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August Workout Calendar!

July 30, 2017

Hey guys!

Ahhh August. A transitional month for sunlight, weather, fashion and mood. As I sit here and type this blog post, I see the sun slowly dropping down…but it’s only 7pm! No, come back! Summer is my favorite season of the entire year and August marks it’s end, so I can’t help but feel a little sad.

But this time, I’m going to cherish the warmth and the glittering sunshine for the next 31 days. Time really is relative to our age and how busy we are. Remember how when you were 7, counting down the days to Christmas felt like forever? And you know how now you’re like “OMG how is it already August!?” That’s what I am talking about. We all have so much going on now, that life is passing us by!

So if we can all re-learn how to “think like a kid” when it comes to enjoying our rest, our vacations, and the weekends, we can really make life go by as slowly as want.

Anyway, here’s your new August 2017 Workout Calendar! We’re back to 1 new workout video a week beginning on August 7th…my sister’s bday!

Download linked PDF | Download hi-res JPEG

You are going to LOVE the new series on the 7th. It’s all time-interval POP Pilates. Plus! I challenged myself extra to see if I could do a motivational a “life hacks” talk WHILE coaching you how to exercise. Let’s see how it turns out…hahaha.

If for ANY reason you are feeling like you don’t have the motivation to get through a workout calendar, then you MUST watch this video!

Ok guys, good luck! Let me know in the comments how you feel about August. Love it? Hate it? Meh?

Meanwhile, I’m going to try to soak up the rest of the day and goooo slooooow.

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  1. Sonal says:

    Hey, Cassey, when is the September calendar coming out? I live in India and our time zones are ahead of yours so can we expect it by tomorrow?
    Much anticipation,
    Your Indian pop fam!

  2. Eliana says:

    Where do you find the daily playlists?

  3. Pompi Borah says:

    Ohhh Girls, Video is really Awesome, and you made all workouts soo exciting, I enjoyed a lot.

  4. Salla says:

    I’m new to this calendar thingy. Am I supposed to do all of the workouts per day? Or just pick one and do that?

  5. Apple says:

    Hey everyone, I’m just curious. What kind of pre-workout stretching and warm-ups do you do? I usually just jump into the day’s videos, but I may be hurting myself by doing so idk.

  6. Kat says:

    I’m new and I have a question! Do you do each thing on the day once? Or if there’s a circuit do you do the circuit how many times it specifies and then move on to the next things or just pick one thing from the list?SOS! How is this organized?

  7. Zoey says:

    Hey popsters!! So in September I want to start taking fitness more seriously and I don’t know if I should do PIIT (be it the program or the videos on YT) or the monthly calendars for a while and THEN switch to PIIT

  8. leslie Aguilera says:

    How do i know how many times i should do the videos?

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Her piit videos should be done twice if you do the calendar. If she mentions in any of the videos that you need to repeat that video, then repeat it. If she doesn’t say anything just do that video once.

      1. leslie Aguilera says:


    2. Teresa J says:

      If there are several videos for a day, I only do them once.

  9. Alana Taylor says:

    Why do my legs feel so heavy when I’m doing the bum and leg work out

  10. nikkita says:

    cassey i want to do piit 28 but with your calendar so can you do something..pleasee..

  11. Nicole says:

    I downloaded the August calendar. Do I go on you tube to search for the videos? Is there an easier way?

    1. Mari-ha Gong says:

      You can click on the video’s name and you’ll be redirected

  12. Jessica says:

    Hello…so I did the beginner calender and I want to move into this calendar but I’m a little confused. The beginner calender had all the links set up to the days, but for this calender do i have to look for all the videos in the blogilates YouTube? Thanks!

    1. shelly says:

      (Ten days later…)

      You can load the PDF calendar into your browser and click on a video. Or you can go on the Youtube channel and click on “Playlists” and look for the day’s playlist.

  13. Gabriella Love says:

    Hi, Cassey! I have a question: whenever I do exercises like Russian Twists where I have to have my legs up while sitting up my hips will hurt. Is it possibly a flexibility thing?

  14. zainab says:

    what does she mean by new video? im confused 🙁

    1. Alliyah says:

      its the latest workout video she posts, so if u go to her channel it should the thefirst video you see

  15. MissAK says:

    hi . i’m starting from today. should i do 1 day routine or 9 because today is 9 august?

    1. Teresa J says:

      Do the routine for the right day, so do the 9th.

  16. Carmen says:

    Hey there, I have a question.
    It’s my first time doing the calendar. Where can I find the right vidoe? Youtub or blogilates app?
    Thanks for help 🙂

    1. shelly says:

      In either place, but I recommend going through the Youtube channel for now until Cassey releases a new app. (She’s been having issues with her current app maker.)

  17. Daisy Le says:

    I hate the back to school season, there is so much to do and prepare for and if you don’t get a head start, you are in for a rough beginning. This fall, I feel like I’m trying to complete a million things before a certain date and hope I have enough energy like you in your workouts to keep up with it all! Love you, you’re the best, especially when us college gals have no vacation time! Blogilates is vacation time… lol

  18. Daisy Le says:

    I hate it, there is so much to do starting August and you just seem like you never have enough time! Love you and thank you for teaching us how to destress and remain positive and staying strong! <3

  19. Helena says:

    So do you actually do all the videos one after the other or can I do one in the morning one the afternoon and one at night for example?!

  20. Marza says:

    Where can I find those new videos which should starts today (7/08)? I’m pretty new here, right after beginners callendar.. Or is it just this one posted 6 of August?

  21. Diamond says:

    So, I’m trying to make a schedule for the upcoming fall semester because this is going to be my busiest semester yet and I was just wondering: does anyone know how long all of these workouts take on an average day?

    1. Aile Pham says:

      Hi! For me, they take an hour and then some. Usually about an hour, but days where I hate working out that body part, might take an additional 10 mins. No more than 1 hour and 30 mins tho

  22. Keen says:

    Do you do every video on the list for the day? Or pick one and do it 3 or 4 times?

    1. Kianna says:

      You do everything on the list!

  23. Loryn says:

    Do each of these days have a warm up video worked into them, or is that something that should be added on top of the workouts that are listed??

  24. Vedika says:

    I’d honestly love to thank you, Cassey, to bring up SUCH an honest and good idea to keep these workouts open for literally everyone. I love how you think ” getting to YOUR BEST BODY and YOUR BEST LIFE” should be more important. I LOVE YOU DEAREST CASSEY!!! So GRATEFUL!! THANKS A TON.!!!😊😘🌟💗

  25. Chris Victor says:

    Where can i find a calendar friendly print version?

  26. I’m so done with summer. Who’s excited for FALL?!

    1. Matea🌸 says:


  27. Elise Forte says:

    This really is a little nit-picky thing…..Your calendars are beautiful Cassey and I love looking at them on the screen. However, I do not have access to a color printer and when printed in black and white it’s difficult to read what the videos are. Like I said, totally nit-picky and I love, LOVE, LOVE you and this whole community. I don’t lose sleep over it and make do just a suggestion for those of us who have vision issues 😉 Keep rocking it, being beautiful inside and out, and inspiring all of us 🙂

  28. Kianna says:

    I need help! In the second day, there’s a PIIT video. I don’t know if I do it twice or only once? Thanks!

    1. shelly says:

      Total Body Slimming, Leg Slimming, and Booty Poppin’ are all done twice.

  29. KAT says:

    Hooray! I just finished the beginners calendar just I time to try out the August workout plan! 🙂 I’m very excited!

  30. Janine Villa says:

    A lot of people say to always have a rest day. But the calendar has no rest days. So, can I use the stretching days as a rest day?

    1. KAT says:

      I believe it is the rest day! It seems to be her rest days often include a recipe. 🙂

    2. Tina says:

      Stretching days are the rest days.

      1. Yes. And do some yoga or walking!:)

  31. Heather says:

    Hello everyone! I have a question about the app. I’ve had the app for quite some time now and I’ve never had an issue with it. Today I went to do my workout for today and none of them are showing up. Everything else seems to be working. When I pull up August calendar it shows, but none of the workouts are there. It’s just a blank calendar. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

    1. Faatimah says:

      Hi Heather! I believe that Casey is having some problems with the current app developer and I think she’s going to be developing a new platform soon. I think you’ll have to access your workouts manually for now until the app is updated.

    2. Ryanne van Vliet says:

      Cassey said that she has isues with the developer and that is why there haven’t been any updates. She even said that she doesn’t receive any money from the developer if someone buys access to the calendars, so she recommended not to buy anything from the app if you want to support her through that, since the developer keeps everything.

  32. Jill Harrison says:

    My favorite season is summer and I live in the northeast so it feels like winter is forever and summer flies by. Cassey, you are not the only one who starts to get sad about summer ending because although fall is nice, I know what comes next and if I can’t wear open toed shoes, I’m not happy. Plus, my doxie Lily is low to the ground and does not like the cold weather either.

  33. LiMa says:

    Hey there, I have a question.
    I did the beginner’s calendar a while ago and then tried to follow a “regular” calendar afterwards. Well, I *almost* succeeded. My problem wasn’t really that the workouts were too hard for me (well, they were, but somehow I managed that), but one hour every day was just too much time effort for me.
    Getting myself started, then doing the videos, then showering afterwards almost took me 2 hrs every day which is just too much for me.
    How can I decide which videos to skip? Since sometimes they are a bit repetitive… I would love to do like 30-45 mins a day – in order to actually work out every day 🙂
    Would be thankful for some ideas, since I do not know the “strategies” by which the daily video combinations are made…

    1. Belen says:

      You can try to do her piit videos, you just do them 4 times and you’re done and it’s only like 28 minutes they are a bit challenging but you feel really good afterwards you can also try her piit28 program ☺️ Good luck I hope this helped 💕

      1. LiMa says:

        Thanks! Sounds – challenging 😉

        1. shelly says:

          Try the Body-Toning Bootcamp videos first, if you want to ease into PIIT-type workouts. They’re challenging, but there’s less jumping than the other PIIT-style videos she has. And then from there, you can decide if you prefer PIIT, the regular Blogilates calendars, or if you’re more mix-and-match.

      2. Sarah Tesar says:

        I am doing only 3 Videos each day plus some yoga videos from other channels. I usually have a look on all of them an then choose my 3 favorites from the daily playlist. And i can totally recommend to do the split or stretch calendars afterwards to get more flexible. I think it is important do do what you feel is the best for you, still challenging yourself and do some workout on a regular base, so just don’t get stressed because of the length or the difficulty of the workouts. Just build your own workout so that it sums up to 40 min a day (thats what i do, and it works perfectly for me)

    2. Kassi says:

      I also find that 1 hour a day 6 days a week without even including stretching in the mix is excessive! (sometimes i don’t even have a whole hour between waking up and going to work!) I started just picking two or three and letting my workout range from 20-45 minutes. I only do a full hour if its my off day from work.

  34. Laura McKenzie says:

    Why is the calendar not working in the blogilates app anymore???

    1. blogilates says:

      Hey Laura! So I mentioned this in another blog post but basically we’re having issues with our app developer not being honest in the partnership and he’s no longer uploading calendar updates into the app. So, I’m currently working on another app right now. So please unsubscribe and use this free cal on the blog! I’ll announce more deets about the new app soon!

  35. Sarah says:

    Why was ab day replaced by oblique day? Shouldn’t we be working the whole plate of abs instead of just the obliques?

    1. Sara Maria says:

      You’re right, but if you look more precisely at the exercises on this”oblique day” you’ll see that there are a lot of ab exercises too. Also there are some ab training moves on the “total tonfest” and the “heart pumper” day.❤️

  36. NeedToKnowBasis says:

    I really love August because I love the cold (Ik I’m weird) but it’s just so nice and you can wear woolly stuff without sweating and smelling and everything can warm you up. It so nice!

  37. Soumya Sayujya says:

    Should I be doing all the workout videos back to back? Or can I do it at my own pace? Like two videos in morning and evening and taking breaks after each video? How do everyone following calendar do it? Please help?

    1. Kianna says:

      I do everything all at once. If it’s too much, take a break then continue. 🙂

  38. Elisa says:

    Yay my birthday is on 7th Agust to 😍😍😍

    1. blogilates says:


  39. Griz Juarez says:

    is there a list with links for the videos per day like for the beginer’s calendar ??

  40. Francesca Usai says:

    I love August but as you said I feel a bit sad about it.. When August arrives it means summer is near to end, and every year I really wait for summer like kids wait for Christmas… BTW, 15th August is my birthday <3
    I've been lazy the last month, I'll try to start again with your calendar ^_^

    1. blogilates says:

      Wow I thought I was the only one who felt that way!!

  41. Debra Ward says:

    I love the cover of that planner!! I just graduated and need that planner to organize my life and find a job!

    1. blogilates says:

      OOoooOOoo glad you like!

  42. Nina Lannister says:

    Here august 7 is national day so no school or work!!!!!

  43. Aprille says:

    Gonna love working out this month because it’s my birthday month 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾. I do need some blogilates friends so if you want a friend to talk to and for encouragement. Comment.

    1. Gabriella Love says:


      1. Aprille says:

        How did you find today’s workout?

        1. Gabriella Love says:

          All you have to do is click on the calender to get the PDF. Then click on the name of the video on the day you are doing:) If that does not work I would just type in the name of each video into YouTube:] Good luck!!!

          1. Aprille says:

            Thanks x

  44. Teala says:

    I love the background pictures used for the August and July calendars. I can’t wait to see what the October calendar looks like. I love October (Fall and Halloween time!)

    1. blogilates says:

      Ahh yay glad you liked em!

  45. a good thought says:

    Hi, how do I find the ‘New Videos’? I can’t seem to find them on the app for July. It just opened up the blogilates page on YouTube. I really want to be able to do all videos for August

    1. Kianna says:

      The new videos will be uploaded that day. For example, this upcoming Wednesday, there’s a new video which will be uploaded that day. On the other hand, the new videos for Monday, will be uploaded on Sunday. I hope I helped.

      1. A good thought says:

        You did help, Kianna. Hmmm so tomorrow’s work out should be available today. But I don’t see it yet. Do you know under what category on YouTube it comes up? Thanks in advance!

    2. Soumya Sayujya says:

      Just download the linked pdf. And click on each videos, it’s super easy! 😊

      1. A good thought says:

        Hi Soumya, I did. And when I click on ‘New video’ it takes me to her YouTube home page and then I get lost I’ve downloaded the PDF on my phone and laptop.

    3. blogilates says:

      It’s the latest vid on

      1. a good thought says:

        Thanks so much! I wasn’t sure which one that last week. But will check it out this week.

  46. Kassi says:

    hmm. i always come here to see the calendar. Is it no longer possible to see the last day of July???

    1. Kianna says:

      You can still look at the playlist of videos on Cassey’s YouTube channel!

  47. Beth Williams says:

    Looking forward to August! This will be my 3rd MONTH with Blogilates!!!

    1. blogilates says:


  48. Petra says:

    I loooove this calendar! <3

  49. Faith says:

    Hey, I absolutely love your videos and your blog, you truly are an inspiration. Sadly I cannot complete some of your routines because of a knee injury I had, do you think you could make some more videos, specifically cardio videos, that cater to people with certain injuries? Thank you!!

  50. Faith says:

    Hey, I absolutely love your fitness videos but sadly I can’t complete some of them because of a knee injury I had. Do you think you could make some videos and routines, specifically cardio, that people with certain injuries can complete? Thank you!!

  51. Cindy says:

    I’m very excited about August which will be month 6 for me. I love Cassey, you make working out so fun, so hard, and very little thought on my part. The only issued is I can’t print the August calendar because there is so much background my printer doesn’t have enough to data/memory. Since I love to check off those boxes every morning is it possible for you to post a printable without the background? Thank you so much!!!!!!

    1. JulIsa says:

      I always open the calender in Paint to check of the workouts, so I don’t have to print it out. Maybe this is an option for you 🙂

      1. Cindy says:

        Thank you for the tip…unfortunately I only have an iPad so Paint isn’t an option. I know it sounds crazy but checking those boxes off just really makes me feel accomplished. I can look back and say dang girl you done good! LOL 🙂

  52. Cindy says:


  53. Elena Morales says:

    I feel meh about August.. i can always have some summer days left, but also rain and soon Autumn..
    Cassey, I wonder if u could make a pregnant series… 🙂
    And a question, if i would like to work out 3 or 4 days a week.. should i do Monday and Tuesday one day and so on?
    Thanks 😊

    1. Kianna says:

      I think that would be too much. Instead, you can do two videos from Monday and two videos from Tuesday so you can work two areas and still fit it in your schedule. 🙂

  54. bebo madridista says:

    August! last month before school.. but in Iraq, not the last of summer, It will still be boiling in September, but at least not roasting like July & August 🙂

  55. Katrina Donaldson says:

    I’ve done 22 days of the beginners calendar and wanted to join the August calendar tomorrow. I’m now looking at it and I’m SCARED! Do you think it’s too quick for me to join August if I haven’t completed the beginner calendar? I really want to get stronger and feel more confident as the rest of my life is a total mess 🙁

    1. Cait says:

      My advice would be to just jump in! Do what you can, and take breaks if you need to 🙂 I’m on month 8 of doing the regular calendars and I still can’t always get through the whole video so just pace yourself and you’ll always have this awesome community around you to support you!

      1. Katrina Donaldson says:

        Thank you. That’s a good idea. I sometimes pause during the beginner videos and carry on when I can. I guess that’s how you get better, I always feel like I’ve had a good workout either way!! haha

    2. Alina Smirnova says:

      Same! I’m going to do all I can — same as before.

    3. Katrina Donaldson says:

      Day 2 and I almost died. BUT I carried on regardless and just did what I could. Thanks for the encouragement guys. I’m starting to notice changes in my body and my strength wooooop!! 😀 <3

  56. Irina says:

    Oh, how exiting! I just discover Cassey, this is the first calendar I received. I wanna try it so bad, and I am going to give it a chance and skip beginner programm MWAHAHAHA

    1. Irena says:

      I did that too last year with the June 2016 calendar! It was really tough, especially because I hadn’t prepared myself with the beginner calendar, but I got through it and I know you can too!

  57. Mandy says:

    I feel the same as you about August ! I love summer, I love heat, vacations, sun & everything that comes with Summer, and I don’t want it to end so soon, so I have mixed feelings for August : it’s still summer so I like it but it’s the end of summer so I don’t like it !
    But anyways let’s try to make the best of it with your workout calendar ! 🙂

  58. Monica Juvera says:

    I feel that this months calendar is so hard to read. 🤓☺️📅

    1. Kianna says:

      How about zooming in?

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