Amazing Things are Accomplished by Amazing Teams

Amazing Things are Accomplished by Amazing Teams

Hey POPsters!!!

My first week in NYC is done and I am tired but excited. I met with so many cool people and seriously feel so blessed to be surrounded by kindness and positivity! Let’s go through what happened today shall we?


I finally met the FITNESS Magazine team who chose the Fiteratti last year and was THRILLED that the peeps behind the writing were fun to talk to. We got to know each other better and they asked me lots of questions that made me really sit back and think about Blogilates and why we are where we are today. I felt like the recurring question of the week was, “What was the turning point?”

Honestly…I do not think there was a specific turning point, just more rapid overall growth over the past year thanks to you guys sharing my videos with your friends. I always like to keep things organic and real. Word of mouth is the best kind of marketing but I did not plan any of this! I really do not like tracking subscribers or video views…it’s like trying to find happiness out of your career based on $. It’s not about tat. It’s about enjoying the work itself.

All I know is that I pour my heart and soul into every video I produce and hope that you guys appreciate the transparency and the creativity. Well, so far looks like it’s working!


Oh look! It’s me on a yoga mat on the Floor of Home Depot in the city. Well ya don’t see that everyday! What am I doing? Well, first of all can I say that I did not expect to find a Home Depot in Manhattan? This is shocking to me!!! Ok now moving on. What am I doing?

Well, I tried to order a last minute banner for the meetup but since I waited until the last minute, prices were insane so I was like…uhhh…let’s turn them thinkin’ caps on. I decided that I would make my own standing banner out of a yoga mat and PVC pipes. Drew out the whole schematic and measured the pipes mahself. (Reminded me of high school and making floats for Homecoming!)

You will see the final result on Sunday when you tune in for the livestream on Sunday on Starts 10:15am EST!


After the Home Depot trip, I headed over to Beyond Sushi in NYC. Guys, legit, lemme tell you, this may have been the best dinner IN MY LIFE. It’s a vegan sushi with more flavor than real sushi. The ingredients used pair together so well in my mouth and made me think and go “oohhh”, “ooooo”, “hmmmm”, “uh-huhhh” – yea that kind of a meal. My mouth was def intrigued. Above is the “Spicy Shroom Rice Paper Wrap.” It was SO GOOD OH MY GAH.


 Oh my goodness an army of sushi soldiers!!!!!


From front to back I ordered: The Haricut (2), Crunch n Munch (3), Sweet Tree (4), and Mighty Mushroom (1). The numbers indicate the ranking I gave the roll. 1 means best. They were all super tasty however. Each one had a very distinct personality!


For dessert, I had the Black Sesame Avocado Coconut Cookie. Oh man. This was ridic. I must find the recipe.



As you can see, the prices are very very fair! I want to come here again and again and again! If you ever visit NYC, put this place at the top of your list. I am sooooooo not being paid or anything to say this, but I have never had a dinner this good ever. I’m so serious.

Oh and to top it off! I met 2 of our POPsters there! See you girls on Sunday 🙂


Tiny place. BIG FLAVOR.

Union Square: 229 E. 14th Street
(Between 2nd & 3rd Ave.) NY, NY 10003


Afterwards, I walked back to my place and passed by 1st Ave and 1st St – you know, only the Nexus of the Universe.

Regarding the Sunday Meet Up! I am currently planning the logistics for the event and BOYYYYYYY this stuff takes some serious skill! All I can say is that great things are accomplished by more than one person -it takes teams, teams of good people with a common vision and a genuine desire to succeed. I am grateful to everyone who is helping me put on this event last minute. I hope it all runs smoothly. I’ve never had a meetup this large before (they get bigger and bigger every time) so the challenges are evolving every time! All I can say, is let’s just see what happens! I’m sure the East Coast POPsters will enjoy it either way. Main point is to have fun, make friends, and have an amazing workout!

Details for the meetup here:

K that’s all! Sleepy time now. I will see you soon!!!!!

<3 from the East Coast!


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  1. Yummy looking Sushi – the menu looks amazing! Wish I could get my hands on the foods.

  2. Sharon says:

    That menu looks amazing!

  3. ThaciaS says:

    Can you have another weekly challenge thing this summer like the wake up drink up, make an inspiration board, or do something that scares you? I really enjoyed those and my sister and I just did them and we want some more challenges along with the workouts!

  4. Jessica says:

    You are so inspiring! haha those rolls look delish. I’m not vegan (or even vegetarian…haha) but those looks amazing! NYC has the neatest things.

  5. Amber says:

    My daughters and I were so excited to to you were in NYC. They were hoping to run into you. Great tips on places to eat for a girls day, Thanks

  6. ohhhh my goodness….these rolls look sooooo amazing and it’s like, I can almost taste them! I’m a raw fish purist and would never give it up ( I think?), but for something that’s fishless I would love to try those rolls. And have fun meeting up with people! 🙂

  7. kira says:

    Where did you get your boots!? I lovemthem!

  8. Lisa says:

    Looks AMAZING! I can’t believe I missed this place on my recent trip to NYC, now I’ll need to go back! On the up side I did make it to Blossom (in Chelsea) aka the best vegan restaurant. EVER. IMHO.

  9. Liza Levitis says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I’m one of the two girls you met at Beyond Sushi! What a coincidence – the spicy shroom wrap is my favorite item on the menu there at the moment. 😀
    If you’re a fan of falafel and haven’t visited this place yet, you should head on over to Taim. Granted falafel isn’t nearly as healthy as vegan sushi, but it’s cooked in 100% trans fat free vegetable oil and the quality is superb (
    – Liza <3

  10. Elena says:

    That looks so good! I hope you’re having fun in NYC. Oh I wanted to tell you every time I visit your site on my phone I get pop ups then prompts to download irrelevant apps. I’m not sure if it’s my phone or your site but just wanted to let you know

  11. I NEED TO GO THERE! That is like my sushi heaven.

  12. Ivori Rose says:

    Yum !

  13. Kelly says:

    I wish they had more vegan restaurants where I live 🙁 only one cafe in the whole of bristol!!!! Its ridiculous, anyway I’m going to stop moaning and start working out! Although we say “ho it up” because of your surname not anything else. ………..awkward :/ ♡♡♡♡♡

  14. Tanja says:

    I so wanna go on one of the meet-ups… Maybe next time you’re in Europe 😉

    1. Ann says:

      Yes, I hope sehen will come to Europe soon! It’s a bit depressing that I can’t even watch the livestream becausewhere I life it’s 04:15am. But hopefully Theresia will be a video!