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April 2017 Workout Calendar!

March 30, 2017

Hey guys!

I hope you had a fantastic week! I’m wearing a charcoal mask on my face now as I write this blog post. Going to try to take care of myself more and more going forward! These are things I normally neglect because I am too busy working. But this body is our temple for this one life…we’ve got to take care of it from the inside to the outside! I’m seriously so amateur in the beauty department, so I am still learning everyday! I’ll share with you what I can.

Did you see that I dropped some new gear in the POP Pilates section on POPFLEX yesterday!!??

I know you guys wanted the hoodie back, so here it is! In charcoal now! And if you earned a bunch of rewards points during the Spring Sale, go ahead and use em! That’s the magic of the program!

Okay are you ready for the…


Download jpeg | Download linkable PDF

There you are guys! Remember to download the PDF because you can just click on the name of the workout and they will link directly to the video on YouTube!

Now food-wise – if you’re looking for a REAL change in your body, you’ll want to try out the 28 Day Reset. This program will help you rid yourself of stubborn fat, bloating, and acne…for real!  Click here and download my free guide.

Also, I am planning to film a bunch of new workouts for you guys in April and I want to know what you want to see! Can you comment below and gimme some ideas!? If I use your idea I will give you a shout out on YouTube!

Thank you and love you!!!

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  1. MrsDanifun says:

    Hey Cassey, it would be awesome if the workouts showed how many calories were burned for each workout. assuming completely fully

  2. M says:

    Should we be working our forearms?? If so, something like that please. Otherwise your clips are always amazing i’m like 5 years in, thanks Cassanova!

  3. Sikkum Limbu says:

    I didn’t get the password for may calendar even though I subscried like several times. Somebody help me please

  4. Sophia says:

    Can you do some more apartment friendly workout? I workout super late at night and I don’t want to wake anyone up 😀

  5. Ptryzzia Diaz says:

    1000 butts and thighs please!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😁😁😁😁

  6. Gordon Davey says:

    I am inspired by this routine of workout calendar, this is the best way to keep your motivated and avoid injuries like Ankle Sprained

  7. syd says:

    I think u should make some videos on
    slimming down and loosing inches off the hips area

  8. Agnieszka Dubiel says:

    This calendar is the best idea ever! Thank you <3

  9. Raphaelle Cantin says:

    I’m coming from the beginners calendar, where each day would be AT MOST 45min (mostly 30min). These are much more than that, and I don’t have the time to do them all. I picked three today, hope that’s good enough (I’m so sweaty I think it’s ok 😉 )

  10. Tomoyo Rini says:

    what does wo mean

    1. Lian says:

      work out

  11. allison says:

    how about a barre style workout or a workout with weights

  12. Katherine W says:

    A Barre-style workout would be super cool with light weights and lots of pulses!

  13. Crystal Donaldson says:

    Thank you soooo much!!!

  14. How about a serious of HARD HIIT and pilates workouts for us advanced popsters? These days it’s always easy beginner videos.

  15. Cathy says:

    Middle splits video! Or a butt video using the Pilates ring. Pilates has made my butt small and flat, and I’m trying to figure out how to get it back up without doing weighted squats. Can the ring create the resistance that I need to get my butt round, full, and perky again?

  16. Cathy says:

    I’m so happy this calendar separates the butt and leg videos into different parts of the week! The previous two months, I injured my leg because I was putting too much stress on my lower body four days in a row without any rest: HIIT day, leg day, sculpt day, and butt day (I usually keep Sunday as my rest day, and I do the weekend workouts on Friday and Saturday). This new calendar is a much better schedule because arms day occurs between butt and legs, giving my legs a nice rest before they have to get to work again.

  17. CherryPink says:

    Preggie workouts pretty please, you did one with Jen, which I love so much, I am trying to incorporate my own routine but its not as well put together unlike your routines which I am miss loads as I am now 28wks preggie.

  18. Maria Petkova says:

    I’d love more beginners friendly workouts, that slowly lead into better flexibility. I am just started and I did the first calendar but I don’t really feel flexible enough for the full on challenge. So any workouts that are modified for less flexible people or people with less core strength would be great!

  19. Hanna Stump says:

    I really love butt workouts they are the Best

  20. YiMin says:

    I love the express series. They are quick and such a killer!

  21. Island Girl says:

    I just finished beginners work out. What to do next?😄

  22. Dajdaj says:

    Oh yeah and please more work out dances they are completely amazing

  23. Dajdaj says:

    Wow this is amazing can’t wait to get started finally joined your blog and I’m super happy to be here

  24. quenni says:

    I don’t know if this video could work, but some sort of video showing exercises you could do at a desk or sitting down. Also, maybe an excersise video for when you’re sick or not feeling well that is still a work out but isn’t as challenging and is more stretching.

  25. Marie Montoya says:

    Yo Cassey- Ten thumbs up for embedding the youtube link in your calendar!

  26. Kelly Kinkead says:

    Can you do some videos with Pilates props like the foam roller and mini ball pls? One of my teachers used to use them in class and those classes so good but then she left and we didn’t use props again😢.

  27. Elisa says:

    Where can i find the videos of the april workout calendar ?

    1. иглика 77 says:

      in the linkable calendar by cliking over the text.

  28. popster4life says:

    my friend told me this today, it will make you laugh: if 1 chip equals 10 sit ups, I would have a shredded six pack right now. LOL!

  29. cheshious says:

    Thank you so so much for making this a linkable pdf! I’ve been downloading the calendars and mostly not doing them for, well, ages, but being able to just click on the links in the pdf is making it much easier for me to just do it!

  30. Popster_Rabbi says:

    Casey – I love that your videos invite and encourage people of all levels and sizes to embrace exercise and healthy living. Your current calendar names Easter, Tax Day, Siblings Day, and Earth Day, but not Passover. Can you give a shout out to (religious) minority Popsters by including our holidays in your calendars (e.g. Passover, Ramadan, Chinese New Year, Diwali, etc)? IMHO, Passover is the ultimate Popster holiday, because, like Blogilates, it is about striving for freedom from what holds us back. Thank you for being so inspiring!

  31. Margie Klein Ronkin says:

    Question: If you follow the workout calendar, do you ALSO need to do (more) cardio, or do the daily workouts INCLUDE your needed cardio? These workouts are amazing!

  32. CoilySue86 says:

    Is it possible to create workouts that are lumbar friendly. I have a lumbar herniated disc and it makes some moves painful or annoying.
    Thanks, Cassey!

  33. Sanaa Asim says:

    Maybe a workout with less strain on the wrists? Idk why but my left wrist gets particularly sore after doing things like bird dogs etc. So i’d love some that don’t involve a lot of wrist movement

  34. Luana says:

    I know everyone wants “dance videos”, but I would really like to see a series of classic Mat Pilates workouts that focus on proper form for the basic Pilates moves. I have a congenital lung condition (and a problem with external rotation in my left hip joint) so I can’t do all the high energy/ jumping/ dancing stuff. Thanks!!

  35. Vivian Lee says:

    As for new workouts – I actually would like to see more classical Pilates mat workouts! I like your HIIT and cardio workouts, but sometimes I like just getting on my mat and doing something low-impact that is also very toning and works my core. I also have very limited space to workout due to the size of the apartment I’m currently living in, so anything that requires lots of movement (e.g. skaters, moves side to side, etc) is usually out of the question for me.

    1. Luana says:

      Yes!!!! More classic Mat Pilates, pls!!

  36. Vivian Lee says:

    If we’re working through PIIT28, is it possible to combine that with the monthly calendar? Or do you think that would be too much at once?

  37. Cristina says:

    A 30 day cardio challenge please *sadpuppyface* ^^

  38. Beth Masog says:

    Thank you for the awesome videos! The linkable pdf is a lifesaver!

  39. Bethany says:

    whole body pregnancy workout ❤❤❤

  40. Pluiehivernale says:

    A video that can be practiced during pregnancy too and that gives the whole body a workout?

    That would be great!

    1. Beth Masog says:

      Sara Haley Fitness does preggo workouts (and she’s expecting at the moment!)

      1. Pluiehivernale says:

        I just checked her, but I didn’t find anything I liked 🙁 I did find pregnant workout vids (and Blogilates has one as well, it’s just not on her channel but on From Head to Toe’s channel, and I think it would be great for Cassey to have a video that Popsters could do and still do when pregnant, hence my suggestion!

  41. MLo says:

    More apartments workouts please! I would also like more videos that gently help strengthen the mid to lower back area. I have scoliosis, so there are some exercises that hurt my back, yet at the same time, I need something to help strengthen it.

    1. Vivian Lee says:

      Seconding the request for apartment workouts! Or just impacts you can do in small spaces too – when I travel, I love being able to still do workouts in my hotel room 🙂

  42. Dinima Daryani says:

    Dance Workouts Please. Cardio love. 😀

  43. Ioana Constantinescu says:

    by new video, it means we should do the last posted video on yt? or whatever we want from the last videos ? i really don’t know! quick answer please ! thaaaank a lot <3

    1. SarahS. says:

      Hi! Cassey posts a new workout video every Sunday. It’s the video you’re supposed to do on Mondays, along with the other workouts of the day.

  44. Rara says:

    Will love to see more workouts incorporating weights!

  45. Toni says:

    Dance workouts I love them❤❤

  46. Lisa Marie says:

    Arm with weights!

  47. Leticya Britto says:

    Kpop inpired cardio, please!?

  48. Debbie Ali says:

    I feel like whenever I walk up stairs, I am always out of breath….but I have been trying to work out more and eating well too! (Plus I am pretty solid/healthy medical wise. Any good workout routine recommendations to not feel winded after going up flights of stairs??

  49. Αγγελικη Φωτιδου says:

    Casey, maybe you could make videos on back pain relief workout!!!!

  50. Hélène says:

    I’d love to see dance videos and videos with your sister or other POPsters ! <3
    If it's okay with copyrights stuffs, KPOP WORKOUT !!!!

  51. melloriya says:

    some butt workout please!

  52. Marla Savage says:

    I definitely agree with the other posters asking for a dance video. Your dance videos are so fun! Even us non-dancers can figure them out because you teach them so well with your step-by-step breakdowns.

    I’d also love some more total body stuff and maybe even some beginner stuff to remind us of proper form.

    Finally, I’d love some more stretchy-yoga-like things. My favorite exercise video of all time is your stretching for flexibility because it feels like such a treat. I do it before bed and when I wake up! It’s just wonderful.

    Thanks, Cassey!! 🙂 You’re the best!

  53. Christiana Hinton says:

    Mid to lower back workouts please! I’m trying to avoid back surgery and my physical therapists says having a stronger back will help.

  54. Yazzy says:

    Cardio dance pleaase❤

  55. Jolien Van Hooste says:

    extreme abs 4?? or a 1000 challenge 🙂

  56. Laura says:

    Hi, I got ACL and meniscus repair surgery almost three months ago and I’ve been cleared by my physical therapist to do pilates, just not running or anything with pivoting motions. I’m not sure if I can do the cardio workouts and if there’s some things I can’t do what should I use as a subsitute?

  57. Joanne says:

    1000 butt workout!! 😀

  58. Stephanie Fournier says:

    I loved the fat burning ladder you did 2 years ago. Would love another one of those

  59. Madeleine Kate says:

    More stretching videos please! I try and stretch every day but I get bored after watching the same videos over and over again!

  60. Emily Mullins says:

    More apartment workouts!! I love working out but I can’t be jumping up and down all the time :/ lol

  61. Shani says:

    I would like you to film a standing abs workout, for those days I work out outside or at school and I don’t have a mat with me 🙂

  62. Jeanne says:

    Do we have to do all the workouts everyday?

  63. Lora says:

    I really wish there was a stretch on the calendar everyday. Or maybe even a stretch only calendar.

    1. Lian says:

      Yes! I’d love that too

  64. Nina says:

    Maybe a workout for a better posture?

  65. Jessica says:

    Just did the workouts I couldn’t finish the 30 minute one but phew am I sweating!

  66. Loumar says:

    Dance Videos Cassey. I love to see new dance moves!!! Thanks!

  67. SarahS. says:

    Hi Cassey! 1. I would absolutely LOVE it if we had -lots- of cardio dance workouts, I seriously never ever get tired of them. 2. Maybe more pop song challenges (the ones with only one move), it’s been a long time since you uploaded them. 3. A “1,000 video something”: we don’t have a 1,000 arm or 1,000 butt one but having a combo of ALL our body parts would be pretty damn amazing – kinda like the “Ultimate Hot Body”.

  68. Giulia Sorrentino says:

    Guys pop pilates arrived in Italy! Following you since 2015 but only this month I decided to start seriously with an everyday workout. I just saw the calendar that arrived by email, what can I say…it’s amazing !! Thank you so much for what you do Cassey <3

  69. Christine King says:

    More of a dance videos plsss…..can u also try using kpop song? With ur videos i’m a kpop fan that is why…..more power to u cassey.xoxo

  70. иглика 77 says:

    Tnx , Blogilates.. PopPilates makes me happy. I l.ike to get tired with theese workouts.

  71. Wioletta Krzewica says:

    cardio dance kind of like the popflex song one, 100 arms video and could you do more power ring videos as i got one a month ago and have already done your power ring videos so many times! 🙂 and of course t some motivational especially like the one what you learnt in your 20s ! – it was sooo good:)

  72. nugget says:

    thank you cassey! <3

  73. Nunu Mausi says:

    I would love to see a new saddlebag video or how to reduce your cellulite❤

  74. lisa says:

    A workout with weights wwould be great or a fun cardiobeat/ dance workout and a back workout ohhhh or a skipping rope workout!!!!

  75. Sydney says:

    I finally feel so motivated to complete this calendar!!

  76. natalie says:

    Do I need to follow all the workouts of the day or choose anyone from the list of the day.

  77. Katelyn Norris says:

    I would love if you added in some more time to stretch at the end of your workout videos. Also a video that did standing Abs or Ab workouts that are not so hard on you neck. I try really hard to take the tension off of my neck, but sometimes it is impossible! When it comes to exercising, working out my abs is probably my least favorite thing to do, but if anyone can make me love working on my abs it would be you. Thanks!

  78. Katelyn Norris says:

    I think that it would be amazing if you did a video on conquering your fears. Like a partial how to, maybe how you have conquered any fears or if you have any fears that you want to work on. Personally I have a HUGE fear of tumbling and most types of gymnastics. Which is okay, but lately I’ve been wanting to live my life to the fullest with no regrets. I don’t want to ask myself when I am a grandma, “Should I have done this or anything else?” In general I have a fear of having my feet above my head, so cartwheels and flips have always been SO SCARY. I enjoy watching the Olympic gymnastics (both individual and teams), those ladies have such power, beauty, and grace. I would love if you could do a video on conquering fears, and it would be cool to see what fears other people have in this amazing community, and how they intend on facing them. Anyway, thank you for reading this! You are such an inspiring person!
    I would love more upper to mid-back workouts (mainly the area above your bra line).
    I love the dance/cardio videos, more please!!!!
    Furthermore, I really enjoyed the motivational quotes that you put in the videos!

  79. Sydney Davis says:

    I really love the 1000 arms idea!!! Thats a good one. Fun cardio videos would be great!!!!

  80. Thatiane L. says:

    1000 challenge (butt and arms)

  81. Lilac says:

    can you please do more cardio videos? I find it hard to find a trainer I like who does cardio and talks to you while your doing it.

  82. Luna Blue says:

    can you do one that targets armpit fat and a lower back one?

  83. tara says:

    I’d love a chest and biceps workout! 😊❤

  84. JoEll Perry says:

    I think you should do a Standing Abs Workout! Those are my favorites and you would kill it xx

  85. Valerie says:

    Ab routine that is really easy for people with back problems

  86. Simran says:

    So we do these videos and a warm up video before this as well right?

  87. jasmine ali says:

    i want another workout challenge with your sister jackelyn ( when she is back ) , your videos together are always fun to watch , i always ending up doing the whole video without feeling tired .
    OR a workout that focus on both arms and legs ,, like a challenge of doing both ” calf raises ” and “arm circles or pulses ” 😀 😀 that would be fun ,, standing the whole workout doing legs and arms

  88. Angy says:

    some fun fat loss dancing workout, where you don’t realize how much you’re actually working out 🙂

  89. Irena says:

    I would love to see a dance workout and a 1000 (arms, maybe?) challenge!

  90. Matilda says:

    Dance workouts!!! 😀

  91. Katie Oswald says:

    An abs and butt workout then stretches would be lovely x

  92. BlueMeow7 says:

    I just have to say THANK YOU for not putting 1000 squats in the calendar this month. 😀 I’ve done it 4 times so far and every time it’s a bit easier, but I still cry whenever it pops up. 😀

  93. Brooklyn W says:

    Ways to slim down and/or maintain your current weight! Particularly workouts related to this and especially how to eat healthy to maintain your current weight. 🙂

  94. Aleksandra Grujic says:

    More dance videos please! ^^

    1. Kenzy Bibawi says:

      I am a dancer and most of my workouts come out of it

    2. Sophia Stephen says:

      I love that!! I love to do hip hop so it would be so awesome to do another dance workout! <3

  95. mangolover says:

    Inner thighs! Inner thighs!

  96. Abbey says:

    I would love to see more HIIT workouts (or PIIT), and also abs, please. 🙂

  97. Katherine Ballesteros says:

    Yes! 1000 arms!!!!

  98. Hannah B says:

    I’d love to see an updated full day of eating and something similar to the plié squat challenge! Ready to start this month’s calendar. Thank you, Cassey! ❤️

  99. Emily Elrod (emil8er) says:

    I love that the days don’t mention anything about getting lean or burning fat, I love love love that the pop pilates community is slowing moving towards being strong and feeling great, because that’s so much more important than weight loss and appearances <3

  100. Julia B says:

    I love your workouts! I’m gonna cry this month because I dislocated my knee on a treadmill😱
    This is what I get for having joint problems 😂

    I just want to thank you for being an amazing inspirational person, without you I wouldn’t come this far❤

  101. AnimeChan says:

    As a birthday request (My birthday is April 5th!!!) could there possibly be a video focusing on cardio like dancing? I love your dancing videos they are so much fun and they definitely get my heart pumping! Also I love your stretching videos some of those would be great as well! You’re such an inspiration to me and this month of April. On my birthday month I shall work hard to grow stronger and feel much better for summer and hopefully slim down then I can buy and fit in a new bathing suit or two this summer, I’m so excited for April and for the summer months that are coming soon.

  102. Anyone else feel kinda elite when they have the password to a post? Haha!

  103. Lifeisgood20131234 says:

    1000 Lunges!

  104. Leah Lawhern says:

    Can you please do more PIIT to the beat of the music? Like the cardio booty blast one! I always sweat a ton when I do it and it is fun too!

  105. Jessica says:

    Standing core exercises! Love working on balance and core strength while standing!

  106. Anne I. says:

    More stretching for flexibility! I am ridiculously flexible in my hips (my thighs tough the floor while doing a butterfly stretch) but my hamstrings, back, and pretty much everything else get tight. I would love to be able to straighten my legs all the way while doing some of these moves. And the more abs, the better…my muffintop is stubborn. 🙂 Thanks for all that you do. I have autoimmune issues that make choosing exercise difficult…if I do excessive cardio I feel awful for a few days afterward. Your workouts are perfect…short yet SO full of good body-weight and strengthening exercise that my body really needs. Just printed out the April calendar and I’m determined to stick with it and see what happens when I don’t give up! 🙂

  107. Sherlin says:

    You’ve already done a quick burn calves but can you do another calves workout, like for slimming the calves? I feel like my calves are so big:( , That would be great if you’ll do it, thank you so much cassey<3

  108. Melissa Mazur says:

    Is it recommended to do all the videos each day? It seems like a lot, I’m not sure I could do an hour everyday- should I just pick two of the videos per day?

    1. BlueMeow7 says:

      Try to do as many as you can and remember it’s totally ok to take a break if you need it, just keep going back to it and you will get stronger! 🙂

  109. GISHA says:

    1000 ARMS PLEEEAAASSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Glad to hear you’re taking more time for self-care – it’s so important! I have a few natural face mask (and other beauty) recipes on my blog. This one is really nice and uses detoxifying bentontite clay if you ever want to make your own:

  111. Anna says:

    I have several ideas that I would love to see made into videos!
    A really effective cardio wo that is gentle on the lower back (for people with back injuries).
    Back workouts that focus on the lower back especially.
    Ab workouts where you are in plank the entire time!
    Cardio dance workouts!!!

    1. Stevania “Stevie” Jamieson says:

      I would also like to see gentle cardio – one that’s low impact for knees (no/minimal squats, lunges and jumps)

  112. diang says:

    Cardio dance wo and a 1000 challenge (arms and butt)

  113. Mandy says:

    Maybe a Abs standing workout (if that’s possible) or something crazy hard like 1000 butt workout !!

  114. Mandy says:

    A cardio dance !! Pleeaaasseee !! Dance makes cardio so fun !! 🙂

  115. Hannah says:

    I would really love a good back workout, but one that doesn’t put strain on the neck. Also I need to build strength in my arms so a HARDCORE arm workout would be amazing!

  116. Kayllie says:

    I would LOVE a updated Fat Burning Ladder! That is one of my favorites & it would be so fun to have a newer one!

    1. Ewewy says:

      Please please! I love that video as well!

  117. Alexandra Nugent says:

    How about a back and booty blast with some cardio mixed in? “Booty & The Beat” 🙂

  118. Marta says:

    I really liked the POP Pilates for Beginners series, but a song challenge is always a good idea too 🙂 and I’m still waiting for the Beyoncé Dancefest that you talked about in your Quick Burn Back Workout haha 😀 love you lots!

  119. Auguste Kreimer says:

    Bunch of HARD HARD HARD and effective abs moves that you will really feel it!💥💥💥

  120. BiancaAngely says:

    Honestly I would ADORE a pregnancy workout calendar. I’m 18 weeks now and love your workouts but now they are getting too intense for me and my growing little one. I would love to find something a little easier on my body to be a healthy mommy and stay safe.

    1. Deana Alvarez says:

      Congratulations! I hope you and your baby the best

  121. Angie F. says:

    I would love some hamstring stretches, arm moves that target “bat wings”, and hip slimmers!

  122. Stevania “Stevie” Jamieson says:

    The full workout each day is around an hour… if I can’t find that much time (or stamina!) every day, what’s the best way to modify the calendar to fit into 15 or 30 minutes each day? Which workouts are the essentials?

    1. Auguste Kreimer says:

      try PIIT28 1.0, it’s hard but effective and only 28min a day

      1. Stevania “Stevie” Jamieson says:

        Thanks Auguste.

        I thought about that, but I wanted to try some of the free calendars before buying that product. There’s no way to preview the program (is it the same exercise video every day for 28 days or is there a lot of variety like with the calendars?); or to find out what types of exercises the program involves – I have a joint condition which restricts certain moves (like all squats, lunges and jumping) so not sure if a version of HIIT will work for me. A lot of Cassie’s cardio videos I cannot do.

        I think sticking with what’s on YouTube is better for now, rather than spend money on a program I might not be able to do. That way I can see if the video is suitable for me before I attempt it.

        I just wanted to know whether, from the 5 daily videos on the workout calendar – could I just pick any 2 or 3 depending how much time I have. Or if it’s the case of, if there’s only time for 1 a certain one is the “must do” of the day.

        1. BlueMeow7 says:

          PIIT is not good at all for the joints so I think you’re right about not buying it. I would say try to do as many videos as you can and include some cardio if possible (even if it’s just 5 minutes, it’s good for your heart and lungs). 🙂

        2. jasmine ali says:

          hi stevania

          i recommend picking 2 cardio videos and see what part of your body you want to focus on and pick 2 videos for it , like besides cardio you can do arms , abs or legs it’s up to you .
          when i was in college and had little time to do my workout i would pick 2 cardio workout 5 mins each and one video arms and another legs also 5 min each
          ( you can change the vid every week )
          this is from experience cause i feel like this is better than doing nothing
          also while following the mothly calendar i always had this notebook to write which video i did well so for example if i ended up doing well the first video on march 30 i type on the notebook that this video was effective for me and i liked it
          so at the end of the month i would have like 10 favourite videos or more and this makes it easy for me to know what workout suits me and in days that i don’t feel like following the calendar i would pick 4 videos (from 20 -30 mins) from my favourites and do them
          of course it’s always better to challenge your body with new workout moves but if you don’t have time you can do as i said and try to change the videos every week ,, find what suits you and bee good at it

          hope this helps ,good luck ^^ 😀

  123. Aleksandra says:

    Arms and backs workout! Beginner abs!

  124. Nora Nikoloska says:

    I’d really like to see some new song challenges ^^

  125. Shelby says:

    would love some arm workouts that use weights!!!

  126. Jane says:

    My first time here…do you do each workout every day?

  127. Karen says:

    I would love to see more workouts using weights or even workouts we can take to a gym to use on the machines/free weights. Girls need to know they can lift and not get bulky!

  128. Divya Tomar says:

    New video like Beyonce bootylicious bum butt badonkadonk..loved it n it killed my booty like crazy..and Cassey when I lift weights I noticed that my neck was getting can you do a weight lifting workout at home guiding us the proper posture and form you..

  129. Ida says:

    A 10 minute full body workout!!! And more ab videos!!!

  130. Tori Cooper says:

    Thanks, girl! This is such a great workout plan and as always you are helping inspire me!

  131. katy says:

    workout to fix round shoulder and forward head posture please 🙂

  132. Kate says:

    I cannot wait for April first to start this amazing calander! Good luck to anyone else who is doing the calendar. This will be my second calendar this year, and I am so sure that I will not stop, or skip one workout. I think to myself that, “It’s only one workout”. But then they start to add up and you fall behind. I am seeing a huge difference from doing blogilates with Cassey and I can’t wait to come to some of her actual classes!

  133. Jyl says:

    Back-focused workout please!

  134. Katarina says:

    I’ve only been participating for a couple of months now so I’m not sure whether you already have something similar. However, I could really use some good stretching exercise for the hip area.
    I spend a lot of time working at my desk and my hips and thighs can get really stiff. And I have some knee issues so lunges are not always the best solution for me.

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