Yoga Mat Slings have arrived!!!

Yoga Mat Slings have arrived!!!

Friends, family, Youtubers, and Universe! The oGorgeous mat slings are FINALLY here!

Long hours of sketching, crafting, and perfecting have led to the beauty that is below. Take your eyes on a tantalizing journey of dressed-up-to-the-nines yoga mats, each with their own sense of unforgettable style.

First, we head to a fairytale garden…

Enchanted Bouquet Mat Sling, $45.00

Take your mind and your body into the enchanted forest and indulge in nature’s beauty. Caress your mat in exquisite floral vines adorned by magical wildflowers hand-cut and crafted with 100% genuine suede. Lucky for you, we were able to secretly transport this fairytale sling back into our world. Shhhh…

Now off to a world where yoga mats can be all cuddled and buttoned up…

Ruffle-a-Truffle Mat Sling in Mocha and Vanilla, $24.00

Now your mat can be as cute as a button with the Ruffle-a-Truffle sling! Wrap your mat with this sturdy strap for a neoprene-free walk to yoga class. With radiating ruffles and a pair of cuddly buttons to accent, your mat may just be the prettiest one on the block.

Stroll with me into the classiest jungle you’ve ever seen…

Beverly Bowtie Mat Sling in Vanilla and Creme, $22.00

ROARRR!!! Or should I saw, rawr? Please meet Beverly yoga bag’s little sister, the sassy, the classy, Beverly mat sling. Shall we say that elegance and femininity run in the family? Bow-bedecked and ready to charm any stranger with her good looks, this sling can turn any walk to yoga class into a Top Model runway.

Last stop is to my humble abode…

Modest Mod Mat Sling, $18.00

For those of us who appreciate sleek looks and fine lines, this sling will have you quite delighted. Simple as a dimple, cool as a cat, but hot enough for the fieriest form of Bikram, Modest Mod will always be there for you.

There it is folks! The 2010 Fall oGorgeous Mat Sling line! Floral arrangements, bow-bedeckment, and ruffle-radiance galore. Which did you like best? Least? Let me know! Be sure to protect your yoga mat – it is your sacred space. Treat it as so, slash, DRESS IT UP!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Sara Camp says:

    Hi! I love your youtube videos!!! I was wondering where you got your mat from the 10 minute lower ab flattener video? It’s so cute!!!

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