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#BikiniBridge – pointing out our mental flaws

January 6, 2014



#BikiniBridge – pointing out our mental flaws


Hey POPsters!

Yesterday I was online and I saw that someone asked me about my thoughts on the “bikini bridge.” I was like excuse me what. Then I searched the hashtag and all this showed up:


I was like whoa, hold on – is this the next inner thigh gap of 2014!? Like seriously!!?? I went on google and found the definition:

“phenomenon wherein bikini bottoms are suspended between the two hip bones, causing a space between the bikini and the lower abdomen.”


I got so outraged that I immediately tweeted this:

You guys seemed to be equally upset about the whole thing and left over 1,000 comments on my facebook post! At least you were aware of the absurdity of this obsession. Well…now the story gets more interesting.

Fast forward to today…I find myself on The Daily Dot as a prominent player in 4Chan’s hoax. YA. A HOAX. 4Chan manipulated social media and fooled all of us into thinking this was actually the next unhealthy obsession of teen girls.


They succeeded through creating fake accounts, posting memes everywhere, and playing on our emotions…and I was fooled. But you know what? I’m not upset. I’m glad they brought attention to it and made a parody out of how superficial…how silly…some young women have gotten when it comes to achieving beauty. First it was all about the distance between your thighs. Now it’s how high your hips can protrude from your body. At some point, I believe that this bikini bridge thing would have gotten to the level of thigh gap. There were already pictures being posted. It just needed time to swirl in the inner circles of Tumblr.

We’re now standing on the outside looking in on a weird phenomenon being played out in front of our eyes. You can see clearly how ridiculous this is right? So ridiculous that a bunch of guys over at 4Chan could poke fun at our desire for vanity and play on our insecurities. Ya, that’s kinda mean…but we’re so conditioned to think we need to be thin that we actually believed this was true.

So here’s what I want you to take from this. Bikini bridge or not, don’t base your self worth and your beauty on it. Same with thigh gap. Or flat abs. Or having big boobs. Don’t be superficial enough to sacrifice your happiness in attaining one of these physical attributes. The only reason why we want these things is because someone tells us we need it. Kinda like a commercial. You didn’t know that you needed that car or those sexy stilettos until you saw a commercial for it. And they keep pushing and pushing it on you. The media shows us pictures of skinny models with perfect hair, skin, nails, and bodies in magazines and on TV. We want what we see. They keep showing us more and more and more of what’s so unrealistic to attain for most.

A thoughtful quote I want you to think about is this: “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Focus on yourself and spend your energy on reaching your own potentials. Not racing against or being like someone else. We’re all made to contribute to this world differently.

As far as unhealthy obsessions go, stop it. Find your fire and your passion for working out and eating right. Your desire for pure vanity is not enough to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Dig deep and discover your inner motivation for getting fit and being happy. Once you figure this out, I promise your life and your body will sculpt itself accordingly. You have my meal plans and workout calendars to help guide you the whole way. I am here for you, to be your friend and your personal trainer.

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Ok that’s all for now! Have a FANTASTIC week. Be strong and love your life.

<3 Cassey

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  1. Laura says:

    This is definently a hoax! We are beautiful no matter wat some fricked up media claims!
    Thigh gaps and bikini bridges are just some idiots version of ‘perfect’.!

    We are so much more than this! We are strong. We are brave. We are beautiful! And nothing the stupid
    media or the magazines will change this.

    Thanks Cassie, you are my role model and will be forever.

    Stay strong!


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  3. Wow, I wrote a post about it, something like this, to share my (negative) thoughts about this phenomena. I didn’t realize at all that this was a hoax! You say 4Chan set up the hoax. Who is/are 4Chan? Are they some kind of social organisation or a foundation? Either way, they failed big time, as these images are food for pro-ana kind of website/social media accounts and hàve set a trend.

  4. Beginners, on the other hand, need a softer boot to help prevent movement
    mistakes transferring to your skis. I am sorry brother but I can’t hold on to the burden much
    longer. Check that you have not deviated from the midline and are still heading in the direction of the centre of the anterior abdomen.

  5. MiinaMarie says:


    Wow is right.
    I’m never one to comment on what looks good or not, because we’re all different – with different bodies, goals and ideals…but I have to say..though I never knew that there was an actual ‘term’ for what that is..I’ve always found it appalling to look at. C’mon friends, we all know better than that. Shame on those people who created that random ideal…and did I read right..that it was some guys? I don’t know one ‘buff’ male that focuses so diligently on an individual ruler sized portion of their body…that’s totally unacceptable. And just in my opinion again, i don’t think bikinis that ride that low are attractive on any body type whatsoever…if I were to make a pre-judgement – it sure as hell wouldn’t be about a bikini bridge…I’d be looking into the personality type that thinks this look is even flattering…anyway, again we’re all different – to each their own, I hope nobody loses sleep over this 🙁

  6. Maansi says:

    This post was absolutely perfect in every way. Thank you inspiring me to become a better me but someone new. You’re my inspiration So please don’t ever change.

    1. Maansi says:

      Whoops *not someone new….

  7. Maggy says:

    Je trouve ce site fantastique! Cassey met toujours de super articles et de super vidéos. Elle est un modèle pour moi puisque je me dis qu’elle s’assume en tant que femme et assume tout ce qu’elle dit. Je trouve ça déplaisant de voir des gens dire des vraies conneries sur elle, je me demande bien ce que vous faites sur ce site alors, là est la question. En faite, de voir cette histoire de pont me rappel bien que la société dans laquelle ont vit nous demande continuellement d’être parfaite.

    Cassey you do a awsome work! I always show your video to the french people from Canada, where I live. You help me to push myself and be proud of myself. I love everything you do, im gonna say you You are totally sick! 🙂 This is the expression to say that you are awsome. Continue your work and dont listen to the haters because what they say are only jalous comments. I think we have chance to have great mentor like you. Have a nice day xxxx 🙂

  8. Liz says:

    Cassey, you’re such a beautiful person 100% inside and out. you promote a vision about health/fitness that I wish more people would embody. Women are SO fixated on these stupid little things (shamefully I admit, myself included at times) and your posts help me think differently. You have such a positive outlook and focusing on self love is a concept that is way too overlooked in today’s society. Don’t let peoples’ negative comments get you down, which I know you don’t, but it must be hard to read some of those. The majority of us think you are a wonderful, caring person and I believe you promote a VERY healthy ideal of fitness and loving yourself. After all, we are all beautiful in our own ways!!! I’m so happy that you started your own magazine and I’m glad that you are trying to make a change in the world. Very few people are committed to truly spending the time and dedication it takes to “change the world” – but you have already been an inspiration to so many people. Now that you’re starting your own magazine you will be able to reach out to that many more people. To be honest Cassey, finding your blog has changed my life and many others, as shown in the comments. I don’t post very often but I felt very passionate about this one. Oh, and another thing, it’s all for free?!?! That is just AMAZING, you can never find a detailed calendar, videos, recipes, etc. ANYWHERE ELSE for free. So I just wanted to say you are truly an inspiration in every sense of the word, and I love your bubbly desire to help others, it’s just great and gives me the warm fuzzies. Haters will be haters but there are so many of us that love you! 🙂 Thanks for pointing out our mental flaws for what they are–FLAWS– and bringing this to attention. Keep doing what you’re doing, I’m looking forward to seeing “Fiterazzi” blow up. 🙂 xo

    1. Annabelle says:

      Amen. We all think you’re amazing Cassey for all that you do for us Popsters.

  9. Katrina says:

    Oh dear, I didn’t even know this was going on!! Well, it’s always nice to hear when you really care about us Cassey. Thanks for being your superfantabulous self and please never change!!!

  10. petravosahlova says:

    Well.. I had bikini bridge last summer. I went through hard period of life and had no appetite. There were days I had only two cups of tea and no food all day. Yes, perhaps I was skinny, but all my family members and friends said I looked unhealthy and I definitely didn’t feel great. My mommy was even so scared that she wanted me to go to hospital.. Now after few months I’m ok again, but there is almost no bridge. But I DO feel great. I eat healthier than ever and train more than before. I feel healthy and fit – without bridge. And that’s all what matters!

    1. Tara says:

      I had a bikini bridge when I was underweight but I was very low on energy and had all sorts of pains. Now that I’m a healthy weight, I’ve got much more energy and am able to enjoy food.

  11. Tori says:

    Cassey, thank you for being such an encouragement! I know when you post stuff like this that you really truly care about us! Don’t let the haters get you down! I hope you can separate yourself from all of the negative comments and know you are helping so many people! Love you<3 thanks so much!

  12. Annabelle says:

    Many of these comments are rude and offensive and it just saddens me for Cassey to see it. I’m glad to see that the majority are uplifting, but it’s tiring to see this constant fat shaming, thin shaming ridiculousness. I’m naturally very thin, for the longest time my BMI was in the underweight range and even now if I’m excercising I have to ensure I eat enough or the weight falls off too fast and I get sick and drowsy. I have heard more than my share of how much men like curves And I spent years stuffing myself with every unhealthy food I could get my hands on trying to get these curves. All I got from it was an addiction to sugar and a slight pudge in my abdomen. That was just as unhealthy as a girl I know who went on the pineapple diet to lose weight the week before prom and ended up cranky and unhappy. She barely lost any weight and didn’t enjoy the dance at all. We need to stop doing anything and everything to acheive these features that the media says we need. When I’m fit and healthy I have almost no thigh gap thanks to my narrow hips and bulkier “soccer thighs” as Mom calls them. However, my stomach sucks inward slightly and my ribs are noticable. Every doctor tells me that’s just the way I was made and to cover it with fat is unhealthy but I am so self concious when I wear a bikini and people comment on it and say I’m too skinny, anorexic, guys don’t like that, etc. Say something nice or don’t say anything at all people. Skinny, fat, athletic, large boned, fine boned, short, tall, whatever we are all women. We need to have each other’s backs because the men will say enough harsh words about our looks.

    1. Tara says:

      You definitely shouldn’t eat to become curvy! I agree with what you say. I’m sorry people criticize you for being thin. Maybe it’s because eating disorders are so common nowadays that they’re worried you have one?

  13. Erin says:

    Here is my problem when you post stuff like this. I want to be clear. I love you and your videos so this isn’t a hate message but, you put down all these things about the thigh gap and this bridge and it comes off to me that you are putting down skinny people. Who cares if we have a thigh gap. If that’s someones goal, then let it be their goal. Who are you to keep putting down thin people?

    1. Yilian says:

      Where exactly did she say this? Where is she putting down skinny people? It’s okay if you have those things naturally, Cassey’s focus seems to be about young women wanting to achieve such a physique through obsessive, unhealthy behaviour. Nowhere does she say you’re a bad person if you have a thigh gap or a “bikini bridge”.
      Now, if she had said being thin enough to have a thigh gap and/or a “bikini bridge” is gross and disgusting, then I could understand you being bothered by her post, but this simply isn’t the case.

    2. Rie says:

      I don’t think Cassey means that… Cassey’s always very much about fitness and strength, becoming the best that you can be, and realizing that being skinny or attractive doesn’t mean just having a thigh gap.. Besides, Cassey’s got a thigh gap, so I doubt she’s putting down people who have them!

    3. Alexis says:

      Erin, I think you’re a little over-sensitive. She’s trying to be a role model and say don’t strive for these things. If you have something naturally that’s one thing but obsessing over little things about your body IS stupid and superficial. And you are wrong because no one should STRIVE for these things, but only strive to be the HEALTHIEST they can be. I’d like a thigh gap just so my thighs don’t always stick together when it’s hot and extremely humid outside, but I don’t strive for it and neither should young girls. It’s NOT healthy. There are A LOT of young, adolescent and even pre-adolescent girls on here. Remember that before you get offended or sensitive.

      1. Rina says:

        I think it is okay for people to voice their different opinions, this is supposed to be afriendly place no matter the difference in point of views no?

        1. Michaela says:

          You have a right to an opinion but posting something that is negative and harmful can be damaging to people’s feelings & confidence. Don’t forget that there are young girls on here, girls who are looking up to Cassey and popsters as healthy, positive role models. When someone creates a post about a (sometimes if it does not occur naturally) unattainable and/ or unhealthy goal like a thigh gap (it is a matter of bone structure, not necessarily a measure of health or fitness), Cassey’s message of showing your body love and treating it right can get lost. This a friendly community full of people who support each other with one another’s journey to a more healthy lifestyle.

  14. Sarah says:

    A hoax it may have been, but a really stupid one that could have easily turned into a trend.

  15. Ky says:

    And also Cassey, if you think obsessions like ‘thigh gaps’ are silly, then why do you post videos that are supposedly to help women GET a thigh gap? You’re an idiot.

    1. Mau says:

      Woah…wait a sec. Ive never seen anything by Cassey that has anything to do with a thigh gap. She focuses on health and fitness. Having a thigh gap is not only about being skinny, it’s your whole bone structure that has to be modified.

    2. Alexis says:

      It makes me sad to see people like you here on this Earth because you have no inner peace :/
      Go drink some tea and breathe.

      1. Anna says:

        I don’t think that Cassey has ever said specifically that her leg exercises serve the sole purpose of getting a thigh gap, nor has she ever been a promoter of the thigh gap trend. The objective of her videos is to help us get stronger, healthier and happier. And calling her an “idiot” does not make your argument any stronger.

    3. Beck says:

      Ky, You are a mean person and don’t deserve even one word on this page. Cassey is an awesome person and a great motivator. She’s full of love and you’re full of hate. You are part of the group of people who make this world a horrible place to live in. Thanks to Cassey, I finally found a program that’s helping me lose weight. I have lost 4 pounds since I started almost a month ago and I haven’t been this successful before. I am sure that the majority of us will be very happy to not hear one more word from you.

    4. K says:

      If you think she is such and Idiot , which she most definitely IS NOT an idiot she is a wonderful person, you are in the wrong place. This is a community for people who care about fitness and supporting each other through their journey’s. Take your negativity else where.

    5. twan says:

      KY …. Stop extrapolating things. This is the second post you have made here just to complain about what you have read between the lines. If you don’t like Cassey (for whatever personal feud you have with her) exhibit some maturity and stop posting inane and offensive things here. Your negative attitude is not welcome here. This is supposed to be a place of positivity and outreach, not a place for you to stir the pot.

      1. Rina says:

        to everyone insulting and being mean to Ky ( who should not have insulted cassey BUT…) she was half right so dont be so judgmental

        1. Leandra says:

          “Thigh gaps may look desirable as many models have them, but may not be achievable by all women. It has something to do with the distance between your hips! So do not get disillusioned and work out just for vanity – do it for the right reasons – to get stronger and to get more skilled at Pilates as a craft.”

          Straight from the article. Cassey has said numerous times that many people start working out for vanity’s sake, but keep going because of how good it makes them feel. The video itself is called “Beginner Inner Thighs” and the fact that the title has quotation marks is because she mentions that “how to get an inner thigh gap” is how many thinspo people would probably pass the video around the Webisphere. She is not actually advocating thigh gaps, and she certainly isn’t promising them.

  16. Ky says:

    “I’m glad they brought attention to it and made a parody out of how superficial…how silly…some young women have gotten when it comes to achieving beauty. ”

    What the hell? Why are you blaming the victims in this? Having an ED or body dysmorphia isn’t because we’re being ‘silly’, it’s because we live in a patriarchal society that constantly dictates to us how we should look, whether it’s thigh gaps or rock hard abs, all of these trends are made to make women feel bad.

    I’m disappointed in you Cassey, yet again, and unfortunately I’m going to stop supporting you because it really is true what they say about you on tumblr – you’re fat phobic.

    1. Sinia says:

      woah, how did you manage to come from “you are blaming people with EDs because of their body” to “you are a fat phobic” in less than 5 sentences?

      Cassey means exactly what you apparently want to tell: it is not ok that society dictates the body image we should have. and especially young girls can easily be influenced by this. this is the reason why all this tigh gaps hashtags are dangerous and should be brought to attention.

      Also, Cassey is not an idiot. It’s ok to have a different opinion, but this community is not build on insulting each other. Some people just have a body that will give them a tigh gap, when having toned legs, but if I remembered right there already has been a long discussion about it and Cassey has given her opinion on this.

      1. anonymous says:

        thank you for giving us what we want.

  17. Meeko says:

    I think this kind of stuff is ridiculous. My average weight is around 105 (not in anyway bragging), and I used to get made fun of for my “thigh gap” and skinny arms etc. People would say “oh you need to eat” or “stop starving yourself” and accuse me of having eating disorders. It made me just as insecure about myself as any heavy girl. Anyone that knows me knows that my stomach is like a bottomless pit. I eat nonstop. And yes, I work out. In order to stay healthy and fit. In fact, I put on weight when I work out. But this “I need a thigh gap” garbage is not the direction girls need to go. Girls should aim for healthy, not bikini bridges. However, girls saying that skinny girls are “gross”, that “real men only go for curvy girls” and that “bones are for the dogs” is just as awful.

  18. Mary says:

    I love your blog nuff said

  19. Esther says:

    Hi Cassey,
    My friend told me about your website and I’m glad she did! 🙂
    I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your post on bikini bridge. I’m an Asian-American that does NOT fit into the asian social standard of beauty (a.k.a. 100 lbs). I used to be 300 lbs and now weigh less than I did when I was in Jr. High but the pressure’s still there to be “perfect” because of Asian beauty standards. Reading your encouraging post made me cry. Thank you so much for being a voice of hope and comfort to all the women who struggle with loving themselves.
    Again thanks for everything that you do. I hope your uplifting message catches fire more than the unhealthy fads!

  20. Pressly says:

    Hey Cassey! I don’t know if you actually read the thousands of comments you get everyday, probably not, but if you do read this, I just wanted to say I love that you’re a real person, speak your mind and are more obsessed with health than appearance. It’s a really important message to speak to young girls trying to lose weight. It shouldn’t be all about having a bikini bridge or thigh gap or really what other people think at all. It’s a journey for health and happiness. I was never overweight, but always had a poor body image and wasn’t in great shape. Last year, I decided to get in shape. Since becoming much fitter and healthier, I’m so much more confident and that allowed me to accomplish more goals! Thanks so much for all you do and being so passionate about it!

  21. Tanya says:

    Well I, personally, am not impressed by the photos nor do I think I need to strive for that look, especially if almost anyone can suck in their gut and play skinny in a picture. Several years ago, I had a friend who would post “bikini bridge” pics on facebook. Her belly looked super flat and toned in those pics. But she was FAR from being slim, fit, toned, skinny, or even healthy. This was a THICK girl. But she laid on her back and sucked in her fat stomach and Viola! bikini bridge. I’m not impressed with those pics as I know ANYONE can make themselves look decent with good angles, a great camara, baby oil, and not breathing. Also, proportion matters. If your hips are 40inches wide with boobs to match, and your waist is 35inches wide, you’re still not skinny but you’ll look proportioned, especially in a picture from those awkward angles.

    1. Katrina says:

      haha, I liked this comment because I am 7 months pregnant and can have a ‘bikini bridge’ if I do what you describe….how ridiculous to think it’s a mark of fitness or anything worthwhile! SO SILLY.

  22. Tanya says:

    Why on earth would anybody in their right mind want thigh gap or ‘bikini bridge’? It looks gross. But I did grow up in NM, where women are notorious (and worshipped) for our full curvy figures and nice round hips and butts. Bony doesn’t look good at all. I was in the Navy and I grew up with all boy cousins and friends and of all the (literally) thousands of men that I have had the opportunity to be around and get to be great friends with, it is rare that they go after the super skinny chicks – extremely rare. The truth is, it is instict for a man to be sexually attracted to a woman who looks like she can support a pregnancy. Even when a man says he finds skinny girls attractive, they still date women with curves – by choice. Bony hips are gross to most guys. And I have been around men from all over the world, and being “one of the guys” they were always comfortable talking to me about these things. In fact, you should hear some of the very hateful things they say about ‘anorexic’ types – and they are meaner about them than ‘fat girls’. In my opinion, if a woman wants to boost her confidence and feel sexy and beautiful and feel great about herself, she needs to hang out with guys instead of girls, and truly get to know them and the way they think. They are just human like us, but they don’t care about how skinny you are as much as you and your friends do.

    1. Alexis says:

      Hell yeah! but also a lot of naturally thin people get SUPER offended by that kind of stuff. Everyone is different and every one should only strive to be the healthiest they can be. If someone is naturally skinny…good for them…that’s great …if someone is naturally curvy that’s wonderful as well. we all like different looks but we shouldn’t tear apart someone elses natural body…a lot has to do with culture too. in some countries, females just want to be thin and ‘danity’ in others they want to be curvy or muscular etc. We just have to respect each other and not strive to look a certain way but strive to be the healthiest we can be

    2. Amber says:

      What you just said is just as mean as people that attack someone for not being skinny. I think you missed the point. This is what Cassey said, “So here’s what I want you to take from this. Bikini bridge or not, don’t base your self worth and your beauty on it. Same with thigh gap. Or flat abs. Or having big boobs. Don’t be superficial enough to sacrifice your happiness in attaining one of these physical attributes. The only reason why we want these things is because someone tells us we need it. Kinda like a commercial.” What I see in those words is that we shouldn’t place so much value on what others want of us, and to find our real beauty from what we already have in ourselves. I get that you think that guys prefer curvy girls, and I have a lot of guy friends too, but what I think is guys are no where near as critical as we are of ourselves and will take us in many forms. And guess what? If one guy doesn’t there are millions more out there 😉

      1. MiinaMarie says:

        I just skimmed it, but i think maybe what the original poster was saying was that it’s an unconscious choice men make. I’ve learned all about it. Of course there are guys who want the skinny girl or not…but on a very basic level, maybe more so with our ancestors, it wasn’t a conscious choice, men preferred (for that of a better work) “curvier” women, maybe not based on attraction, but because wider hips and such provided a capable healthy woman who is able to bare them children. Like I said, whether or not they thought it was ‘super hot’ or anything, that’s just what they often gravitated toward because they were helping to populate earth and carry on their genetic line.

        1. MiinaMarie says:

          i meant *** for lack of a better word not ‘for that of a better work’ wow hahah

  23. Tanya says:

    It’s not fair that these givaways are only for people with Twitter accounts. I will not use Twitter or Facebook or any other of those lame social media sites. I am constantly left out of the running for givaways like this simply because I don’t jump on the twitter “followers” bandwagon. I’m not a follower. You should make it fair and available to all of us who train with you.

    1. MiinaMarie says:

      amen. I don’t use twitter or facebook or instagram or anything either. Cassie, I love you, but just as you say people shouldn’t be buying into whatever people are selling (better bodies, car commercials etc) because they’re told they need them….all of these social media outlets that require cellphones, signup fees, etc – they aren’t any different and by saying that people need to follow on facebook or twitter etc, if they want to win a pair of nikes, they need to give their personal info to some other corporation that’s advertised as a ‘need’. I’m sure we’re the same age Cassie, and I have never had a cellphone or any of that and I’m doing fine. I think most people found you on youtube, or watch you there anyway, because that’s where your videos are, that’s what people watch and do with you to get fit. It’s your biggest and widest audience, don’t leave them out just because they personally choose not to have a “twitter (etc)” account…

  24. Star says:

    Wow. I find that… very bizarre and possibly the craziest thing I’ve heard in a while. Being ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ insinuates a lot of things but I’m not convinced that this is one of them. Although those girls look trim and toned, I can’t help associating visible bones with anorexia, so it disturbs me to be able to see their hips bones like that. Do… people actually find that attractive? =/

    I saw the word ‘4Chan’ and i was like OHHHHH *laughingg* I always see the word 4Chan in the posts about the craziest things I’ve ever heard, I still don’t know why I am surprised.

    ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’, that’s an interesting quote. Thank you for sharing =]

  25. lulu says:

    This isn’t a bunch of btards trying to make a statement about the silliness of women’s superficiality, these are a bunch of insercure, really just do nothing human beings, trying to remind women that they are worthless unless they’re body conforms to the way they deem perfect, also she has to know when to shut up when the boys want her to. These little boys are disgusting people who regularly troll random women on the internet, who do noting more than post selfies or dare to try and find a little strength in their femininity, to let them know they are worthless and unloveable because of their bodies. These are the people that make death threats to women while online gaming, these are the people that harass women at cons and do their best to make sure any overweight woman attempting to cosplay never feels any confidence in herself again. DO NOT PRAISE THESE JERKS. THEY ARE PIZZA BURN ON THE ROOF OF THE WORLD’S MOUTH, THEY ARE THE OPPOSITE OF BATMAN, THEY ARE JUST DOWN RIGHT TERRIBLE PEOPLE THAT HATE WOMEN TO AN UNHEALTHY AND HORRIFYING DEGREE. THIS WASN’T A HAHA JOKE, THIS WAS “LET’S SEE HOW MANY WOMEN WE CAN MAKE THROW UP THEIR DINNER TONIGHT BECAUSE EATING DISORDERS ARE FAKE AND HILARIOUS AND THE WHORE’s(you see all women are whores that’ll sleep with everybody but them in their eyes) JUST DOING FOR ATTENTION ANYWAY” KIND OF JOKE..

    1. lulu says:

      these people think any women thinking good things about herself at anytime of the day is vanity, they’re not doing anything worth praising or acknowledgement. im sure they’re getting a laugh out of people thinking they did it to make a statement as opposed to just hoping maybe some girl will kill herself or develop a eating disorder, which is their goal anytime they go after women.

      1. Tanya says:

        And the sad thing is, I have the feeling there are actually women behind this. I doubt its all men. There are so many women out there who will do everything in their power to make other women feel bad about themselves and look bad to others. Just look at facebook. I stopped letting others tag me in photos because it seemed as though some of my female ‘friends’ always tagged me in photos where I was looking dishevelled or had a weird expression or something and they would put a caption like ‘Look how great my hair was – but look at Tanya’s face! Lol’. Women can be wenches to eachother if they feel inferior or threatened, or if they just want to paint themselves in a better light. I always hung out with guys (they are true friends and so much easier to get approval from than chicks and much less critical, especially about the dumb things like shoes and clothes) and a lot of chicks pretended to be my friends because guys always wanted to hang with me. And the reason the guys always hang out with me is cuz I’m basically a guy. I lift more weight than most guys I know, I took wieght training and boxing all through high school, I was an Ordy in the Navy, I play ruff sports like football and street ball, and I’m a mechanic. So yeah, most girls don’t like me – they say I’m raw – and guys like being around me because I’m raw. I cuss as a sailor should and I drink beer and burp. That’s what guys truly like.

  26. Monica says:

    The article above mentioned about you but implied that you were supporting the whole bikini bridge idea….small things like this can give you a bad reputation. I enjoy your workouts and you definitely promote healthy living!

    1. Tanya says:

      That’s not true. All it says is that she fell for the hoax and shows the tweet she posted. It didn’t imply at all that she supports the idea, and in fact anyone can click directly on the link in her tweet and read what she has to say about it.

  27. magpie says:

    Why is the weight training app only available to iphone users?
    Please pick an app that is also available to android, so that more fans can participate.

    Peace & love xxx

  28. Carolina Årnäs says:

    You don’t need to have that low body fat % to be healthy. To strive after a lower fat % when you are in that healthy body fat range can be dangerous and trigger you to go to far. As a woman you need to have a higher body fat % that men. If you go to low you can destroy you natural hormones, metabolism and so on. You can even lose your period. To have a low body fat % doesn’t mean you are healthier, stronger and smarter than people in the normal body fat % range. As a women you can have as high as 30% body fat and still be in the healthy range. I deeply dislike when other women tell an already thin/healthy person to be skinnier. “Oh you are a size 6, not good enough! Strive for that zero. Do it!” So screw thigh- gaps, bikini-bridges and whatever you want to measure! If you need to measure something, measure how strong you are. Strong is the new sexy!

    1. Tanya says:

      I agree and I have been saying that since high school. I’ve always been athletic. One thing I know for a fact – if you want to impress a guy and make him FALL IN LOVE, beat him at a sport he’s good at, lift something heavy, open your own jars, or run faster than he can. They simply can’t resist.

  29. jericha says:

    the post common post i see about bikini bridges is “if you dont have a bikini bridge, why is your boyfriend still with you?” REALLY?

  30. aimee says:

    wait, what makes it a hoax? the pictures aren’t retouched that I can tell (I looked at the pixels and everything). those are real women. stop trying to make them feel bad.

    1. Nicola says:

      Who’s trying to make the women in the pictures feel bad? The hoax is the captions on the pictures and the overriding sentiment that it’s something to strive for, rather than something that some women have, some women don’t, and neither is better than the other.

    2. twan says:

      The hoax is that 4chan fabricated this new “trend.” No one is trying to make anyone feel bad … Did you read the whole post?

  31. Val says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I understand that the weighttraining app is only available on iphone. How can i enter the giveaway when using Android please?
    I would really love to win those sneakers.
    Thanks! I’m a big fan of your work.

  32. Len says:

    Thank you for promoting a healthy body image.

  33. Rosa says:

    Hey Cassey if you haven’t already you should totally listen to Beyoncé’s song pretty hurts it’s so beautiful and the lyrics are just what you are always telling us 🙂 thought you’d like it

  34. Allison says:

    You are SOOO right – we don’t think we need something (flat abs, thigh gap, etc.) til someone tells us we do. Way to be a positive voice!

  35. Pallavi says:

    Cassey, I’m really glad when you do these kinds of posts addressing body image. You do it in such a positive way – I really think every girl my age (16) or older needs to read this.

  36. Julia says:

    They try to compare different body shapes, and thats stupid! I’m not as thin as the girls on the pictures because I’ve been working out all my life and I’m fit, sometimes I also have excess fat on my belly (that’s not a problem for me) and I have that gap between the hips! It’s not about diet or exercise or being extremly thin, it’s about genetics and your body shape! And trying to have something that your body can’t have is going against your nature! It’s the same thing as the thigh gap!

  37. Celadon says:

    Thanks Cassey for being such a positive voice in our lives <3

  38. Amanda says:

    “I am here for you, to be your friend and your personal trainer”

    My eyes are literally flooded with tears. This is why we love you, Cassey.

  39. Fake or not, I CAN’T STAND all the focus on our bodies as measure of self worth and value! PEOPLE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE! That’s exactly why I started my “Change Our Fitspo” project! I’d love if you checked it out! It’s all about ‘editing’ negative fitspo like the ones you’ve featured above and making them more positive messages!

  40. BeautyIsOnTheOutside says:

    Whoa, just because it looks good doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it.

  41. Florence says:

    That fact that the memes were so believable shows the reality of teen obsession with being thin (or I guess society’s obsession). While the memes were meant as a parody I can see bikini bridge becoming a real thing. The danger of joking about it is that it may plant some ideas and spur disordered tendencies. Eek, we’re so fragile it’s hard to know what could be triggering.

  42. Monika says:

    I have that “bikini brigde”, but it is OK for me, because I’m naturally thin.. I sent this post for my best friend like a joke and she started lough “oh, no what I need to do, no food, no muscles…”… 😀 I think it is stupid new fashion.. Seriously… Little girls should eat chocolate, have fun, and not work in the gym like unnormous, starving and etc.. I think intelligent grow-up dont do it…

  43. Anneli says:

    Thank you for this post Cassey. You are a positive force in the world!

  44. Lauren says:

    These fads are ridiculous. There are so many “motivational” pictures floating around Pinterest and Tumblr that feature thigh gaps, bikini bridges, and everything in between. It has taken me years–years!–to finally accept my body type, stop judging myself based on the size of clothes I’m buying, stop tearing myself apart at one diet or workout slip-up.

    I’d love to see more self-esteem and positive body image posts like this. Working out and eating well is important to living a healthy lifestyle, but I think that a positive mindset and a legitimate love and respect for one’s body is just as important.

    Also, I couldn’t figure out how to share my logged workout, so I logged it and improvised by tweeting at you, Cassey 🙂

  45. Carol says:

    Who really cares about the ‘Bikini Bridge’? It’s always been there so why do some people make a big deaI over it! If it wasn’t for somebody putting up a website full of photo’s and then gaining some publicity we wouldn’t give it a second thought.

  46. Jessica says:

    Bikini bridge is a just a bunch of trolls from 4chan trying to piss the you off, and they are doing a good job so far.

    1. Jessica says:


  47. Katie says:

    By the way. Cassey what do you think of this photo? I find it interesting 🙂

    1. Leandra says:

      Is this all the same person? If yes, the reason for the un-intuitive picture is because muscle weighs more than fat so as a person builds muscle and loses fat, they actually gain weight. If these are different people, then the muscle vs. fat is still one factor, but height and bone structure also play a role. This is part of the reason why Cassey always talks about fitness being more than a number on the scale.

      1. Katie says:

        I know, thats why I like it and find it interesting; it proves Cassey’s points. And I think it’s the same person, Im not sure because it never said.

        1. Amanda says:

          Actually, muscle does not weigh more than fat. A pound is a pound is a pound. Muscle takes up less space than fat. For example, a pound of feathers is equal to a pound of steel but one would take up way more space than the other. Just thought I would point that out because so many people, even personal trainers explain this wrong.

          1. Amber says:

            I think that is what they are trying to get across. They are probably comparing volume with respect to weight. Therefore if someone gains muscle and loses fat, they may lose volume and look smaller, but still weigh the same or more. That’s how I’ve always taken it.

  48. Katie says:

    Agreed. I think I actually saw that on my dashboard on tumblr. I’ve always thought to myself, you know, how good is good enough? I mean if I have a flat stomach, am I pretty? According to what so-and-so posted, no because I don’t have a thigh gap. If I have a thigh gap? Still no because I don’t have a bikini bridge. So what if I get a bikini bridge? How about now? Well it doesn’t matter because the media will always find a way to make me feel bad about myself, right down to the barely noticeable things. I constantly worry about my appearance to other people, when I should be worrying about the opposite — How do I see myself? I’m so focused on scrutinizing every detail of my face, my figure, EVERYTHING, that I can’t just put a new perspective on my view and just say “well at least my (insert part of my body here) looks okay” because I’m too busy feeling bad about anything I don’t like!!! I haven’t shown up to school without makeup on ONCE in the past 14 months. I’m in 9th grade, and every single day since day one of grade 8, I’ve spent at least 20 minutes of my morning making sure my eyeliner was even. Now I do my makeup because I like it, partially, but I don’t think I would have the confidence to show up in front of all my classmates without it. Because I’m honestly too afraid to even find out what they think, as if it mattered. I just can’t help it, I care too much. And to end this, my best friend and I take pictures with each other all the time. So she starts telling me this story about how she was talking with her neighbor and showed her a picture on her phone. Now I was NOT in this picture, however her neighbor starting just scrolling through the pictures anyway (and if you do this, don’t. because too many people have and see me and her making double chins together lol) and she came across a picture of the two of us. She said “who’s that?” And my friend was like “That’s me and my friend Katie.” and her neighbor said that I was really pretty. I was NOT expecting that at all when my friend was telling me this story so I just thought to myself “Wow. Someone ACTUALLY thinks I’m pretty.” and it kind of dawned on me that everyone sees themselves so differently than the rest of the world, so stop worrying about all the little details and just pull out and enjoy the view. 🙂

  49. Faye says:

    I’d like to see more positive posts about girls and women who push beyond the idea of gaining a certain kind of body. I feel like we focus too much on the negative. “Bikini bridge” becomes a thing because it gets posted about. This is the ONLY place I saw it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known it could be a thing, hoax or not. I think this stuff is important to address, but we should focus more on positive examples rather than cutting down the negative ones and giving them more publicity.

  50. eli says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I’m new and I find your blog totally inspiring! And that’s because of your smile, your radiance, your beautiful, healthy and strong body! Blogs about fitness are always boring and often unhealthy because they promote thighs gap, bikini bridge and skinny figures, but yours is colorful, healthy and It makes me feel better.
    Now my workout is not something depressing, but it’s funny!:)
    I appreciate your effort to try to make everyone feel confident in their own body. I don’t think that thinspo, pro-ana or unhealthy blogs can cause EDs, because anorexia or bulimia are serious, complex problems, but promoting a healthy way to stay fit is important in order to recover 😉
    So, thank you <3

  51. Judith says:

    what can I say is that I´m not skinny at all. I´m a chubby girl and I weigh 66 kg (143 pounds) but unfortunately, my bridge exist. Well not that bridge but the ”popped out” bones of my hips. It is the worst thing ever! It is so painful to lie on them on a hardwood, cause your bones aren´t protected. But by eating clean diet, I´m kinda getting rid of those. SO that is better. It is ridiculous! Yes that bridge may look beautiful and sexy but seriously? I´m a teen myself (14) and I would never ever thought of that bridge! I hope that girls will understand that their beauty is not about how big gap between their thighs is or whether they have that bikini bridge or not! This is such a nonsense…

  52. Jim Rustles says:

    Although I agree that the bikini bridge is rather unhealthy I must contradict you on the “new” part. The bikinibridge has been around since 2009 (I stumbled upon it on tumblr) and it just wasn’t as big. Also it’s ok to have a nice and flat belly so I don’t really see the big deal why bikinibridges are so bad. It isn’ unhealthy to be skinny…

    1. Jim Rustles says:

      Sorry I meant “Although I agree that the bikin bridge all too pretty…”

  53. Emily yap says:

    Oh no not another one. The thigh gap thing had already stuck themselves into the mind of girls everywhere and now a bikini bridge? Like seriously? Enough of setting standards for girls to follow. Girls, you are far way better than go obey the rules set by these people. You are beautiful it is society’s that’s ugly

  54. teilzeitDAU says:

    let’s just hope their hoax didn’t cause a *real* fad to actually be created…

  55. kim says:

    I have one of those bridges, naturally tho, I never worked for it, I don’t have toned thighs or anything either, I guess it might just depend on how big your hips are or something, and honestly I don’t even like irt, I think its gross and unhealthy but I don’t know how to get rid of it, so I hope girls aren’t trying to get a bikini bridge :/

  56. Leanne says:

    Wow I didnt know this bikini bridge thing existed! It’s ridiculous what people come up with nowadays as a new idea of what beauty should be. Thanks Cassey for helping us to keep our eyes on the prize which is to be healthy, FIT and happy 🙂 You’re a great role model and I love you <3

  57. marga says:

    Sorry but I think the damage has already been made. Eating disordered people like myself have been obsessing over this sort of things decades before internet memes. I checked my “bikini bridge” for the first time when I was 14, almost 12 years ago. Same for thigh gaps, collarbones or whatsoever. The internet didn’t invent anything, if you have a disorder you don’t need a meme and if you see a bunch of memes youwon’t automatically get a disorder. I went for months without tumblr and any other form of “thinspo” as an attempt to not sabotage my recovery and I still checked the bones in my body. I even have other bones I use a skinniness-thermomether. This is a stupid meme but for every hoax there are other 20 viral things that girls obsess about, so maybe we should check commercials and magazines before worrying about what goes around on the internet. An unrealistic skinny model on magazine is as threatening as this sort of memes

  58. Char says:

    The bikini bridge is ridiculous!! I grew up a very skinny girl (due to hormones) and can say that I’ve spent the last few years trying to get rid of the dreaded thing. It causes you pain when lying on hard surfaces as you literally have bones resting which aren’t protected – difficult to do things like froggers without a pillow. My point is, I used to have it & if anyone at all wants it trust me it’s not worth killing yourself for. Being fit & healthy is way more important & the “bikini bridge” didn’t make me happy so it may not make you happy x
    Love you Cassey!!

    1. Shawna says:

      “I grew up a very skinny girl (due to hormones) and can say that I’ve spent the last few years trying to get rid of the dreaded thing.”

      Me too! In fact, I looked at those pictures and thought “oh no, another terrible beauty standard!!”

      I know it isn’t “real” now, but maybe some girls will get it into their heads and try for it.

  59. Suzanne says:

    too bad the WeightTraining site says the androidapp is coming soon, so the give-away is only available for apple-users:(

  60. Mirjam says:

    Thanks for this blogupdate. Some people are just ridiculous…

  61. Svetlana says:

    Hey, Cassey! You’re probably unaware of a similar hoax that went viral a few years before I even found you on YouTube. I can’t even remember the details, such as the product name or its creator’s, but it basically went like this: a man was advertising anorexia nervosa as not an illness, but a desireable lifestyle that could be sustained if you use his product. I found out about it through an internet famous model who, being a sufferer of anorexia herself, was more than appalled and furious about the whole thing and naturally tweeted about it. Now, little did we know that a few days afterwards, this man who had gathered maybe millions of followers, girls and boys expecting the release of his product, something that could make them skinny in a sick way and change their lives, something they believed could make them beautiful just because the internet said so, admitted to it all being a lie. A bet he made with a friend that he couldn’t get internet famous in an insignificant amount of time.
    People who create these schams are no less arseholes than they would be if said schams were true. I don’t think any of that person’s followers gave up on their dream to starve themselves into a skeleton after the truth was uncovered.

    Much like a pro-ana Tumblr blog that popped up (again, years ago) and began shaming girls who looked normal, even very thin, who wanted to get thin in a healthy way, for having “banana legs” (you know how when you look at your side in the mirror and your thighs are bigger to the front so they curve? That was supposedly a banana leg). It was there until they reblogged an exceptionally skinny girl as an example of perfection, she became appaled because she was an AD sufferer, contacted the blog owner and found out that it was all just a little experiment to see how drastically people would react and how many of them would fall for it. The answer was a lot.

  62. Tia says:

    Thank-you so much for this!! I’ve always been the bigger girl in the picture and it has always bothered me, (I didn’t start wearing a bikini until recently) but thanks to you, I can see myself now as the healthier girl 🙂

  63. Kathryn says:

    To all the people saying they can’t enter the giveaway because it’s a apple only app…..can’t you still do it through the website instead of the app itself and have it still count? Just a thought…

    1. Star says:

      I think you have to install the app to qualify for the contest, so it is iphone only. They don’t ahve an app for android or windows.

  64. Michelle says:

    So then basically the giveaway is just for Iphone users LOL

  65. jen says:

    Done, Done and Done! Downloaded app, worked out and logged it then shared on twitter and FB! Super excited and feeling amazing!

  66. Kathryn says:

    I want to start off by saying I LOVE everything you try to teach your readers about being happy and healthy and ignoring the media’s BS…

    But I have to say that from the titles you’ve been giving your workouts it can sometimes perpetuate that “need” for “Flat Abs” and “Thigh Gaps”. Like the title seen in your last workout printable. It would be so much more empowering to title them based on the strength you gain from doing the routine instead of the superficial body aesthetic.

    I know that may not always make for the most entertaining titles but it would set a better example, especially for all your younger readers who absorb every word you say.


    1. Faye says:

      I agree, I find myself thinking, is there really such a huge difference between “thigh gap” and “bikini bridge, and “bubble butt” or “flat belly” ? Something to think about…

      1. Chantal says:

        I was thinking it might be a bit hypocritical to put a contest in to win sneakers, below an article telling me I don’t need something pointless like protruding hip bones. Cuz “we like our shoes to match our sports bras.”??? When I’m out running, I don’t think/care about whether someone is judging me for not having matching sweats, expensive runners and a Fitbit either. Sometimes I feel these posts are a bit backhanded. Telling me I should love myself. That my body is great and I should focus on getting healthy. But that I should also have flat abs and stiletto legs. I dunno. Maybe I’m just tired of being bombarded with images and videos and articles about what I should and shouldn’t look like. I want to focus on being healthy. And being the best version of myself. And maybe I wasn’t meant to have thigh gap or a 6 pack.
        I really enjoy the exercises and the fact that its free. But maybe look at what you’re pairing together.

        1. Faye says:

          Yeah, I think that unfortunately our language around fitness is so inevitably saturated with talk about an “ideal body” or certain ideal features, and even ideal gear, that it’s hard to escape it. I’ve been doing the big 3-month challenge, and I’m seeing my body get more toned, but I’m not in it for a certain look. I’ve never looked like the “fit ideal” nor do I particularly want to lose a large percentage of my fat. I like my body. And I enjoy exercising. I’m ready to ride the wave of its changes if my body becomes more toned or skinny, but I’m also ready to ride the wave of changes that the years and life experience will bring on as well (wrinkles, weight-gain, whatever else). My body is my story, but it’s not all that I am.

  67. Cayley says:

    It’s really great if everyone around us thinks like you Cassey. I’m Asian and you know what will Asians do right? “Oh you have gained weight” “You look fat” “Looks like you need diet” bla bla bla…. Luckily I have you s my personal trainer and always motivate us! You’re a fitness angel!

  68. CC says:

    The words for the top picture are motivational though. “if you have time to complain you have time to train” if yo negate the bad of the whole bridge thing then the words can motivate you to do better. just need to print it on a different picture

  69. mo says:

    The app doesnt work for me on Android 🙁

  70. Nathalie says:

    This kind of sucks, :-/ the app isn’t for android users 🙁

    1. Alex says:

      Yes it is, I have it on my HTC

      1. Tereza says:

        The giveaway isn’t for android. – Android version coming soon.
        Just today I changed from iphone on android. I can not sign up for giveaway. 🙁

  71. Madison says:

    Hip bones on an animal are cruel…but on a woman they are sexy. Personally I’d rather be tough than skinny.

  72. Paige says:

    Ok, children. I’m the same age as Cassey. Working out is an important part of my daily life because I feel better when I do. When I slip up with eating too many unhealthy things, and gain a little weight, I work harder. Because being obese is unhealthy. And I don’t have money for a new wardrobe so my clothes have to fit. No joke. I also have a job. I have a husband pets that require attention. I have family, friends, and adult responsibility. I don’t have time in my 24 hour day to obsess. Over anything, especially something as ridiculous as an inner thigh gap, bikini bridge, or anything else that depends on the way an individual is made. Yes, I try to treat my body right, but who cares? Certainly not the people you think you have to impress. Look in the mirror. Your body allows you to do some awesome stuff. Your body is so special, it’s the only one like it. Treasure it. Treat it like you care about it. Get over the internet. And make your own beauty. Ps…I have a degree is exercise physiology. If some of you care about credibility.

    1. Megan says:

      Thank you Paige. I enjoyed reading your reply.

    2. Emily says:

      Thank you for saying that. I think a lot people- my age, younger, older- get obsessed with what they see and think they need. I’ve always been “overweight” and never thought it held me back until I started paying attention to the crap in the media. After a few years of bad habits, I’m becoming the healthiest version and most balanced version of myself. No more fast food everyday, no more starving myself, no more making excuses not to get physical.

      Ha- I didn’t mean to go off on a tangent. My point: thank you for that piece of solid, practical advice. An thank you Cassey for always shedding light in an often times wrongly lit world.

    3. Amanda says:

      Say what you want to say but I think there’s a better way to start a conversation than “ok children”!!! I’m older than you if you are Cassey’s age, I am not a child and neither are the girls and guys here. None of them were agreeing that they want these “gaps”. They are agreeing with Cassey saying that it is ridiculous!!! So show some respect next time you address the POPsters on here. And if you don’t have a lot of time, then why are you writing such a long post about body image, your personal life and your credentials?? Sorry just saying….

      1. Lynn says:

        Agree with you!

    4. Lynn says:

      Starting the conversation off with ok children and ending with your credential just tells what kind of a person you are. This is Cassey’s blog and if you want to post something please at least don’t disrespect anyone. She’s here to help and inspire people to live healthy, be happy, and feel confident.

    5. Livi says:

      @Paige, thank you for the solid, insightful advice you gave. I’m 16 years old and didn’t have issues with my body until a couple years ago when I noticed how perfect women were expected to be by the media. I’m naturally an hour-glass shape, will probably never have a thigh gap; but to be bombarded at such a young age with what the “standard” of beauty is has been a challenging thing for me to deal with. It is important to love and accept my body for what it is, my body. Though your comment was insightful, I agree with the others that it was disrespecting and degrading to your fellow Popsters. Just because we do not all have degrees in exercise physiology doesn’t mean we lack intelligence or maturity. I am not your daughter, and in many cultures I would be considered an adult; so please address us as mature individuals, not children. Thank you again for encouraging us to be grateful and appreciative of our bodies, this has given me a lot to think about.

  73. Sajina says:

    I personally am not mad about 4Chan doing this. I think its kinda funny the way they created the pictures and put those ridiculous quotes, because of all these types of pictures we see on Instagram and Tumblr. Its crazy how we all thought this was a real trend. I’m sure plenty of girls after seeing those pictures want there to be space between their abdomen and their bikini bottoms, even though it probably never crossed their mind before.
    What sucks is that the people who did this were probably males. So they don’t understand how seeing all of these pictures everyday can negatively effect young girls. And even though this was just a joke it still adds to the problem.

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