Today, let’s love our bodies! What’s your fave asset?

Today, let’s love our bodies! What’s your fave asset?

Mine are my legs and my hands.

A lot of times us females get so focused on the parts of our bodies that we want to change so badly that we don’t take the time to appreciate our natural “god-given” beauty – the parts of us that come with little to no effort thanks to genetics.

That’s right. Forget your batwings, muffintops, lovehandles, thunder thighs, cankles, and bulky calves today. What do you love about your body? What asset do you possess that makes other women jealous and men around you swoon?

It’s important to take a step back and take a good look at yourself in the mirror like a conceited b**** and compliment that hot model staring back at you in the mirror. Say “Dang my legs are sexy” or “The girls are lookin perky today!”


As a fitness instructor, I always get asked how I can change this/lengthen that/tighten those etc. I commend each and every one of you for taking the initiative to create change and lead strong and healthy lives in the most rewarding way possible. (No surgeries here!) But remember that it isn’t just about changing what you dislike, it’s about flaunting what you’ve got too!!! You and I both have body parts that don’t even need to move and they could be ready for a photo shoot in 5 minutes.

Let’s take a moment to look at ourselves and pick a prized asset of ours that just looks so darn good. Whether it’s shown some great improvement/results over the past few weeks or it’s just because you were born that way. Appreciate your body and it will work harder for you.

Tell me what your fave body part is and why you love it. Then go to my workout index and give it tough love 🙂

Happy body lovin’ Tuesday yall!


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  1. Ruby says:

    ohh, I asked some of my friends the same question!~

    i digged reeeally deep, to answer that question for myself as well, but I found small things about myself, that I like. But 3 small things 🙂 1.My eyebrows, 2. My Fingernails, 3. my back 😀
    strange things, but I found some parts that I like^^ yay!

    even if this post is old, I wanted to answer that for myself. (Sorry for my bad English by the way xD)

  2. Abigail says:

    Liking that!

    Wondering if you can do a foam roller Pilates workout? xx