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August 2016 Workout Calendar

July 31, 2016

Hey guys!

Can you believe we have arrived at the last FULL MONTH of SUMMER!!???? I’m crying inside. I am soooo in love with the warm weather, the shorts, the extra hours of daylight…oh my goodness…we all need to embrace the beauty of summer because it goes away so quickly! So, why don’t we close off summer with a bang? Let’s make it one to remember.

So starting right now I want you to commit to your body that you’re going to give it everything it needs. Nourish it with good food and train it to be stronger with great workouts.

Here is your workout Blogilates Workout Calendar for August 2016!

Aug 2016 small

Click for high resolution calendar

As usual, do each workout on the calendar once through. You can find my playlists daily on or you can download the Blogilates Official App (free on iPhone and Android) and subscribe to the workout calendar there which will automatically provide you with the videos and the exclusive video of the month “Back Sculpt Song Challenge” (99c subscription to the app calendar) which you cannot find anywhere else.


Alright guys, I’m going to add something on for us that’s gonna be super fun. Are you ready for the last Instagram Challenge of the summer!!??? We’re going to be doing 28 days of abs to sculpt you a STRONGER CORE with the #AdoreTheCore Challenge!

If you want to join in, just repost this graphic on your Instagram and declare it so! And by participating all 28 days, you’ll be entered to win the POPFLEX Super Prize Package!

POPFLEX Prize Pack

The #AdoreTheCore Challenge begins on Aug 1 and ends Aug 28! You’ll find all the details on the challenge here.

Alrighty guys – let’s make August 2016 a month to remember!


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  1. Roxy says:

    Hi, so here’s a strange question… I’ve just noticed the font on the calendar, and love it! Do you know what it’s called please Cassey?

  2. Ayana D says:

    Do I have to do the videos all at one time? Or could I do a couple in the morning and a couple in the evening?

    It’s just a big time commitment to do at once. Let me know how/when you work out the best?

    1. Martha says:

      I think you should do them all at once, cause you are already heat up and burning more calories. I know, it sometimes gets boring for me aswell, but you should try to do them at once. After all, it’s just 30-45 minutes

  3. Shannon says:

    Still going!! August 15 and feeling motivated!

  4. Taissa says:

    Hi! My name is Taissa Hayden. I’ve been a blogilates member for some time. However, I’ve never achieved not one challenge, but it’s not your fault it’s mine. After cancer I fell into depression at first before it I was doing the excel uses and when I moved to Texas I just fell into a state of not caring about myself. I fell completely out of love with who I was. Today I decided to take back who I was, when I saw your message about the challenge for August today and YouTube video, I was feeling like I couch potato like why start until you said, ” you will never appreciate life unless you learn that trials and overcoming them are apart of your success ” at least that’s what I heard. As a mom of two I felt like I was always at demand with being a single mom at that. Always working not finding the time to get to know me. So today, I said lets get up get active and fall in love with myself. You rock Cassey!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    1. Shannon says:

      You got this Taissa!!! Way to go!!

  5. Shannon says:

    Did anyone else come here from the beginners calendar? How are you doing?? These videos are killing me and I’m feeling discouraged, need moral support from other beginners. I loved the beginner calendar but this is like a totally different thing. I can barely get through a video without stopping a bunch of times. I’m still trying my best but…. I need moral support lol

    1. Roxy says:

      Shannon, I originally started doing the regular calendars and then couldn’t move for three days! I then went to the beginners calendar and did okay, but it was still really, really hard! (Lots of stopping and breathing hard, feeling like I was not going to make it!). After that, I went to the regular calendars and did the more modified moves until I could work my way up. That was a few years ago! Now I still have to do some modified moves, but mostly, I’m onto the advanced when I can and push myself. You can do this!

  6. Dana says:

    I had to subscribe again with a different email (third time) because after a month or so, I stop receiving monthly emails with a password. Does anyone know how I can fix this or if this is an ongoing issue with others as well.

  7. Anya.Hinota.Tekavei says:

    Woohoo! my day 5 WO..done with #ADORETHECORE challenge? corkscrew
    T/smoothie art…???? Next time

  8. Lisa says:

    I still haven’t gotten the email of the calendar so I can print it! I’ve re-subscribed twice 🙁 Not in my spam folder either. Hmmm…

  9. Shannon says:

    This is so much harder than the beginners calendar! I feel like I cheated a lot today because my abs are so weak! I got through it though.

  10. Sarah says:

    Can’t wait to complete another month of cassey’s amazing workouts!

  11. ālīən says:

    I’m in! The 8 Min Bikini Thigh are super crazy! Instagram account : a.lien.ated

  12. Anya.Hinota.Tekavei says:

    Day 3(Dancers Legs)are amazing!
    Perfect legs WO first moved was killing me.
    Thanks Cassey Ho.?

  13. Bridgette says:

    I’m not so computer saavy and just finished the beginners calendar which had links to all the videos…how do I find the videos for the august 2016 calendar??

    1. Brianna says:

      If you go to and click on Playlists, Cassey puts all 5 videos for each calendar day in a playlist so you can just play it through instead of searching for each video.

  14. Kari says:

    My new fitness insta is kh.fitstagram! Feel free to tag and follow me! ?

  15. Shannon says:

    Day 2… wow! I can hardly do 5 knee push ups, so this was intense. I can’t tell you how many times I fell on my face trying to hold myself up today, lol (grateful for my thick yoga mat rn) But I still tried my best and finished the videos!

  16. Michaela Diaz says:

    Should we be doing a cardio warm up before and cool down stretches after we do the videos for the day? Someone please answer!!!:)))

    1. Shannon says:

      Its recommended to warm up before, usually I don’t honestly.

      1. Michaela Diaz says:

        Okay thanks!

  17. Michelle says:

    Doing the #adorethecore challenge event tho I don´t have instagram and I won´t post my moves anywhere but I will do it for myself. Anyone else?

  18. Gabby says:

    Yay! So excited to be in shape for back to school season 🙂

  19. Briana Patino says:

    Follow me ladies let me see your post ??❤ @ bri_brip

  20. Dulce Cibrián says:

    I’m in!! @tuqziee_poppilates follow me!!

  21. Erin says:

    What does it mean when it says “new vid” on the calendar? I did everything else for today, but want to make sure I didn’t miss anything!

    1. Shannon says:

      Every monday she posts a new video on her youtube channel. Yesterday’s was an ab video, its called adorethecore challenge or something but there is an ab workout in there

  22. Anya.Hinota.Tekavei says:

    Day 2 was awesome! Love to work on arms?
    good luck everyone

  23. alexis says:

    I wish I had the motivation to do this lmao

  24. Crystal says:

    When doing the PIIT videos do we do it for four rounds too?! And how long do each day’s workout usually last?

    1. Shannon says:

      Haha you definitely do NOT have to do the PIIT videos for four rounds! That’s a whole separate workout entirely. Sometimes there are moves that need to be repeated on both sides, so just go back and complete any moves that you need to even yourself out. Yesterday the workout took me about an hour, day 2 looks like it’ll be about 45 minutes based on the length of the videos.

  25. Anya.Hinota.Tekavei says:

    Thanks ??

  26. Alyssa says:

    I’m gonna try this ?

  27. La Geek En Rose says:

    I’m so excited because I stopped sport for 2 months and then I want to restart again, and see this perfect challenge. So cool 🙂

  28. Shannon says:

    YAAAAAAY. This challenge came just in time ~

    1. Dancing Ice Princess says:

      we can all do this, Shannon. just believe you can. we have a lot of POPsters (new and veterans) supporting you! ^_^

  29. Christian says:

    I ‘am stoked on August sad about it being the last month of summer . Thankyou for being a inspiration to me cause I don’t even feel like getting it is worth it. Thank you

    1. Dancing Ice Princess says:

      it’s the rainy season for us here in MNL. it will all be worth it. just focus on becoming a healthy you! ^_^

  30. Shannon says:

    Came here from the beginners calendar…! I hope I can stick with it!

  31. maitri daga says:

    befit.instyle on instagram

  32. Kayla Peterson says:

    Quick question ☺
    I’m almost done with my beginner 2.0 calendar (day 18 WHOOPWHOOP) ?
    I was wondering if I need to start with day one on the August calendar or continue on whatever day it is once I’m finished with the beginner calendar.
    I know in the beginners cal. It progresses each week and I didn’t know if the main monthly calendar did the same.
    Thank youuuu

    1. Dancing Ice Princess says:

      great for you, Kayla..hhmm, i’m not really sure though. if you feel like you are up for the August calendar challenge, go for it. that’s just my opinion.

      veteran POPsters and Cassey – any ideas?

    2. Shannon says:

      Its really up to you, I don’t think there is a “right way” to do this. Personally, I would finish the beginners calendar and then jump into the August calendar once you’ve finished. There are beginner modifications for moves so if they are too hard, you can modify them. You could always add add 1 or 2 videos from the August calendar to the beginner routine every day and do both at the same time. good luck!!

  33. JenMExx says:

    If I dont have time to do all the videos in a given day, is it ok to just do one or two?

    1. Dancing Ice Princess says:

      like what cassey said – if it’s your only workout for the day. it’s okay. as long as you are moving ^_^

  34. Amy S D says:

    I created an instagram account, but I’m still too unsavvy to video myself. I did the first day of Adore the Core, though!

    1. Sarah says:

      post it! there is not hate in this community, I am sure you look great 🙂

  35. Sarah Aherne says:

    Hey Cassey, quick question; if we’re doing PIIT28 too, do we just sub the PIIT for the one video beside it, or do we do PIIT instead of the videos, and do the adore the core too? Thanks

  36. Isadora González says:

    Hi everyone! I’m new at this, so I was wondering if anyone knows how many reps and for how long (seconds) you have to mantain the excercise for #adorethecore. Thanks for the help!

    1. Shannon says:

      “The goal is to do a minimum of 28 reps of each move daily, per side, unless it is a static hold – then you’ll want to hold it for a minimum of 28 sec…each side! The static holds have *’s next to them.” If you click the link thats #adorethecore it’ll bring you to another page! Or here it is —->(

      1. Isadora González says:

        Thanks Shannon!! I was a bit lost hahaha, now I can start! 🙂

  37. -M says:

    I can’t wait to start this month! I’m really pumped to working out this afternoon! <3

  38. Dancing Ice Princess says:

    hi everyone. i’m back. working all night-sleeping by day, cutting back on fast food and coffee is never easy. i have been cooking for myself for almost a month now – i cannot really follow Cassey’s recipes,..I’m a Filipino and most of it are not available in the PHL supermarkets (if they are, it’s quite expensive).

    anyway, i can’t wait to do Cassey’s August calendar. i am so excited for the new month and the new challenge..for everyone who posted, i’ve followed IG: BlacknWhiteDiamonds_ | samsofsteel | blogilates_joshiemarie | misstipp01 | cici.vs

    good luck to all of us, POPsters!

    1. Carmela Dioko says:

      Hi! I am also Filipino too! 🙂 <3

      Yayyy nice to have a fellow pinay 🙂

      I'm a very new POPster and would appreciate some tips, and explanations of PIIT, Cassey's sched, all that. Thanks in advance!!

      PS I love you Cassey! <3

      1. Dancing Ice Princess says:

        hi, carmela. great to know you are a fellow-pinay too. i am not that new to cassey’s program. i was introduced to her via a friend at the office about 2-years ago..i don’t do POP pilates daily. i must admit, i am not as committed and strong as the others..i guess, it’s because of my work-sleeping pattern..

        as i’ve posted before, i work by night and sleep by day (i follow US timings due to my work..and no, it’s not a call-center..still under the BPO industry..i work for a world-renowned company doing Sales team backoffice work)…so, right now – 12:00am MNL | 12:00pm EST..i am wide-awake.. and as that means, i just ate my “lunch”…

        1. ALWAYS DO A WARM-UP before performing any workout. it will stretch your muscles and avoid injuries. just like what any fitness/dance instructor will tell you..they are right. it’s never a waste of time.

        i love this warm-up by cassey. it’s very easy to follow and easy to do. (see link:

        2. follow the beginner’s program 2.0 (see link:

        the monthly calendar program is quite harder than it looks. believe me. even if i’ve been into figure skating-ballet for years now and doing cassey’s calendar is challenging..but hey, if you are strong-willed..go and give it a try. ^_^

        3. ALWAYS DO A COOL-DOWN to relax your muscles after your workout.

        4. do not focus on losing/gaining weight because you want to lose/gain the numbers..i just read this article earlier (see link: – weight is just a number…having a low body weight does not mean you are fit. others, have a high weight number but is physically toned and fit.

        never compare yourself to the super models or other celebrities or other races or other girls…your body is totally unique. we may both be pinays (i’m proud to say that..and i’m happy you are here), but we are still very different. our genes differ, our sleeping patterns, our eating habits, our daily routines..we lose weight or gain weight on our own terms. focus on becoming the healthier you.

        5. do not fret. NEVER GIVE UP. like i said, i don’t do pilates or workouts everyday, however, whenever i skipped a day or two..i squeeze in daily chores and extra walks to make up for it. like what cassey said on one of her videos, if it’s your only workout for the is okay. as long as you are moving, i believe it counts..every little thing you do, will contribute to becoming the new you.

        time to hit the mat! it’s a work night for me..but working from home today. i hope this helps you out and inspires you.

        let’s all do our best, POPsters!

        Cassey’s PIIT Program is Pilates Intense Interval Training – just like the is INTENSE ^_^. If you are a Beginner, well, not sure if you are new to working out or something..but this is really really intense..and honestly, I didn’t do the entire PIIT28 training. If you said you are new to POP Pilates, do the Beginner’s Program 2.0

        Cassey posts new videos on her YouTube channel (I’m not sure of the schedule really..but whenever I check her page, about 10am MNL time | 10pm EST, there’s always something new). I created an alert on my mobile, and I think you can do the same too. Or you may want to download her app. Whatever suits you ^_^

        Also, AVOID FAST FOOD-Colored drinks (iced tea, iced coffee, soda/soft drinks..these are sugar in liquid form) cook your own meals with greens and fruits…eat in smaller and frequent portions.

      2. Dancing Ice Princess says:

        Cassey’s PIIT Program is Pilates Intense Interval Training – just like the is INTENSE ^_^. If you are a Beginner, well, not sure if you are new to working out or something..but this is really really intense..and honestly, I didn’t do the entire PIIT28 training. If you said you are new to POP Pilates, do the Beginner’s Program 2.0

        Cassey posts new videos on her YouTube channel (I’m not sure of the schedule really..but whenever I check her page, about 10am MNL time | 10pm EST, there’s always something new). I created an alert on my mobile, and I think you can do the same too. Or you may want to download her app. Whatever suits you ^_^

  39. Cecilie Vincens Skiöld says:

    Finally gonna go back to blogilates after a while. I always enjoyed myself whether i would do it.. if anyone wants somebody to text so we can motivate each other then that would be awesome!
    Instagram: Cici.vs ❤❤❤❤ and good luck everyone

    1. Kim Davis says:

      Girrrl I got you

  40. Rissa says:

    Can’t wait! Finally finished the beginners calendar and ready for the real deal!

  41. Lauren Tippett says:

    I’m totally in!! So excited for this challenge! Instagram Account: @misstipp01

  42. Madi768 says:

    I’m so excited, but when do the videos get put out on the YouTube channel?

    1. Shannon says:

      They’re already on there, I just go to the Blogilates channel and search for the videos listed on the calendar. I use a laptop, so I open all the videos in separate tabs before I start. If you use a phone or a tablet or something like that, there’s an app you can download that puts all the videos in one place for easy access.

  43. Zoe says:


  44. Anya.Hinota.Tekavei says:

    OMG..Time here in Fj 2:18pm, I coplete my 1st day of August WO together with the #ADORETHECORE challenge few minute ago….love today’s WO

    1. Dancing Ice Princess says:

      good for you. it’s 4pm MNL – i will be doing it in awhile.

      1. Anya.Hinota.Tekavei says:

        Thanks?all the best

        1. Dancing Ice Princess says:

          thank you, Anya..i am doing the beginners 2.0 program. already in Week 1- Day 5…i’ve been out for awhile and the regular calendar kills out of shape of luck to all POPsters!

          1. Anya.Hinota.Tekavei says:

            Oh that’s good. I’ve been out for 4 days for some reasons but I’m back to beat them…so have to do 2 WO in a day to catch up with my August Calendar..keep it up on your Beginner 2.0 program and best to every POPsters.

  45. Kelcey Atchinson says:

    I’m so excited! I’m finally going to do a full month challenge!
    Instagram account: BlacknWhiteDiamonds_

  46. Shey Flores says:

    I am definitely doing this! It looks super fun..

  47. anastasia says:

    do we have to do the new workout videos and the back sculpting video?

  48. Mei Valentine says:

    I’m so excited to begin this tomorrow!! Good luck everyone!!

  49. Anya.Hinota.Tekavei says:

    Looking forward to do this?

  50. Saamia says:

    I am so excited for this. I made an instagram account dedicated to fitness: samsofsteel. I will follow back and I hope to connect with others who are taking part in this as well!

    1. Dulce Cibrián says:

      I’ll follow u!

      1. Saamia says:

        Thanks! I will follow back 🙂

  51. Joshuanna-Marie Houessou says:

    I’m in! I’m just starting out though so I think this month I will do the Beginners Calendar challenge. That being said however, I’m super excited about doing the #adorethecore challenge, I’ve made a fitness ig account. Follow me @blogilates_joshiemarie. I will follow back and really appreciate the support from all you lovely people!

  52. pennyj says:

    Super fast to access this month’s calendar, no frustrating “server is down” msg! Thanks!

  53. Rosemary says:

    Still confused about exclusive video vs the “new vid//blogilates” workouts. I’ve been a subscriber on my phone so a few years, so I receive the exclusive video. Where I get confused, looking at her calendar for August, the new video is listed to play twice in August, every other Sunday. But then what is the “new vid/blogilates” workouts listed for EVERY Monday? Do we still do the exclusive video on Monday’s also????

    1. Amanda says:

      So the exclusive video and the new videos are two different things. The exclusive video is the “Back Sculpt Song Challenge” which is only available through the app and is used on the 7th and the 21st.
      The new videos are what Cassey releases on YouTube every week, and are free to everyone. These videos are released every Monday!
      Hope that clears it up a little bit!

      1. Rosemary says:

        Not sure why I am having a hard time then finding the new videos (the free ones) that are released on Mondays. Does she automatically put them in the calendar workout on her playlist mix? If so, I’m not seeing them. Or maybe I still need help on finding them. Sorry that I’m so confused about where to find them.

        1. MisaChan93 says:

          She releases them on the day of the workout itself so, you won’t be able to see the new workouts~ 😀

  54. Daphne says:

    how do you make the password work?

    1. Shannon says:

      You have to subscribe to the newsletter and it gets emailed to you.

  55. Claire says:

    Hi! I’m new and super confused. Are each of the “checks” different videos?

    1. MisaChan93 says:

      Yeap, they’re all different videos. 🙂

  56. kate says:

    I’m in! This month looks like loads of fun!! 😉

  57. anon says:

    when the calendar lists the PIIT workouts, does that mean doing the entire thing (the 28 minutes/4 rounds) or just one round through, since there are other workouts on the day? Thanks!

    1. kate says:

      It means just once through. 😉

    2. MisaChan93 says:

      It means doing it just one time! However, she does state if you need to do it twice. 😀

  58. Sarah Sharp says:

    On average, how long is each daily workout?

    1. yolaaanda says:

      About 40 minutes on average

  59. Angie Lim says:

    is it realistic to be able to do both the aug 2016 and the beginners workout calendar at the same time? btw, i’m in ok shape (look skinny but am not that strong or active) thanks!

    1. yc says:

      My take is that it’s better to start with the beginner’s calendar so you can learn posture, etc and then by the time you get to the regular one you’re able to get the most out of each exercise.

    2. Luna says:

      I would do beginner if you’re still getting used to it or do the actual calendar. I think it’s too much to do both unless you do one in the morning and the other at night with no other workout programs.

    3. MisaChan93 says:

      I think doing both will be an overkill if your body is not used to it. Her monthly calendar is more intense than the beginners calendar~

  60. I could not be happier summer will End! I’m a Cold weather girl.

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