Bikini Blaster 6 Booty Printable

Bikini Blaster 6 Booty Printable



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  1. Patrycja says:

    If i reach 1hr booty workout 5/6x a week, after what time i should see some results?
    I’m 5″6 145lbs and i want to tan my body and melt my big muffin top ;(
    i’m 9th week into healthy eating and already lost 11 pounds although i find exercises really hard, i’m on my way bikini body! wish me luck 😉

  2. c ortiz says:

    OMG I love the fact that I found this website.!!! Girl I BADAZZ

  3. Mary says:

    One of my favs !!!;)

  4. amara says:

    My butt is aLREADY SORE CASSEY WHYYYY <3 😉

  5. lilly says:

    why is this vid blocked