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Best Celebrity Bikini Bodies…thanks to PILATES!

May 29, 2012



Best Celebrity Bikini Bodies…thanks to PILATES!

Miley Cyrus in a bikini.

Hey POPsters!

On the cover of all of the mags I see recently are bikini bods galore!!!! The swimsuits are in full swing at the stores because summer is just around the corner – it starts June 20, 2012. I am so excited!! I just wanna be in shorts and tanks all day long! Yay! Are you excited too?

I decided to read up on how celebs stay fit and smiled when I saw  that some of those big names credited Pilates as their go-to fitness regimen! Oh but just wait celebs, wait till you feel the sweet sweet wrath of POP Pilates and what we do around here 🙂

So which celeb body was sculpted by Pilates?

Pippa does a backflip while Kate watches.

Pippa Middleton

Pippa said that Pilates helped her get all toned up for her sister Kate’s April 2011 marriage to Prince William. Her tushy looked so enviable on the wedding day that it caused a world-wide stir and even increased the number of Pippa-inspired butt lift plastic surgeries!!! Crazy!!! I bet she did a lot of the moves I did in this Bikini Booty video.

Pippa butt lift obsession.

Would you ever consider plastic surgery? Or would you work for it if you could? I think it’s a little silly (ok really SILLY) to get butt implants. I mean COME ON. You can actually work your glutes unlike other popular places on your bodies that can get enhanced. It is possible to get a nice rounded lifted butt through hard work, lots of lunges, and tons of squats!!! AHH!!!!! It’s like guys getting calf implants. I mean really!!?? REALLY. You can work your calves. Easily!

OK rant over.

And everyone’s fave…it’s young hollywood’s Miley Cyrus!!!

Miley Cyrus leaving Pilates studio.

Miley is known to be a Pilates devotee! Her trainer is the one and only Mari Windsor of Windsor Pilates! Wow. But it wasn’t until recently that her body has been getting a bunch of attention. She started wearing way more midriff-baring tops and the paparazzi have been snappin’ up a storm. I wasn’t really keeping up but it seems from what I’ve been reading that she just recently lost some weight? She owes it to Pilates and going gluten free for diet.

However, a blogger on The Stir calls this an “extreme weight loss.” She said that Miley’s starting to look anorexic and that her working out regimen seems to be more like an addiction than a healthy routine.

“While there’s nothing wrong with having a healthy habit of sweating it out once (or even twice!) a day, I’m not the only one who’s gotten suspicious about Miley’s fitness obsession seemingly spiraling out of control. The problem is that she doesn’t exactly look like a young woman who happens to have an insatiable appetite for exercise these days. She looks anorexic — or at the very least, sickly, in some other way.”

You know…I obviously can’t say what she’s doing with her diet because I am not in the kitchen with her, but I don’t really think her weight loss is too extreme. I lost a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time for the bikini competition and I was definitely not starving myself. It was hard work, time put in, and clean eating. HOWEVER. I do want to say that what you have to do to lose weight at that rate is not really achievable by someone who may have school or work or a family to take care of. It’s not really realistic. It’s better to create a maintainable lifestyle out of healthy living. You guys know that though 🙂

I mean, even for me, I had to put my life on hold. My YouTube videos and my blogging decreased those months I was training. I am so happy to be back to my daily routine now.

Does Miley look anorexic? I wouldn’t go so far to say that. Looks like she has great muscle tone and she’s getting photographed leaving Pilates studios! Not…something else??? Is her working out an obsession? Sigh…if she has a working out disorder then I do too. For that matter, we all do then 🙂 Honestly, I think working out is FABULOUS because it makes me feel so happy and revived. Energized. Alive! That’s why I’m “addicted”. But then again it’s kinda my job. Haha. So I’m glad I am addicted to my work.

I know what they are getting at though. They’re trying to say that Miley’s working out addiction is dangerous because of her continuously thinning frame. In that case…it becomes a body image obsession. But I think on some level all of us fitness freaks are paying attention to the way we look through exercise. Am I right? Sure we workout to feel good and live longer, but the dominating reason why people workout is to lose weight. But let’s just see how this story plays out. Will Miley start getting stick thin like Nicole Richie or will she keep a fit frame?

Tell me what you think – at what point does your love for working out turn from a healthy habit to a serious obsession? What are the signs?

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  1. pedro says:


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  5. Tawny says:

    I have to say that I don’t particularly care for Miley Cyrus…she gets on my nerves. But that’s beside the point, LOL. I do not think she looks anorexic at all. In fact, if she looks anorexic then so do I and many other women I know. I too follow a Gluten free diet, not for weight loss, but for health reasons. I say that to say it really does cause quick and noticeable weight loss, especially if you are exercising along with it. Cutting Gluten out of your diet will give you some seriously flat abs, so just imagine what would happen if you did Pilates on top of it? If it’s true that she just cut out Gluten, I ain’t mad at her because I know it can work really well. As far as whether or not she is lying or starving herself, I can’t comment on. I just know that I don’t think she looks anorexic, she looks long, lean and toned. Leave the girl alone 😉

  6. Danielle says:

    Miley talked in her memoir about days when she would eat only a poptart. Her ribs are showing, hipbones jutting out when they never have before…

    and yet you and your readers find this body desirable. I’m not putting this on you, but these pics and the kind of reaction you gave are the type that my ED thrived in.

  7. Samara Nicole says:

    This is awesome inspiration. Miley does not look the least bit anorexic. Yes she has a thin frame, but people need to recognize that Miley and all the girls in her family have a naturally tall and lean body. Miley just looks like she is toned. Yea her food allergies have caused weight loss, but if you look at her midriff showing pics, she is toned, very toned, you can see muscle definition. I know first hand that when you start having a eating disorder, you lose muscle definition and muscle in general. Miley has been gaining definition and just looks healthy.

    People seem to be so used to the world being Obese, that when someone is actually at a healthy weight and muscle mass for their body, then people attack them and accuse them of having an eating disorder.

    Obese is the new average, and honestly, Miley is a huge inspiration and role model right now with that toned body.

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  9. Laura says:

    As a daughter of a eating-disorder counselor, I have been exposed to many girls who have eating disorders. I don’t think she looks anorexic at all. She is thing, and if she got any more I think she would look sick, but not now, she looks healthy! Nothing’s wrong with that!

  10. Rebecca says:

    i definitely dont think shes anorexic. She looks toned and fit, not just super skinny. And she has allergies to gluten so shes not just going on a crazy diet

  11. Steph says:

    I think she looks healthy. She doesn’t look anorexic at all so the person who said she does is over reacting and probably is jealous and wishes she had that body. I’ve been told i need to gain weight but that was by a girl who was chubby! LOL I mean that i can put myself in her shoes and understand this. I weigh 120 and 5ft. 3.5 inch’s LOL so definitely not “that” small either. Like her I work out to feel good! (the sculpting is just a bonus!!!) So no i don’t think she’s getting to be anorexic or anything, i think she is one of the lucky girls who learned worked her but off so she could not have a muffin top and so she could get nice abs! =) Good for her!!! ^_^

  12. People are so harsh on her these days… At first there were news saying she was too fat. Now, when she gets really firing hot, people say that she has ED… I guess it’s not really her fault even if she has ED, the fault lies on the way media critique her bod. Hope she’s living healthy and well.

  13. Ashlee says:

    People reallyh need to learn the difference between looking anorexic and actually having an eating dissorder. I am bulimic, i say AM because i dont believe you ever really fully recover from any ED i think you can get help and overcome alot of the problem but there is always going to be a bit of it with you no matter what. Three years ago i spend two hourse atleast everyday working out and ate as little as possible and purged out most of it (not healthy right) however at that time i had a body most envy my tummy wasnt sunken in it was toned with deff muscle deffinition my arms and legs looked strong and only my hip bones showed a little. i looked like a typical healthy muscular young lady and yet i was most deff not. On the other hand i have a very good freind that eats full meals three maybe four times a day and she looks almos sickly because she is sooo naturally thin. If you had her frame and my three years ago frame standing next to eachother im sure you would have chosen the wrong one as he one with the ED. The point is you never know what people are dong behind closed doors PERIOD. there are people who are over weight in a unhealthy way that have an ED. you can not take the looks of a person on the outside as what is going on with them personally. And as someone that has delt with an ED personally let me just say that this post was not in any way offensive to me. Cassy is not promoting anything but healthy eating execise and just and overall healthy lifestyle for people. she offers it to us here so that we may have a healthy lifestyle aswell and yet there are people getting on her about it….if you dont like it then read another blog but your taking what she is writing and twisting it like you do seems like you have more issues that you need to deal with to me. more then likely you have some sort of an issue with your body or food because i can tell you right now three years ago i would have read into his far oo much and probably seen wha you do, but now a healhier me can see the truth behind he post that she is jus showing us a healthy lifestyle and showing us examples of people who use pilates aswell. Cassy makes a living on fitness and health its what she does of corse she is going to talk abou working out thas wha this blog is all about tha by no means shows she has a problem. Now i am healthy as far as my ED is consurned however i dont work out hardly atall. I wasnt the toned body i had three years ago but i am afraid if i get back into exercising too much that it will trigger my ED again do you think its just an irrational fear or something i do need to be worried about. and does anyone have advice for me on how to maintain healthy eating while trying to get my toned body again. thanks! I love you Cassy you are so upbeat and really do seem to care for those of us who follow you keep it up your an inspiration!

  14. Em says:

    I don’t really think it’s fair for everyone to be throwing insults at Cassey simply because she sparked a debate about quite a sensitive topic. Whether or not Miley has an ED or not, that’s not got anything to do with Cassey she’s merely commenting on what other people have said about Miley, just like you are in your responses. Personally I think Cassey’s awesome and it’s great that despite having a full time job in fitness, she still takes the time to inspire people through her blog, youtube, facebook and twitter- something she’s not obliged to do. Fitness and body weight are two factors which, like it or not, interact with one another, so words such as “thin” are not supposed to be at all pressurising when speaking about general health and fitness, it’s just part of the fitness dialogue.
    Love you Cassey, you’re awesome

  15. Samantha Rosebush says:

    Anorexic is not an adjective. It is not something used to describe how someone looks. That is very hurtful and not a way to use the word. Anorexia is a disease, and shouldn’t be used the way some people say it.

  16. Becca says:

    I don’t trust in celebs bodies… surgeries, eating disorders, photoshop (haha) etc… I just don’t think they’re natural

  17. Sarah says:

    Can I just say.. I freaking love Miley. And I wish everybody would leave her alone. It’s none of our business. Let the girl live her life. It’s hard to have the world scrutinizing her body. She was beautiful before and she’s beautiful now.

    I really hate that our society thinks it’s totally ok to judge other peoples bodies.

    Do you want everyone judging you and telling you you look anorexic? Or do you want everyone judging you and telling you you’ve gained weight or you’re really packing on the lbs? No, you don’t want people judging you or your body.

    I firmly believe we shouldn’t do that to others.


    I am just saying, it is disappointing to read such a post from someone I was/am/was inspired by. Because it IS promoting judgement on other peoples bodies. It is not our place to judge.

    IF she has an eating disorder, do you really think it will help her if she sees constant comments about how thin and amazing she looks? I know YOU are NOT responsible for what everyone does.. but to start up a conversation on it on your blog is just disappointing.

    I’ve struggled with ED for many years. I think that is why I feel so passionate about the non-judgement thing. Because I’ve been there (in a much smaller way… as I’m not a famous super-star.)

    I still love you though. You’re still awesome.
    And so is Miley.

    1. blogilates says:

      Hey Sarah! I am so happy you overcame your ED! Power to you. I was in no way trying to judge her body negatively, just responding to what the other blogger said. If anything, yes I did judge but positively. Compliment actually. The conversation that I wanted to ignite was not one about Miley’s body but the conversation of healthy habits turning into obsessions. Miley Cyrus’ weight loss just so happens to be the hot topic of the moment so we can all relate. Thank you for your comment!

  18. Sunny says:

    On an unrelated note: Have you announced the winners of the thong giveaway yet??

  19. Wendy says:

    I love love love your blog and your videos but I have to say i’m really suprised about this post. You don’t have to “look” like you have an eating disorder in order to have one and I think that was an irresponsible thing to write. I could go on a restrictive calorie diet of 900 calories today but I garentee my body wouldn’t automatically look like I was “anorexic” for a good amount of time. Also the fact that Miley has all that muscle tone makes me think she does have one . It takes time to lose weight and build a lean look naturally because muscles take time to build and bulk up and show through some fat, but Miley went from a cute, healthy normal sized girl who clearly never lifted a weight before to her new physique in a matter of weeks. It’s not possible to natuarlly reduce your body fat percentage so that muscles show that quickly. Not unless your starving yourself and your body is now using your fat storage to survive. And dont forget before Nicole Richie or any other celebrity with a known eating disorder started to look scary thin, they all looked just like Miley.

    1. blogilates says:

      “It’s not possible to natuarlly reduce your body fat percentage so that muscles show that quickly. Not unless your starving yourself and your body is now using your fat storage to survive.”Hi Wendy! I am sorry you found this post irresponsible, but it IS possible. In Jan Miley was 135 and now in May she is about 110 or 108 some sources say.That’s about 25 lbs in about 5 months. 5 lbs a month, a little over a lb lost a week. Healthy weight loss can be up to 2 lbs a week. What naturally means to you and what naturally means to me may be different. Do you mean the use of drugs? Or abnormal eating habits? Fitness competitors know how to lose body fat quickly and it has a lot to do with very clean eating and tough workouts. And I don’t mean clean eating under 900 cals.

      1. Wendy says:

        Um no sorry but I follow a celeb blog that focuses on their body types and the pic above of Miley is from Dec 31 when not even two months before then during mid october she was photographed and called “chubby” from mean bloggers. That is the rapid weight loss in which im refering to. Its not possible. Also Miley is a known pothead, god only knows what other drugs she maybe using to help get down to that weight. Sorry but I don’t believe for one second that Miley’s wieght loss was done the healthy way, and the fact that your promoting her body as if its reasonable to achieve for a person that isn’t using drugs and starvation makes me question whether I should continue to visit this blog. I can’t stand people who promote thinness no matter what means were used to achieve it.

        1. Wendy says:

          Also as far as fitness competittors losing weight quickly, that isn’t healthy either, if it was it would be sustainable over a long period of time. You yourself said that you can’t maintain the weight you got done to for your bikini body contest. Just because you can get down to a certain weight doesn’t mean you should.

        2. blogilates says:

          Hi Wendy, I do not follow Miley that closely so I apologize if my dates are off. I’ll have to do more research. But in response to your last comment – I am deeply saddened. I do not “promote thinness no matter what means were used to achieve it.” Never never never have I told anyone to do something that would harm them physically, mentally, or spiritually to achieve weight loss. Never. As a fitness instructor, I live and breathe exercise and healthy eating or else I wouldn’t be able to do what I love. And that is teaching my students how to get stronger everyday. Perhaps my choice of words relayed the wrong message in some way??? But I want you to know that I am not promoting thinness. I am promoting fitness.

        3. Alex says:

          Smoking pot makes you hungrier! It’s not cocaine, for goodness sakes, and it certainly doesn’t help you lose weight or suppress hunger AT ALL.

        4. Melanie says:

          Wendy, you should probably not make a big deal in something that Casey was just trying to lead by example. all Casey was saying originally is that people should stop judging thin people automatically assuming that they’re anorexic. You don’t know Miley. You’re also making assumptions so you should probably stop jumping on Casey about not having enough research done to make you satisfied. because obviously you don’t know much about what you’re accusing Miley of doing anyways. you don’t know she starved herself. you’re not her buddy buddy, so why don’t you go hate on a haters blog instead of an inspiration blog? And Casey was definitely promoting fitness.

          1. Marie says:

            Wow Wendy,
            Way to misconstrue words, jump to HUGE conclusions and generally come across as a fool.

        5. Victoria Ramos says:

          Wendy you are so effing dumb, I can’t stand your ass. Just shut up already. So what if Miley does pot, that doesn’t make you thinner. Pot gives you the munchies and makes you wanna eat like there’s no tomorrow. Just go away already, you don’t know what you’re saying. You’re just irritating.

  20. Celadon says:

    Cassey is clearly not trying to promote eating disorders or extreme thinness. Overall, Cassey promotes HEALTH. She’s always talking about working out and eating clean. Especially in her posts about the bikini competition, she talks about how you can’t keep up that perfect bikini body all the time… your body needs a rest, your body needs carbs, your taste buds need to indulge in cheesecake once in a while.

    I think Cassey has addressed this before, but I’ll say it again: this is a fitness blog, so of course it is going to talk about getting thinner sometimes. That’s why most people go to fitness sites… because they want to lose weight. Although I do not think being very thin always indicates fitness… look at Cassey before her bikini competition. She is lean, toned, and beautiful but she is not extremely thin. She’s a good example of a healthy body.

    Despite this opinion, I do think that Cassey could choose her words better sometimes. I have only two major qualms pertaining to this.

    The first is that shirt, “muffin tops are for muffins only.” That struck me as very offensive. First of all, muffin tops do not come from being fat, they come from wearing clothes that are too small for you, and yet you still imply that it is from being fat. Of course if I wear a size 00, (I’m a size 3) then I get a muffin top. Think about what this says to girls. Not to mention most girls naturally have soft hips that they cannot get rid of except by extreme diet and exercise.

    The other thing that bothers me is the talk about the thigh gap and how we should want to achieve it. Some girls’ bodies cannot get that thigh gap without being ridiculously thin just because of the way their bone structures are… again, think about the implications.

    Those are my thoughts, anyway.

    1. blogilates says:

      Hi Celadon! Thanks for your comment. I am sorry that you found the muffin top shirt offensive. It was a winning fan-created slogan and I thought it was humorous but I see where you are coming from. The thigh gap…in my latest video Bikini 2 I talked about how thigh gaps cannot be achieved by everyone no matter what your body fat %. I am guessing you are referring to the printable I did a while back. At the time I thought nothing of it, but I do understand the concern.

      1. Andrea says:

        My purple “Muffin Tops” shirt is my favorite shirt! It’s so cute and everyone who reads it smiles or laughs. Lighten up a little and stop being offended by the world! There’s a lot of offensive t-shirts out there and this isn’t one of them.

    2. Marie says:

      Cassey never ever has implied that we should ‘want’ something. HA you make it seem as if she is coercing us into being fit, I mean REALLY?
      From all of the positive things Cassey posts (which personally, have really helped me with my ED, and gaining a positive relationship with food and exercice) it bugs me that people choose to completely misconstrue what this woman is doing. Just stop for a minute and really think about it; Cassey is always about HELPING her followers out, and she is pretty responsible considering all the other tripe thats out there on fitness and health blogs, particularly targeted towards women.

  21. Lucy says:

    One thing I really don’t like is the term “looks anorexic” because there is no such thing as “looking anorexic.” Anorexia Nervosa is not a look. It is a mental illness and it has no look because it can effect anyone of any shape or form. It is not prejudice to size. Yes, starving yourself can look thinner, and your bones to show more but to say that ones thinness is “anorexic looking” is kind of harmful for the people who aren’t thin, have anorexia, and people not believing them because they don’t “look” it.

    That goes for any mental illness.

  22. Diana says:

    @Cami I’m sorry about what you went through. I’m not even going to try to pretend that I know what that did to you. But to put that on Cassey’s conscious is just not fair. This is is health and fitness blog. Just because she uses the word “thin” doesn’t mean that she is an advocate for eating disorders. I’m not a thin woman and I have no intention of being thin. I read this blog and Cassey’s tweets and facebook posts because not only do I want to healthier, but I love Cassey’s positivity and humour. She’s a good person who just wants to teach us how to take care of ourselves, feel better about ourselves and to be HEALTHIER. I don’t think that Cassey needs to censor herself. People can pick and choose what bits of advice to take away from this blog, but at the end of the way the responsibility lies with us not her.

    1. Ann says:

      I completely agree with you! I do believe ANY fitness blog directed towards women will always get some females upset and sadly someone will always start accusing the blogger of having an eating disorder. Although I personally think women look better with a little more meat on their bones (like Miley Cyrus before she gained and then lost the weight), I am not going to accuse any female skinnier than my personal “ideal weight” of an eating disorder. And as for those saying we should not be judging someone else’s body: we all do it, Cassey is merely being honest and open about it. Nor has she ever called any celebrity or certain body type fat or anything negative. She instead encourages you to be the best you that you can and is extremely positive and motivating! I’m disappointed that some of you think it is your place to post such rude and inappropriate comments publicly.

      Also, for those of you who are concerned that Cassey is obsessed with fitness/exercise/food: This is a fitness blog so of course she is only going to talk about fitness related subjects! And let’s not forget that fitness is her full time job so she should be thinking of this 40+ hours a week.

  23. Sarah says:

    I don’t really think it’s fair for any of us to judge whether or not ANYBODY looks anorexic.

    Let’s all try to be above these judgments. Anorexia is a serious mental illness. Eating disorders are also not distinguished by whether or not somebody “looks” like they have one. It is a mental (MENTAL) illness.

    Maybe it would be better to focus on our own personal health and fitness, not someone else’s.

  24. Cami says:

    I do admire you a lot, but have you ever consulted a psychologist who specializes in eating disorders to look over your posts and the potential messages you’re sending out? As matter of fact, when I was struggling with my bulimia, I used some of your posts as justification for my habits. Yes, anything can be taken and twisted, especially in such a vulnerable state of mind, but your promotion of “thinness” is much more prevalent than you might think, and there IS exercise bulimia. I’m not attempting to attack you or discredit the knowledge that I know you definitely have, especially since your blog has helped me in many ways, but from someone who has suffered from and fought a body image disorder, I just wanted to say that sometimes your words twitter precariously on the line of ‘health’ and ‘danger’ and ‘fitness’ and ‘continuous weight loss’.

    1. Sarah says:

      Agreed. I’m unfortunately quite disappointed that in her position of power over the fitness community, Cassey has chosen to provoke such a rude and disgusting conversation. We should not be judging another persons body, especially in regards to judging whether or not they have an eating disorder or if they will become as thin as Nicole Richie.

      1. Cami says:

        Yes. As of late, her selection of words and portrayal of delicate topics has not been sitting well with me at all.

    2. blogilates says:

      Alright, looks like that post from my interview with the health specialists needs to go up soon.

      1. Melanie, USN says:

        I love you Cassey i read your blogs everyday. who cares what they say, if they dont like it, they can go bash someone elses blog! i lost 15 lbs of body fat and gained 7 in muscle and i love it and its because i do your workouts 6x a week. you are an inspiration and i hope its people like me that inspire you to keep doing what you do best. today was the first day i ever wrote on your page, and plus, it helps keep my PRT in the Navy looking outstanding, i love pilates and im never going back. I feel healthier, i look healthier, i can go through the day with less stress, my moods are even better, bc i started getting myself in shape. and you did a tremendous amount of influence on me.
        Love you lots!
        -Melanie, USN

    3. cathy says:

      I’m also sorry for what you’ve been through but I certainly don’t get your point.I mean I have seen girls use quotes by Atoine de Saint Exupery like “perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away” as pro anorexic inspiration. Does that mean the specific writer who died before WWII ( that is long before modern weight ideals and food disorders) and said this in a totally unrelated philosphical spirit,is responsible for those girls who harm themselves choosing to undersatand it in a totally different manner,not based on context or logic but on their mental illness?
      You stated that your mind chose to twist things in ways that promoted your disorder,so basically anything could be used as motivation for bulimia.could you give some specific examples where cassey promotes such disorders in a more obvious manner?
      Also @ Sarah i agree ,as many others have said here,that maybe a girl with a fit-looking body is an anorexic-in-the-making BUT Cassey is “judgemental and rude “for saying Mileys body is beautiful and fine (based on its looks) while people who attack Miley and say she has an eating disorder based on abso-freakin-lutely nothing ,are NEITHER RUDE NOR JUDGEMENTAL.Makes sense.
      If you people saw a skinny girl getting a bit curvier in a good-looking way,would you all assume she’s on the first step to morbid obesity?I honestly dont have a clue about Cyrus ‘ eating habits but I find all this “political correctness” hypocritical.
      The internet is full of hateful sites dissing overweight people like they are total trash,mind you not only ana/ED blogs but also extremely popular major4fun sites.Nothing to say there?But Cassey says the word ‘thin” once and its political incorrectness alright.
      I study psychology and in books about adolescence problems there are many phrases like “society’s pressure for a thin,slender body”.Does that additionally remind the childish,acceptance seeking part of me that i need to lose some weight?Yep.Does that make the Psychology Uni Profs who wrote it promoters of EDs/ responsible for my self harm ?Dont think so.In our society ,as a general rule thin is considered good looking.Aaand the sun rises in the morning.
      From a kind of chubby girl who is totally against fat-hate and pressure to be thin BUT is honest enough to admit the main reason most women work out and diet is to be satisfied with their looks,and the goal to achieve a level of fitness for its own shake(aka stamina,power) that can support a survivalist lifestyle lest theres a zombie apocalypse comes definitely second.

  25. christina says:

    i follow miley a bit, and recently there were pictures of her arms with cuts that looked so precise that it became obvious that she was self-harming. at first we all thought it could be some crazy coincidence–like her dogs scratching her or something–but then fresh ones that looked just as precise popped up later. she’s obviously having some problems right now, so that to me would add evidence that she might have some sort of eating disorder. i just find that it’s an interesting coincidence that the minute after she gets criticized for being overweight, she starts working out all of the time and seems skinnier than she’s ever been. plus, she sometimes tweets about being hungry–once posting a pic of her holding a fast food bag and saying it was “torture to smell it” since she knew she wasn’t going to eat it. idk.

    another thing i’d like to point out is that anorexia does not automatically equal a sickly looking body, it takes a while for it to get to that point. overweight people can be anorexic too. demi lovato never looked sickly, and she has had major problems with eating disorders. just something to think about.

    1. blogilates says:

      ahh – good to know! i do not follow miley and did not know she tweeted pics like that.

    2. Laura says:

      I have to agree with you that this is probably the most accurate description of Miley’s situation right now.
      Although I do not know whether she is suffering from an ED, I don’t think she’s putting out a very good image to her followers (many of whom are still very young girls).
      Straight after she was called ‘fat’ by some, she came out and said she LOVED her womanly curves only to lose all of her weight straight after. Now she is saying she is suffering a gluten allergy and encouraging all of her followers to give up gluten. Furthermore, she is only ever photographed these days leaving the gym after spending 3-4 hour sessions there. I just don’t think these are very healthy messages to be promoting, especially to teenagers and young children.

      And I wish blogs like these (as much as I love blogilates) would stop glorifying bodies like hers because she clearly hasn’t gotten it through just pilates and it just sets an unattainable and unrealistic standard.

  26. Erin Motz says:

    People should lay off Miley a little. She’s so young, it’s easy to look that good when you work at it! More power to her – and to you for loving your work. We all should be so lucky! 😉

  27. Erynn says:

    Anorexia has nothing to do with the body, but everything to do with the mind. They have a distorted view of themselves and will never see themselves as skinny enough. They are usually perfectionists, and overachieve at everything. The danger signs are when someone is constantly weighing themselves, begins restricted calories to the extreme, and exhibits a low self-esteem. These people need to overcome whatever is making them feel unperfect mentally before they can do anything about it physically. Sometimes it can be linked to a difficult childhood where too many expectations were in place, other times it is a loss of control in other areas of their life so they resort to controlling the one thing they can, their diet. So to answer your question, there’s no for sure way to tell if she’s anorexic.

    1. Erynn says:

      To add to that, if Miley Cyrus DID have tendencies to be anorexic, it is the fault of the paparazzi for calling her “fat” in 2009, when she was in no form or fashion that definition. That would mess with anyone’s head if they were lied to about their image by an entire country.

      1. V says:

        Actually, I’m not sure being called fat when she wasn’t would’ve suddenly given her an eating disorder either. It might’ve helped, but it’s not as simple as all that.

        Eating disorders are very complex and it’s not an accusation anyone should make lightly. If the media feels that a celebrity is too thin and is uncomfortable with his or her image being put forth to young people? Don’t put him or her in your magazines, but don’t start accusing that celebrity of having an ED, like it’s something to be ashamed of.

        I think it’s okay to discuss EDs, because anyone could have one. It’s a possibility, and the less shame people have about the topic, the more likely people are to get help, but we need to handle the topic with grace.

  28. Elly says:

    Here’s what I say. People are all built different. Some may be very into being active, yet still what some may consider “heavier” or curvier, while others are petite and muscular. BUT, it’s that particular person’s body type. Our metabolisms are different, our genes, everything. I think if she is not anorexic, bulemic or hurting herself, why does it matter how much she (or you Cassey) works out?? I have 3 kids. I can only work out a half an hour, sometimes an hour a day. And that’s pushing off housework to do so. Somedays (like today) I can’t work out because of my schedule. HOWEVER if you don’t have children, and the time, why not work out all you want?? It feels GOOD to work out. The hormones your body releases makes you happy, you feel more confident, and heck, it’s a hobby for some people (I like to think of it as one of mine). So, I am 37, 5’4 and 115 lbs. Miley is what early 20’s? No kids, tons of free time. I can’t get all boo hoo that she is so skinny and fit, and I have to work my butt off just to be where I am now. She looks very fit to me. She’s young. Cassey, this is your job AND your hobby. Don’t let people make you feel bad. You do what makes you happy!!! xoxo

    1. blogilates says:

      Thanks Elly!!! And you go girl!!! Hard working hot mamma over here!

  29. Katy says:

    No Miley does not look anorexic at all. She looks healthy and toned. Just because someone is losing weight and looking thinner does not mean she is anorexic. She’s probably working hard to get where she is and if she is only doing pilates, she is probably on a strict diet.

  30. lynn says:

    Miley looks thin but not sickly.She is toned and her skin looks healthy too. She is very young. When I was that young and exercising to get fit people often said I was too thin and it wasn’t healthy but I can count on one hand how many times I have been sick and I am now 44 years old. I am still an exercise and healthy eating devotee but have slowed down a bit after my second child arrived c section. Only time will tell if Miley is obsessed or just starting an adult lifestyle of being healthy and fit.

  31. Melissaclementine says:

    I think that celebrities simply can’t win. I don’t follow this sort of thing so I googled Miley weight loss and came up with scores of pics. I’ll bet all the magazines where more than happy to splash Miley all over there magazines with her slightly chubbier pics and plenty of scathing criticism. Now that she has lost the weight, well, she MUST be anorexic! I think she looks great, and NORMAL actually. Not too thin at all. She did seem to have gained a bit of weight from say a year ago. So she lost it. It is part of the job when you are a celebrity.

  32. Kim says:

    I think Miley looks great in that swimsuit! I am totally inspired to get that awesome flat tummy and sculpted arms!!

  33. I am NOT a Miley Cyrus fan by any stretch of the imagination, but it does bother me soooo much that the media is playing up her weight as a “clear” eating disorder. I mean, who knows what goes on behind closed doors, but I agree with you- she looks totally fit and healthy. It’s a sad world we live in, when a celebrity is either too fat or clearly anorexic. There’s usually no middle ground where the media is concerned.

  34. V says:

    Miley seems to be working really hard.. And I think she’s had some problems with gluten lately so that’s also added to her weight loss.

    I started following her after I took my niece to her concert several years ago and I think a large portion of her fans have suspected her of having some food problems after she published her memoir and because of her tweets. (A lot of them are saying the gluten thing is food denial and not a necessity.) I never want to assume anything about anyone I don’t know personally so I’ve never really given much stock to those rumors, but there’s a huge group of her fanbase who seem to think she has had an ED for years because of her tweets and the way her weight as changed over the years.

    There was a picture of her a few days ago where she looked quite a bit thinner than this where you could see all of her ribs all the way around her back which was unexpected because she doesn’t seem to look unhealthy, but I’m still not sure about an ED. Her legs still looked really toned and I wondered if she wasn’t trying to target her arms, which aren’t quite as visibly toned as the rest of her.

    Listen, Miley.. I’ll take your arms.. You can have mine. The catch: You have to throw in your legs and stomach, too.

  35. Paige says:

    I understand your frustration! While I am not at all skinny (5’6″ and 165lbs with curves and muscle and fat too, LOL) there is a huge backlash in today’s culture about people who actually put forth effort to be HEALTHY. Over half the population is overweight, many obese and its now common to hear about anyone who is thin being “anorexic”. I work so hard to stay in shape because it isn’t my full time job to be in the gym and I get obsession comments and it angers me! The human body wasn’t made to be sedentary…it was made to work, move, and be active many hours each and everyday. Why did God make us with joints and muscles? Why do obese people have so many health problems? Because we weren’t designed for that!

  36. Kate McElhare says:

    Miley’s got a gorgeous body- she looks lean, toned, and has sexy muscular curves. Although, with all her other history with tabloids and drama, I can understand why magazines are saying she looks unhealthy. She should start maintaining what she has because any thinner and she will look like she has an obsession or disorder.

  37. Nicole says:

    Miley looks like she has nice muscle definition and tone, that isn’t something you would see on a starving model. You need fuel for your muscles to be able to build them and maintain them. So I agree with you Cassey, it just looks like she got toned and lost a few pounds, but noting drastic or major. She just got ready for bikini season, that is all.

    However I find it slightly ironic that these magazines and websites are saying she is looking “anorexic” when they are the ones writing and posting pictures of her. I’m sure she does feel some pressure to look good.

  38. lil says:

    Cassey, I just had a thought… one day, you could be training Miley and others! Not sure if that’s part of your plan but I think it’s coming 🙂

    1. blogilates says:

      haha how funny!

  39. Kim says:

    I think she looks great! Interesting topic though, I always kind of wonder where the boundary between working out too much and a healthy attitude towards it is. I guess when you feel like you HAVE to work out incessantly, and it begins to take over your life is when it’s a problem. Similar to any other addiction, if it begins to alter your quality of life then maybe you need to rethink how much you’re working out? Understandably in some situations(such as your bikini comp) there may be periods when you’re training harder than other times(or if you’re a pro athlete obviously). But that wouldn’t be forever, just temporary!

    1. Kerry says:

      I agree.

      Exercise & healthy eating is a lifestyle choice too though & to keep it up every day is hard work so I think when people (the media) see that someone is devoted to it they see it as an obsession when really they should celebrate Miley for being a good role model. It’s good therapy is exercise, better than relaxing with drugs & alcohol which a few celebs have chosen in the past & look how media tore them apart?! Damned if you & damned if you don’t!

  40. Emily says:

    Thanks for the post!! I would say that Miley was always a skinny kid, and actually gained some weight (or at least had weight fluctuations) in the past year or two that did not seem “normal” for her. I think she looks great right now. As others have said, if she drops 10 more pounds, that could be a bad sign. However, she looks much healthier than she did last year IMO.

  41. Hazel says:

    I think she looks great. I’m so beyond sick of hearing people go on about people going too far just because they loose some body fat through exercise. It’s like they’re making an excuse – they can’t be bothered to do it, so they will just insult anyone that can.
    If she gets frail looking, or starts acting a bit crazy, then yeah there’s something else going on but right now she looks healthy.
    People should spend more time exercising themselves instead of sitting behind a computer screen judging other people.

  42. erin says:

    definitely don’t think she looks anorexic. Granted if she loses 10 more pounds, then maybe she will. But i think she looks good!

  43. Sandy says:

    I think she just looks toned, fit and trim. I workout to have that feeling of a strong, lean body. My daughter often calls me obsessive with my workouts but I am free to spend my days however I choose and I like how I feel when I work out. My children are all grown and away and I am not neglecting anything else that needs to be done so keeping my body healthy helps keep my brain happy. I guess this touched a nerve because I think everyone gets to choose what they do with their 24 hours in a day.

  44. Kiki says:

    Hey Cassey, normally I don’t worry about this but I really want to get fit and I love exercising, the only downside is I’m naturally thin so I worry that the weight is just going to drop off and I’m going to look ill.
    My body fat is apparently 24% though so I would like to get toned (I’m 19 by the way) any advice?

    1. blogilates says:

      eat more protein and start lifting weights or doing more pilates!

  45. Monica says:

    *Sighs* I hate how people use the term “anorexic” to describe any female who loses a significant amount of weight. Anorexia isn’t a diet, and anorexic isn’t a body type. People with eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes, and their bad relationship with food is the result of insanely low self-esteem and/or an obsession with control and self-punishment. Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses, and people have got to stop treating them so casually.

    As far as obsessions with working out go, I kind of think it’s difficult to say there’s a definite line you cross from healthy lifestyle to unhealthy obsession. I guess it’s all about why you work out, and how working out makes you feel. If your workout leaves you feeling refreshed and revived, and you work out to be happy and healthy, I think it’s fine. But if you work out solely because you feel pressure to lose weight, and your workouts leave you feeling tired and/or upset with yourself, it may be time to re-evaluate what you’re doing.

    1. Joan says:

      Amen sister! I agree a 100% with everything you stated here. Very well said.

      1. Joan says:

        I wanted to add something, touching on Monica’s last point:

        Working out should ALWAYS stem from body love and health, and not body shame or body hate. There’s no need to put down your own body (or other people’s bodies) and used that as motivation to work out or not. I think this is something that often gets overlooked, ends up being socially accepted even in fitness communities and often gets use as “fitspiration”. I mean, most of the time people don’t even realize they might be doing something for the wrong reasons or through questionable approaches. I think everyone should be honest with themselves about WHY they are doing it. It will make them stronger in the end.

        Again, very nice reply, Monica.

  46. jill says:

    maybe i’m taking what you said the wrong way (“I do want to say that what you have to do to lose weight at that rate is not really achievable by someone who may have school or work or a family to take care of. It’s not really realistic.”) , but i just wanted to say that bikini/figure competitions are totally doable even if you have kids, families, jobs, etc. I have a family, 2 children, a full time job and i travel for work and was still able to do a competition and take 2nd place. Anything in life is achievable as long as you are committed, focused and dedicated to get what you want.

    1. Jasmine K says:

      I can completely see how you read it that way…and WOW way to go at that competition!! I think she was more trying to not be discouraging to those of us who may not have as much time to workout at that rate (i.e., several hours every day) or are trying to get to a healthier point. I started out averaging like…an hour a week when I started working out and now I’m easily at 4-5 hours a week, and sometimes beyond.

      Again, that is super fantastic! I’d love to hear about your progress to get to that point, especially with everything you have going on. It is such an inspiration!

    2. blogilates says:

      wow good job!!!! yes what jasmine k said below. it was more meant to tell people that if you don’t have time, then losing weight at a rapid way MAY not be realistic. obviously you are a superstar!

  47. Jess says:

    I think she looks freaking amazing. She has muscle tone and looks healthy and fabulous. I get so offended for people who work their ass off to look great and take on a healthy lifestyle only to get labeled with some eating disorder because other people don’t approve/get jealous. I read that blog and it was clearly jealousy. I’m reminded of an age-old saying…haters gonna hate. =P

  48. Tara says:

    I think that as long as you are getting all of the required nutrients and are eating at least every 4 hours then you do not have an eating disorder. People like to point the finger sometimes at people who might seem “obsessed”, I even get this from my own friends at times… But really, look at what the average is in this continent… Most people are overweight, do basically no exercise, and have terrible nutrition. And um, who are the unhealthy ones? I’m definitely not saying that being anorexic is healthy, but in most cases people who are into fitness are not in this category.

    So where do you draw the line? It probably has to do with body fat versus muscle composition. Because if you just go with body fat then you could put an anorexic in the same catgory as a body builder. I don’t think Miley looks anorexic because like you say she has great muscle tone. So we know she must be eating enough protien. But we’d have to look at her diet to know if she’s really getting all of the proper nutrients. I’d say she probably knows what she’s doing though, she does do pilates 😉

  49. Ni Ni says:

    I think she does have healthy , toned & lean body. I cannot see any ‘anorexic’ sign at all. yay for we are like Hollywood celebs! 😉 here to more pilates Cassey!

  50. Cat says:

    I love mileys body at the moment but i think if she gets any skinnier it would be too much. Sometimes it’s just the way she is photographed that makes her look too skinny.

  51. Leanne says:

    I think Miley has the best looking body at the moment. Not anorexic AT ALL!!
    I’ve been anorexic a few years ago and it nearly killed me. I hate how people put an “anorexic” label on celebs so often when it’s not true at all! Sure some of them are and most of them come forth after a while admitting to have suffered..

    I watch your videos to inspire me to tone up again after not having done ANY form of exercise for a few years and I miss it. I used to be a professional dancer in training and I’m just now getting back into feeling comfortable working out without the pressure of having to work out… Does that make sense? My mindset is COMPLETELY different and that’s what matters.

    Miley probably just loves the way she feels after a class, like we all do right?! And who wouldn’t love the physical effect it has?! I think she looks awesome and I’m glad she’s a roll-model to most girls; talking about Pilates and living gluten free. It’s time we all get a little bit more aware of our health and lifestyle choices! 🙂

    Ok, what a rant, sorry! 😀
    Love the article! And Pilates!! Oh BTW, in dance college I always did Pilates once I got home after already 7 hours of dancing, lol. I wanted to be a Pilates instructor “on the side” simply because I loved it! 😀

    Thank you Cassey for making me enthusiastic again!

    1. blogilates says:

      Yay! and good for u for overcoming your challenges! stay strong girl!!

  52. Sonja says:

    As much as I’d love to be as slender and toned as the ladies above, I must say that I won’t spend that much time and mental capacity with my body. Thinking about it constantly (and being busy with the fact it’s not perfect). Putting in daily effort. I was there a few years back, I know exactly what it takes, and I’m not going anywhere near there again; there are so many more worthwhile things to spend the little spare time I do have on. So, for me, running a few times per week and pilates once or twice a week will do.

    The main challenge is being healthy, and loving yourself and your body exactly like the way you are.

  53. Mette says:

    I think miley has gotten a lot thinner lately and i dont think it suits her. i loved her curvy and a little fuller body, but as long as she isnt starving herself its okay! 🙂

  54. Lea says:

    She is damn hot!! I hope she will not start with starving…

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