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July 31, 2015


Hey guys!

August. The last summer month. I always remember back to my school days where I would start getting more and more nervous as the first day of school got closer and closer! Ahh the nerves! But you know what made it easier? Having friends I could look forward to seeing.

I encourage you to surround yourself with people who make you happy and who actually are excited for you when something good happens, versus being jealous. I’m currently dealing with some *ahem* “divas” who only expect things out of our relationship. And you know what? That is when the unhappiness begins to creep in.

My life motto is “Give, give, give. The more you give, the more you receive.” Anyone who doesn’t believe in the same thing? Sorry, we can’t be friends!

ANYWAY…let’s talk about the August Workout Calendar!

Click to download

Each day is focused on one target area but we always start with a type of cardio to keep your heart your up! This will help burn more calories throughout the workout.

Be sure to check out August 9th! There’s a special birthday that day! 5 years ago I uploaded the “POP Pilates: Instense Ab Workout” and it’s been a classic ever since. Do it with me that day to celebrate!

Friday is a rest day where you will stretch and make some fun #cheapcleaneats recipes!

Additionally, you will find that on Saturday the 1st and the 15th, there is a workout you will not find on YouTube. That is an exclusive “Pilates Perfect Legs” routine you will only find in the Blogilates Official App (free to download on iPhone and Android)! Make sure you subscribe to the calendar in there and you will be given 100% of the videos in this month’s workout plan!

Also, I would love it if you could give the Blogilates app a rating! It really helps me continue to create more features inside the app if I know you like it. Thank you in advance 🙂

Oh! And here is the 7 day #Planksaroundtheworld challenge that the Calendar is referring too! Please see all the details on how to join the challenge on my Instagram @blogilates. It’s gonna be fun and there will be prizes!


Remember, if you’ve been itching to join the challenges but you feel like you’ll be annoying your friends with all of your fitness posts…then listen up! One of the most liberating things you can do is the start an Instagram account DEDICATED to your fitness journey! Follow other POPsters and I promise that they will follow you back. Make sure you’re using the hashtag #blogilates and you will find so many amazing people who share the same passions as you 🙂

And you know what? I love rewarding POPsters who are KILLING IT daily! Check out this new program we have!


Every Friday, the I, along with the @blogilatesdesigns team will be looking to crown a POPster of the Week! If you read the blurb up there, you will get a sense of what we’re looking for. And every Friday, one special member of the community will be awarded a full Instagram feature on the @blogilatesdesigns page and s(he) will also win a $25 gift card to To be considered, just tag your IG pics with #blogilatesdesigns when you’re in Blogilates or BODYPOP gear! Or maybe it’s even your dog on a Blogilates mat! Or your latest detox bottle recipe!

detox bottle

Check out all the Detox Bottle Designs here.

Whatever it is…I wanna see more of you and thank YOU for being an amazing POPster.

I also want to address something here. I noticed that when I put up this post on Instagram, so many people were commenting that I was being “discriminatory” and “mean” for not putting “he”. The truth is, looking at the analytics of this blog, the YouTube channel, my social media pages etc…I can see your gender! And female is pretty close to 100% 🙂 But to be clear, I will never out-rule a guy who shows major POP love.

Ok! That is all for now. I want you to print the calendar out. I want you to ask a friend to do it with you. And I want you to share a calendar selfie with me before you hang it up! Comment if you’re in!


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  1. Julissa says:

    Want to lose weight

  2. Moazzama says:

    Someone please help me stop late night snacking.

  3. Hana Stephanie says:

    Hi! I’ve been exercising for some time already, just at home by myself, but recently it was really hard to just go and start. It became so monotonous and many times I couldn’t find any motivation. And then I found Cassey! 🙂 I love you! Thank you soooo much! 🙂 With your help I’m back on my way to my dream body!

  4. Helixa says:

    I started in July with the beginner’s calendar and follow since 2 weeks this calendar.
    I feel I get stronger but my hips crack always. I do everyday a strech video but the crack doesn’t stop. What can I do?

  5. Raj says:


    I’ve nearly finished the beginners workout and I love it. I have had a look at the new workout calendar and I think it would be great if you uploaded the videos like the beginners workout!!!!

  6. amina says:

    Today I take up d challenge to embrace my new self,beautiful mind and body. Positivity all the way,people!

  7. Arliana says:

    I fell in love the first time i saw your videos on youtube! Subscribed today and I’m gonna start right away! wish me luck!

  8. Kyndra says:

    Cassey I love how you added abs and obliques this month! I never worked them so hard I love it! Can you please do it again next month I need to melt my post baby muffin top! !

  9. Kay says:

    Hi girls!
    I’m starting today with a mix of Beginners and August calendar. I followed Cassey’s calendars for a few months before and I have never felt better in my life!! Due to personal reasons I stopped, but now I’m starting again and would love it if there is someone else starting too, so we can support each others! Let’s connect on instagram : . I’m so looking forward to this journey, good luck everyone <3

  10. Simran says:

    Hi cassey I need help on getting the new calendar posted to my house I have not a clue on what to go on to enter my postcode, and when you do show me, will I be safe giving my postcode to you as I don’t want it to spread or be on the Internet for people to see or for you to share or show anyone, please get back to me thank you


  11. Valerie says:

    I will finish the 2.0 beginners calendar tomorrow(Friday)! So excited! So I purchased the August challenge on the app for $.99 and I wanted to start from day 1 but it doesn’t show the videos or anything on the app. Is there any way I can get to them! I don’t want to start midway in August.????????????

  12. Dimple says:

    Cassey, your videos are amazing and I love your workouts.
    Do you however recommend doing pilates with other forms of weight loss routines – cardio and lifting?

  13. thivya says:

    cassey pls do a 1000 arm challenge! that’d be really cool! love youuuu

  14. Natalie says:

    Need advice for printing off the monthly calendar where I can actually read it.

  15. Katheryn says:

    I’ve been on this site since last summer and was doing well. But, I started in January, to step it up with your ab challenge, then added the slender thigh and the butt lift challenges. I was down a pants size by May and I’m still going strong. I’m doing the flash abs video you sent out and I will try your new ab and butt tomorrow. The pushing grasshopper has done wonders to tighten up my arms and back. No more droppies by my bra, no more pudgy love handles. This is great!
    I’m 60 and in wonderful shape now. Pilates has done more to transform my body than years of going to a gym. I’m firm, more flexible and my balance is much better.
    Keep up the good work. I am sold on this.!
    P.S. I saw the video where you digitally transformed yourself after receiving criticism. Pooh on them. You are lovely. You have an asian woman’s body, and you are very fit. No one should expect you to have a big butt. You have muscles like spring steel. Thank you for making those catty people look as petty and foolish as they are. Rather than sniping, they should try to keep up.

    1. Karoliina says:

      Katheryn, you’re such a lovely & inspiring person. Pilates doesn’t care about the age 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  16. Rachel says:

    hey! i just recently joined and im really trying to lose some major weight, mostly around my stomach and legs. I was wondering if i should just do ab and leg workouts each day or do the calender which has abs and legs but also others?? and how long will it take to see results?

    1. Emily says:

      everyone is different. For me when I started I did the beginners calendar, which I highly recommend, as well as the 30 day arms challenge because i wanted to loose the arm fat i had. I know there is both an ab and a thigh one but I would just pick one to do at first since you’re newer to Pilates.
      It’s good to try and work every part of your body, but you can sometimes focus more on one area over another as long as you dont hurt yourself in the process (so have rest days!)
      The results may vary, but for me I could tell within the first month that I was changing everywhere!

      1. Sadie says:

        I recommend doing a variety of different exercises. If you wish to lose weight in such areas, you can concentrate your workouts around working those areas of your body… In my opinion it is good to have days where you focus on these areas. For instance, you might say to yourself, Monday I’ll focus on abs, Tuesday I’ll focus on flexibility… and so on and so forth. Regardless of where you want to lose the weight, it’s just a good idea to give your whole body a workout. Also, if you wish to lose weight, the trick is to combine a good diet along with your workout. By this I don’t mean cutting all foods you like out of your diet. Basically, the way you gain weight is by injesting a certain amount of calories on a certain day– regardless if it was calories caused by eating healthy or unhealthy foods– and then not working them off. The accumulation of these calories will cause you to gain weight, etc. That’s just the trick. If you want to lose weight, you should download a calorie tracker app. You can input your weight goal, daily workouts, and what you ate that day. It will keep you motivated and help you to healthily shed a couple pounds. Also, I’m not a doctor, just into fitness, etc. as well so please no judgements made. However, if I said something incorrect, I’d be happy to learn more! Hope this helped!

  17. Bloated but motivated;) says:

    After months, today I was only a few pounds off my goal weight, I felt the great and the workouts were awesome and really working..i ruined it by binging for the past 2 hours:( I feel so angry and upset with myself, and sitting here in pain from eating to much, looking back at the past few weeks, I’ve realised that i’ve been binging a lot recently. I know this probably is the wrong place to post and I’m aware that this post sounds pretty pathetic, but I was wondering does anyone else do this or has anyone experienced it?or does anyone please have any advice how to stop? I always feel so unmotivated and sorry for myself after I binge and actually just sharing it with people who may know what it feels like makes me feel a tiny bit better:) I was looking forward to my rest day tomorrow, that’ll have to wait!!x

    1. McCall says:

      Hi!!! I had a similar experience in high school! Things are looking up!! You can completely heal from these behaviors and thoughts that haunt!!! I suggest Jenni Shaefers book Life without Ed and meeting with a dietician speciaizing in eating Disorders. I love you keep trying! Add me on Facebook and I’ll give you more support. Also my eating disorder recovery blogs is

    2. Katheryn says:

      I’m an older lady and find sometimes I graze, nibble here, nibble there, and by the time I’m done, I’ve eaten a meal”s worth. I found this works for me. I grab some water and the keys and walk out. I go for a walk. I put distance between myself and the temptation. A fast, long walk gets the weakness out of me. It’s like divorcing myself from the food.
      It sounds simplistic, but this has worked for me. Good luck to you.

  18. Lily says:

    How long is the Pilates Perfect Legs video on the app? I want to know how many videos I should use to substitute it.

  19. amber says:

    I love Cassey and all of her workouts, but is it just me noticing that the daily workouts and calendars she composed 2-3 years ago were a lot more difficult ? More cardio? I just add more in now to supplement…but are you all noticing a lot of fat burning with these current calendars?

    Maybe I’m in a workout rut….not stopping though. Still need my pop pilates daily! <3

  20. Meg says:

    I seriously need help with not straining my neck! Just finished today’s work out, almost ???????? Any suggestions/tips? They would be greatly appreciated ????

  21. Ana says:

    Hey Cassie and fellow POPsters, I have been doing the Blogilates monthly calendars for a while now, but I have always wondered what the “New Workout” every Monday is? When I don’t get an email on a Monday I just pick one of my favorites and do it in the place of this “New Workout”. Suggestions?

    1. Abby says:

      Ana, Cassey always posts a new video on her YouTube channel, so that’s what the “New Workout” is referring to!

  22. Anon says:

    Just in case no one found it, the “Bikini arms and back” for August 6th, is actually
    “How to Grow Taller. Exercises for Better Posture!”. Found it from Cassey Ho’s Twitter.

    Enjoy! 🙂

  23. Samantha says:

    Does cassey ever read these comments? Just wondering because I’d like her to create an ab series for people with diastasis recti! I love all the videos but I can’t do any of the ab workouts due to this condition. Please make at least one ab video for this?

  24. Luce says:

    Just finished the beginner’s calendar! Quick question: should I start the August calendar from the beginning or just pick it up on today’s date and move forward from there? Thanks guys, have fun this month!!

  25. Niki says:

    For the date of August 6th on the calendar, I cannot find the bikini arms and back anywhere!!!

    1. Karuna says:

      I couldn’t find it either! And we have to do it again on August 20th… if anyone finds it, can you please post the link here??

    2. Tez says:

      Same!! I was hoping someone had found it :/

    3. Ellen says:

      I know it’s late, but it’s How to Grow Taller video. At least that’s what the Blogilates app says 🙂

  26. Telma says:

    I couldn’t find the “bikini arms & back”work out!

    1. Satinder Kaur says:

      Me either! 🙁

  27. Tina says:

    Hey Cassey,
    Just wondering if we’re supposed to do cardio in conjunction with these videos, and if so, how many days a week? After the cardio days are we supposed to go back and do the Pop Pilates day we missed or should we just do the current day’s workout?


  28. J.Nice says:

    Question, if I’m starting the calendar late, is there anywhere else to see the videos? Doesn’t look like its on her youtube “playlist” and I can click on the day on the app -> pay .99 but I don’t know if it includes the links to the videos. Any help… Thanks!

  29. jnoire says:

    I am now staring I can’t wait to start to love it like u all

  30. Natalyne says:

    Cassey! Thank you so much for all that you do! I love following your workouts because it’s so fun, challenging (i love a good sweaty workout!), fuss-free (i love that we don’t need equipment at all) and convenient (I LOVE YOUR VIDEO PLAYLISTS! all i have to do is click play and follow along!!)!! I watched your videos 3 years ago and I’m very thankful and glad that not only have you continued making videos all these years, but you have also made it so much easier for us to follow along (love the timers and the video playlists)! <3 <3
    I can only imagine how many mean and negative comments you get on a daily basis, simply because you put yourself out there on the web, but thank you for staying strong and continuing to make videos for us!! <3
    following your workout videos make me so happy! thank you!!! (:

  31. Malin says:

    Hi Cassey, I just wanted to say that I’m LOVING these challenges. I’m hoping they’ll just keep on going. I started a special IG account just for these challenges and it’s so much fun! 🙂
    I have a request ^^ I specially loved the #Journeytosplits, since we had a common goal to work for, and even though I wasn’t able to do the splits by the end of the month I saw a big improvement in my flexibility, and that’s the important thing. I’ll keep on stretching and hopefully I’ll be able to do the splits sooner than later 😛
    So, the request: I’d love it if the next challenge would be a #JourneyToHeadStands, I’m sure we’re quite a large bunch of POPsters that would like to be able to do it, and it’s be easier to achieve it with your guidance ^^
    Thank you for keeping POP Pilates this amazing! Never boring for sure! <3

  32. Lexy says:

    The only thing that sucks is when you download the app and you look for perfect legs and click on the video you have to pay for it :/ is it okay if I just do the perfect leg workouts that’s on YouTube instead since it’s free and basically kinda the same?

  33. Jordan says:

    Hey all! So I just joined blogilates (yay!) and decided to do the work out calendar. However, I’m not sure where to get the work outs listed on the calendar, help?

    1. Ess says:

      she posts playlists for the workouts everyday so you dont have to go searching for ’em! just go to the playlists section and it’ll all be there. good luck 🙂

    2. Tina says:

      On her youtube channel she uploads a playlist of the workouts for each day. Also you can just search for the videos on her channel 🙂

  34. PK says:

    Please post calendars in a larger font, so that they can be read easily. Or maybe a link will help….something.


  35. Anne says:

    is there a way when you print the calendars that they are bigger in print so you can read them the print is so small? thanks for all the time you put into this it seems to be a lot of work .Anne

    1. Aleesha says:

      Hey Anne! Save the webpage as a picture on your desktop. Open it and print it from there! That’s what I did 🙂 I hope this helps. xoxo

  36. Tia says:

    Hey Ladies! I just wanted to tell ya’ll that I printed out the calendar at 120% and I can read it wonderfully now!

    Cassey, Thank you so much for the motivation and fun things we can on instagram. I don’t have one yet but I want one and you may be one of the only people on there but its still great and I truly enjoy your workouts. I have kept it up since April and I can see a difference. Thanks again and I am going to try out some of your gear soon.
    Love, Tia

  37. Rebeca says:

    Cassey, a calensar with Kino Yoga!? How cool its that!? 😀 and i just loved the art of this calendar, do you post only the background, pleaaaasee, its so beautiful i would love to print and put together with others posters in my wall! :*

    1. Rebeca says:

      i mean the month calendar 😛

  38. Marjolein says:

    I love it that you just come out on your blog about ‘so called friend’, whitout being afraid what who might think. You must have a lot of haters, but that means you’re doing something good 🙂 Thank you for the calendar!

  39. Lea says:

    The first day literally killed…that day was to target thighs but my butt was super sore the next day..following cassey’s calender for the first time..dint bother to start with the beginner’s cause I’ve been working out for the past one year..i think i need to take it HARD!!!and cassey did right that…THANKYOU CASSEY!!!

  40. Priskila says:

    Hi, could anyone explain the “new video” on mondays? thanksss x

    1. Angely says:

      She makes new videos every Monday and you have to search those ones up on her Blogilates channel on Youtube.

  41. Connie says:

    Hey guys! I’m new here and I just checked out the workout calendar! Wow, it’s AMAZING, I really want to try it. But I’m wondering about that am I too young for this ( I’m 12). I mean, there’s a lot of strength tar inning means to gain muscle and I want to know that will gaining muscle have some affects on my height growing ? ( I’m not tall tho…) Plz reply, THX! ( I’m from Asia, so don’t judge my English… )

    1. Lara says:

      I don’t think you’re too young. I’m 12 and I’m doing it.

  42. Eri says:

    Any tips on what can help my lower back/tailbone pain…? I finished the beginners wo and July wo without any issues, but for one weird reason today’s wo was a bit challenging due to the dull pain on my lower back/tailbone pain… I constantly had to stop, which was disappointing for me because most of all the videos required me to be on my back… Help!

  43. Shen Salarda says:

    Hi, Cassey and Fellow POPsters!

    I have been having weight loss issues due to my lifestyle. Working at night and sleeping by day does take a hard hit on my metabolism. Turning the big 3-0 in September, I want to take control of my life. I want to be more healthy and more lean than ever.

    I am so happy to have found this page. I have been doing some of the videos from YouTube last July. This time, I will try my best to follow the August 2015 Calendar. I am a few days late (it’s already August 3 here in MNL). Hoping to get the results I want soon. I’ve got 2 1/2 months left before the big day arrives! Can’t wait to be reunited with the man of my life. #longdistancerelationship

    Let’s do this! Goodluck fellow POPsters!
    Thank you so much Cassey. You are such an inspiration!

    “Train like a beast, look like a beauty.”


  44. Jasmine says:

    This months calendar is super hard to read. I’ve printed your calendars before and they have been fine, but with this August one I can barley read it

    1. Lauren says:

      Press “Click to download” it should become clearer then!

    2. Tia says:

      Try printing it at 120% it worked for me. Good luck 🙂

  45. Luiza says:

    the only thing that bothers me is the regular calendar doesn’t have links to the video like the begginers calendar has.

    1. Maria says:

      She posts a playlist everyday on her youtube page! 🙂

      1. Rebeca says:

        omg, really!?!? ♡ ♡ ♡ i’ve been spending some precious minutes looking for the vídeos, yoy’ve just made my day! Thknz :*

  46. sirine says:

    cassey can u tell us how many calorie do we burn by doing every exercice

  47. Connie says:

    Hi Cassey and all the other POPsters ! I’m new here. I just checked out the workout calendar and it seems awesome! But, I want to know that am I too little for this? ( I’m 12) I mean, will this affect my height, like…. Not growing up? Plz reply, THX!!!! LOVE U GUYS ALL!

  48. Chelsey says:

    I’m innnn !

  49. Marie says:

    Almost finished with 3, 30 day challenges, abs, thighs and arms. What would be a good next step? Thanks!

  50. Diana says:

    Is there anyway to print this out?

  51. Popster says:

    So exciting for this calender ! But… I can’t workout, I’m sick. How to be fit when you can’t workout ? Can you write a post on this please ? Thanks !!

  52. Meilan says:

    Hi from China! I’m a doing a student exchange in that food paradise and if not for your calendar, my body would hate me forever! I never managed to stay committed through a whole month calendar until now, but I hope I can make it through this month as I realized this week that I am the happiest girl in the world and working out just makes me even more happier, it brings me closer to the person that I want to be and that is somebody who shines with happiness. I really enjoy doing your workouts as they are fun and they have their own flavour. I really hope though you could include some videos suggestions for stretches in the calendar! I feel people tend not forget as much to warm up before doing their workouts, but often forget that when it’s done we should stretch our sore muscles. And sometimes it’s a little bit hard to target the right muscles right after the workout, as for myself, I feel no pain right after the workout, it’s the next day that I discover new muscles I never knew I had before.
    In any case, I really want to thank you for the time you take to make these beautiful calendars! I would be great if we could check them on the computer, as form instead of printing it (let’s save more trees!). Maybe a computer or Ipad/tablet version of the blogilates ap? I couldn’t find it for my Ipad and I don’t like it so much on my cellphone as a cellphone is such a small screen ):
    Let’s rock this august calendar together! It’s time to prepare the back to school look and who never dreamed of starting school over as a better person than the year before! xP

  53. Hannah says:

    Thank you so much for all you have done for your Popsters. You are such an inspiration! I am a rock climber and you have helped me train like a beast! And Happy Birthday! My bday is on the 8th so I will make sure that some of my cake goes to you! 🙂

  54. Leena says:

    I am so far loving the new workout calendar! Even though I have only done it for one day… I was just wondering if it possible for me to get one of the water bottles here in the UK?

    1. Tamia says:

      Yes im sure they do ship to the UK and all the other countries. And if you cant get a Detox water bottle at the blogilates shop, im sure you can get a similar one at your local shopping centre!:)

  55. Sheri says:

    I love your workouts and videos but this months calendar is really hard to read

  56. Barbora says:

    Hi Cassey!!!! ???????? I’m from Czech republic (Europe), So I’m sorry for my bad English. You are my pattern!!!! ☺️ I started with your calendar today, it’s so hard ???? But I will try☺️…This is my first calendar from You.
    With love, Barbora ????☺️

  57. Wendy says:

    Hi Cassey The workout Calender is unclear . I can’t read IT.I am following your Calender for some months now and I didn’t have this problem before.Please help ,I am subscribed so that isn’t the reason.
    By the way I really Love you and your workouts.Sometimes its a bit Crazy but aus you know I LOVE THE CHALLENGE although I am 43 yeasrs old
    I Love you Wendy

    1. Sandy says:

      Hi, Wendy! I actually had the same problem too! i found that if you CLICK on the calender, it’ll direct and show you the full image much more clearly. Afterwards, you could download or print it from there. Hope this helps! :))

      1. Wendy says:

        Hi Sandy
        IT worked , thank you very much .Now i can Start with the Calender.Yeeeh ????????????????

      2. Milla-Maria says:

        Hi! Thanks for your help 🙂 I also had the same problem, but now the calendar is clear 🙂

  58. Aneesa says:

    Hi, Cassey!

    I just wanted to throw in my two cents regarding using “she/her/hers” pronouns in your posts:
    Even if it looks like almost 100% of the popster community is female, I think it’s really important to remember that many analytics tools, social media sites, etc. only allow a gender binary–so users must declare themselves male or female. But there are many folks who don’t actually identify as either, or who might use different pronouns–they/them/their, for instance, which can also be used as gender-neutral.
    I know it might not seem like a huge thing, but in my experience, this community is hands-down one of the warmest, most inclusive and encouraging ones out there on the internet, and I think switching to talking about popsters in a gender-neutral way would be just another step in adding to that inclusivity. Please think about it!

    POP Pilates has consistently pushed me to get and stay in shape since the middle of high school (over 5 years now!), so thank you so much for everything you do!! 🙂

    1. Lisa says:

      Well said! when I saw the thing above about looking for the next popster of the week “Who is she?” my immediate thought was “Why can’t the popster of the week be a he?!” but your point is equally valid – celebrate diversity in all its forms 🙂

  59. Mia says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I just wanted to tell you….THANK YOU SO MUCH!! YOU ARE AWESOOOOOOOOOOME!!!! 🙂 I wasn’t allowed to workout for a …. well… longer time that I wanted… 😀 A half year?! And I missed you soooo much!!!! I’m so happy that I can workout again moreover that I can do it with your support!! My legs are pretty sore after first workout and… I LOVE IT! I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING FOR ALL OF US. Thank you for who you are. 😉

  60. Jenn says:

    I’m in!!!

  61. susangard says:

    I’m IN ♥

  62. Milla-Maria says:

    Hello! I’m so excited of this calendar, but I have a problem with printing it: I can’t get it to the right size, it’s always too small in the corner of the paper or too big and doesn’t fit to the paper 🙁 and it doesn’t feel the same just looking it on the screen…please help me if you know how to print it.

    1. Lisa says:

      If you’re not in the US it might be because US paper sizes are slightly different to other countries (well, I know they’re different to the UK, where I’m from). Try saving the calendar as an image and then paste it into Word or Publisher or similar, then resize it yourself to fit your paper.

  63. Seda says:

    I finished beginner’s calendar 2 days ago and starting this today! Sooo excited! <3

    Good luck popsters!

    1. Carmen says:

      I know me too I am so excited!!!

  64. Anshata says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I have a doubt about The 7 days plank challenge: how many secs do we have to do each position?
    Does anyone know?

    1. Lisa says:

      I would say hold it for as long as you possibly can! 🙂

  65. Cris says:

    Hey Cassey, thanks for your inspiring work, I just would like to say that there must be thousands of male popsters so HE could be also the Pospter of the Week 😀 please don’t exclude them, mua!

  66. Caitlin says:

    Hey Cassey, Im so excited to be starting the August workout routine….

  67. Kat says:

    I am so so so so in!! I cannot wait to do this calendar.

  68. Shalom says:

    I am a man among the one percent. I am doing 4 times a week gym and I wonder if doing pilatese every day in addition to the gym is good for me or is it too much?anyone or even Casey may answer it?

  69. Julia says:

    I am IN IN IN IN IN !!!!! So excited!
    I am just finishing BEGINNER 2.0 so I decided to continue with you. I feel so strong and your workouts are really entertaining, I never feel bored <3
    And design of calendar is really very nice.
    I am looking forward to spending my workouts with you this month!
    Thank you :-)* <3

    1. Ahana says:

      Hey Julia 🙂
      Even I just finished my beginner’s 2.0 and I’m so excited for this month!
      Cassey has really helped me to start exercising, I feel so great after working out.
      Good luck for the month 🙂

  70. Joman says:

    I had enough of the people around I sick of them they have been calling fat and ugly names like bigbum for about 6 years why do people do that even when I try to lose the weight they will make fun of it to I hate them I feel lonely and on my own plz help me I need some to talk to but I feel like that no body want to listen

  71. Esther K. says:

    Hey Cassey, I love the calendar, but I can’t download the app because I have an Amazon Fire Phone. Any way you can get your app made for that platform? That would be completely awesome.

  72. moire says:

    Hi Cassey, l am probably one of your oldest followers, I’m 50!!!! I really enjoy a lot of your exercises, l am a pilates coach and use quite a few of your exercises in my classes. Am l too old to do the splits challenge? I am not a dancer, and find some of the stretches really pull on my groin. Any advice would be welcome!

  73. Laura says:

    Hi Cassey, I just signed up to your newsletter, I’ve been doing a lot of your youtube video exercices and they rock! I’ve made my own playlist and every morning I train with you for about 45-60 minutes, you really motivate me, you’re awesome!
    Anyway I wanted to report a little problem, I’ve tried to download the August calendar but when I click on download, I get a black screen and an error message which says that this page contains errors. What can I do? Has anyone had the same problem?
    Thanks for your reply and congrats for your amazing job!

    Lots of love,

    PS: sorry for my spelling/grammar mistakes, french is my mother tongue 😉

  74. Caroline says:

    Hi cassey 🙂
    I noticed you make a playlist of each day’s exercises!
    It is very convient and thank you for doing that.
    I was wondering if you could upload them a day earlier or very early in the morning because I live in New Zealand where the sun rises the earliest on the earth!! Which means the time is faster than any other places. So some days the playlist comes up at night so I end up having to look for search up the videos.
    I probably sound really selfish and I shouldn’t probably complain 🙁 I love your videos, and appreciate your effort to make us calendars each month xx

  75. Maheen says:

    I am SO in!

  76. Eeza says:

    Hi cassey! Day 1 completed. I feel so sore *probably bc i never exercise my entire life* but i wanna change myself and become healthier and happier. The problem is im confused if i should start with beginner 2.0 routines or August one? Or both? Anyway, i love all your workouts and very excited to see my end result. Wish me luck ????

  77. Catherine Hong says:

    Is the ‘Bikini Arms & Back” on the 6th and 20th the
    “How to Grow Taller. Exercises for Better Posture!”?

  78. Zena says:

    I’m so in ! <3

  79. Nada says:

    OMG … I’m so exiited for August <3
    Thank you Cassey .. You are my biggest inspiration! !!

  80. Naomi says:

    I’m always in! X

  81. chanez says:

    Iam in …Cassey thx a lot .the first thing i do when i wake up is go stright to ur blog …unfortunatel i had Nokia x2 so i cant get the app any solutions plz but i will get it today i have to

  82. ann says:

    Gahhhhh super excited for this workout calendar! I did my very first one for July and boy am I seeing a change in my appearance and mentality.
    B T W does anyone know how long we should hold the plank or is it like take a picture of yourself doing it?

  83. Elisa says:

    Thank you so much Cassey for being here to support us every single day! I started to follow your routine last month and added healthier food, i really saw the difference! I hope I’ll be able to keep going on, even during september. I’m so afraid of meeting new persons and at the same time, so excited. I hope you are well, and i can’t wait to start this new month! Good luck all of you, and enjoy yourself ! <3

  84. roliees says:

    Thanks Cassey so much! I’m in totally. I’ll make my acc today!! I think I got determined to start all of it! Thanks~


  85. Laura says:

    I’m in!! 😀
    Thank you Cassey for being there, for changing our lives! Love you so much!
    ps. I hope your pain from removing wisdom tooth is gone now 🙂

  86. Nicole Kobler says:

    Hey Cassie!

    How long should we stay in those plank pose to finish the challenge?


  87. Lidia says:

    ¡Hi Cassey! I love your calendars and I’m going to do this from the bottom to the top! Thank you so much for your workouts and fitness recipes♥

  88. Sarah says:

    Hi Casey. I’m just after finding out that I have a stress fracture in my foot, but I don’t wand to give up on working out.
    How can I continue to challenge myself without making this worse?

  89. Agnė says:

    Hey… I have a little problem.. I’m using wp (windows phone) and I can’t download your app 🙁 What should I do?
    Please reply 🙁

  90. R says:

    How coincidental, 9th August is Singapore’s 50th birthday!

  91. Sammie says:

    Wow Cassey! I’m from Singapore and August 9th is our National Day! This year we turn 50! 🙂

  92. Wes says:

    Hey there! I’m new to your site, it has really inspired me to get back in the game. I downloaded the August calendar but I think I’ll have to begin with a pure month of stretching 1st. Recovering from & dealing with disc disease but have been cleared to start a program! Easy does it at first. Can’t wait to begin as I’m using Aug 1st as my start date! Thank you.

  93. Tamia says:

    Hello Cassey and everybody, i just want to say thank for this months calender, im really excited and willing to do this months calender! Unfortunately i cant get intagram becoz my mom said no :'( but i’ll try to convince her though because i really want to take part of this and join the other popsters! I just started my journey in to losing weight and it would be really nice to join all the other popsters! I just want to ask 1. How do you guys decipline yourself when its coming to healthy eating! Becuase i try to stay away from unhealthy foods but it soo tempting and declicous! 2. And how do guys stay motivated and dedicated to doing your workouts everyday! Becuase i struggle! When i get home sometimes i dont feel like working out and i keep saying i’ll do it the next day but i end up not doing any workout for the whole week which is very bad! For me :'( and do you guys have any motivational quotes or saying that really motivates you?

    Thanks so much for taking your time to reading this!


    1. Mandy says:

      I think the hardest thing about starting a workout journey is just that – the starting! I have to admit, it’s really difficult at first to push yourself because you may not be the most flexible or the strongest, so some of Cassey’s workouts are really difficult. As for eating well, I found that it’s really easy to be influenced by your family (especially if you’re not the one mainly cooking). Try a whole family life style change; it’s better for everyone to be eating cleaner and healthier, and you can motivate them too! Start by replacing snacks in your house so that the temptation isn’t even there in the first place – it’s easier to resist once in the grocery store from buying the bag of chips than to resist every single chip in the bag haha. Replace your snacks with healthier alternatives to start out, if you’re not ready for full-blown meals (for example, ice cream with frozen yogurt, chips with celery or even microwave popcorn – not the super buttery kind!) For working out, I find that it helps to physically print off Cassey’s calendars and post them on your wall so you can tick off the boxes every day. Once you get stronger, you will naturally feel the motivation to push yourself even harder to get even stronger. Just try your best to stick with it for even a week and you will feel so proud that you will want to keep going! I love doing some extra cardio dance videos with Cassey’s calendar, so if you ever feel like you don’t want to do intense strengthening exercises, I highly recommend TheFitnessMarshall on youtube! His dance routines are so fun and easy to follow. Good luck!

    2. Seda says:

      Hi 🙂
      Staying away from unhealthy food seems hard at first. I thought that i couldn’t leave without chips, hamburger, pizza etc. But one day i said i won’t eat anything that will make me fat or unhealthy. And i stopped eating them after that day. Everytime i went to a store and see chips i just looked at my belly fat and said ‘Not gonna feed you with these anymore’ 😀 😀 Actually after a few weeks, you start not wanting them. Try to weigh yourself and look at your body in the mirror everyday. Imagine how beautiful you will look with your body goal.

      And about not wanting to workout everyday, buy yourself new clothes for workout it’s such a great motivation. You will want to workout just to wear them. That’s what i did and it worked for me. When you workout for a whole week, try your old jeans/shirts that you can’t fit. Even just a little change in your body will make you want workout more to see results.
      Oh and i’m not even talking about feeling stronger. I finished beginners calendar 2 days ago and all my arm fat is gone, i even have baby muscles in my arms 😀 It makes me feel like such a strong girl! I still have a long way to go, but it’s a great begin! 🙂

      Sorry for writing long, but i hope it will help you motivate a bit. Good luck with your workout Popster!! <3

      1. Tamia says:

        Thank you soo much for the advice, and for answering 🙂 you are amazing! And good luck for you to.

    3. Aneesa says:

      Even if you don’t have an Instagram, it can be really really satisfying to take pictures of your healthy meals and workout progress! My friend and I have sent our #sweatypics and food photos to each other for years, and it’s really great motivation. Plus, then you’ll have a whole album of photos showing just how much effort you’ve put into eating clean and getting healthy 🙂
      Best of luck to you! You got this!!

  94. Niki says:

    Hey Cassey! Just wanted to let you know that you have really changed my life for the better with these awesome calendars!!! My only issue is that they are so hard to print to the right size of the paper and then when I do print, it is very hard to read the print. I was just letting you know so that maybe you could try to fix this? Thank you!!

  95. Iris guevara says:

    Definately will begin this new months calendar! Its my 4th month in completing these challenges:)

  96. Mayra says:

    I enjoyed soooo much July Calendar and it was my first. So LETS DO THIS!!!!
    Ill keep on the journey of being a better version of me

  97. Summer says:

    Hello Casey,
    I just wanted to be on of the many to thank you for putting so much love and energy into blogilates for us! I just finished my first week working with your program and videos and am so happy to have you along side me as I go! You’re a blast working with and I LOVE that you tell stories and hold conversation during the workout! You’re awesome!

  98. Dorielle says:

    how many seconds per one plank of the day?

  99. maddy says:

    I love your calendar and website but sometimes it’s hard to see when I print

  100. Sabrina says:

    Hey Cassey,

    Haha when i saw in the email that august 9th was a special day i got kind of excited, like “oh this is probably some automatically generated extra line that popsters get when their birthday is coming up but even so it’s so cool” because it’s my birthday then. Too bad it wasn’t for me, hehe, but i do share my birthday with the intense ab workout so that’s nice too ^^

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. young says:

      Hey girl! happy birthday to ya! good luck with the intense ab workout, you will fly right through it 🙂

  101. Nada says:

    My cousin and I are doing this together, starting August 1st !! Very excited! Let’s do this~

  102. Lucy Vargas says:

    Love you Cassey you’re great! I just have one suggestion I have your blogilates app but since I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook I can’t log in. Can you please make it so I can log in without those social apps?? I’d love to make popster friends. Thank you!!!

  103. Heba says:

    Hi Cassey!!
    I’m going to attempt to do the Beginners Calendar 2.0 and the August Calendar at the same time!! I am really determined to do this, but if I’m having a hard time I’ll just stick with the Beginners calendar. Wish me luck guys. 😀

    1. Heba says:

      Looks like I posted this again whoops! XD

  104. Annie says:

    I really enjoyed the July workout calendar and can’t wait for the August calendar. I might as well do it right now! Following your (Cassey) workout calendar has made working out a routine, and I really enjoy every bit of it!
    Good luck POPsters on this month’s calendar and on your fitness journey! Thank you Cassey for everything! 😀

  105. Darylle says:

    Hey Cassey!

    You’re the best!!! Not only is it my birthday this month, but I’ll be heading off to university really soon. I’m not sure you’ll be able to see this, but please do a video about how to stay healthy during college! Thank you so much for being so awesome and inspirational! I hope to spread the same amount of happiness you do with the people around me 🙂

    Love ya <3!

    1. Staci says:

      Yes, she should do a video for healthy living in college! I’ll be a freshman this year. 🙂

  106. Bryana Gilbreath says:

    I can’t read it on my phone. I have the iPhone 6. It’s super blurry. I do have a laptop but I like to put the calendar as my screensaver as motivation!

  107. Hailey says:

    Yay!! I’m in! I loved the July calendar and have been on the edge of my seat waiting see what August has in store! Thanks Cassey (:

  108. Heba says:

    I am going to attempt to do the Beginners Calendar 2.0 and the August Calendar at the same time. I feel really determined, but if I am having a hard time I’ll just stick with the beginners calendar. Wish me luck guys! 😀

  109. Emily says:

    Thank Cassey! Love these

    I agree with Lidia this month and last month it was hard for me to read the print.

    <3 Emily

  110. isla watt says:

    I’m new but I already love blogilates so so much!! please make the app available on the windows app store, thank you x

  111. Danielle says:

    My birthday is on August 9 too! My heart jumped when I read that it is someone specials bday on that day and I was thinking it was me(:

  112. Lidia says:

    I love your app & your calendar but sometimes it’s hard to see when I print. When I try to access it from the app there is no way to enter the password for the calendar. I think it would be awesome if you could do that with links to each work out.

  113. Gülər says:

    Hey Cassy. I signed up for your august calendar, but i really need july’s calendar, how can i get it? Is it possible?

  114. LeRai says:

    I’m in.! ????

  115. Alicia Frey says:

    I will be doing the intense ab workout with you because that is my birthday!!! I am turning 27 that day:)

  116. Cass says:


    I’m in and can’t wait to start this new month I’ve done last month but started half way through the month! Now I’m ready for a full new month! ❤️ Thank you cassey x

  117. Anne says:

    Ganhhhhh im so excited for this month especially coming back to school with a rocking bod 😉
    Does anyone know how long were meant to hold the planks or is it just a picture to take?

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