How to get great arms for your wedding day!

Hey guys!

This is the FINAL installment of the Bridal Bootcamp series! Ahh! I cannot believe it is coming to a close. I really hope you guys have enjoyed this series. I truly LOVED dreaming this up and making the most beautiful workout videos we have ever made for our channel! Even though the actual flowers are long gone…they live on FOREVER on YouTube and every time you work out with me!

Our final Bridal Bootcamp workout features the arms! YES! My FAVE to work out! And as a challenge, we’re going to NOT use any equipment. Yet, this at home arm workout will be the most brutal thing ever. Ready to try?

Let’s get those bouquet-tossing triceps, shoulders, chest and biceps ready for the big day…

#1. Peek a Boo Chest x 1 Min

Notes: Keep your elbows at 90 degrees and touch them in front of your chin as you bring it in. Then squeeze your shoulder blades as your press to open.

#2. Back Behinds x 1 min

Notes: Palms down to palms up as you bring your elbows slightly behind your mid back.

#3. Angel Arms x 1 min

Notes: This is a shoulder burner! Keep arms straight at all times!

#4. Criss Cross Arms x 1 min

Notes: Criss cross the wrists over each other as you lean forward. Keep your back straight and chest up.

#5. Reverse Palm Pushers x 1 min

Notes: In the same “ski’s stance” position, press your palms up.

#6. Half Cobra Pushup x 1 min

Notes: Keep your elbows into your ribcage as your lift and lower.

#7. Prayer Pulses x 1 min

Notes: Keep your elbows touching the entire time as bring your elbows from chin to nose!

#8. Wide Elbow to Palms x 1 min

Notes: Palms out to palms behind the head!

#9. Inch Worm to Elbow x 1 min

Notes: Steadily walk yourself in and out then end in an “up up down down” from the palms to elbows. Take your time and try to keep your hips as square and steady as possible.

#10. Up Up Down Downs x 1 min

Notes: It’s a portion of the move from your previous exercise!

And that’s it! 10 minutes of deadly arm exercises that are sure to give you the tone and the strength you want for anything in life. To stay up to date on all my latest workouts, check me out on YouTube and make sure to subscribe so that you can be the first to know about each new video release!

Do you guys want a Bridal Bootcamp Workout Calendar? I’m thinking of creating one so that when you get married, you will know where to turn to for a fool proof plan!

Final shoutout to my friends at Lovesome Blossoms and DJZ Productions for the unforgettable backdrop.

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  1. Brichbirdofspringtimeandsadness says:

    LOVE this workout!!! did it in this month’s calendar and it absolutely killed my arms in the best way 🙂 But Cassey where is that sports bra from??? it is so cute and looks gorgeous on your beautiful figure ❤️

  2. Matt says:

    I agree. This helped me to motivate myself. Now Im glad to share something useful:

  3. Ang says:

    Yes!!! I would love a Bridal Bootcamp calendar PLEASE!!!

  4. Thanks so much for listening to my suggestion in making a bridal bootcamp series! I was the one who initionaly suggested it 🙂 I wonder what the next series will be?