April 2018 Workout Calendar!

Hey guys!

HAPPY APRIL! I cannot believe that we are into our 4th month of 2018! I am also now only 6 months away from the wedding! I am feeling pretty good as things like the dress, the tux,  flowers, music, photography, video, and save the dates seem to be secured now. Next I gotta figure out the wedding website, catering, drinks, lighting, tenting, the actual invites and some other major deets! But overall, I am feeling GOOD! I mean, of course familial drama once in a while but – whatever. I suppose it is to be expected!

Anyway, enough about me…let’s talk about YOU!

I have your new April Workout Calendar RIGHT HERE! Promise to take this month’s workouts seriously? Don’t slow down your motivation and don’t give up! Take each day one by one. Just remember why you started…and that’s how you’ll get back on track when you are not feeling it!

Click to download hi res cal!

You can access the clickable digital workout calendar by logging in here:


Alright, you ready!? Let’s do this guys!

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  1. Kyra says:

    Clicking on the videos isn’t working for me. It worked for three days then stopped. Is there any other place to access the videos on the list without having to search each individual one up every time?

  2. Muriel says:

    Hi Cassey! I have recently just discovered you, as I have been battling ulcerative colitis for the last 10 years of my life. Unresponsive to all medicationand no energy to even try committing to exercise. I use to love to lift weights and kickbox. I have recently gone into remission and started working out again but I tore the ligament in my left foot severely and was told not lower body exercise for three months or more 🙁 I struggle with low self esteem and have always hated my body. I bought your book and am eating clean, but because I can’t do cardio burns I really feel like I am not gonna get anywhere. Your workouts were really starting to help me show results and now I am set back. Do you have any ideas or workouts I can do to maybe keep my in track with my progress.
    Thank you for all you do!💪🏻❤️

  3. Shivam singh says:


  4. Adriana says:

    Hey Cassey! I’ve really been struggling with binge eating for the past two months and I’ve gained lots of unwanted weight. I feel so sad and out of control all the time. Do you have any suggestions that might help me stop?

    1. Tati Viana says:

      Hi, Adriana! Binge eating is totally related to emotional eating. If it’s being too hard for you to stop doing it, I recommend you to find a mental health professional and/or a nutritionist.

      By the way, I have a bachelor degree in physical education and I love to study everything about mental health and life quality. So, I can share some tips that may help you:

      – First of all: don’t feel bad for eating what you want or like. Media and some professionals tend to picture food as a villain, and that’s not true. The problem isn’t food itself, okay?
      – So, food is just food. It’s the fuel of our body. We NEED to eat. But not too much. It’s all about quality and quantity. Don’t try to fit yourself into the fitness dream. You know the difference between food (aliment, nutriment) and tasty stuff we eat because we like. Of course, we don’t need to simply stop eating a nice piece of cake with our friends in a party or start a restraint diet from nothing. It’s not effective and you may even get fat, because stop eating isn’t the solution. Food education and understand your bad habits are the best way you can follow.
      – Write about it. Start journaling. Think about what you are feeling, how do you feel when eating and what’s triggering your binge eating.
      – Watch yourself, observe the difference of when you are really hungry or when you’re eating due to anxiety. Emotional eating has a lot about it. Maybe it’s a hard task… in the beginning, you cannot understand this difference, but I’m sure gradually you will get it.
      – By the way: gradually changing is better than just stop.
      – Meditation is one of the best ways of overcoming binge eating. I’ve heard about an Harvard study about the benefits of meditation in women who were suffering from binge eating. It’s really powerful. Try it, please. Start with 5 or 10 min everyday and enjoy it!
      – And, to finish: before going to bed, visualize yourself as you want to be. But not just visualize… close your eyes, feel it. Feel like you are healthy already. Feel like you lost the extra weight. But don’t feel like it’s something in the future, feel it NOW. Live in the present. And be patient and kind to yourself. Believe you’re achieving it already. It’s a nice “mind-hack” that can change your mindset. The brain controls our body; if we have a healthy brain, if we have good thoughts, it works in so many ways to change our body and gives you courage to keep going!

      And, of course: exercise! Oh, girl, you can’t believe the physiological and mental benefits of it… it’s amazing! I love studying it. Exercise IS MEDICINE! <3

      I hope I am helping you. But please, go to a professional and if you want, you can show them my tips and discuss with them about it. I'm sure they will agree and help you in the process.

      Thanks for sharing your problem. It's okay to be vulnerable and find help. You're doing great!

      1. Kathie says:

        Your comments are perfect- I have been getting out of control myself with binge eating and your answer was VERY helpful!! 😊

      2. Adriana says:

        Hi Tati!
        Thanks for all the tips and everything! It really means a lot!
        I told my mom and my counselor about it. (I am 14 years old) She says she doesn’t even think it is binge eating. She said it was more like mindless munching all day. Probably one of the factors that is causing the binging is that I have been recently underweight and recovered.
        I am so thankful because in the past couple of weeks it has really gotten better!

        I will definitely take some of those tips into consideration!
        Yeah working out is absolutely amazing! I have been doing Cassey’s calendar forever! I also did Pitt28.

        Thanks so much again! I really appreciate it 🙂


  5. Christina says:

    Thank you Cassey! I was just going to make my own calendar and found this! I love that you offer so much to us without asking anything in return! Your videos have really brought out muscles I never knew I had! I need daily motivation and structure and having this gives that to me, thank you!

  6. VeganKatie says:

    How much time do these usually take per day? I’m almost done with the Beginners Calendar which is between 25-35 minutes per day and am planning to join up with the April calendar on the 23rd. 🙂

  7. She says:

    Hi there! Any suggestions for postnatal workout? …idk where to begin. Prior to getting pregnant I use to do many of your workouts. I wasnt allowed to workout during my pregnancy (high risk). I’m so out of shape 😭

    1. Marinda says:

      I did her workouts after I was cleared after baby. I had a c-section so my stomach muscles were shot and needed help! Most of the moves work your stabilizers, so I had to be really careful with that! But I at least started getting into the groove of drinking more water and doing the arm exercises and practiced breathing! But after I was cleared I did the beginners calendar first! And quickly my body got back into the groove of her awesome exercises!! Congrats!!!

  8. Marlene Wood says:

    I want more beginner friendly playlists.

  9. Ingrid says:

    Awesome calendar, Cassey! Are we supposed to do each workout vid 4x or just once for each? Thanks!

    1. Shannon says:

      I am new to this but from what I understand you do the videos each once unless she states in the video if your following the calendar to do it twice. Sometimes she will film the video but only do her left leg/arm and you need to do the video again for your right side. If it is your only video of the day and you are not following the other videos on the calendar then she has said to do it 4 times go get your full 30 min work out in. 🙂 Hope this helps a little.

  10. Brookelyn Burk says:

    Hey! My best friend and I just started doing you’re workouts and we love it!! We are following the calendar every morning and we think it is such an amazing program to follow. We think it would be easier if the calendar had clickable links that took you right to each video for the day! Thanks so much!!
    -Brookelyn & Molly

    1. Shannon says:

      yes I agree!

  11. Daniela says:

    Casey i love your videos, i love the motivating stuff you say, I love the way you talk. I get a bit frustrated about my resistance because I cannot complete the exercises. Yeah I know …it’s just a matter of keep doing them until I can complete the videos. They are also great cardio workouts even when the focus is on a specific part of the body. Is there a way I can contact you privately for more advise and specifics by telling you about my age and situation? Thanks in advance!

  12. kawaikatt says:

    Hi Cassey, I really appreciate what you are trying to do with the new website but it’s A LOT of clicking to get to my workouts nowadays 🙁 First I have to log in, go to the calendar, click on the link and then I get to the video and the video is cropped on your site, which is irritating, so then I have to click it to get to the youtube link, then click to open it in youtube and then click to get fullscreen… That’s 4clicks for every workout after I’ve logged in, it used to be half of that 🙁

    1. kawaikatt says:

      Also, I like to give your videos a thumbs up (because they’re awesome!) when I watch on youtube and it’s also a way to keep track of which ones I’ve watched before. I haven’t found I way to do that on the site.

    2. Emily Franey says:

      I agree! I think the new site is OK, but every time I log in and try to access the workout calendar, I am brought back to the same page with the calendar that doesn’t have clickable links! It just keeps on re-routing me in loops and has been like this all week. Making my sad because I’m missing my daily workout routine! haha

      1. kawaikatt says:

        🙁 She uploads daily playlists with the videos from the calendar on youtube, maybe check them out?
        Personally haven’t had any issues with the website calendar, expect the video pages, but Cassey (if you read this) I trust that you will get this fixed! Because I know there’s no way you want your beautiful videos cropped and I’m sure that more likes on youtube never hurts ^_-

      2. Sandrine says:

        Il have the dame problem. I tried again and again…

    3. Kathy says:

      Hey, think about it, if you’re so irritated for clicking just 4 times to get to your workout video, are you patient enough to do the workout first?

      P.S: I didn’t mean to be rude, sorry if I offended you Kawaikatt.

    4. VeganKatie says:

      If you go to YouTube there are playlists for each day. I hope that helps!

  13. Veronica says:

    Hey Cassey I have a question. Why is the calendar online different than the one in app? I pay for the Blogilates app and the workouts are different this month.

  14. daleydale says:

    Fourth month in a row of following your calendar, Cassey!! I’ve started switching up every other day with dance cardio and yoga to keep myself motivated. I’m looking forward to trying this famous all cardio, though I’ll miss PITT28 Tuesdays!
    Keep making fantastic content and inspiring us with your positivity!

  15. Aurora says:

    Can I start from the 6th (today) or is it better to start each calendar the 1st of the month?

    1. daleydale says:

      You can start from any day! There isn’t really any advancement in terms of difficulty or anything, so it doesn’t matter where you start. If you start from the 6th that will put you on track for the rest of the month and year 🙂

    2. Maris says:

      Start today!!

    3. naomithings says:

      Id say just start whenever you can, no need to wait 🙂 I’ll be starting this calendar tomorrow.

  16. Heidi says:

    Same question as Mira, do you do all videos that are listed for each day?

  17. Mira says:

    This is my first time doing the calendar, and I’m a little confused. do I do every thing listed for each day? Are they all videos? How long would each days workout take?

    1. Hannah says:

      Yes, all of them are videos. And you are supposed to do all of them. If you find the calendar to hard for you, you should try the Beginner’s Calender 2.0

    2. clessenberry says:

      Hi! Yes, the way it is designed is each day of the week targets specific parts of the body. Each thing listed is a video and you do all of them. The length will vary, but I’d say it could be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Obviously you don’t have to do every single video every day if you don’t have the time or are struggling, but just do what you can!

    3. Tori says:

      I was wondering that too!

  18. Emily Jones says:

    Looks good can’t wait to try it

  19. Andi says:

    I am sooooooo happy that you’ve brought the full on cardio day back!!!!!
    It absolutely kills me and I love it!

  20. Elise says:

    Hey Cassey! I’m so excited for this month’s calendar! My goal this sping is to gain a little 4 pack for this summer. Your work out plan is the only one I’ve genuinely enjoyed! Do you have any tips or advice to help me and anyone else with this goal?

  21. Felix says:

    Spot on and very accurate full body work out routine! Don’t forget to unlock your hip-flexors too

  22. Jerla says:

    Hi Cassey! I really enjoy doing your workout videos, thank you for your work. I know many other people have requested this also but the days where the pdf was linked were great. I love the new setup but logging in is a little trouble as I tend to put the videos up on my tv through youtube. It was much easier when there was a direct link in the monthly calender, please bring it back!

  23. Ynah says:

    Hi, Cassey! Ever since the big update, I’ve been receiving the workout calendars on the 2nd day of the month. 🙁 Can this be resolved so they arrive on the dot again?

  24. Penny says:

    Hi Cassey! Can you please put up the playlists for both Sundays and Mondays workouts on Sunday and leave them both up until Tuesday? I don’t like to work my butt the day after legs so I want to switch butt and arm days, but I’d like to be able to access the playlists on the opposite day. I was using the app calendar previously, but it’s been an annoyance to use ever since the expansion screen option went away. I prefer watching my videos on landscape mode so I can get the largest screen possible and use my iPad stand to hold it up. 🙂 There must be other blogifans with the same concern as me. Thank you!!!!

    1. Damla says:

      You’re so right! Actually, why not putting entire week’s lists at once instead of putting them day by day? Most of the time, I don’t have 6 days to workout and I like to combine them into 4 workouts 🙂 Also I missed clickable pdf calendar, I used to download them on my phone, it is so hard to navigate at this website with my mobile phone at the gym. 🙁

    2. Elise says:

      I’m the same way!!!! I just write it on the calendar and look them up individually. I thought I’d try back-to-back this month but my body is killing me!!! (In a good way;) ).

      1. Penny says:

        I think putting butt and leg consecutively was an oversight because Saturday and Sunday are not next to each other on the calendar. No fitness instructor recommends doing the same body part two days in a row, and I doubt Cassey would either. I tried your method of looking up each video from the downloaded calendar, but it’s too time consuming, and sometimes i like to work out on my ipad instead of my computer. I use the app mostly because the list is already there, and the paid version lets you click on each video to watch, but that feature has become unusable due to the expansion button being hidden by the Blogilates logo. I think whoever is planning out the calendar isn’t paying much attention because sometimes we do the same video just a few days apart (like at the end of march and again at the beginning of april, as if the scheduler didn’t realize that the video was just used the previous month). I hope Cassey’s staff gets better at being on top of things, and I hope the developer fixes the hidden button issue on the workout calendar in the app!

  25. popballerina94 says:

    I really liked having one day of the week be PIIT day!

  26. marissma says:

    For the “New Video” are we just supposed to do whatever video we want? Whenever you click the link on the interactive version of the calendar, it just takes you to the videos and not a specific one!

    1. Aritsa says:

      New video is on Youtube :).

    2. kristine.e says:

      There should be a new video coming out on those days, some time LA time probably.

    3. Jemima says:

      It just means the new video Cassey uploads. She uploads at the start of the week a.k.a Sunday! So just do that video when new video comes up.

    4. Penny says:

      She posts a new video every Sunday, so whatever the latest video on her channel is what you should do. If you use the daily workout playlist on her youtube page, all 5 videos for the day will play including the new video on Monday.

    5. wredavis says:

      Hi Marissma — I believe she releases a new video on those dates, so it won’t be available until it is released. On those days, you can most likely check her YouTube feed and see the new video.

  27. pinkiezup says:

    Cassey can you please bring back the linked PDF version? I really loved that format 🙂 having to log in to the website to access the calendar isn’t as quick and easy as the linked PDF was.

  28. Jenny Love says:

    Thanks for creating this calendar. There are days when I don’t know what I want to do, and then BAM! You upload the workout playlist for the day. lol. Can this calendar be used in conjunction with the PIIT28 calendar, or should I choose one or the other? I’m trying to get in shape for an important event later this year, and I wasn’t sure which one would give me the fastest (and fittest) results. Thanks!

  29. N-K says:

    Hey Cassey! I’ve been with you a couple of years now and I was actually wondering if you could do some easier videos? Like if your super sore one day or even beginners stuff. I was also kinda hoping maybe you could do a video of how to eat clean while on your period. Thanks and I love you so much!

  30. Monique says:

    I AM definitely excited to do this April workout I love that more cardio was added. Thank you so much.

  31. mbb2000 says:

    Cassey, thank u for your encouraging words!!! U r The Best!!!

  32. Tanya Brown says:

    Hi Cassey! Question, do we do all workouts on each day? My 2 girls (10 and 15) and I do these workouts together. we love your enthusiasm! Thank you so much.

  33. It’ll be my birthday this month on the 28th! I’m a Taurus 😀

  34. Henriette says:

    Where do I find the exercises?

  35. rainbowcucumber says:

    Can’t wait to do this workout!♥

  36. Rajani Karoti says:

    Hey Cassey!

    I’m Rajani from India.
    I’ve recently started following your videos via YouTube, and I’m already a huge fan 🙂
    Love the way you keep inspiring every moment of the tough workouts

    Also your energy stamina and flexibility are mind-blowing

    Love, all the way from India ❤

  37. Popster818 says:

    Love the design and I’m glad you added more cardio videos instead of PIIT Thanks Cassey!

    1. PIIT videos are a combination of cardio and pilates! I’m assuming you just like the cardio component?

      1. xo says:

        I think she was talking about the Tuesday Cardio days. The past two months have been one PIIT video repeated 4 times, but this month is back to 5 cardio videos (more variety!).

  38. Bruna says:

    Hey Cassey! Love the calendars you share with us! Will make almost one year that I follow it! I really need to take the workouts of this month seriously since I have stopped for a week because I was stressed, demotivated, worrying a lot about food, like REALLY. I was saying to myself that some food was bad and I was “bad” or “ugly” for eating it. But now, in the weekend, I eat a piece of chocolate (I don’t wait for Easter Day hahaha) and I don’t feel sad about it 🙂 It was really nice seeing that the food it’s not our enemy. Since last year I was really religious about food and I remember that when I have eaten a cake made by my Grandma I felt guilty and I had a really bad stomach ache because I was depriving myself. This one week that I didn’t work out and eat delicious things made a large change in my mind! I just want to share it with you and the community, since we are like family hahaha <3 Love your work! Good luck with the preparations for the wedding!