooo….I just wanna sleep!!!! But once I’m up, that’s it! I’m ready. The hardest part is probably just waking up. Those first 5 min are so terrible but once I’m dressed, in my car, in the group ex room – nothing beats jumping around and motivating people to sweat hard. My students motivate me too. So as many times as I’ll say, nooooo I don’t wanna work out, the truth is, I really DO want to work out.

Do you feel this way too? Do you find it hard to wake up and motivate yourself? You’e got to find inner meaning for exercise. More than just vanity. You’ve got to want to work out for health, for energy, and because you love it. Exercising for vanity can get old quick. Exercising for strength with the extra bonus of getting more toned is what you wanna aim for.

It’s like when you find your dream career – the one that actually lasts – you work because you love it and the $ just comes. Versus…I work for $10 an hour and jeez these next 8 hrs are tough but I just need to get through it to make $80. It’s called refocusing your energy!

So find your inner passion and burn up that fire that will get your roaring inside for a good sweat sesh.

Why do you work out? Tell me the truth!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Minty Mina D says:

    I can totally relate to the point of having difficulty to motivate yourself….*sigh*

  2. Milena says:

    I work out because I like to push myself. I’m self-confident but not fully satisfied. I like improving myself. It’s an amazing feeling when you realize how much faster and stronger you have become in little time… Of course vanity is another factor. I just love how my body is changing.

  3. Kate says:

    I work out to keep myself feeling great. After every work out I feel so positive and happy about everything. If I don’t work out for a couple of weeks, I start to feel really sad and depressed. So I work out to keep my sanity! Plus it’s great to feel like your body can accomplish anything y0u throw at it 🙂

  4. Helena says:

    I’m only 17 but when I was younger I used to believe that just because I’m not sporty, I can’t be fit or healthy which really gave me a low self-esteem. For this past year I have been doing your workouts and I realized that I CAN be fit and healthy in the comfort of my own home. That’s why I love working out: because I’m able to feel confident in myself and FEEL great.

  5. Wengie says:

    Always loved your posts! Keep em coming

  6. Andrea says:

    I just stumbled upon your website and I absolutely love it. Really motivational and great workouts. I wanted to start doing the calendar workout but was confused about two things. Where do I find the 1000 workouts printables? And what about the 20/20s printables that are on the calendar each Thursday? Do I do a new print out each Thursday or just pick one? Thank you!

  7. Lauren says:

    I found this post really motivating. I totally agree with that feeling you described – you think you don’t want to work out because you’re tired, bloated, or just feeling bad in general. But in reality, you really do! You never regret a workout. Also, thank you for pointing out that working out for vanity gets old quickly. That is so true, and sometimes it’s hard to remember that the main goal of working out is keeping yourself healthy and being your personal best.

  8. Kay says:

    I workout because it makes me feel good and my stiff shoulders/back stops hurting, and also because I get to watch your videos. When the option is between sitting by the desk and read alone, and working out in your company it feels almost like hanging out with a friend for an hour!

  9. Tuba says:

    I work out, because I wanna be healthy and have a nice body. Pilates and your work out videos make me feel really cool!!

    Thanks for everything!

  10. Georgia says:

    AHH! Cassey you are awesome and I am officially a blogilates addict! Your positivity and healthy influence have begun to change me for the better. You are beautiful inside and out!

    I work out because it makes me happier and more confident 🙂

  11. Ryan Noelle says:

    I workout to feel good. I notice I have a lot more energy when I do. Take care of that body, you only have one. I always get a reboot to keep going when I read my Blogilates posts and community feeds. xoxo

  12. Emilia says:

    I work out to be healty and get a body that I don’t need to be emberest of

  13. Kriti Sharma says:

    I felt the same way today. I have a spinning class on tu/th 7:30am (My cardio days). I was so sore from my Monday core class I just didn’t want to wake up. However I did and i feel sooooo much better, more energized and awake now, so glad I didn’t miss it!

  14. Love the workout and the scenery is breathtaking! 🙂 I think the reasons I don’t work out are just as important as the reasons I do. For instance, I don’t work out as a punishment for something I ate or out of a sense of guilt. I don’t work out to burn a certain number of calories. I workout because I enjoy it and it benefits my overall WHOLEistic health (as I like to call it). In fact, I like to call exercising “active play”. 😀

    I actually read an interesting article on the NY Times recently about how research shows that what motivates people to workout over the long-term isn’t to lose weight or to get a certain body etc. But, it’s to enhance current well-being and happiness. It was an interesting read & I’d be more than happy to provide whoever is interested with the link to the article. 🙂

    1. Liz says:

      I’m always up for a good NYT article 🙂 Post away!

  15. Paola says:

    I work out because I don’t like FAT! Haha and I do it because it makes feel strong, and also because I want to look good. That moment when we look at ourselves at the mirror its a very important moment. Why? Because how we see ourselves in the mirror is how other’s will see us. What does that mean? That when you see yourself in the mirror and say something negative about your body or your face, you leave your house with that negativity and others can see the negativity in you same happens if you tell yourself something positive and leave your house very optimistic and happy.

    Cassey I love you! You motivate us all the time! And I love my mom! She keeps me motivate it as well she is 42 she started working out when she was 36 and she hasn’t stoped you can see she has her six pack there it just amazing and I want to be fit like her at that age! And look young and healthy!(:

  16. Lily says:

    When I would work out for vanity purposes I didnt last long. But now that Im truly working out for my health, energy, & strength I can last longer and push myself more. Its just there always seems a phase of laziness to overcome. But it helps having gym buddies!

  17. Mailene says:

    I love love LOVE your workouts! Wanted to start with that. Haha.

    At first I worked out because I’m in a dance team and I wanted to “fit in” with the girls. They are soo skinny! But as I started doing this month’s workout, I saw a quote I don’t remember where that I now have in my mirror: Skinny girls look good in clothes. Fit girls look good naked.” I like it because to me, it means I don’t need to wear specific clothes to feel good about myself. I workout so I can love what I see when I look at myself in the mirror. Not because of makeup or skirts or heels (although they kinda help), but to feel great of how I look bare and be proud because I worked hard for it. I work out to feel proud that I can achieve what I set my mind to do.

  18. Laura says:

    I started working out to lose weight 3 years ago. And I got completely addicted. I reached the weight I wanted and I’ve been keeping it for the past 2 years (with the occasional 2-5 pounds gain on special days or when I’m having a YOLO week, lol) but I would never think of not working out any longer. It makes me happy, helps me deal with stress and work better if I get to the gym first thing in the morning, or it helps me de-stress and disconnect from everything if it’s in the evening after work. And it just feels good, I have a sedentary job with 8 hours in front of the computer, my parking spot is pretty close to the entrance, so especially now in autumn and winter the hour at the gym is the only time when I get to really move around a bit. Aaaanndd of course I like that it helps me look good 😀

  19. Anka says:

    I workout to lose weight! In January my boyfriend is coming back from abroad and I want to look really good with slim thighs, visible abs and so on. But of course I’m doing it for myself too. Sometimes I really don’t wanna get up and do my workout but I realize how much better I feel afterwards, and also with eating healthy! Everything is better! I hope someday it’s that I really miss working out when I leave it out one day, and not having to pull myself up every time.

    1. Eunice says:

      I used to work out for someone’s appreciation too. But I soon found myself disappointed when not receiving it as I expected. so it took a while to refocus my motivation’s basis but I’ve come to believe that unless you do it for yourself and yourself only, chances are high that sooner or later this motivation breaks down and it will be much harder to get it back together.
      Just a piece of advice if you don’t mind.

  20. I love you Cassey, you’re the best.
    This post comes just in time for me.

    It’s true working out bc of vanity gets easily old, there are so many things I find more motivating aka getting more energy from the workouts is so important especially in winter, when you’re lazy…like me hahah and health as well btw if you’re healthy you’re more beautiful bc you’re happier, your skin looks fresh your body etc, right?!
    I really believe working out shows more inside than from the outside.

    Continue being so awesome…. xo xo

    1. P.S.
      I really regret that run.- Said no one ever!

  21. Zoe says:

    I started working out due to pure vanity. But I keep working out because I discovered I love how it makes me feel strong, powerful and in control. There’s nothing like the endorphin rush after smashing a hard workout sesh.

  22. kat says:

    Honestly I did start working out for vanity reasons, but after about 2 weeks of #OMGoctober I realized it was so much deeper than that. I work out to challenge myself, to center my mind and to know that I can keep going through the toughest sessions even when my head is telling me I can’t. Letting go of all those negative feelings and thoughts and replacing them with the peace and satisfaction that comes after a good workout session is so amazing, and I always feel renewed after I’m done like I can take on anything life throws at me. (Plus it’s always nice to see muscles that weren’t there before!) 🙂 Great question Cassey, loved reading all the responses! <3

  23. Jenny says:

    I work out, because i like the feeling of my muscles becoming stronger, the strength i feel after a great workout emotionally and definitely PHYSICALLY. I love working out so i don’t feel sluggish at school, know i have done something great for myself, to feel more confident. Working out gives makes me more happy and free and it helps me with my diet, because when i want to eat something i know is bad.. i think about how hard i just worked out. I love working out 🙂

  24. Eunice says:

    I work out because I want to be lean and that will bring out a tons of extra benefits.
    The weird thing is that receiving compliments about how my look changes makes me lose some of the motivation, not the other way around. I get to feel too good about myself which distracts me from focusing hard. I have to change this but not sure how.

  25. Liz J says:

    I work out because seeing my muscles get stronger reassures me that I can face anything. If I can make my body stronger there’s no reason I can’t make my spirit and my stronger too! In working out I’ve pushed my body harder and harder and just continued to get stronger and stronger and it is so inspiring to see myself change. Because I feel like if I can make my outsides stronger with some simple dedication and hard work, I can do the same for my insides and become stronger mentally and emotionally too.
    If I can do burpees for a minute straight, I can do anything.

  26. bap says:

    i work out because i’m tired of hating myself.
    the plan is to work from the outside in, one layer at a time.

    1. Becca says:

      WOW! your comment totally struck me and i actually had to catch my breath for a sec. i think that i just really realized that is me, too. maybe deep down i knew it, but needed for it to be said out loud to realize it. i work out alot but it is always fueled for the need to lose weight. maybe its time to focus on developing me, inside AND out. Thanks for your honesty! One step (workout) at a time, right?

  27. nancy says:

    I live for the feeling of the cooldown – the child’s pose in a hot barre class, or the feeling after a hot yoga class or just walking home from a sweaty run! best feeling in the world.

    on another note, cassey – CAN YOU PLEASE tell me your thoughts about juice cleanses?? I just did a 3-day long juice cleanse and splurged the $230 it cost. i think I feel lighter and have “healthier taste” buds, but can’t tell if that is just the marketing, the truth, or if I’m going crazy!

  28. Alexandra says:

    I figure I have one life, one body, I want to see how far I push myself and how much I can accomplish.

    1. Claudia says:

      I love that mindset 🙂

  29. Amber says:

    I workout to lose weight and gain balance and flexibility. I want to be able to keep up with my soon to be toddler when he runs in the playground, or wants to play catch with his big green ball without stopping every five minutes for a breather. I want to show him that being healthier also means that I am happier. Finally, I workout because I want to be around for a long time. I want to be fit so I can live a longer healthier, and happier life with my husband, son, any future children we may have, and even grandchildren way down the road. I know I have a long way to go, but I know I can do it for my family, and with the great support from this community.

    1. Kat says:

      way to go amber! your post just motivated me to train even harder today, thank you and keep up the good work 🙂

  30. Jamie says:

    I’ve been exercising since I was 11. It started with organized sports and something to fill my time. But since I’ve graduated college, it’s just a way of keeping my sanity. After a long day in the office or a bad date, I can say to myself “at least I can go to the gym and do THAT right.”

  31. Amber says:

    Honestly, I work out because I like to eat. I was a group fitness instructor for 3 years and that’s when I found out how much I really like to work out. Alas though, with busy schedules I stopped. That’s why I’ve come to realize- my main reason to start working out and stay in a pattern is so I can eat what I want and not worry about my body getting out of shape. (Also as a plus- when I’m working out I eat/do a lot better all around)

  32. Zia says:

    that’s just how I felt today! I was like, nooooo, no workout… but then I started and felt super pumped :3 thank you so much!

    and honestly, I do like working out… it just makes me feel happier, so thank you again <3

  33. Emmy says:

    am working out so one day when i look in a mirror, i can truthfully say “I’m beautiful”. I want to love me fully, inside and out, something i have never accomplished before. I want to be strong. I want to be me. 🙂

  34. Anna says:

    Omg I love your booty shorts!! 🙂 I workout to look good and feel good.

  35. Virmayariela says:

    I workout because I don’t like fat. I like feeling good about myself but I also do it because I am a singer and it’s really good for my lungs. But overall. I LOVE IT!

  36. Kailey says:

    I workout to feel good about myself. I want to be healthy. I just love knowing I am in control of my body. Not only will I look good naked, but I’ll feel so much more confident than before:)

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