Amazing POPster Transformation! Elizabeth!

Amazing POPster Transformation! Elizabeth!

Hey POPsters!

I have a special treat for you! Here’s today’s inspirational transformation of the day from your fellow POPster, Elizabeth! Here’s her story.

elizabeth gil 3.21.2012

My name is Liz and I’ve been a Popster for 2 years now! I stumbled upon one of Cassey’s videos when I found myself wanting a healthier lifestyle and the body I’ve always wanted. I had tried to do this many times before, but always failed, and could never figure it out on my own. With the help of Cassey, I now am educated on living a healthy lifestyle, which for me, was my main setback. I quickly become an active member of the blogilates community, listening to Cassey’s advice, watching all her fitness videos and began to realize that abs are made in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen. I needed to change my diet if I wanted to see results. I had eaten the same crap all of my life up until 2 years ago. No more processed garbage and chemicals! I changed my diet to real, natural, nutritious food, which humans were intended to eat. No more binging on chocolate/candy/chips whenever I felt like it.

Changing my diet was the hardest part of this transformation, and I still struggle with temptation every now and again. Going from sweets and fast food, to veggies, fruit and lean protein was a HUGE difference. I hated the taste of everything healthy. Couldn’t stand eating it. I would eat healthy for a week or so, or as long as I could put up eating food that I hated. Then I would go back to my old ways.

I was finally able to overcome this, by changing my attitude, and learning to love fitness and eating clean! I started to feel amazing about what I was putting into my body. All the nutrients, protein and vitamins that I wasn’t getting before, I was now getting. I felt energized and productive. Eating healthy was no longer a chore, but something I enjoyed doing, and felt great about it. I wanted to wake up early every morning just to cook a healthy breakfast and work out. I knew I was doing good for myself, which felt amazing, and this kept motivation me to keep going. It’s truly all about your state of mind!

Pushing yourself to a level that you never thought you could reach feels amazing. I saw my body start to change very quickly as I worked out with Cassey, which motivated me even further. Now, 2 years later, (not a perfect 2 years either, there has been lots of slip ups) I have gone from 145lbs to 112lbs. A total of 33lbs. I never thought that I would ever be this fit, confident and happy with myself. I overcame all of my issues, and anybody who sets their mind to it is capable of achieving what they want.

Thank you so much to Cassey for making all of this possible. You are the best role model any girl or woman of any age could possibly ask for. You have changed the lives of so many. Keep doing what you do, us Popsters love and appreciate you so much. I know you will be a crazy successful celebrity trainer someday 🙂


Liz 🙂


Thank you Liz! I am so proud of you! Your hard work DEF pays off…and now you’re a role model to so many 🙂 You guys please congratulate her on her hard work!

Also, you can follow Elizabeth on instagram: @elizabethgiilllll

If anyone has stories or pics you wanna send me, please email it to Yay!

Keep striving for the best version of you every day!

<3 Cassey


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  1. Blossom says:

    Changing your diet is hard. I’ve given up completely stuff like chips, goldfish, popsicles, sodas… I feel amazing though. I never thought I could do it, but I no longer crave these things, and I feel sooo healthy!

  2. loveyy_pink says:

    You look gorgeous Liz! I am 162cm and was at 50kg. My thigh and butt are flabby and has Cellulite on them. My tummy is starting to get flabby. I feel fat when i wear any shorts as it can be seen from the back. After doing workout for total body and tight/butt workouts for 2 months, I am now 46.5kg but my cellulite are still there. Is it normal? Should I keep doing it?

    1. Astrid says:

      I’m sorry loveyy_pink.. Cellulite has a lot to do with your genes and women skin in general. It’s normal. 90 % of women have it, me included! Don’t worry about it, as long as you’re toned, you’re amazing! And congrats on your progress! Stick with that weight.. any more would make you really underweight. :/

  3. amanda says:

    wow so proud of you girl! Totally understand how changing up a diet can really do so much of a difference! I’ve struggled with eating properly for my whole life, and understand how bad the low points can get; for example, I used to walk to the supermarket, purchase two boxes of Special K chocolate cereal and eat both boxes within a day. However, two years ago I started to eat a little less of some of the bad stuff at college because of my class and work load, but I did not get much of a chance to exercise because of my work. However, I started to notice the scale number slowly go down and my clothing started to fit a little less snug. After two years, I have gone down from around 130 lbs to about 107 lbs, but every day is a challenge. I still struggle to not get back into bad habits but I know that I always have a motivational workout (or three) waiting for me and some awesome new inspiring posts form Cassey here!
    Everyday is a challenge, but I know I can face it a little more easily thanks to Cassey!

  4. amy says:

    great job Liz! you’re an insporation so us all! 🙂

  5. grace says:

    wow that’s a great story!
    I wish I could lose 30 pounds but in three months. I’m 5’2 and 120 pounds. Is this possible?

    1. Andrea says:

      same her but i’m 4’11 and i’m 120 too but i’m 10 and i trying to do it in at least 6 months at most

    2. Mary says:

      You DO NOT need to lose 30 pounds at your current height and weight!

  6. Nura says:

    wow I’m gonna start with the monthy plan today but I’ll go on vacation tomorrow..
    damn it 🙁

  7. Aly says:

    Thanks so much for this. I’m trying to loose some baby weight (he’s 10 mnths now) and hopefully be healthier and in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Before and after pics are encouraging but after a few months its like ok why am I now seeing those kinds of results?! So to hear thats a 2 yr transformation helps keep it in perspective. Took me 1+ to put on that weight, it’ll take time to get it off and get fit. Congrats!! You look fabulous

  8. Lisa says:

    Congrats! I had a very similar journey as you from 151 lbs at high school graduation to 112 lbs today. Three years of LOTS of ups and downs, but so worth it! Great job!

  9. mary says:

    She looks alot younger and happier!

  10. Lizzie says:

    Congrats to you Liz! by the way my name is Elizabeth too but I go by Lizzie haha 🙂

    1. Lizzie says:

      me too!

  11. Ashley says:

    I’m having the same problem but your story opened my eyes to something new and I really love how you didn’t sugar coat it and said you had slip ups because that’s exactly how I be. You really inspired.

  12. Ági says:

    Congratulations Liz, I am so very proud of you even though I don’t know you at all! You look fantastic! 🙂

  13. Allison says:

    Yay Liz!! I’m really just commenting on this because of the “in search of motivation partners” comments seem pretty “fishy” to me. on this post the same exact comment was posted. “Hey! i’m 21 years old and I want to find someone to share motivation with…” I read the first comment and was like that sounds like a good idea, and then I read the next one, and decided to google it. Idk if its a scam or not, or if its sincere and just no one has contacted her previously. I’m so down for “motivation partners”, I have my sister and most days it really works, and is thinspiration. Since we live far away from eachother we use myfitnesspal to track eachothers work outs, and calorie intake. If anyone had or the app, add me allieemc2 and we can be motivation on there:)

  14. ALY says:

    Keep up the good work Liz! You look amazing! 🙂
    I’m 18 this year, not fat or anything, but I’ve been procrastinating for a real long time.
    Didn’t really work out for a year, but I made the first move and decided to join a gym the other day.
    there was this trainer who made me go on this weight machine thingy. In the end, I found out that I’m 46 kg but he tells me I’m OVERWEIGHT. OVERWEIGHT!!!!!
    I know I’m really not, but his words just keep going around my mind.
    Now I can’t even eat properly! :'(

    1. Sarah says:

      Hey Aly! I just read your comment and it really struck home with me. Please do not let what this man said go to your head. You are definitely NOT overweight!!!! You are beautiful. All that matters is that you are healthy and are living a healthy lifestyle. This man might have been going according to your BMI which is totally not accurate anyway. I’ve struggled with a lot of anorexic symptoms and I just didn’t want that to happen to you. I just wanted to encourage you and let you know that he’s whack. I hope this helps! Continue living healthy and being exuberant 🙂


    2. Zoe says:

      Yo!!! Sarah is absolutely right, 46 kg – no matter how short you are – is definitely NOT overweight!! I’m not saying you’re underweight, but my sister is a tall, skinny thing and she weighs more than that! You are perfect the way you are, there are some people who tell you otherwise because they’re seriously messed up but you are beautiful the way you are, no matter what weight, and please, what I would do to be 46 kg!! haha lots of love xx

  15. Chelsea says:

    Contact search!i’m 19 and i want to find someone to chat with and share motivation! i’m not happy with my body, i’m not really overweight or anything but i just really would like to lose some and get in better shape en feel much better about myself, i am not going on a diet but just some small changes and makeing sure i don’t snack to much! please email me ( to chat with me!
    and congratz Liz! you look absolutely amazing!! i hope i one day look like you!

  16. RaeAnna says:

    Im so happy you lost the weight! You look great! Congrats!!!!!

  17. Maren says:

    Hey! i’m 21 years old and I want to find someone to share motivation with, support eachother and just getting to know someone that is in “not so good shape”, and wants to get in better shape, to slim down, and most importantly to be healthy.. i’m not going on a diet, just making small healthy chages in my life, if you want the same things, just E-mail me on (marenstenhjem(at) telling me what you’re “starting out” with, and what you want to acheve! hope to hear from someone soon! 🙂

    1. somya says:

      hey maren
      i m intersted in it!
      just e-mail me back – (

    2. Jessica says:


      count me in! I’m in this alone at my house.

    3. Sarah says:

      i want to too!!! 🙂 email me!

      1. Gabriela says:

        Is there any room for another one?? 🙂

    4. Shannon says:

      How about 1 more? 🙂 I want to stay motivated and commit to being healthy EVERYDAY.

  18. Alisha says:

    Hi Liz, thats amazing tranform, i jus wish i can be the same! You made my happy tears come…. Jus wish i cud see you in real life and actually feel your abs, i’ve never felt abs or a tone tummy. I need:
    Toned tum
    Toned legs
    toned arms
    Toned backside!!

  19. Teresa says:

    Congrats! I’m finding diet is the hardest myself..especially sugar and carbs..everything I like has both.. wine, pasta, potatoes ..fruit..ugg

    1. elka says:

      you can still eat fruit o: when she says to stay away from sugar , i think she means processed sugar c:

  20. T says:

    This is very inspiring, food is such a temptation for me!!
    But does anyone notice how in the AFTER picture, her right side of her waist looks, I really hate to say this, photoshopped? I’m not saying the picture is fake but that part looks funky, as do her inner thighs. I really hope it isn’t. But even if it is altered, I still find her weight loss inspiring!!

    1. Alexandra says:

      The smudges on the mirror create this effect you’re talking about.

    2. Ness says:

      hmm, to me it looks like a tattoo

    3. lena says:

      no you can tell that she is very fit and very toned ,i see no photoshop here

  21. Ashley says:

    Wow, that is awesome. ^_^ Helps me realize that I can look good as well. =P

    Great job!!!

  22. Lil says:

    Go Elizabeth you pushed through you highs and lows like a champ!

  23. Amber says:

    Congratulations Liz! This is a great thing to learn so it is a habit well developed into your adult life. Keep it up, you look fabulous 🙂

  24. Deedeekh says:

    OMG!! congratulations Elizabeth!! you inspired me and motivated me to work even harder thank you very much and im happy for you and your new healthy transformation =]

  25. Skylar says:

    Congrats Liz! You are definitely another inspiration to help me along my fitness journey =]

  26. Jaci says:


    Youre story inspiring! Although I have been eating clean and working out daily and have been beyond inspiration for myself, its still nice to see the other people following the same fitness dream as me. And any advice for the ones that slip up and struggle with their diet; youre not perfect and you will always slip up. Just refrain from hating yourself over it and get right back on track. If you want to be succesful at something you need to stop letting it be an OPTION! Good luck POPsters!

  27. Marisa says:

    Hey Liz! You look amazing, and you’re so strong to keep going like that!! I find myself going good for a couple weeks, but then wither I travel and my schedule is screwed up, or I stay up too late and can’t get up early enough to work out, so I end up not working out at all for a week. Do you have any advice? Thanks! You’re such an inspiration to all of us. We’re so happy for you!!!

    1. Beth says:

      Ugh, Marisa–I totally feel ya! It’s like you say, you slip one day and you’re out a week. Sometimes a month in my case! Guess we should just hop right back in with no worries.

  28. Lisbeth says:

    You look really good! How did you learn what things to eat besides healthy foods.. Everyone says eat healthy foods but they don’t really into details. Casey you should do a nutrition video and teach what to look Into foods

  29. Viviane says:

    Congrats Liz! You look awesome!

  30. Thao says:

    I am sooo happy for you! And I’m not just saying that, you really have inspired me more to develop and live in a healthy lifestyle. Thank you so much! <3. And congratulations for your transformation!

  31. Zola says:

    Well don you! Lovely story and just what I needed right now! When I lost the first five lbs I celebrated and gave myself a sweet treat. Now a week later I am struggling to stop eating sweets and the weight is quickly coming back. It’s nice to read about your progress. I know can do it too!

  32. Sabina says:

    You look so good !! I’ve been working out on and off for a little over a month now. I see minor changes in my body, but I am so held back by my eating habits! and at times I just can’t seem to find motivation to work out either!! Are there any tips you would have for me Liz?


  33. Lynn says:

    Congrats Liz! You look amazing girl!

  34. Jessica says:

    Good for you Liz! You look great!

  35. Jackie O says:

    Congratulations Elizabeth!! You look awesome! I have been doing Cassey’s workouts since October and pairing with watching what I eat with I have lost 14 lbs so far, can’t wait till the end of the year so I can do a before & after =)

    1. Lisa says:

      Congratulations! 14lbs is amazing – can you share what your day’smenu looks like? I have so much trouble with the food portion of this and I can’t seem to lose any weight. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks

  36. mint. says:

    I just recently found blogilates and Cassey’s videos on youtube. She was so happy and refreshing and positive about working out that it made it seem fun and something like I’d be able to do. I just can never seem to keep up trying and get discouraged so fast and easily before I can make it a habit or even feel results. I’ve had knee dislocation problems my whole life and I’ve always used it as an excuse instead of trying. I just thought I’d always be stuck in this body I hate.

    I cannot believe how amazing Liz looks in her pictures. I feel like I’m her before picture. She is so inspiring to someone who felt like I’ll always just be one of those people who is eternally unsatisfied with themselves. This whole site is and Cassey, and the community seems to be as well. It all makes it seem that what I once thought was impossible, is not only possible, but very doable if I can set my mind it to and remain positive.

  37. Emily says:

    Liz you look fabulous! Congratulations! I can actually see your confidence in the pic of the new you. Keep up the awesome work and I’m sure you’ll get the muscles you want.
    Girl you gotta get a sexy cute bikini this summer!!!

  38. XY says:

    WOW she looks amazing!! Congrats!!!
    I have to work harder!!!

    And Cassey I want to thank you for inspiring me to live healthier and love working out too!!
    I love you so much!!
    Now I’ve been doing blogilates for 2 months, definitely seeing amazing results already!!
    I wish I could transform my body like Liz and share my story with other POPsters some day : ]

    Still have so much work to do before that day though ..
    and I also have to learn English better in order to write down my story! lol

    Love you and thank you so much Cassey <3

  39. Lisa says:

    Please oh please can you share a typical day’s menu and also how often you are working out, and what you are doing? I am getting so discouraged – I work out to Cassey’s videos in the morning (love her!!) and I do excercise classes at night but I am ALWAYS hungry. And the scale keeps going up. I try to eat healthy but I think I eat too much. I just need someone to tell me exactly what to eat. I feel like I have become a slave to my food – I’m afraid to eat any carbs and I swear I look at a piece of chocolate and gain 5 pounds. Liz, I think you look AMAZING – don’t let anyone on here tell you different. Help me! Please share some advice! By the way, I’m 5’5 and this mornig I weighed 154. My clothes are fitting better, and I know I am getting stronger – I can feel the muscles forming; but I have fat that just won’t go away. I am 100% certain it’s my diet that’s getting in the way of my goals…help!

    1. Emily says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I definitely get where you are coming from. I was struggling for a couple years and every time I got on my get healthy kicks it wouldn’t last and the scale would keep creeping up. I finally got fed up and I found Cassey by accident and started eating “clean” and exercising. Changing my eating was really hard. I started with Cassey’s 90 day challenge meal plan. I didn’t do it for 90, just 2 weeks but I learned so much about what my body needed. I printed the meal plan and hung it on my fridge. I counted how many eggs, chicken breast, lettuce, everything i would need for the whole week and bought it. Never have I ever spent so long at the grocery store literally 2 hours and I didn’t get that much. TONS of veggies and eggs which aren’t expensive. As i got the hang of the clean eating I started planning meals that had close to the same protein and carbs as Cassey’s 90 day plan. I still use mostly the same veggies and chicken on the plan, but I switch up the meals and use the vegetarian option for more variety. Protein was key for me not craving things. And the plain greek yogurt 2% with a tiny bit of honey kept me from craving cheese and waking up hungry. Something I noticed last week was that the days I forgot my multi-vitamin I had more cravings. My aunt said the same thing so maybe you could try a good multi vitamin. I use the target store brand. I think it’s good too because I was worried about getting enough calcium on the 90 day diet. I also looked up all my favorite fast food places and tried to find the best combinations to keep me in my calories just in case I had to go to fast food as last resort. Seems better than starving, feeling sick and when i do get home eating everything on sight. I keep my list in my car and there were a few fast food places that i just couldn’t find anything that I liked that was in the calorie limit and low carb. I pack my lunches everyday. If I go out with a friend, I look up the menu ahead of time. I’ve been planning every meal for the whole week and that really helps me. My big hang up is the working out part, but I’ve still lost 12.4 pounds since I started eating clean and that was only 4 weeks ago. btw I’m 5’4″ and 143.6 so we are almost the same size. I hope that helps with your diet.

      Maybe you could give me some tips on how you workout everyday? To me that’s just amazing! I love Cassey’s videos too, but I have to modify a lot which is discouraging. Mostly it’s hard for me to get started. And how do you stay motivated to workout the next day if you’re sore?

      1. Lisa says:

        I make sure I wke up every morning an hour before I have to and I do her videos – I find her to be so motivating, and I remind myself (when I am laying in bed and can’t get up) that I will feel so much better throughout the day knowing that I have started it off right. I also take advantage of all of the wagjag and livingsocial fitness deals. I am always doing something different at night which keeps it fun and interesting. Right now I am doing 2 months of unlimited fitness classes at a local gym – so zumba on Tuesdays, circuit training Wednesdays and a 3-in-1 class (spinning, boxing, than weights & abs) on Thursdays. Next week my deal ends and I start a month at Curves. I am also doing $5 zumba classes 3 times a week with a friend. I find as long as I keep it fun and interesting I don’t get bored. Working out isn’t my problem – it’s the food! I will take another look at the 90 day plan – can you tell me what a typical day’s menu looks like for you? 12 lbs in 4 weeks is amazing – I would kill for that!!!

  40. Jessica says:

    That’s amazing, congratulations Liz! I can identify with your story and pictures. I am at a point that I want to give up and is just the inspiration and motivation I needed to hear!

  41. Lizzie says:

    WOW! I’m 20 too and i’m not overweight , I just want to tone up get some abs and get rid of the love handles. The problem is is that Im really impatient! I came accross Cassey on youtube and started to do her routines for a couple of weeks then fell off the wagon but seeing your story it really makes me want to give it another go! I think the problem for me is the food side – im addicted to chocolate!! Any suggestions for eating healthily?

  42. Barbara says:

    Elizabeth, wow… Incredible. I can’t imagine how proud you must be now, and you DESERVE to. I think I will just stare at your pictures at the moments I am demotivated. Cause your body and story say enough!
    I saw this post last night, before I went to sleep, and after lacking fitness/cardio for too many weeks, YOU motivated me to get my ass out of bed this morning and do Casseys fat melting routine 4 times. And fuck it, I will keep on going with now. Cause if I don’t I will remain the same with my fricking 30% bodyfat!

  43. Emily says:

    OMG LIZ!!! Thats AMAYZING!!!!!!!! You’re such an inspiration. I haven’t been in focus in awhile and snacking was always my bad habit! I have to try harder on eating clean! Thanks for inspiring me again!!!
    Lots of love!

    P.s. AMAZING ABS THERE! *Jealous*

  44. Rinki says:

    Wow Liz! I’m so proud of you, really. I just started (almost 2 weeks ago) and you’re a huge inspiration. When did you first start noticing changes? Great job, I’m hoping to keep this up too.


  45. Fatema says:

    Wow Liz! congratulations 😀
    you definitely look younger compared to your before pic…
    for me eating healthy has always been super hard. but now i feel like i can do it too 🙂

  46. Johnna says:

    I can totally identify with struggling to eat healthy. I am a ridiculously picky eater and it really holds me back when it comes to eating healthy.

  47. Johnna says:

    I can identify with struggling to eat better. I am ridiculously picky and it really holds me back. Any tips for healthy eating for picky eaters?

    1. Emily says:

      Give yourself time for your taste buds to adjust. They will and it might surprise you when they do. I’ve gone my whole life hating broccoli and just last week I was craving it like crazy. No joke! I was like WTF?! I started with the 90 day challenge as a template to make my own meal plan. I tried to keep my carbs, protein, and fat all at about the same level as Cassey’s plan. For the first two weeks I followed the 90 day plan exactly to try to get a feel for it, I noticed a difference right away. The third week is when i started making my own plan, which was harder bc I had to look so much stuff up.

      I tried everything the way Cassey said to make it, even if I thought I would hate it, because I figured since I’ve never actually tried oatmeal plain, how do I know I don’t like it? I tired it, too bland, so I added cinnamon and 1/2 banana and it wasn’t so bad. Now, I like it a lot.

      I invested in real spices. Not Mrs.Dash loaded with salt, the real stuff. We have a place called Penzey’s spices and I know they can be ordered online they have a million different mixes of spices and many salt free. If you can find a store you can smell all the spices.

      I also use greek yogurt instead of the cottage cheese she said for the last meal of the day. I tried the 0% fat and regular because that’s what they had at the store. I loved the regular with a bit of honey in it, but the 0% was awful. So I compromised and the next time I bought the 2% fat greek yogurt (FAGE brand). Sometimes I don’t even put the honey in anymore. Anyway, the point is, compromise and try a healthier version of something you like.

      Most importantly, give yourself a chance to change. I was once told in my psych class that you have to taste something 10 times before your brain can really decide if it likes it. I don’t know if that true, but I say try it, even if you don’t think you’ll like it. Maybe if you try it enough you will.

      Be Brave!

  48. Michelle says:

    Wow, this is amazing! Elizabeth, Your ‘Before’ picture is pretty much exactly where I am right now. I completely agree with it all being your state of mind that leads to better results! I just wish I was better at resisting temptation. I’m trying to cut out all processed junk and bad foods too, but I grew up on fast food (which I have been able to nearly completely cut out. by the way! Yay for small accomplishments) and processed foods. Changing is definitely a challenge. But I’m more determined than ever now! Thank you!
    And thank you Cassey for introducing us to Elizabeth! So inspired right now!

  49. Tan says:

    Can you share some information about your workout routine? What were some of the effective workouts that you did? Did you have something you did daily, or did you follow Cassey’s workouts randomly? Also how long did you exercise?

  50. Liz says:

    Thanks so much to everyone!!!!! It means a lot ❤

    1. Jillian says:

      You look beautiful Liz! amazing job.

      I need some advice from everyone.. I have been sticking to the workout calenders and eating healthy (with the expected slip ups now and again :p) for around 2 and 1/2 months now… I can see a huge change in my body, just not one I really want… I want to slim down and tone, but instead I am gaining too much muscle and I feel very unfeminine, almost manly…. I am 22 years old and weigh 124 pounds and am 5’3. I just don’t want to be bulky.. more lean and sexy… suggestions? Thank you so much!


  51. Tracy says:

    Awesome dedication and a great reminder that you can do anything you put your mind to 🙂 but honestly, I think you’re a little too thin. I don’t know since I don’t know your height and such but going from appearance my first thought was “Oh gosh, she looks too thin” I think you’d look much healthier at a toned 120. I know some people will think I’m being rude but that’s my honest opinion.

    1. Liz says:

      I’m only 5’5, and I don’t think I’m too thin at all 🙂 I am however trying to tone up more. Fat loss is easier than gaining muscle. Still a work in progress.

      1. Tracy says:

        Well, if you say so but I’m 5’4″ and when I was 115 it was not healthy. But I’m not here to argue or tear anyone down. So, its a free country but it makes me sad to see girls make themselves too thin and unhealthy because of emotional and mental issues and because society tricks you into believing its better. Some peoples are born thin but in general if someone is boney it’s not healthy. Healthy weight for your height is usually 117-130 depending on if it’s muscle or not. And I come from an eating disorder background its easy to recognize when it’s going too far. And that’s all I have to say. Good job on the taking control if your food quality and dedicating yourself to a healthier life.

        1. Dena says:

          Just a note, but body type and frame size play a huge role in how much a person weighs. In my opinion Liz looks perfectly healthy, not that I’m an expert. Depending on your frame and body type, it’s entirely possible that you can be shorter than Liz and still need to weigh more than she does to be healthy.

          Anyway, it’s good that you recognized that 115 wasn’t healthy for you. We should definitely promote health over what the number on the scale says 🙂

      2. Tracy says:

        I do also want to add that age makes a difference in body shape so maybe you’re a teen in which case a thinner body is more common and I stand corrected. I was thinking more in terms of a woman’s body.

        1. Liz says:

          Lol I have no mental issues when it comes to body image. I want a lean, healthy toned body like I’ve already stated above. I’ve achieve this weightloss by living a healthy lifestyle, and am very proud of the results. I have very low muscle mass which is why I weigh only 112, but I’m truly not boney at all. My body is strange in that sense. I’ve always weighed less than I look in comparison to others who weigh the same. Your concerns of Girls having an unhealthy body image is not needed here. I’m very confident in my fitness/health knowledge and confident that i am very healthy. i eat 1500calories everyday from clean food, and work out atleast 4 times a week. Take the effort of writing this to the many girls who do need help when it comes to body image. I’m 20 btw

          1. Cassee says:

            Hey Liz, you look amazing!!!! Just a question, I eat very healthy with lots of veggies and protein but I struggle to get over 1200 calories a day. How did you manage 1500? Do you have any tips for what you are eating on a day to day basis? I’m not even cutting down meals. I eat until I am full. I’m slowly losing weight and toning but I am aware that sometimes my calories drop below 1000 and I’ve been eating all day! It’s not healthy but I’m not sure what else to eat to up my calories.

  52. Chelsea says:

    Congrats, Liz! And Cassey! That’s so inspirational, and always good to hear, no matter how many times that healthy eating isn’t only hard for me from time to time. 🙂

  53. Congrats, you look awesome!! I hope one day I can be an inspirational story like that!! <3

  54. Carolyn says:

    You look, awesome, Liz! =D But, just in case: please remember that the scale doesn’t actually determine how healthy you are. Body composition does. You could gain back all 33 lbs. in muscle, and look AMAZING.
    Regardless, excellent progress!

  55. Free your mind says:

    I wonder how tall she is?

    1. Liz says:

      I’m 5’5 🙂

      1. Tracy says:

        Well, if you say so but I’m 5’4″ and when I was 115 it was not healthy. But I’m not here to argue or tear anyone down. So, its a free country but it makes me sad to see girls make themselves too thin and unhealthy because of emotional and mental issues and because society tricks you into believing its better. Some peoples are born thin but in general if someone is boney it’s not healthy. Healthy weight for your height is usually 117-130 depending on if it’s muscle or not. And I come from an eating disorder background its easy to recognize when it’s going too far. And that’s all I have to say. Good job on the taking control if your food quality and dedicating yourself to a healthier life.

  56. That’s awesome! These are the kind of stories I like! 😉 So inspiring! 🙂

  57. s6milerun says:

    AWESOME-AMAZINGNESS LIZ! Thank you so much for letting Cassey share your story, because we are real women looking for some real inspiration each and every day! Rock on girlfriend!!

  58. Ashlee says:

    Amazing effort, Elizabeth! And thank you for sharing this with us Cassey. I’ve slipped up a bit lately and today I made the decision to put my workouts as one of my top priorities – even above assignments, as I understand that if I’m keeping active, it will be easier to concentrate on my school work and get it done more efficiently.

  59. Danielle says:

    Also, being a new mom, my body changed a lot with pregnancy of course… Could you do a before/after story of a mom? Thank you. 🙂 I would appreciate it!

    1. s6milerun says:

      Congratulations on being a new mommy! I’m with you on this Danielle! I just got married and would like more hope that if/when I get preggers, I will still look too-hot-to-handle after giving birth and stacking up more responsibilities.

  60. Danielle says:

    I just happened to look at this earlier. And I am so glad I did. Finally got a work out in since Saturday. I am seeing non scale victories, and want to keep going. This before/after story was great inspiration!

  61. What an amazing transformation. Congrats Liz. Thanks for the reminder that slip ups happen – the most important thing is to keep going.

  62. Elizabeth says:

    This is what I needed to read. Just a couple of months ago I began to work out and eat healthy and it’s taken me 8 weeks to lose 10lbs. Of course I cheat and when I see a 5lb water weight gain, I would get so discouraged. Now that I’m in my 30s, weight loss is so much harder! This made me realize that it takes time to transform and the longer it takes, the better it sticks. Maybe it will take 2 years to reach a healthy figure for me, too. Very inspirational. Thanks, Cassey, for posting this!

  63. Ella says:

    Liz you look fabulous! It just goes to show with a shift in mental attitude you can succeed in having a permanently healthy lifestyle.

  64. Therese says:

    So awesome! Great job 😀

  65. Hannah says:

    Well done for sticking to it! I give up halfway through workouts sometimes, but I know if i want to get stronger I have to keep with it.

    Thanks to Cassey for making working out FUN! and painful, but mostly fun 😉

  66. Michele says:

    Wow, what a great story! Makes me motivated to eat better and hit the gym again.

  67. Ryan Noelle says:

    Very Inspiring! Thanks for sharing Liz, and Congrats!! Cassey it must feel amazing to have such a positive influence on lives! Keep up the great work! XX

  68. Meghan says:

    Congrats Liz! Very inspirational!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!

  69. Shelley says:

    You look great! Good job 🙂 you should be proud.

  70. Ivori Rose says:

    Weight loss really is all about what you eat 🙂

  71. Bre says:

    Wow! A truly inspirational reminder of how much it takes to actually get where you want to be! My motto is you have to be the change you want to become. Liz- congratulations on being the change you wanted to become. You look fantastic. Good luck in your future endeavours and I will look to you and your story as a reminder to stay on my own goals!

  72. glittershan says:

    You look way amazing & healthy! 🙂 We are all really glad that you are so content now is all that matter, and losing 33lbs in a short two years doesn’t seem to have a lot of slips up to me. 😛 Though it’s not just have how much pounds you lose, but what health you gain (of course you know that) from the journey, and the fact that it won’t cause you to crash or suddenly have all the weigh back once you stop excising if you went on a small vacation or something. I wish you the best & to maintain all the hard work and effort you put for yourself!!

  73. Laura says:

    Congratulations Liz, you look amazing! I am still having trouble with being persistent I am good all week untill the weekend and I slip up and am right back where I started. Did you just stick to Casseys videos or did you do other things combined?

  74. mary beth says:

    WOW. I look like your before picture and I’ve been trying to change my eating habits to healthy. It’s a real challenge. I definitely identify with you. You are SO inspiring right now. I feel like I need HELP getting myself back on the right track. I USED to look almost as good as you do now, however I didn’t eat clean and I often skipped meals. I still practice unhealthy behaviors and I really want to get myself into a healthy and clean mode. I have no idea how to eat pure and I feel my health declining everyday. Thanks for sharing your story!

  75. Cara says:

    Wow, that’s so awesome! I’m trying so hard, but the eating clean part if really killing me. I’m struggling with cravings. I do well, but then I crave something long enough and finally give in. I’ve also been dealing with sciatica and that sets me back. I’m tired of feeling tired and sluggish. I want to look and feel good! I need to get over the eating part! HELP! My other problem is that when I do eat well and work out, I’m still not losing. That’s so discouraging!

  76. Bethany says:

    I love reading success stories! So inspiring! 🙂 Thanks for sharing Liz & Cassey! You look amazing! 🙂

  77. Mary_Sloane says:

    Woah you look amazing! I’m about to go to Mac Donald’s with my boyfriend (he loves it) and instead of a burger I’ll take salad. (and try to avoid Mac Donald’s as much as possible)

  78. Jessica says:

    Wow….congrats girl!

  79. Barbara says:

    Congrats Liz!! Very inspirational keep up the good work you look FABULOUS!!!

  80. Barbara says:

    Congrats Liz!!! Very inspirational and keep up the good work you look FABULOUS!!!

  81. Ammie says:

    That’s it. I am going to the gym

    1. Nina says:

      Go for it, Ammie! You can do it and I guarantee that you will soon learn to love it too! 🙂

  82. Michelle says:

    Get it girl! You look amazing 🙂

  83. Viktoria says:

    Congartulation Liz…. !!!!! Nice job… and thank you for Cassey too !!!

  84. Sarah says:

    Wow, Elizabeth! Awesome work! You inspire me to eat cleaner. 🙂