Mat Slings are coming, very, very, soon

Mat Slings are coming, very, very, soon

A few updates. I have decided to go for my reformer certification. I’ve been wanting to do this for while, so now that my club is offering the opportunity to enhance my teaser skills, I think it is time to take a deep breath, hand over the credit card, and get ready for some serious Joseph Pilates education. Apparatus, here I come!

I’ve also been BodyPumping it up. My arms have never looked so good! Teaching this format has made me appreciate the ever-so-intimidating barbell and the importance of weight lifting for stronger bones and stronger muscles. And women, do not be afraid that lifting weights will bulk you up! So not true unless you’re lifting like crazy and drinking gallons of protein shakes a day. This is most likely not the case. So lift away and one day you’ll exclaim, “OMG! I have a tricep! I see my tricep!” Sweet satisfaction indeed.

Lastly, I need to share that…

oGorgeous mat slings are coming! I am so so so excited for their debut on the website! I can’t give you a sneak peak just yet, but let’s just say it puts Gaiam to shame! Shame I say.

Below is an example of how mat straps should not look:

A lower price point and a tidy strap for us yogis who didn’t want the whole yoga bag but still wanted something. Maybe you already had a purse to put all of our stuff in. Well now, relieve your hands of their neoprene-gripping ways, oGorgeous mat slings are HERE to save the day.

Ruffles. Buttons. Bows. Wildflowers. Hand-crafted. Genuine suede. Only $22-$45.

Get ready, they are coming! Fashion and fitness unite, once again.

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